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Have you ever rejected a guy’s fuck and then he ended up having you anyway?


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I always remember this one night at camp when there were two or three guys together spit-roasting me, swapping out my holes pretty frequently, using me sort of roughly. It was work trying to keep up with them. One of the guys was really into the whole ass-to-mouth aspect of it - every time he finished rutting my cunt he would swing back around and announce emphatically, “My cock was just in your ass!” And then rammed it into my mouth. He did this three or four times, and my jaw was starting to hurt.

After a bit, he said to his friends, “Let’s take five and then start again.”

”Yes,” I said, “I need a break.”

”You don’t get a break,” he said, and pushed my head down.

I slowly raised it back up, pushed myself upward from the table, and said, in my not-to-be-fucked-with voice, “When I say I need a break, I need a break.” And I walked off and left them.

The next day I found myself being serially fucked on a fucking bench at the direction of two strangers - every time I thought nobody else was going to fuck me and I should get up to go, they would gently push me back down onto the bench. So I ended up taking twelve men that way, but I remember one of them distinctly. He fucked my ass like he owned it, shot his load, came around to my head, and announced, “My cock was just in your ass!” He made me suck and tongue it clean, and the whole time, I thought, Fuck. He got me anyway.

There have been a couple of other times that guys have kind of fucked me on the sly, like I didn’t for some reason accommodate them, and then they took advantage of a dark and crowded steamroom to slide up me and load me up. One cheeky little bastard actually told me he’d already done me twice that night.

 I don’t think of these as rape-like acts, or assaults, or even as nonconsensual - I don’t know why - they seem to me more like fox-in-the-henhouse kinds of ploys to get something they might have gotten anyway had they played their same hand a little differently to start with. I guess I use the metaphor of a game because it almost feels like they won a game of sorts, and my humiliation is just the humiliation of defeat.

I contrast this with the one instance in which a man I absolutely did not want to service, and did not want touching me, was nonetheless able to force me to have a full ejaculatory orgasm for his pleasure. That felt utterly different. That man, also, got me anyway… but that was a sexual assault, and I felt violated.

As to the others, though, I don’t bear them any ill will, and I fully expect other men will probably enjoy my body on the sly in the future. Oh well. That’s what it’s for.

Anyone else have a time when you realized you’d been used after all?

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Hot story bro !

Although not as elaborate as your experience my date last week was with two guys where one of them was someone I didn't want to fuck with for a long time. We had fun all night and was really sleazy. Now that guy wants to go again one-on-one this time, but I'm not sure. I like the sex with him in a threesome setting though.

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Sure. I was dating a guy for a serious relation. Feeling was ok but not that much and I was not super attracted physically. After some dates he asked me to go to his place and spend the night there.

I refused and said him that I prefer to stop because I don't see any future in the relation.

Two years later I receive a message on my anon slutty account from a guy who needs a whore to use. I say yes of sure. He asks me for a pic, which I send.

I still get rock hard from his answer like "super! I knew you were a slut, I didn't know you were this kind of whore. If I knew it I would have spared time and money dating with you and would have just fucked you", sending a pic of him.

I was really annoyed but so horny at the same time. He used me quite roughly...

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I really love sucking multiple  cocks. My friend us ally lines up 5 or 6 now and then. One time in all my tears I refused to suck a guy. I was on my knees ,just finished my forth cock and load in my mouth and a guy stepped up ,pull out his cock and I went down on it.  He stunk like shit. He was holding my head and I had to fight him off.  I smelled some pretty nasty cocks, but I just couldn't do him.

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Sort of, and only one guy. A local guy from the Squirt site.  The first time he approached me late at night after he got off work. He told me he wanted to breed then piss in me, and i was totally hot for him.  It was summer, and i was waiting for him, kneeling in doggie posture on my backyard deck in the late night darkness, so he could easily stand and fuck me standing on the ground next to the deck.  

He could not get hard and never got around to actually fucking or pissing in me, was really frustrating. He didn't even piss on me before leaving, just sort of played with his soft cock, for what seemed an eternity, trying to get hard enough to fuck. 

A week later he contacted me again and acted like it had been the best time ever. i politely said no thanks.  But he persisted, finally admitting that he had not done what we discussed and insisting that what happened was unusual.  Against my better judgement, i gave in and the same thing happened again.  i think i tried hooking with him 3 times, always with the same results.

It's hard for me to refuse a man in need lol, so i guess one could construe that as a rejected fuck that got me anyway.

This was a few years ago, and he still looks at my profile on Squirt and tries to chat me up and hook, but i have not given in for a couple of years now. 

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From your thumbnail pic i can see you have an amazing very thin physique. For me, this scores you a 10/10 and very fuckable.

That said, i do sometimes have trouble keeping hard in the presence of such beauty.

I wonder if this was causing him to get a little nervous.

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Yep. It was years ago, when I was considerably younger and hadn't adopted the cumdump nature I have now. A friend (well, more of an acquaintance) had been trying to get up in my guts for awhile, but I was a bit more arrogant and "picky" at the time, and he didn't fit my "idealized" notions of the person I wanted balls-deep in me. He ended up taking advantage of a party where I had far too much to drink and had ended up in a 'play area' with a few other guys. He's the only one I actually remember fucking me that night, regaining consciousness just long enough to look up, see who was inside me, hear his grunts as he unloaded into me, and pass right out again. 

I never held it against him, though. If anything, it's kind of a hot memory.

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A few times over the years i have arranged to visit a guy for sex and at the last minute he has said he has invited another guy to also fuck me. A couple of times the other guy has been hot but more often not they are guys who struggle to get laid, and their mate is helping them out. It's only a problem if i end up not getting being used by the first guy as much as i wanted.

Occasionally in a sauna there will be a guy who for some reason i take a dislike to - i find that it's a law of nature that later on he will mount me. tbh if i was them and i had noticed my attitude i would do the same

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This past spring, I dated someone. We had mostly good chemistry, and for the two weeks we spent together, we were excited about the possibilities. I helped him move into a new space at the start of May, but I had no idea it would be the last time I saw him. 

We had sex a few times during those two weeks, and it was really nice. He was on the rebound from his ex-husband, who had been stalking him. I tried to not let that come between us. That was his past, just like my dead husband is MY past. After getting all his stuff in there, we cooked dinner in his new place. His energy was electric, and we were doing great. It felt like love was growing. He hinted that he wanted to tell me something, but also wanted me to promise we'd fuck at least twice during the night.

After the first fuck, I was pretty exhausted. Long day, plus a single fuck usually drains me completely. He asked me to do it again after we had a bit of rest, and said he *might* say something that will make me happy. In hindsight, I can see he pushed me into doing sex with him again when I was really too tired for it. But he teased me with this secret, and so I did it again. Midway through, he declares "I think I'm falling in love." A couple minutes later, I couldn't finish. I had no thrust power left, and my fumes were gone, too. We stopped.

What happened next was not fun. I started to say that I had been through a lot of shit, but being with him was making me happy. But I didn't get to finish the thought. He blew up at me, saying I was very selfish and a total boner-killer, and he wanted to go in the bathroom and cry. He promptly kicked me out after calling a cab, and then ran off to Hawaii for a month without many words to me. Later he broke it off over a text. I let him know that it wasn't okay to be a Latino Mr Sheffield - telling me he loves me, and then taking it back. Cruel, and selfish. I have to wonder if his ex was really the crazy one.

He used me. I was just his rebound guy, and he manipulated me into having sex with him. He wasn't even worth the effort I put into that. Honestly, my worst hookup in 2021. 

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7 hours ago, str8mature5 said:

if your geting fucked by anyone on a campground table you should take all and any cock and enjoy it, I know I would.

We should, should we? No. That’s not written anywhere. There’s no set of rules that qualifies a “good”, “true”, or “real” slut or cumdump that says he has to take every fucking piece of abuse thrown at him. Anyone who actually practices that has such basement-level self-respect that it really would benefit from therapy.

Note that I was taking their cocks, repeatedly, in both holes, ass-to-mouth, roughly, until even they needed a breather. Only when they indicated that they didn’t consider me human enough to let me collect myself after their use did I decide to walk away.

Anyone who will allow himself to be used to the point of injury is either a masochist or a fool, and I am neither.

And you would, you say… but have you? Have you, personally, taken serial fucking over a picnic table by a group of men uninterested in your wellbeing? If not, don’t be so quick to swear what you would do. Reality can kick fantasy in the balls.

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