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Sissy Paula and Tom

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Hello Communtiy, English is not first language, so please bare with me if there a any mistakes.

The Story is complete fiction.

Enjoy it!


Sissy Paula and Tom


Chapter 1


My Name is Paula and i am 30 year old sissy.


In about 1 hour i will hae sex with a guy who i met online. Thats actually nothing special anymore for me. I had several Hook-ups over the last months.

But today is different.


Tom is poz and he is going to poz me tonight.

To be honest, this isnt my first attempt. But i always chickend out and blocked the guys, when it gets serious.

But Tom hits me different from the first message on. We chatted 2 or 3 days, when he wanted to meet me. His texting got me so hot, that i agreed to meet him.

Tom demanded that i have to sent him my Adress and a naughty video of me to proof that i am really interested within one day or he would block me. Then he logged off.

My mind was racing and i was horny as hell. I thought about it, but within 1 hour i sent him my adress and a little video.

The next morning i got an answer from Tom.


Saturday 10pm.



Chapter 2


Today is day.

I woke up horny, excited and nervous.

After my breakfast i changed into Paula.

I wear a blonde wig, a black latex dress, fishnet-stockings and red pumps.


My make-up was on point and i fealt very feminine and happy.


The day went by in a bliss.

Around 8 o'clock i got a message from Tom.

It was a picture of my condo and a message.


Driving home, changing, then i am going to poz your sissy ass.


I shivered as i read it and decided to sent him also a picture..

I sneaked outside on the other site of the street and took a Selfie, so my condo was visible in the background and texted him back.


Hey Tom, please hurry up, my sissy ass needs your poz cock.


I went inside and waited in anticipation.


About 10 o'clock, i heared a car parking. My heart is beating and i thought to myself:


Paula, now it is time. No way out, even i if want to. I crossed way to many barriers.

And truly i want this to happen tonight.


The Bell is ringing.


Chapter 3


I buzzed Tom in and heard him on the stairs.


I awaited him at the door in a way-to-short minidress and way-to-high FuckMe Pumps.

He smiled when he sees me and i my back.


I smiled back.


„Good evening Tom, you like what you see?“


„Oh my, what a hot looking slut you are, Paula.“


He walked straight in and as soon as the doors closed he groped my ass und kissed me.

I never kissed a man to that moment, but his dominant attitude made my legs weak und I enjoyed his kiss.


Still in the hallway he pushed me to my knees.

„Suck my cock, you little slut!“


Skillfully and greedy i opened his fly and took his cock out and started sucking.

He was very horny and it didnt take to long until his cock was rockhard.


„Oh yeah, that is so good. Suck my cock and get it hard and wet, so that i can poz your sissy ass.

You like that?“


My mouth was full of his cock, so looked him in the eyes, smiled and nodded with my head.


Tom had devlish grin on his face.


„Stand up my little slut and show me your bedroom.“

I got up and led Tom by his cock in my bedroom.


„Kneel on the bed. Ass facing me.“


On the bed he lifted the skirt of my dress.

He smacked my ass and balls.


„You are so hot, Paula.“


I wiggled my ass in anticipation.

With one Grip he ripped my G-String.

When he started to lick my asshole i had to moan.


He used 3 fingers to prepare and loosen my asshole for him.


He leaned over my back and whispered in my ear.

„Soon i am going to pump your sissy ass with my toxic cum.

You want that?“


I could just moan.

„Answer me, slut!“


„Yes“,i panted.


„Say it, my little Slut.What do you want?


„I want to feel your cock.“


He smacked my ass hard.




„I Want *gasp

to feel *gasp

your *gasp

big *gasp

poz cock *gasp

in my *gasp

neg sissy ass. *gasp“


„Please make my your poz sissy slut.“


„There you go slut. Thats whats going to happen now.

Turn around, lay on your back.“


I positioned my self on the edge of the bed.


He handed me a bottle of poppers.


While i inhaled deeply on the poppers, Tom took off his shirt and i could now see Biohazard-Tattoo on his chest.


I took more poppers and watched Tom lubing up his cock.


He lifted my legs up to my chest and layed himself on me.

I felt his cock probing at my asshole. He started to move and with each trust his poz cock went deeper into my slutty hole. In no time he filled me completly with his cock.


I felt no shame, no fear. Just relief and excitement.


His Thrust became stronger und he started to fuck me really rough.

And with each of his thrust, i moaned heavier like a sissyslut.


„Oh fuck. Yes.

Please Fuck me. Make me your poz sissyslut.

Breed me.“


„Oh Yeah you fucking slut. Now you get what you deserve. I am cumming“


He picked up his pace until he shoot his poz cum deep in my ass.


I was breathing heavy and was in my own dizzy world. I still didnt cum and felt hornier then ever knowing i was probably pozzed seconds ago.


So i didnt realized that Tom left before i heard the Frontdoor.

It was 22.30.

My first reaction were tears. I felt used.


I layed on my bed for minutes and felt that my ass was leaking the poz cum

I touched my ass and licked the cum from my fingers


After i overcame the shock the tears gave way to a big grin on my face.


I felt free and i want more.



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