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    Am also bberik on gaydar.co.uk and many other gay websites. On Planet Romeo/Gayromeo I'm eriklovesdick. Prefer guys under 40, but never say never. After all, age is just a number. Been top for 25+ years now, but have gradually turned bottom (but still top occasionally) as the thought of being fucked and deposits left in my ass really turns me on. Preferably neg or undet, but I never ask. No std's. No Hep C.
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    Drink buddies, friends, one night stands. Filming/taking photos of sex action. Bareback only. Condoms can burn. Neg or undet, but I don't ask and have most likely been fucked by poz cock many times. No std's or Hep C.

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  1. My problem with many of the apps is that they don't tell if the person is into bb or not. Therefore after a short chat I have to ditch the people I was interested in the first place. That way the websites are better.
  2. Deep breeding or cum shot & plunge back in?

    As deep as possible. Pull out is for porn.
  3. tips for letting go 100%

    Go to a darkroom, imagine everybody are hot pornstars.
  4. Hi, bbrik, saw you live in Auckland, NZ, which places do you recommend me to visit for bareback sex?

    I just got here

    1. bberik


      I don't live in Auckland, just visited a few days in July. I only had the time to go to one sauna, and that was Centurian Sauna. I fucked bareback there.

  5. Always wanted to go. Maybe someday.
  6. Had a tight program in Auckland, New Zealand, this week. Had an hour and a half before I was going back to the airport. Travel all the way to New Zealand and not have sex??? No way, I went to Centurian gay sauna, paid and got undressed. There were 15 people there, so not really busy, but it was only 4 pm on a weekday (Wednesday). I walked around the sauna, lubed my hole with glide and waited in a sling, hoping that someone would come in. Waited for half hour, but the few people that passed just walked by. Went to a different sling, but still no success. Then I found this one guy facing down on a bench. I had to leave in 15 minutes, so I just got at it and fucked his ass. I didn't get to travel home with a load in my ass, but at least I left a Norwegian load in a Kiwi ass. Btw, I took a quick shower at the sauna, found a taxi and made it to the airport just 30 minutes before boarding. I still wish a Newzealander would have dumped one in me, though. I guess I need to go back.
  7. twink going to a bathhouse

    I have walked away from guys in saunas and darkrooms if their dick is too big to handle. I'm a chicken probably, but I don't like pain. So saying no or walking away is not a problem in bathhouses. That's my experience, but I can see above here that some have been raped.
  8. Age has never been a problem to me as long as I'm the older. But then again, I never care who fucks me in darkrooms.
  9. How Do You Connect?

    Depending on where I am. Planet Romeo has always been the best one for me (except in English speaking countries), then Grindr and Hornet.
  10. Stealthing?

    I never stealth someone. To me it's no condom or no fuck. I expect that from the person who fucks me, too. I have actually walked away from guys who put condom on. But the idea of being bottom for a guy who secretly would stealth me appeals to me.
  11. I love having other men around me when being fucked. I can suck one of them, stroke their dicks, waiting for one of them to take over when the one fucking me has dumped his load in me. That's how thing went in Tel Aviv last year during the Pride. 5 men. I want to relive that night again.
  12. When you top, what's a good fuck for you?

    I'm happy if I can dump my load into somebody. So, no pull out. Of course I also need a load or two in my own ass, otherwise my night is not perfect.
  13. I take cocks, but I also want to empty my own cock into some ass. I normally fuck 1-2 guys after I've taken a load or five myself.
  14. I wish, but live on the countryside, so not that many many men available. Mostly have bare sex when I travel. But I'm way over 100 though.
  15. who here as bb forever and is still neg

    I'm still neg. But I was top for a long time. Took dick in the early/mid 80s, but then I was top until only a couple of years ago. Been taking loads in darkrooms in Berlin and Barcelona since. Am in Auckland now, should be heading to Centurion Sauna tomorrow. Never do condoms, and haven't taken any prep yet.

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