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    Am also bberik on and many other gay websites. On Planet Romeo/Gayromeo I'm erik66. Prefer guys under 40, but never say never. After all, age is just a number. Been top for 25+ years now, but have gradually turned bottom (but still top occasionally) as the thought of being fucked and deposits left in my ass really turns me on. Preferably neg or undet, but I never ask. No std's. No Hep C.
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    Drink buddies, friends, one night stands. Filming/taking photos of sex action. Bareback only. Condoms can burn. Neg or undet. No std's or Hep C.

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  1. For me it's always about taking the load.
  2. Never lost anything, but I also leave as much as possible at home (or in the hotel room). And I use the clothes check. I don't bring much cash, but what I have I put in my shoes.
  3. Well, what is regular sex? I go to dungeons, darkrooms, lie in the sling, getting fucked through gloryholes, taking anon cum in both ends. Getting fucked by several men in one night, still anon. I don't like it rough, but do I have regular sex?
  4. Last Thursday at Bull in Berlin was fantastic. Never seen it that wild (but then I'm a foreigner, just visiting once or twice a year). I could stick my dick in almost anybody. Many asses that were already wet, and I could smell the cum. I have no clue how many I fucked, and I gave my load to a young guy in the end. My cock was red and sore the next morning. My best time there ever. Probably 25-30 people there, maybe even more, the entire time I was there from about midnight to four in the morning. I wish there were more top guys though, so I could get some cock to.
  5. No doubt when I was in the sling in Tel Aviv letting 5 anon guys fuck me raw.
  6. Leaving it in my ass gives me the ultimate feeling. Then I feel good for days. But I also do swallow.
  7. 5 in the sling at a gay club during Tel Aviv Pride last summer.
  8. Mostly use it to chat when I'm home alone and drunk, lol. Not very often, though.
  9. That's why I rarely hook up with local people from where I live. People are so boring. Cell phones. Condom nazis. Just want to chat. Better going to Berlin, leaving my phone in my hotel room and go to e.g. the club Bull, drink one beer and head for the darkroom and play for a few hours. Suck some dick, fuck, be fucked, no condoms, get filled with cum. That's life. If it wasn't for my family I'd move there.
  10. I've never had the question. It has happened that they've said "I'm gonna cum", and then I'd say something like "give it all to me" or "don't pull out".
  11. anon

    Could've been written by me. I used to be top, but now love to take loads in darkrooms. The darker the better. Took five loads in the sling in Tel Aviv last summer. Looking forward to Berlin again next month.
  12. It's been a few years since I was in Prague, but Drake's was my favorite.
  13. I find darkroom porn filmed with night vision hot. Anyone know any good night vision bareback movies?
  14. Depends. If you lose your ability to get hard it must be worse to age as a top. Otherwise it's harder to get fucked when you're getting older and don't appeal to everybody like you used to. I don't mind a young cock, but not all young guys like me any longer. Well, that's life. Luckily I still don't have problems getting hard yet, and I still find people who wants to fuck me.
  15. Hell yeah, if I find used condoms in a gay club, I'll either drink them there or take them with me to enjoy playing with in my hotel room. Fresh cum is the best, used cum in a condom in a condom is the second best.

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