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  2. Really hot and as you say, how it’s meant to be. Where was all the fun? Would love to go and tag fuck.
  3. The WHORING OUT concept is hot to me. For tops as well as bottoms! I never cared much for the one-way possessive, jealous arrangements I witness others having themselves gotten into. Whores playing hypocritical holy-rollers of gay dysfunction! I know several where the bottom is a total whore, encouraged, sponsored and even expected by his top to take loads all day, wear his cunt out and do whatever... piggie should be in pig-heaven! All this while the top man is at work... sounds hot, except when the top dares to get action or anybody even touches him at a sex-party , the bottom goes semi-psycho or lays down 'his law'. Acting like an old-fashioned woman really... not fun to me. My man and I are 'versatile', meaning we mostly bottom but will selectively breed pretty, smooth, promiscuous bottoms (anything else is a stretch, that requires pills). There are so many bottoms out there, the easy meat market seems flooded with them! "NEED, NEED, NEED!" Locally they are mostly poorly-photographed, husky bears.... and herein lies the trouble: I can't fuck bottoms 'bigger' than me! (to get to that point will require 'therapy' lol) I have brought guys over for my man, being 'match-maker' like a farmer who brings a heifer to his bull. And SUCCESS when I see my 'semi-top' glow and get a boner! And then I make sure I cut the formal crap so he immediately proceeds to mount and breed the 'offering'. "GET TO IT!" That shit turns me on. I also told him that we 'need to stay on TOP of our game'. That means: making concerted efforts not to become 'lazy bottoms', coaching each other to top more holes, SCORE MORE GUYS and move on without getting 'too close'. Letting the bros know all sex is ONLY A SPORT. And really, it's all about 'INCREASING OUR MARKET-SHARE'! (Yesterday, Friday went pretty well that way... one of the sluttiest days for the both of us hunting together) My regular side-kick (besides my man) is the most promiscuous, successful bottom-hunter I have ever met. He only tops and prefers it bare and claims that 'only topping' has kept him from converting.... my greatest fun comes from 'bringing him TRIBUTES', sacrificial guys to breed. The problem is, he has virtually done EVERY hot bottom in town. But sometimes I SCORE POINTS when I bring him a 'newbie' and they hit it off, fuck like animals the whole night for all I care... I get turned on when I know my top-bestie has played all night when I pop over. Most of his tricks are total strangers (to me), typically one sometimes two guys, and he typically says: "Why you still have your clothes on?" Sometimes I'm surprised seeing a now-grown-up, former twink I slobbered over in the 1990s to 2010 years. As a foolishly committed 'monogamist' back then, they were 'forbidden fruit'! Fucking stupid of me! I had a crush on one who had a huge following as an internet jerker. He is still hot as fuck but has become an insatiable party-whore with too much baggage for me. And here I see him and these other former crushes buck-naked, being raw-dogged by my buddy, posing shamelessly in amateur bb-porn. The more action he gets, the more it turns me on. Yesterday morning I came over when one of his 'toy-friends' was still naked with a boner, but getting ready for work. I took my clothes off before sexy James even left or got dressed! "DAY SHIFT TAKING OVER!" I joked, sucked the cock that just bred James, tasted good, and took my first load of the day up the ass and another all over myself... (he is insatiable and a multi-comer) All between 11 am and 2 pm, before returning to my man and his plans for hook-ups he gathered during the last hours at work. He works Scruff and Grindr and we have a few regulars that pop up as texts and via Facebook messenger. (for today, Saturday I lined up an all-bottom hottie for us both, a 'repeat' for my man, poz, fresh meat for me, a player who takes loads in New York like a champ) We are to tag him when his cheated-on big-dicked top bf thinks he is going to the gym. Too bad the TOP is supposedly 'not fun') As to my bestie, the ALL TOP: It turns him on I get turned on by his promiscuity. Sometimes as we play around he lets me know a 'regular' is coming or a trick from Scruff. I typically want him to breed the dude by himself and rush to clear the playing field. (me being 'ALL TEAM', the opposite of typical CLINGY, NEEDY and jealous bottom turns my bestie on, he told me) It's actually exciting for me, living vicariously through the most popular top on the block or really IN TOWN (don't know how to verify that claim, but I KNOW he is top-league). Lately though when I was anxious to leave, he has stopped me and told me to 'stick around'... he said: "Maybe we can take turns on him or I'll fuck you both!" Whoring out a top is a very hot fetish... and creates more colorful variations and combinations! I encourage it!
  4. Another thing I forgot to mention: Hash marks. I always take an indelible marker with me in my kit when I go to the baths, like a Sharpie. I leave it out next to the lube where the Tops can get it. After I take my first load, if the Top doesn’t do it himself, I’ll make an obvious tic mark on my ass to count the fuck I just took. As I take more, the tics line up, and I cross through each group with the fifth stroke. It quickly becomes obvious what they mean, and they signal that you’re a slut that takes cock in quantity. One thing to note, though - even these “permanent” markers are no match for a steam room, and you may have to refresh your tics after you steam, or they’ll start to disappear. My count last CumUnion: ||||\ ||||\ ||||.
  5. Today
  6. Now that Kyle Lucas is back doing porn – which other British porn performers would you like to see making a cum back? Here’s my list: Kai Cruz – didn’t do bareback but I’d pay good money to see him get loaded both ends Ryan Marques/Kai Ryan/Lthrsmlad – only did one or two videos – but his blog shows he’s still into extreme S&M - getting his balls busted, breath control, etc. Aiden Shaw – wrote a book about his time in the porn industry. Plus most of the British guys who worked for TIM Porn – most of whom I’ve seen on Twitter, BBRT, RKP or hook-up apps in London. My current fuck-and-fill list is: Adam King Anton Dickson Harley Everett Jon Phelps Tommy Haine Lincoln Gates Sebastian Evans Titch Jones Nathan Gear
  7. I saw one or two condoms being used at the last NYC Cumunion I went to in May (compared to the 50+ guys fucking raw.) but the condom use appeared mutually agreeable and didn't cause a stir.
  8. Been a stressful week and decided to go to Spa Castle, this Korean Spa that a lot of gay and bi/str8 guys go to. It’s a lot of the same guys on Fridays but a lot of new guys too. I decided to get there earlier as I don’t have classes on Friday and I was surprised how busy it was during the day...quite a few guys my age there...most hanging out at the pool, but ducking down to the men’s only sauna area for play. Was a pretty steady amount of fucking, getting fucked, and sucking for me. By 6pm I’d sucked off four guys, been fucked by four and fucked three. Wound up chatting with a group of three buds who were there...they were gay and mess around with each other. We were all gathered around the central jet in the one big hot tub talking and stroking each other’s dicks. Two were Latino guys and the one an Anglo. It was fairly clear the Anglo boy was the bottom as he was shorter and loved it when I fingered his ass. The one Latino boy said he and I should take it to the bathroom and we did, leaving the other two back in the hot tub. We went into the stall at the end and I let him unload in me three times. We had to be quiet as other guys were coming and going but I loved how thick his cock was and loved that he let me fuck him and cum inside him. As we went back out the Anglo boy was getting a hot tall skinny blond boy while the Latino boy watched. They both seemed startled as we walked in as you have to be careful fucking in public so you don’t get reported and kicked out. They were being discrete but it was obvious what was happening. We got in and watched as the guy shot his load inside their bud. I was so horned up I was ready to fuck again and wound up taking my place fucking their bud while the other Latino boy fucked the guy who just shot his load while the Latino guy who’d fucked me kept watch. I was so horned up I knew I wouldn’t take long and soon enough I blasted inside the bottom boy as he quietly was begging for my cum. The skinny blonde boy was apparently worried about the Latino boy cumming in his ass and kept asking if he was close. I hate when guys do that and I told Latino boy he could cum in my ass if he wanted, and as he got close he pulled out of the blonde kid, shoved his cock in me and came, a violent shuddering orgasm I could feel. As he slid out the skinny blonde kid took his place and dumped his load in me as well. As the blonde kid came I realized there were a few guys sitting in nearby pools who had been watching this go down. The blonde kid got out and left and we all went back to the chairs be the steam room and sauna to take a breather. Needless to say other guys who had been watching came by to chat and the guys in that group would go off with a guy if they were interested, as would I. Showing off that you’re willing to get fucked gets you a lot of attention and the guys in that group admitted they like to play around. We wound up swapping digits and drifted off to do our own things. They went to dinner and I stayed in the sauna taking more dick. They came back down and were playing around for a while. I didn’t keep a total of how many dicks I took last night but it was more than usual on account of getting there at 2 and staying til midnight. Hope to have more fun with the group of three.
  9. Looking forward to the revenge story.... 😋
  10. I usually go to the o e Korean Spa in town rather than the gay bathhouse, it’s mostly gay or bi/str8 guys there cruising. I never cover up with a towel and walk around naked carrying my towel in my hand. I want guys to see my dick and ass and know I’m available. If I see a guy I like I make sure to get close to the, so if they want to touch my dick or ass they can. I’ll talk to guys so they know I’m approachable as well. There’s one hot tub where guys gather around this circular thing that has jets in it in the center. It’s easy to jerk each other’s dicks there, finger holes and so on. The public fucking all happens there pretty much, and for me it’s hot getting fucked by a guy that way so others can see that’s what I want and they can have their turn once the guy is done. I also like being next to or near other guys getting fucked...love hearing them beg for dick and cum.
  11. Petereater


    Very HOT start, I love imagining where this is going... Thank you!
  12. I understand what you say but I did not mean it as an endurance or other matters I just simply meant it as a bottom pimping out his top, by helping him to procure arse that he wants to fuck and breed and surprising him with "presents" such as young bottoms to breed that he was not even aware of were coming around etc.
  13. 24 Canadian Into boys and baby’s any active pervs in Toronto wanna meet? can also travel to states for active pervs Wickr: lowevolk cheers
  14. Feeling like an attention seeking whore. Upvote and like and comment if you want me to unleash more pics

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      Hit you up on wickr

  15. Married bottom. I love getting it raw and bred. Love fucking my wife later knowing I’ve got a couple loads deep in my ass... couple times I’ve covertly scooped some out and lubed my cock with it right before I plow into her. Could I get/do I have something I could pass along to her? Idk, but then again.. I don’t care. She’s a bitch anyways
  16. High and Bornu pigs! Got a nice big bowl of t 

    1. PupShock


      Yes please🤤🤤🤤

  17. After being with the wife and kids on vacation last two weeks I’m finally home and was able to get some cock. Hooked up with a stranger from kik. He pulled up to our predetermined meeting place. I was already bend over my seat with my jeans down and ass exposed and lubed i was disappointed when I heard him fumbling with the condom wrapper but let him go ahead and wrap up and enter my ass. He fucked me for about five minutes before locking up as he orgasmed. In one motion I gripped his cock with my hand and as he pulled out the condom stayed up my ass releasing his load into my bowels. Condom is still up my ass nearly 12 hours later
  18. I have a straight married fuck bud with 8,5 that is the ONLY one I let fuck me with a condom. He knows that Imm a BB slut and is "afraid of catching something." Last moth I showed him recent HIV and STI results and he agreed to pump his seed in me.
  19. Love filming breeding or getting bred, some guys are well up for it. Love seeing my cock sliding in and out a hot arse, getting progressively juicier as the fuck goes on. Love plenty verbal when filming too, best bit is when the cock is slowly pulled out his or my arse and u can see the spunk leaking out
  20. Alex Silvers, especially in a scene with Kayden Gray!
  21. Tonight I find myself surrounded by a group of people, feeling anxious, and fantasizing.  Earlier, a friend got me really high before teasing me a little, then dropping me off at home. So now, I'm here discretely craving some use and abuse...

  22. In Glasgow with work each week, up for taking ur load
  23. This story is so hot. I hope chapter 4 will be done soon.
  24. Have quite often record me fucking guys. Post on twitter @cumjunkiemonke2
  25. be interesting to work in a place like that . Just have to find a place like that 

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