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    Being used by cocky/selfish tops, tag teams, groups, and big anon cock. Submission, being a slut and getting whored out. New but eager.
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  1. So Ive been horny has hell, visiting home for the holidays and just got out of a very sexually dissatisfying relationship (sex once in four months! It was awful) and worked up the courage to try something I’ve wanted to for a while now, spend a day going around and taking loads. I love feeling like a slut, feeling used and like a fuck toy for cock, and after watching enough cum dump and gang bang porn I decided to give it the good ol college try. Didn’t set out for it originally, but found the first guy and kept going. first guy was really close by, very beefy muscle with a nice thick cock, a total dom daddy ready to use his boy. We spent a couple hours together, wherein he bred me, fed me a load, and stuffed four fingers in my sloppy pussy. Also used a nice set of anal beads on me, left me feeling worn in and used. He choked me while he loaded me up, and was very physically controlling in an exciting way. Felt incredible and left me feeling satisfied. ……… for a while. Later than evening I kept thinking about the loads I had taken, kept talking to dudes on Grindr, and kept jerking off to men telling me how much they wanted to fuck my slutty pussy. The next guy really took control of the situation, called me and basically coached me out of my house (while my family was getting ready to celebrate the 9pm ball drop) and to my local park where he was waiting for me. There, he made me strip naked in my truck and wear a mask as a blindfold, totally exposed on a relatively busy street, all the while telling me what to do over the phone and telling me how I was gonna swallow his load. He got in the car and grabbed my head and shoved it into his crotch and I got to smell his musty cock and balls which turns me on like crazy. He pulls his cock out of the fly of his boxers and tells me to get to work, and I start working his load out of him. At the same time he makes me unlock my phone so he could read my slutty Grindr messages (I had been exchanging a lot of pics and chatting, like I said crazy horny), basically reading me begging for cock and loads while I sucked his anon cock. He was smaller, and had some trouble staying hard that made it kinda disappointing. But in the end he jerked off into my mouth and I swallowed his huge bitter load. Immediately once I was done milking it out of him he pushed my head back down and fed me another load. He called me a good boy, took my underwear as a trophy, got out of the truck and drove away. This one left me feeling really sleazy, but the thought of the three total loads sitting in my stomach turned me on. Intense experience. lastly was a guy I’d been wanting to get with for a while, a cocky dom top, tall and muscular and thick, fucking beefy bull of a man, and super hairy. Took a little convincing but he ditched a friends NYE party to feed me his load. On the way to his place I was questioning whether I should really be pursing what would be my fifth load of the day, but the second I made it through that door I knew I chose right. He was jerking on the couch, beautiful thick 7 in cock in his hand and beer in the other. He told me to get down and start servicing, so I did. He fucked my throat like a pussy for a good 45 minutes, by far the longest I’ve ever done something like that. For a while I was laying on my back while he thrust into my open throat, and on multiple occasions I would try and push him off to breath and he would just push into the hilt and keep himself there. In the end he was back on the couch, his legs around my neck and hands on the back of my head as he held his cock buried in my throat and he pumped his load directly into my stomach. Once I pulled off and cleaned his cock, he said ok you can go now and went back to watching the TV. I felt like such a fucking whore, I loved not having a choice in taking his load like that. well if you made it this far thanks for reading. I’d appreciate some advice, I’m still really new to this slut business and I worry that I should maybe ease into things more. But really I just want to keep going farther and farther. What should I do? One side of my brain is telling me to chill out, and the other is telling me to keep on taking loads. Would love to take more in my ass in the future, was just super sore from solo dildo play and the first guy. Reading that back is crazy, i can’t believe i did that lol.
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