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  1. The time came where Jess was ready to try and have a kid, and surprisingly Omar was more than ok with it. Jess stayed home from work for the 48 hours where we should try, and we went at it like the horniest of teenagers. But as you might suspect, it wasn't all fun and games, it's not Jess's fault, but it feels like a chore. We took a break and she ran a few errands, I needed something different so cleaned up and walked over to Omar's. I knocked on the door and someone else answered. "Uh, is Omar..?" I started to say a little flustered by the stranger. "Yeah man we've been waiting." he said stepping aside. There were two guys on the couch stroking. "I'm going to -" pointing between the two guys. Omar spoke next, On your knees on the couch, We are all going ass to mouth. I got on the couch and Omar went first. The guy who answered the door stood behind the couch facing me, his cock growing and starting to lift. My mouth opened to receive his cock in my mouth and my ass was immediately slapped. "Ass. To. Mouth. Faggot" one of the guys said. I closed my mouth and the guy in front of me placed poppers under my nose, I obliged. My head started to throb and Omar was reaching his depth in my ass now and started to move his entire length in and out of me. I was given two more hits of poppers and I rested my head on my arms and the back of the couch. Omar was now gripping my sides and really pounding into me. His cock is a good length, and my ass takes him real well. Omar gave 4 more hard prolonged thrusts and I knew on the last 2 he was cumming in my ass. Omar popped out of me and the next guy took his place. I struggled to take Omar in my mouth, I'm definitely a novice when it comes to blow jobs or face fucking. The next guy was smaller and his cock seemed to come to a point, I understood what I had to do. I put more of my focus on my ass, squeezing his cock on the way out and loosening up on the way in, and the guy started to really love it. It wasn't long before he came inside me and the next guy took over. I took him all the way in my mouth and let me tongue lick his balls. The third guy took over and did not last long at all. But they cheered him on and honestly, I was turned on by how fast my ass made him cum. The guy from the door was last, and apparently for good reason. His cock was thick and heavy, when you can feel a cock fill your entire ass crack, it's going to be amazing inside. He pressed against my already used hole and pressed against me. He took his time pushing all the way in. When I've been fucked so far I feel the tops hips contact my ass before I feel their cock hitting something inside me keeping them from getting all the way in. This time, his cock reached a point where my body needed to adjust, it hurt at first but the fact he got to that point made me bow my head in pleasure and pain. My head was lifted and poppers were placed under my nose, I took a hit per nostril and bowed my head again as this top hit something deep inside of me causing me to pull my ass away slightly. He motioned to one of them as he pressed slowly deeper into me from that point, I could feel my body give way to his cock. A towel was placed over my nose and mouth and my head started swimming, throbbing and felt like it was 20 pounds heavier. My head rested down on my arms again as the man behind me started to make his full deep thrusts deeper. My body was getting rocked back and forth from his massive thrusts and the third guy took his chance to get a bottom thrust into his cock from the other side. He placed his semi hard cock in my mouth and dropped the newly poppered towel around his cock under my nose. The man behind me was now taking his cock all the way out and shoving it back in, my body kept my hole open accepting each thrust. The other guys we also behind me watching his cock create what felt like a porn star gaping asshole. He grabbed hold of my sides and started to keep his thrusts short and deep and then he added his load to the mix. His cock stayed inside me, and it was not shrinking, but kept me full. I messed with him by milking his cock and he moaned in approval. And then, my phone rang. Omar pressed answer and handed me the phone. Jess was on the line, "Did you need anything from Target", she asked. "No I don't thank you," I answered. hoping the conversation would end there. The man in my ass whispered, "Stay on the line." I'm not sure if it was the poppers or the horniness, but I continued the conversation with Jess. Asking her what else she had to do and what she has picked up already. The man behind me was slowly fucking me, lengthening his thrusts and picking up speed. I tried my best to reply to Jess without giving my situation away. As she started to wind down the conversation the man behind me picked up his speed but didn't finish his thrusts that would give the obvious slapping sound of our body's. Luckily she said her goodbye because I don't think he could take it any longer. His hands dug into my ass and he drilled into me, taking much longer to get to the point of no return and cum in my ass. If I had not already cum a few times that day I feel like I would've cum hands free from his cock. He came deep inside me again and this time pulled out, I could hear and feel air entering my ass. The guys were all watching but from their seats. Omar came up behind me and part of me thought he was going to take a round two. He patted my ass and said better get back. Don't worry, he's staying with me this week so you will have more fun.
  2. I didn't start using poppers until my most recent top. Never knew they existed. now I prefer it, and not only because it feels good during, but I'm usually less sore, and recovery is super fast.
  3. I drove up the rest of the way in the nude, but put on a shirt and shorts before I text Katie that I had arrived. I waited in the lobby, it was a very nice high rise apartment building, very secure and safe, but that made me a bit sad because I wouldn't be able to host the same kind of events like we could down in West Hollywood. "My roommate came home this weekend so you'll get to meet him, he says he is bi but so far I haven't be able to enjoy what I have heard, sounds like a massive cock." "I didn't know you had a roommate" I said. "The company is paying for this apartment, and Michael works both here and in LA so he's rarely here." We got up to her apartment and I was introduced to Michael. He was very clean cut, looked like a successful alpha male business man. He exchanged the usual niceties and then left for the night in a very nice suit, but one meant for going out, not for work. "Let's make sure you're clean before we head out." She said heading into her room. I followed and she had a whole set up ready for me with enemas, douches, and toys. I was still clean (aside from the loads left in me at the rest stop). So we got dressed and headed out, we went to a few different bars and clubs. It was actually pretty fun to actually get to drink and see the scene without being recognized, but I was still felt up a few times. Katie did not last long, and pretty soon she was slurring and apologizing for us not being able to get me a cock for tonight. Truthfully, I already got 2 cocks tonight, so not so bad. But I was sad that we re cleaned me out for nothing. We managed to get a ride back to the apartment, if I wasn't dressed so much like a needy bottom I looked like I was about to take advantage of her with the state she was in. We got her up to the bedroom and after sometime in the bathroom I got her to bed and she was out like a light. I went out to her living area and just before I turned on the TV her roommate Michael came in. We got to chatting and did the usual banter about what's better socal or norcal. He said he'd make us drinks and went off to the kitchen, making full on cocktails. It wasn't long before he came back with the drinks and we shared more small talk. It was a strong drink, and mixed with what I had already had that night, it was definitely going to set me over the edge. Michael and I talked a bit more, and then he asked if I'd like to see his room, "Katie will be jealous, she hasn't been inside, and I see her eyeing my guests as they leave." I agreed and we headed to his room, his hand guiding me by my lower back like a guy would a girl on a date. Maybe I would be getting a cock tonight. Once he shut his door, the nice roommate facade disappeared. "On the bed Straightbait" he said pushing me gently towards the bed. I laid down on my back and lifted my head to see him. "On your knee's come on now." he said. I stripped and turned around getting on my knees on the bed. The lighting dimmed into a different color, slowly changing color as I waited for Katie's roommate to come back from his bathroom. A hand towel was thrown next to my face, I could faintly smell poppers so I grabbed for it, sure enough, there was a wet spot, I shoved it in my mouth. His cock rested in my crack, sliding back and forth over my hole. "You're either immune, taking preP or you're the luckiest faggot in the world." I let the towel drop from my mouth. "What?" I replied. He slapped my ass, "You heard me you lying bitch. What's the deal" He said angrily. "I - I'm just lucky Sir," I lied. That answer earned me another slap. His cock lined up behind my hole and he pressed it against. My hole wanted it, I tried my best to maneuver my hole to get him to slip in. Finally, it was pressing against the second obstacle inside me, I took a deep breath out and he slipped in, and fucked me with just the tip, I started to beg for the whole thing. After a bit of getting half fucked, he shoved all the way in. Drunk, poppered up, horny as fuck, I still recognized this cock. I met his second thrust but allowed it to bounce me forward enough for him to pop out of my ass and I spun around quickly. "You're 10inchscorpion!" I said, sitting up half turned to him in his bed. I was looking at the "famous" pozzing star that no one has really seen before. But that cock was unlike any other, I knew it was him, and he was Katie's roommate. He climbed on the bed and placed a hand on my mouth pushing me down to the bed below him. "And that stays between you and me you fuck, I will beat you senseless and you won't get this cock again if this gets out." I wouldn't mind him beating me senseless, as long as he continues to use my ass. I nodded, unable to answer. Then for the first time, 10inchscorpion entered my ass as I looked into his eyes.
  4. Neither Katie or Thomas were upset by the video at the club, Thomas told me he almost bust a nut to it, but wanted more cum for my ass before I left for Katie's on Friday. Friday I stayed in Katie's old room and Thomas came over along with Johnny who taped the entire thing with a hard-on. I sucked him off after the first load at the request of Thomas who wanted another round before I drove up to Katie. Thomas' cock felt as good as always, it has a great curve that hits the right spot when I'm on my back. I was leaking pre-cum all over myself. I did however find myself thinking about 10inchscorpion's cock from behind when Thomas flipped me over for round 2, it just wasn't hitting the same spot. Thomas left a handprint on my ass and they posted another video on the website. Comments rolled in wondering when the next time 10inchscorpion would get a hold of me and if I was Poz yet. Another photo of a negative test showed my negative status shortly after. I grabbed my "allergy" pills and packed a bag to go up to Katies for the first time. Even though she informed me I wouldn't be clothed for most of the trip. I got in the car and before I drove off I got a message. "Strip in the car, truckers and guys in trucks/SUV's will see you naked if they happen to look." - Katie I stripped down nude and threw my clothes in the back seat, and drove off. It was a long 7-8 hour drive up to San Jose and I was on the trucker route. Another message came in. "Get the attention of truckers and stop at a truck stop for a load before you get here. I'll be checking." - Katie I turned on the lights for the inside of the car. I tried getting truckers to notice me and get them to honk their horn. It was 3 hours before 1 finally answered my request. When I looked up to him, he nodded off the freeway, so I got in-front of him and got off at the next rest stop that was coming up. I put on just shorts and a t-shirt and made my way to his truck as he parked. He opened up the door and motioned me inside. He was not clean, or at least he didn't smell clean, but the thought of him taking me turned me on more. "Can we do this in the bathroom?" I asked. "Sure I guess, we just might have an audience and you might make more.. friends." "I like friends, I can use more friends" I said scooting out of the car. "Wait.." the trucker called out, he glanced in the door storage a bottle filled with yellow liquid. "Do you.. uh." I grabbed the bottle and swirled it like a conesiour. "When was this made" I asked. "Just before you got my attention unfortunately, but seeing you was the reason I didn't toss it." he said. I opened it and took a swig, it was semi sweet, he must drink a lot of diet sodas. I took it with me to the bathroom, with him next to me asking if I do this often, etc. I told him I'll probably be making weekly trips up this way from now on. He seemed excited. We took the handicap stall, in these bathrooms there's no niceties. The toilet is metal, the seat has no cover, the toilet paper is locked down. your typical interstate rest stop. We got right to business, and I was on my knees cranking my neck to deep throat him with his large belly. The smell, and the feeling of his thick but short cock fucking my mouth was a turn on, and I strained in my chastity device. It wasn't long before he asked me to bend over the toilet, much like 10inchscorpion fucked me at the club. I straddled the toilet bowl and let him take me as I leaned into the wall. He didn't take long before firing a load onto my ass. I was quite sad that he didn't ask where to cum, because I would've much rather taken in inside. The sound of a phone camera snapped a few photos of the actually impressive load on my ass. I asked him to upload it to xvideos and to tag me. When I mentioned my name I heard someone reply. "Wait what?! no way, one of you in there is Straightbait?" the stranger exclaimed. "Yeah, why?" I answered. motioning to the trucker to open the door. A total dad was standing on the other side. his jeans unbuttoned still from the urinal. "Are you - Would you uh- Can I-." He stumbled. "Please, I need one inside me." I said returning to the wall spreading my ass cheeks. "Second thought, I have to number 2, send" the man said. "What the-" I turned my head. "Sorry I had to give my wife a reason I'll be longer in here." She's watching the kids in the van. He approached and spread the truckers cum into my ass as he let his hands trace his prize. He positioned me where he wanted me and put his hands on mine forcing me to spread my cheeks further. He spit between my cheeks and then again I'm assuming onto his cock and he started to press in. He was a good size, and I was happy to get a bigger cock than the truckers. My ass took it all and the man moaned, and shuddered. "Did you just-" I questioned him. "Yes, it feels so much better than what I'm used to." He said, telling me he already came inside. "I think I can keep going though, I really want to fuck you." "Come on then" I answered. He started to pump and thrust into me, it felt good but nowhere near 10inchscorpion or Thomas. "Holy fuck, I never thought I'd get to fuck you, I have never gone 2 rounds with my wife." I was smiling on the inside, proud to be a better fuck than a woman. On the outside I gave a show, the trucker was filming. He groaned after steadily fucking me for a few minutes, he pressed deep into me and unloaded. "That was so hot man, I can't believe it, fuck!" the guy said backing up. "Thank you for the load, I was instructed to get one on the way up to San Jose." I turned around and kissed towards the camera, the trucker blushed and ended the video. We opened the door, another dad or two were spending longer at the sink than usual, no doubt wanting to see the guys that came out of the stall. Luckily, no cops or children. I walked to my car and text Katie. "1 came on my ass, another inside." "You dirty slut, hurry up, we have plans." She answered.
  5. Thomas wasn't as mad as I thought he would be. He was annoyed that if I became poz it's possible now that it wasn't him, but he wasn't mad about who did it. Apparently 10inchscorpion is a "Banksy" of sorts, he has pozzed some of the top amateur porn stars online, but no one knows who he is. This kind of made me proud that he said I was better than he expected. I have teamed up with Johnny, Stephen, and Cory to post on the website. In between posing videos I post screenshots of my negative tests and act sad about it, knowing I'm going to be getting hate-fucked by Thomas the next time he see's me. I haven't spent a weeknight at home. Once the negative tests show up each week Stephen sends an address and what the person wants to do with me every day while I'm at work. I'd head back to their apartment where I'd clean up or let them help me prepare. The third night I was sent to a couple. They wanted me to strip on their front porch, so I did as I was told. I stripped down to a white jock strap and tucked my belongings to the right of the door. They both answered the door and I was invited inside, one of them took my belongings back to my car down the street. We smoked a few bowls and they asked a bunch of questions about my recent adventures. One of them Dave was annoyed at my chastity device, so instead of playing with my cock, he started to eat out and play with my ass (preferred anyway). As my as was up and getting lubed up by Dave I was forced down on Chris, his husband. Chris used my mouth and throat like a fleshlight, pressing my face into his large stomach and holding me there until I had to fight to breathe. Chris started to put me in positions for photographs as Dave went and made drinks for us. We drank quickly so we could get back to the nights activities. Within the hour I started to get quite drunk, and they were having the time of their lives switching back and forth between my ass and my mouth. For older out of shape guys they sure had a lot of stamina. I'm not sure what time they were done with me, but they just sent me out the door wearing nothing but my jock strap and my car key. I made it to my car, but knew I wasn't good enough to drive. I sent a message to Cory and he told me to just go enjoy the night out since I'm cleaned out and already drunk. I put on the shorts and t-thirt from my bag and walked drunkenly up the street to the closest club. There's no way I should have gotten into the club, but the bouncer recognized me and let me in. I enjoyed a song or two before heading to the bathroom. A few guys in line took pictures with me before I got to the front of the line. Just as I started to walk to the urinal I was pushed into a stall by someone behind me and my head was pressed against the wall above the toilet, my legs straddling the bowl and my hands on the pipes keeping me up. The man got straight to business, and his cock was pressing into my ass. By the time his hips hit my ass, I recognized this monster cock. 10inchscorpion was back. There were no words by the two of us only the slapping of his hips against my ass. His cock hitting something deep inside of me causing me to grimace in my mask, but I didn't complain, I started to meet his thrusts halfway. The man came deeply and loudly into my ass before pulling out and leaving the stall, and the stall door open. Security cut through the bathroom crowd that had built and pulled me out of the stall, dragging me in just my jock and t-shirt through the club. Men grabbed at my ass, taking pictures and videos. The bouncers laughed as they tossed me on the sidewalk. I crawled to my feet and stumbled away back to my car down the street. I realized my keys were in the shorts in the bathroom stall at the club. I laid down on lawn of the couple that I originally met with and I fell asleep. I woke up to Stephen standing between my legs, his foot stepping on my balls. "You had a fun night. Let's take you home, you have a big night tomorrow too." he said, putting more pressure on my caged up cock. The next morning I checked the site, Sure enough a video was shot from over the stall and uploaded to 10inchscorpion. And about a hundred clips of me left in the stall, and dragged out of the club on twitter and Snapchat.
  6. Katie moved up to San Jose the next weekend but I was left in her old room. The negative test came in and Thomas was not happy. He came by Friday and fucked me, on the bed as movers helped take Katies belongings out of the room. One of them seemed interested and kept sneaking a look into the room from the living room. Thomas made no attempt to be quiet or inconspicuous. There was a camera on us again, and now no matter how close the camera gets to the action the tattoo will let people know who's getting fucked. I was on my knees, sitting back onto towards my heels my ass at the edge of the bed, my chest pressed against the bed, my face pressed into a popper soaked towel. Thomas was now 3 loads deep into my ass, and his hand print was all over my lower back, sides and ass. He deposited His fourth load and left in a huff. The room was a mess, Thomas tore it apart looking for preP pills like when he came to my apartment. Over the counter pill bottles were everywhere in the sink in the bathroom, on the floor in the bedroom. Luckily he never looked IN any of those bottles. I was almost passed out on my stomach in the bed. My chastity device pressed backwards between my legs, my not so lubed swollen asshole cooling down from the the marathon fucking from Thomas. A bottle of poppers were by my pillow, but the towel was away from my face so I wouldn't black out. I felt a hand on my calf, and was too groggy to look to see who it was. The hand traveled up my leg and spread one ass cheek to the side, examining my hole. I lifted my hips slightly in anticipation. The hand on my ass pressed my hips down. "Are you really him?" The person asked. "Who?" I said with my eyes closed enjoying the strangers hand. "Straightbait" He said as his hand running over the tattoo. "Yes Sir" I slurred out. "Poz yet?" "Not yet" I moaned, my ass wiggling. "Do you want to be poz?" "Yes Sir." "Good boy" He said, I then felt his dick resting on my ass, it was heavy. His hands pressed onto my shoulder blades pushing me into the bed, and his dick was in between my ass cheeks. His hips contacted mine, and pressed his shaft against my hole. I moaned, one hand left my back and placed the poppers into my hand. "You're going to need this faggot." I took a hit and collapsed on the bed. The strangers cock was at the entrance to my hole and he pressed in. I'm not sure if I was just sore, or if he was that big, but I felt like he was stretching my out with a large toy. I felt his cock slide into my body slowly and deeply, it was unreal. By the time I felt his hips contact my ass I was feeling the head of his cock hitting places no one has hit before. He pulled out almost all the way and drove in a bit faster, but just as deep. My body fought it this time and I flinched. "If that hurt faggot you're going to need more poppers." I took a double hit and turned my head the other way, facing the towel. His hand left my back and sprayed maximum impact into the towel and shoved it into my mouth. My body immediately relaxed and his cock sank to a new depth. He sped up slowly but soon was pounding into me so fast and hard it was hard to breathe. I could feel my hole loose and open just taking the cock from tip to base. I started to flex my hole milking his huge cock. He moaned. "You're better than I thought you'd be." He said. "Thank you Sir" I answered. He thrust one last time into my ass and grunted, I couldn't feel the cum, but by the sound of it, there was a lot. He pulled all the way out and my ass stayed open. It was no longer sore, but felt empty and gaping. I heard him get dressed and he messed with the camera. I didn't think anything of it. I had no idea who it was that just fucked me, and it kind of turned me on not knowing. It was one of the best cocks I had felt. I wanted more. The next day I got a message from Katie. "Who is 10inchscorpion?" "What? I don't know, why?" I text back. "It seems like someone uploaded a Straightbait video on their channel and tagged you. It's a fucking hot video too." "Oh." I replied. I went to look at the camera and the memory card was missing. Who ever fucked me after Thomas yesterday was 10inchscorpion, and I really wish I saw who it was now. I went online and sure enough, there was a video on the Recently featured section, a huge brown cock in my tattooed ass, the uploader, 10inchscorpion. My phone started vibrating from a phone call, I reached for it. Thomas was calling. "Fuck" I thought.
  7. I was dressed in short shorts and a tight t-shirt and a group of us went up the street towards the club, cafes and shops. No one batted an eyelash because it's a large gay community. We went into a shopping complex and there was a tattoo shop I had never thought about entering before. We were greeted with more enthusiasm than I expected. "No. Way." a man a table said, the other two people turned around. "Is it really you?" "Yes, it's really him," Katie answered before I could think of a response, "Straightbait, you mean right?" "Oh my God, YES!" a second man said standing up to come introduce himself. "What is going on, these videos are that big?" I asked. "We've played your videos in here before!" The 3rd guy said pointing to the big screen TV above the waiting area. Which I was so thrown off by their greeting I had not realized was playing another video of a guy getting fucked from behind in some sort of club, written on his ass in sharpie is 'no cock refused'. "So what brings you in" The first guy spoke up again. "This slut needs some tattoos to show what he is and what he will be." Katie said. "What do you have in mind?" the artist said. "I-I've got an idea." I chimed in. "Oh really? let's hear them!" Katie sat down ready to hear it. "W-well I was thinking because my name is straight bait, a rope going around my waist, with it falling down to my ass cheek, a 2 sided fishing hook, on one side, a "straight" symbol, and the other can be a biohazard symbol when I'm officially poz." "Wow, that's great! thats hot too. On one condition." the artist said. "What's that?" Katie and I answered almost in unison. "You hold a Poz party here, we'll add the biohazard tattoo, and you'll be available for who ever wants to fuck you to fuck you." My cock twitched and my ass started to feel empty. "That sounds pretty hot." I said. "It'll be a good promotion for this place, it'd be cool to be THE place for LGBTQ to get their tattoos." "He's going to need a Jack of Spades tattoo as well." Katie broke in. "Oh really?!" the artist nudged me and winked. "What does that-" I started. "It means you're a bottom for black men" Katie said. "But I've only had 1 or 2," I said. "Hahaha - No baby you've had a few more than that," the second guy said. "A few more than that in a night" the third guy said. "Ok fine, but I honestly don't care who fucks me, I just enjoy the feeling of being used and for their pleasure." I added. "Ok, we'll add some more tattoos that show you're an easy bottom" We agreed that I would throw my Newly Pozzed party after the fuck flu was over, at the Tattoo parlor for a big discount in this job, and future jobs. The tattooing commenced. We were there for hours, and they decided to play my videos in the waiting area again. I was straining in my cage, and they were loving it. A few times when the artist stopped my balls or asshole was messed with by the 2 other guys or Katie. It felt good to have so many hands exploring me. When he was finally done I was wrapped in medical tape and cling wrap. And send on my way with Katie. Katie had other ideas though. We went out to a few clubs, I was recognized everywhere we went. Guys offering to take me to the bathroom for fun, even bouncers were in on it. It was a full night of groping, making out, fingering and eating ass. I lost count of the assholes I tongued and the tongues that tried searching for Thomas's cum in my asshole. A few guys even asked if they could knee me in the nuts like in the videos. I had never thought I'd be famous, I was equally in shock and turned on. We got home late, and I passed out in bed. I had no idea what was in store for me with Katie going up to San Jose and me, now having to put in notice at my apartment and moving in here. It turned out to be a lot different than I had expected.
  8. Spit is one of my favorites. I haven't had a time I haven't liked it. I also enjoy when the top had been fucking me for so long sweat drips onto me.
  9. I piled up the sheets and loaded them into the washer in the hallway, I stayed naked because now everyone who could come through that door knows about my secret and has probably fucked me at this point. Katie was on the couch, rather close to Thomas like she was hitting on him at a bar. "We're deciding your fate, you an join us if you suck him off." Katie said pointing at Thomas's friend. Thomas ignored me as I got down on me knees in front of his friend. I never learned his name but his cock felt good in my mouth, I of course wanted to know what it'd feel like in my ass. Katie was asking them when this all started and Johnny chimed in, about very first party where she left for work and Thomas found me with her toy and poppered up in her bed. "Is this true?" Katie asked me, my mouth full of dick. The friend pulled me off his cock by the hair. "Yes" I muttered before being shoved back down on his cock, working it as best I could. "I guess it's only fair, that night I got railed by my boss Mark over the hood of his car." She said. I was surprised she had cheated but also after what I've done behind her back, I couldn't be mad. My cock strained against the chastity device. Johnny continued the story and I could tell Katie was more than interested. We got to the part about the videos and the channel. "THAT WAS HIM THE WHOLE TIME!?" she yelled a little too happily. "I had been legit masturbating to the idea of it being him, but the whole time I thought it was you!" she said pointing to Johnny. "Nope no video of my pozzing sadly, but there is plenty of footage of him!" he said kicking my side gently. "Can we- I have an idea." she said, and walked into her roommates room. She came back with a large bottle of lube and set it on the coffee table next to me. "I want to fist him, and then Thomas do you think you can go again?" "The lube will ruin it but yeah.. sure." Thomas said. "I'll piss in this bitches ass, that should rinse the lube out right?" The friend said. "Haha! yeah that'll do the trick." "Ohmygod, has he done piss stuff before?" Katie asked. "He's the buildings urinal at work!" Johnny added. "He drinks it?!" Katie asked. "By the bladder full, don't you buddy." Johnny slapping my ass. I nodded but the friend didn't think it was enough. He pulled my head off his cock again. "Yes" I said, foamy saliva dripping off my lips. "This whole thing is just so amazing" Katie said, squirting lube into her hand. She rubbed lube all around my sore asshole and crack. And not so slowly went from 1 finger to 4. Her hands aren't small but her hand and wrist are super skinny, I've definitely taken bigger. Her thumb slipped in and she was now wrist deep in my ass. She worked it around, twisting and clenching her fist before pulling out and entering again, really wrecking my ass. She started to go deeper, and she was loving it, I might have been enjoying it more. "I've seen him take bigger fists, add your other hand." Johnny said. "Oh I know I've seen it too in videos." She answered. Then slowly this time worked finger after finger in along side her forearm. My ass felt like it couldn't stretch anymore, and Johnny must've read my mind, because a rag of poppers was placed under my face on the couch. Poppers worked it's magic and her second hand slipped in, air released from inside me between the space of her arms. and she started rubbing her hands together and moving them in and out. "Move over" Thomas said. One of Katie's hands slipped out and the other hand started to. Thomas slipped his hard cock into her hand, inside my ass, and he started to use her hand to get himself off inside my asshole. Each thrust I felt his cock expand her hand, her knuckles pressing and expanding my hole. The rag was ripped from under my face, poppers were added and it returned, sending me into a spinning decline of inhibitions. I started to moan and ask for it harder, asked for more poz cum. I wanted to be used up. Steven, Cory and some friends came in through the front door, and immediately saw the scene on happening in the living room. "Johnny you fucking idiot, why isn't this being filmed!" Steven said. He didn't even bat an eyelash at the fact it was Katie's fist inside me. Johnny jumped off the couch and grabbed the camera, and it started to film it all. "Tell me you want to be pozzed bitch." Thomas demanded. "I-" "I want him to be pozzed" Katie broke in. "Destroy his good for nothing ass." "Oh it's good for something!" Steven laughed. "It's that cock and those balls that are good for nothing." I later saw on the video that Katie got the most evil look in her eye right then. Katie reached down and tightly massaged and pulled my balls down. "Can you knee them Thomas?" she cooed. Thomas pulled out, her hand stayed inside me and his knee drove into my balls as she held them away from my body. I yelled into the rag. My ass clenched onto her hand and she moaned. Thomas put his cock back into my ass and into her hand and started to really pound away. It wasn't long before he was cumming deep into my ass with his usual yell. Katie slowly slipped her hand and his cock out, making sure not to pull out any cum. "I've got a second pozzing tonight, so I'm out. Bitch... If you don't fall sick this week. You're going to go get tested and we will do this again next weekend." Thomas said, slapping my balls again before putting his pants and slipping on his shoes. "And you, you crazy bitch, keep an eye on him. You've got my number." He said to Katie and pointed at the rest of the guys in the room. I was sent to the bathroom to shower, with strict instruction not to use the bathroom. I finished and walked naked from the apartment bathroom to grab a water bottle, Steven and his friends admired the view and made sexual comments to me. I got back to the room and Katie was laying on her side, holding my second box of preP, "Close the door." I closed the door and made my way to the bed. "You're a sick fuck, you know that?" Katie said tossing the box of preP my way. "Thomas's cock is really good, and he fucks really well." I said. "You really have been masturbating to my videos?" "Yeah, I've even done it while you were asleep next to me." She said with a smile. "It's fucking hot, but I still don't want you fucking me, I'm going to be finding some good cock myself, and I might be sending guys I want to see fuck you your way too." "Thomas will be pissed knowing you're setting me up to get fucked." I said. "I know, I'm looking forward to it." She said. "What?" I asked. "You think you're the only one to see what lengths he will go to to poz you? Your ass and balls getting abused gets me off way too much for him to poz you too easily. That little secret will stay between us. " she said pointing to the box of PreP. "Are you going to go up to San Jose?" I asked. "Yes, but you'll be staying here. I'll see what sick shit you get up to during the week on video, and you'll be joining me on weekends, San Fran is only an hour up the road. I want more live shows." She said. Then she grabbed the box of meds and packed it under the bed in a shoe box. "You need a tattoo on that dirty ass."
  10. I understand but don't worry it's not over.
  11. Katie spent the week at my apartment, she doesn't know who mugged me (and I've told her I don't know either) It wasn't that fun of a week, she was debating whether or not to take the contract and job up in San Jose. So we had a lot of real tense conversations. We were still debating when the weekend came. In all honesty it's a good idea whether we end up together or not, it's a good direction for her to go, and it would also probably lessen the risk of her finding out what has been happening behind her back the last month or two. I can still get it up for her but it takes a lot of stimulation on her end, and imagination on mine. We decided to head back to her apartment for the weekend and enjoy some drinks, games and see what the boys were up to. Every day and night I was worried Thomas would come back and poz me in front of her. The weekend was fun, and even with the enjoyable weekend she was still debating whether or not to go. Stephen suggested since I was mugged at my apartment that it wasn't safe, and that she should go up to San Jose and I should take her room. I made sure to give him a snarky look when she wasn't looking. I'm not even sure if he knows it was Thomas who "mugged" me. Everyone was I agreement that that option made the most sense. I was living month to month, and the lease at the apartment wasn't up, it'd be easier for me to sublet than for me to find a new affordable apartment during the pandemic. Sunday rolled around and Katie had to tell Mark her decision before Monday. The boys went to brunch and we stayed in and watched Netflix. The apartment door opened but we didn't hear the boys, and them Thomas burst through her door with Johnny and a guy I've never seen. We were clothed but Katie pulled the sheets up quickly and yelled. I backed away from the door and off the bed. "Don't worry bitch, we're here for his ass", Thomas said walking over to me. He took me by the wrist and twisted it behind my back, leading me back to the bed. He kneed the back of my knees which pushed my knees onto the bed. My chest was pressed down to the bed and my boxer briefs were pulled down to my knees, I lifted a knee and they were ripped off my legs. Katie was now sitting in a chair covered in clothes, with her hands covering her mouth. "You can have poppers slut, but there will be no lube, unless it's your mouth or our spit." Thomas instructed. Poppers were tossed on the bed in front of me, I greedily opened the first bottle and took one hit per nostril. I felt warm but it'd take a lot more now to get my head spinning. Thomas spit on my ass and then his dick. And started to press it against my ass. I took another 2 hits of poppers and stayed down with my head facing away from Katie. There was a click of a camera starting to film, and I took another 2 hits as Thomas slowly and painfully entered my ass. "Either way I would've posed you bitch. you just prolonged it and made it more painful for yourself by going on preP" Thomas said, spitting on his dick again. "I know" I mustered out. "You wanted it to be rougher didn't you, you wanted me to fuck you more" "Yes" I moaned taking another hit of poppers. A towel was sprayed with Maximum impact and placed between my face and the bed. "Come here and spit on my cock" Thomas said to one of the guys. Someone walked up next to him and spit, but it was clear it wasn't one of the guys. Thomas had Katie spit on his cock. I moved my head towards her chair and she wasn't there. "Now go back over there and continue rubbing your disgusting pussy as we poz your boyfriends ass." She leaned into the chair and I could see he wasn't kidding, her panties were soaking wet, and her hand disappeared beneath them to rub herself. Did this turn her on? Fuck, we're definitely over now and she's leaving. The poppers made my thoughts wander but also brought them back to his cock reaching balls deep into me as he started to give full thrusts. "You enjoy my cock in your ass more than you like your worthless cock in your girl don't you." "mmhmm" I managed between thrusts. "What faggot?" "Yes Sir" I answered. "Yes what faggot" "Yes Sir I would rather you fuck me than me fuck my girlfriend." I answered. I heard Katie moan. "Hear that bitch? He probably take cock better than you too" He said to Katie. Katie's eyes were going back and forth between closing in pleasure and watching the scene unfold infant of her. "Poz or not, this won't be the last time I, or my friends fuck you. Your ass is made for this and it will be ready when I want. Yes?" "Yes Sir" I answered. "Now tell me to Poz you" "Poz me Sir." I moaned. "Why bitch?" Thomas demanded, spreading my ass and lengthening his strokes into me. "I want your seed to be apart of me" "Why bitch" "Because you've got the best cock, Sir." "I think you want me to Poz you because you're a true faggot now." "Yes Sir" "Are you a faggot now?" "Yes sir, I'm your faggot" I said melting into the bed. I heard Katie squeak into an orgasm. Her legs crossed and my legs started to shake as my cock leaked cum from my semi hard cock onto the bed. Thomas saw it all and came deep into my ass with the same yell he had the first time he came in me in this bed the night of the party. The other guy slipped a chastity device on my cock and locked it, he tossed a key to Katie. She tossed it back to him, "That cock isn't for me anymore." "You can keep this room little bitch, as long as they agree to keep filming it." "wha-" I started to say. "You heard me, and I heard you. That cock is useless, but your ass is for cocks now. I'm going up to San Jose and you're staying here, and I want to make sure they film your dirty fucking ass every time. "DAMMN" Thomas said. "Given up by your own girl, Just as well, he'll be poz soon" I collapsed on the bed, Katie changed and walked out of the room on the phone with Mark. The guys left me to do laundry, a mixture of light blood and cum on the bed.
  12. It was a long weekend of fucking and abuse to my ass. I have never been starved of stimulation to my cock, and especially in sex. It remained locked up, and even still has released cum 3 times. 2 at the hands of Thomas. 1 to the party. I would be left alone in Katies room, and when Thomas was ready for another round I would be taken right there or to another room or device to receive a fucking, and/or fisting. Thomas has cum inside my sore ass 5 times this weekend, and apparently, I was summoned for a 6th. I made my way out to the living room to see the tripod and a barstool chair on the balcony. I joined them outside and Stephen placed me on the seat, tied my ankles and arms to the legs and back of the chair, and placed a black cloth over my head. The camera clicked on and I felt two hands on my caged up cock and started to explore my ass. 1 hand started to finger me and loosen me up, 3, then 4 fingers, started to slowly work my hole. The hand in my ass popped in and my ass was sore, as this hand moved in and out of me two hands unlocked and released my cock, it stayed soft, but definitely grew in length from this fisting. The fisting stopped and I was left for what feels like 10 minutes. Then hands grabbed the sides of my ass, the tip of a cock was placed at the entrance to my now sticky hole, and it pressed in slowly, the lube from the fisting dried and this cock was not lubed. There was no pop into my ass, this cock was tearing it's way in. He got all the way in, and I could feel this cock pulling at my ass deep inside me. Cum from deep in my ass started to lube his cock and my ass as he slowly fucked me. My ass was slapped, the bag over my head was pulled so my head bent backwards, slightly choking me. The fucking got more intense and my body rocked the chair into the railing. Oh how I wished for a hit of poppers, not because this fucking was bad, I just wanted it to knock me out again so he could do his worst and I'd be completely at his mercy. He rammed into me, creating a loud banging of the chair into the railing and of course the sound of his hips pounding into my ass. He told me this wouldn't be the last fucking nor "his worst" if I still came out negative. This made me smile, hoping to remain negative just so I would see what Thomas would do. He fucked me long and deep, my ass now crudely lubed. He sped up one more time, driving into the my abdomen. My prostate could handle no more and released one last flow of cum from my long aroused yet soft cock. splashing on the stool rungs and over the floor. Seeing this must have driven Thomas to the brink and it wasn't long before he released his load deep inside me. He pulled out angrily and I heard him go inside, who ever was on the camera and who ever fisted me left with him, the sliding glass door closed and I was left on the balcony. I waited so long I started to fall asleep, I was then untied and led back into Katies room and was sent to bed. I woke up Sunday and finally got to shower, I scrubbed hard all over, the guys had written on me. Neg to Poz, Poz cumdump, written on my ass and legs. I did laundry, the sheets were stained with cum and lube. And I waited for Katie to get home from San Jose. She finally made it and she seemed pissed. I hope she got the contract, I know she loves her job. - Katie - The weekend was a success but Mark pissed me off. And now taking control of this contract up here in San Jose feels like the best option. He brought a girl with him on this business trip. No idea who the bitch was but Mark did not fuck me once. The girl stayed in his room like a pet, and once we were done with business Mark would leave me with the potential clients and go back and probably fuck that slut all night. It pissed me off, but what made my weekend was Straightbait posted multiple times over the weekend. I loved that this bottom getting fucked and abused is left to the imagination, it allows me to picture it being Trevor. Every slap to his balls or new cock in his ass would make me almost cum on the spot. Then Saturday night new content was uploaded. The same bottom was now in a darker room, and there was writing on his ass. There were more close ups as a large cock pounded away at his swollen hole. The writing said Poz this, Poz that. The last video was hottest and I swear I recognize the location. The bottom was tied to a chair outside on what looks like our balcony. The top even seemed to be in pain as his cock slowly worked its way into the hole. It looked dry. The more he pumped his cock into this ass it seemed to lube up and the top sped up. The top came one last time into the bottom and the camera was left on his ass that slowly dripped cum from his wrecked hole for the last 3 minutes. I think it was my balcony I remember the plants. This idea drove me wild, I wished it was Trevor getting railed but if it really was our apartment it was probably that kid we saw leaving my roommates room that night Thomas pushed Trevor into the wall. I looked up what Poz meant and when I read it was to turn someone HIV positive i almost gasped as my pussy twitched in ecstasy at the thought of Trevor getting fucked and impregnated with HIV cum. I got home and Trevor was there. He looked tired but he feigned an energetic welcome. He pounced onto of me as I changed into PJ's and my knee accidentally drove into his balls. He groaned and doubled over on the far side of the bed. "Sorry babe", I laughed, "but just as well, I'm tired from this weekend" We turned off the lights and as soon as he was asleep I took my phone out to the balcony, the same stool was still sitting there. 'Fuck' I thought, 'that video was shot here' I reached into my pants, squated down and masturbated right there, holding on to the fuck stool for balance. -Trevor two weeks later- I got home from work Friday, I had sent Thomas a screenshot of a second negative test. He wasn't happy and asked for my address, I did not however expect him to be there when I showed up. "Open it up slut, I want to see." Thomas said tapping on my door. "See... my place?" I answered. "No you fuck." He backed up and waited for me to unlock the door. I opened the door slowly, I knew what he meant. He pushed past me into my apartment and grabbed it... I knew it. He turned to me holding my container of preP that was on the table. "I fucking knew it!" Thomas yelled, he threw the box at me and it missed landing in the apartment complex hallway behind me. As I turned to retrieve it Thomas was on me, he pushed me into the hallway, then landed a punch to the right side of my face, and before I was knocked out, kneed in the balls. I woke up about 30 minutes later with a killer headache, I like them better after poppers rather than getting punched. I stumbled to the front door, and looked out to see my preP was taken. Thomas figured it out. My stomach sank as I thought about what he would do to me now. At the same time my cock was growing. I text Katie "Just got jumped, I didn't see who it was, they knocked me out too fast" "OMG" she replied.
  13. The rest of the week was rather chill, only 1 load in my ass, 2 blow jobs and a few loads of piss. I guess they were saving up for the weekend. I was going crazy in my chastity cage, almost cumming a few times just from stimulation from my ass in the file room. I went to Katie's apartment, knowing she was gone up to San Jose for the weekend. I wondered what was in store for me Friday night, they never clarified whether what day it was. Stephen and Cory were on the couch, as usual, but this time completely nude. "Your outfit is in our room." Cory said. "Is it tonight or tomorrow?" I asked. "Oh that's right you wouldn't have seen the post. It's tonight, let's go clean you out." Stephen said as if I was a chore. "Post?" I said as they pushed led me into the bedroom. "Mmhmm" Stephen said. Their room was all set up, a fuck bench much like the one at my last gangbang was in the middle. Their bed looked like it had waterproof sheets. There was a mini fridge under the desk, and 4-5 cans of Maximum Impact on top of the desk. There was more weed than I've seen in one place since college and some other prescription bottles laid out in order. Then of course, a few different types of lube, the last one being "J-Lube". We went into the bathroom where there was a whole set up of enema equipment and 2 different kinds of funneled masked, I assumed for becoming their urinal for the night. A rim seat was folded behind the door. The boys set me up and helped me clean out. I would go soft as we worked on cleaning me out and got hard in the chastity cage again as I thought of the night to come. They put a mask on me, and instead of a blindfold there was an eye mask. "Do I really need this if I'm not going to be blind folded?" "You're an amateur porn sensation, do you really want people to see your face?" I practically choked, "Wh-What? Excuse me?" "Ever since Johnny's gangbang you've been videotaped, the file room, our room. You're popular, and we're going to film this gangbang and your pozzing." I couldn't help but smirk. My cock twitched at the thought of it as well. I put on the mask and we just hung out. My cock was still in locked up, I wondered if I'd be let go before or after the event. "Go grab us all waters, you're going to need hydration because you'll be busy most of the night." I walked over to the fridge and when I opened it this fridge had a shelf of poppers, I grabbed one bottle, shook it and took a hit. I was pulled up from the harness around my shoulders and back almost spilling the poppers. "You little slut, grab the WATER, not the poppers. But now we know you're ready to start though!" Stephen said, transferring his grip from the harness to my hair, walking me out to the couch, placing me on my knees on the couch, spanking me a few times and took a tube, shoved it in my ass and squirt lube deep into me, it was cold and I felt it start to wet my entrance. Cory popped a pill into my mouth and gave me water. "What is this?" I asked. There was no answer. Stephens fingers started working my hole, 2, then 3. His cock was next, he railed into me. My hands were on the back of the couch as his hands held my hips at the jack strap waistband. He moved his hands to mine and pulled my arms out from under me, bringing me down onto the back of the couch, making eye contact with Cory's cock. I opened my mouth and let him take my throat. The front door opened but I was too busy being spit roasted to look. I heard multiple footsteps and a bunch of bags and clothes being shed. Stephen thrust into me one last time and exited. "Someone fill his bitch ass, let's set up." I couldn't turn around to see but lights were set up, and then of course, a camera was turned on, I heard the shutter. I was too busy taking Cory in my mouth and I don't even know who was in my ass, but it felt familiar. My jock strap was moved aside and my cock and balls were aggressively grabbed, then unlocked. My cock sprang free in a semi hard low hang, and it now swung with each thrust from the guy behind me. He also didn't cum before exiting my ass leaving me frustrated and hornier than ever before. I started to feel more relaxed, But with the relaxation came the urge to do what ever was asked of me. I was picked up by the harness and turned around, there were already 10 naked guys in the living room. A rag was placed over my nose, the familiar smell of poppers and Maximum Impact filled my lungs. My legs barely worked as I was led into the bedroom, walking past multiple cameras and lighting set up surrounding the bench and the bed. The night started to blur together. Men grunting as they released their load inside of me, asking me to beg for their load, asking me to beg for their cocks, piss and abuse. More than a few times a large cock would surprise me and hit somewhere too deep, causing me to come out of my drugged and cum drunk state. I'd feel cocks slapping at my face, slapping my body and of course one relentlessly destroying my ass. I remember riding someone, taking cum shots to the face, drinking someone's piss from the tap as they cheered. My cock and balls being grabbed, stroked, slapped and punched in all sorts of positions. I lost track of how many cocks were in my mouth, hands and ass, I also lost track of the amount of times poppers would be placed in front of my greedy nostrils. I passed out, and woke up to someone fucking me as I laid prone over a small stack of pillows. My body felt sticky with cum, dried piss and sweat layers on me. The man came inside me and left. No one took his place, I slowly got up onto my elbows and looked around, lights were still on, there was a camera trained on me in the bed. I sat up in the bed, and walked out of the room, Stephen and Cory were sitting at the table, empty food boxes and bags all over the table, as they sipped coffee. "Well well, you look.. like shit." Stephen said. "Hot shit!" a guy said, going through the fridge. I had no idea who he was. "Back to the bedroom, Thomas is on his way over." "Fuck, now?" I said in a daze. "Your ass is raw right now, you were fucked by over 20 guys last night, The door has been open and your ass has been up. This is the best time for Thomas to poz you" "You were crazy for cock last night" Cory said. "You took a group of guys to Katie's room and locked the door!" "No way, when was that?!" I said heading to her room, I opened the door and two guys laid in her bed passed out, absolutely massive cocks flopped over their legs. "It was like a cum drunken rage, never seen a bottom like you." the random guy said. I was led by the harness into the bedroom. As we entered, Thomas entered the apartment. He opened the door to the bedroom. "All out except this bitch as neg bottom." Cory checked the camera, and repositioned it in another spot. I sat on the bed facing Thomas. "Didn't I already Poz you?" "It didn't take I guess" I replied, I felt like a naughty child looking up at his angry father. Thomas spit on my face and grabbed my legs, flipping me around, placing me on all 4's. My hole was a mess of cum, he took his fingers and wiped my crack before shoving his 2 fingers into my ass, it didn't feel great, but they went in with ease. I reached for poppers and before I could get them to my nostrils Thomas snatched them from me and threw them across the room. "Not today pig, your ass will feel every thrust." Thomas said. He shoved his fingers into my mouth and pulled my face towards him, he spit on my face again and then lined his cock up to my ass. I wiggled it. "You're happy for someone who's life is about to change forever." "Yes Sir." I said. His cock entered and immediately I could tell it was different. I felt him almost every inch as his cock bottomed out into my ass. Then the fucking I dreamed of started. He thrust all the way out and shoved it back into my ass repeatedly, my ass staying open as he drove out and into me. He took me from behind the entire time, but he still changed my position. He pulled me up, driving his cock into the front of my abdomen, pummeling my prostate and bladder. I sprayed piss as I lost control of my bladder. His arm went around my neck and he squeezed me between his forearm and bicep, continuing the assault on my prostate. "Poz me" I managed to squeak out. "Fuck you" He said jerking my head back further. "Make me yours, poz my ass, poz a straight guy." "You fucking love my cock, straight my ass!" he said. "Yes I do, your cock is my favorite" "Good because it's fucking you until you're sick with the fuck flu" He delivered his last thrusts, and lessened his grip on my neck, pushed my check down onto the bed and unleashed his load into me. His cock didn't soften, but I could tell he was spent. His cock popped out of me and he walked out to the guys, I could hear them talking. My ass stung, but it felt amazing. I eventually got up to go see what else was in store for me.
  14. After a pretty uneventful weekend (sex wise) I had to go back to work. I called in sick and headed to the doctor, he scheduled a blood test and we talked about prep, I went straight to the lab and got the test. I couldn't stop thinking of the very first fucking I got from Thomas, how he pushed me aside and how even still with all the sex I've had, his is the one I can't stop thinking about. His cock hit different spots, I've had bigger cocks than his, but for some reason I remember feeling his the most. I wanted to show him my negative blood test, egg him on in a way and see what kind of fucking he will deliver. I got a text message when I got back to my car. 'Fucking slut where are you today' from Johnny. 'Called in sick today' I replied. 'Are you sick?' 'No' 'See you at the second floor at lunch then.' Well I wasn't planning on going into work, but my cock betrayed me, and my hole got almost wet with anticipation. 'ok' I sent back. I went home, cleaned out and put on a jock strap I ordered off Wish. It says "Addicted", I felt it to be pretty accurate. I put on sweats and a plain T so if anyone from my office saw me I could lie and say I was just picking up someone but felt sick. I got to the 2nd floor and the door was locked, I knocked, no answer so I waited. My cock hardened like it understood what the 2nd floor meant now and it strained against the jock. What felt like 30 minutes but was probably more like 5 Johnny and another guy walked up, masks on and the guy unlocked the door. We walked to the usual gate and like usual my arms were wrapped in the chain after I stripped and I was chained to the wall. A blindfold was tied around my head and my mask was left on. I felt 4 hands rubbing me down with what felt like massage oil. My jock was pulled down a bit, and a hand grabbed my balls and gave them a good hit, my knees buckled and caved inward. "Spread 'em" the man said. My balls were hit 4 more times, my cock no longer hard, and then I felt it. i cheated and looked through the space between the blindfold and my nose, I saw a chastity device being placed around my soft abused cock and balls. I started to get hard again, this time thwarted by the device AND the jock. My hole was lubed, and I heard the shutter of a camera open, I was being filmed. The first cock wasn't Johnny, it was the random guy who he brought. His cock was a good start, he lasted a good amount of time too, I was able to milks cock using the muscles of my ass, squeezing my ass around his cock as he pulled outward, and letting him ram into a nice loose asshole. He finished and before Johnny took his turn a poppered rag was shoved into my mask, sending me into a tailspin, the only reason I was standing was the chain holding me up. Johnny took his turn, he was rough, slapping my ass, my chest, my back, and he talked dirty telling me he can't wait for Thomas to use me like he was used on Friday. Telling me he wants to film my conversion, and help Thomas and his crew fuck me up. I couldn't get hard, but I was definitely loving every second. The rag was pulled from my ask and I was asked what I wanted, "More cock or my girlfriends pussy" I said "More cock please". Poppers were once again administered to the rag and shoved in my mask. A new guy replaced Johnny's spent cock, and I gave it, and each cock that took me that day the same loving and care my hole could provide. I could feel the cum and lube running out of my ass, dripping down my balls onto the floor and down my leg. I once again tried to remember each cock like I did at the gang bang. My favorite fucking of the day was #4, I would bet money that it was cock #7 from the gang bang. I don't know how many different cocks I took but I know I at least had 8 loads in me. It was quiet for a while and I didn't hear anyone else come in, it sounded like they all left. I heard someone walk in, turn the camera off that was recording me and put it away as they walked out. Someone entered again, inspected my used up ass, and ran their hands around my stomach and ass, then unlocked me, and unwrapped the chain. I went to take my blindfold off but their hand held it on. They walked away and left. I waited about 5 minutes before undoing the blindfold and finding my clothes. I slowly left the file room, and exited the room. I walked to my car, the whole building was pretty quiet. There was a lot of time between cocks today, they kept me chained to that wall as guy after guy wandered into the room to use me as they pleased. My cock was locked up but I was horny as hell. I went home, showered but left what ever was in my ass alone. I searched the internet for a good way to get 1 more load in me tonight. This device will drive me insane this week if I can't cum. I think that's the idea. My only pleasure will come from getting men to use me. I can't wait for this gangbang from Stephen and Cory, and I wondered if Thomas would be at the end of the gangbang or another day devoted to my Pozzing. I got an email from the lab, Negative, I printed multiple copies of the results. - Katie's night - I got home from work and logged onto the computer, horny as fuck with Marks seed deep inside my ass. There was a new video uploaded from my new favorite User on xvideos "StraightBait" I clicked on the video, a young guy, chained to a wall in what looked like a warehouse, getting railed from behind by a guy who deposited his load and another took over, between guy's the video sped up which turned me on more that this bottom was left waiting in this room for hours as guys came and went. I imagined this bottom being my boyfriend Trevor, taking loads up his "bitch" ass, as Thomas put it. drove me wild and I came without my vibrator. I don't know why I want someone to put my Boyfriend in this place, but the idea of him taking dick in his ass better than me turns me on so much. I got a text message from Mark, my hole ached. 'New contract in San Jose this weekend, flight leaves Friday morning."
  15. Friday - Trevor - My ass was sore finally. For the next few days I only took loads on the second floor to my face or in my mouth. Johnny heard how rough my Tuesday night was with Stephen and Cory and acted as mediator for the guys in our building. I'm not sure how my life got this way so fast. From only having sex with women and Katie to sucking dick and drinking piss on the second floor at my work. But I'm having a lot of fun, It's kinky, it's hot being used for their pleasure, who ever they happen to be. I know what it means to be cum drunk now, it's a level of self satisfaction you don't get when you cum in a girl. Friday rolled around and I've got no idea what's in store for me this weekend. Katie's work is so sporadic and urgent that lately we haven't seen each other that much. But her paychecks are worth it. I headed over to her place, she was home, I saw her car in the garage. I entered, and it was clear that the guy's had someone over. I went to enter her bedroom but it was locked. "Huh" I thought to myself as I fumbled for my keys in my backpack. I heard some rustling in her room and by the time I entered she was under the covers, the TV was freshly turned off. "Hey babe" she said, semi out of breath. The sounds of sex did not stop so I know there wasn't a guy in her room, but she was definitely acting weird. "Let's go I'm hungry" she removed the sheets and swung her legs around, she was just in underwear and a t-shirt. We left the apartment and walked to dinner. It wasn't too busy so we got through dinner quick and headed back to the apartment. As I went to unlock the door for us the door opened and Thomas walked right through, bumping into Katie but he pushed me back. My back and head hit the wall behind me. "Watch out little bitch boy", he said completely ignoring Katie. He walked by me and slapped my ass hard. I jumped forward and he walked away laughing. Katie had a look I've never seen before. She was shocked, but had a small smirk. "I have to pee" she said almost excitedly under her breath. "Uh, ok." I said as she went through the door, went into her room and then came out seconds later tucking something into her pocket. Stephen, and Cory appeared in the hallway door, Cory waved me to follow them. As I approached their door I could smell sex emanating through it. I turned the corner and there on all fours on the bed hole gaping and red, was Johnny. "That's what he gets for setting up a gangbang behind our back" Stephen said. I was worried Johnny got pozzed against his will, but the smile spreading across his face as he laid there in euphoria said otherwise. "Next weekend is your true gangbang, the guys from the party want you. I'll work on Katie not being here." "What the, how would you be able to.." My company works closely with her company. After your first fucking from Thomas I realized we could have a lot of fun, so I've been making sure to set up a lot of contracts through her team and her boss Mark. "THATS why she's been so busy and always gone?!" Stephen slapped my face but held onto my jaw. "Shut it slut, you've been loving it. You're lucky I haven't gotten her transferred to San Fran. She's really good at her job, it wouldn't take much to send her away and put you up in this room." Stephen turned me around and pushed me out the door, Both boys followed me to the living room and we sat on the couch. Katie was taking the longest piss of her life. She exited the bathroom and as she sprint by the hallway door she had her bullet vibrator clasped in her hand. 'What the fuck' I thought to myself. We started a board game on the table and the bedroom door opened, Katie practically jumped thinking everyone in the apartment was accounted for. Johnny walked by us sheepishly, Shirt collar torn, shorts askew and he took fumbling steps towards the door and left. Katie turned to Stephen and Cory about to ask who that was and Stephen answered, "Our friend wanted fuck someone roughly, he volunteered as tribute." Katie squirmed in her seat, and took a deep breath, then got the same look in her eye as she had after Thomas pushed me at the front door. We continued the game and went our separate ways for the night. I tried to initiate sex but she playfully declined. "Not tonight little bitch boy, I'm tired." Friday - Katie - I got home before Trevor could get there. The boy's were having fun in their room. I got under the covers, turned on gay porn for women (hotter guys) and masturbated as I listened to the hardcore fucking through my wall. I pictured it was Trevor, having pissed of Stephen so Stephen is taking it out on his ass. I pictured Mark, who was leaking from me, taking Trevor like the guys on the screen in front of me. But Trevor ruined it, he knocked on the door and I rushed to get situated so he wouldn't see what I was watching or what I was doing. We went to grab dinner and I was wondering if we could get home so I could hear the boys finish up with who ever the bottom was. A Stephen was unlocking the door the door opened and a tall, tatted muscular man pushed Trevor into the wall behind him, I was instantly wet, the guy ignored me, slapped Trevor on the ass and walked away, "Watch out little bitch boy." The guy said. I told Trevor I had to use the bathroom and rushed into the room to grab my vibrator. I sat on the seat and started the toy, imaging the guy, muscular, mean looking. Ignoring my perfectly fuckable pussy or ass and just taking Trevor in front of me, treating him like a little bitch boy. I came hard, and my legs were now rubber. I left the bathroom holding my toy without realizing it wasn't hidden 'hopefully they didn't see" I thought, tucking my toy into my drawer. We played board games and once Trevor went to the bathroom after the guy left the bedroom well fucked and loopy. I asked Cory, "who fucked that kid?" "His name is Thomas, he's pretty dangerous, keep him away from Trevor, he'll fuck any ass." I shuddered, dripping wet again. I turned down my little bitch boy when we got to bed. After what Thomas did to him I couldn't give him the pleasure of having me tonight. Trevor fell asleep and I watched porn on my phone, a masked and blindfolded guy getting fucked by tons of guys, switching back and forth, the title of the video, posted the day before, "Straight boy taking the gang". The guys ass was taking it hard and deep, bouncing, he was moaning and clearly loved it. I moved the sheets and saw Trevor's bare ass. The guy in the porn had a perfect fuckable ass just like his, I came watching this stud take his 10th load, in an ass that looked just like my boyfriends.
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