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    NE Iowa
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    Poz gifting, stealth, bi and straight barebacking, poz to poz
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Versatile Top
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    Been off meds for nearly a year. Will top or bottom for any status. Love bi and straight guys, but gay guys are awesome. Tend to like masculine men, facial hair, average to muscular men.
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    Any poz or neg guys to bareback fuck. Women too, or couples that bareback.

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  1. Would love to get pozzed 

  2. Would love to get loaded by You. 

  3. Chub in central Iowa would love your load

  4. Damn karluspig, that is fucking hot. Love the dare too, supposedly straight guys fucking the best man. Love that no one knew your status, did you ever find out if he turned up poz?
  5. I really like and agree with this. It is up front, not intimidating, and if a good friend, he can only be flattered. If there IS something more he wants to pursue, it is a great space now to move it forward, if only incrementally. I know of married guys who don't want to leave the wife, are happy with their sex life, but are wanting that male energy and male contact. If HE accepts this, he has the perfect person in you to explore. Nothing wrong with being honest that you want more... after a good intro to it.
  6. Woof brother, I would love your cum in my scruffed up ass...



    1. BiPozLoader


      Hmmm, your profile says you are on PrEP. Love to, but if not on it. Trade loads?

    2. JimInWisc


      Not on PrEP.  Haven't been in months.  And sure.

    3. JimInWisc


      Not on PrEP.  Haven't been in months and won't ever again.  Sure trading loads would be excellent.  



  7. Hey, got a neg buddy coming up this weekend to take my poz load. Going to slam and fuck, should be really fun. Will let you know how it goes. 

  8. Hot profile. Love to be loaded by You 💦💦💦

  9. I'd love to take your load ☣️😈

    1. JimInWisc


      BiPozLoader I would love to take your load 

  10. I thought of a couple good screen names... GiftExchange is one. The other one I love is PleaseBeSeeded.
  11. This is absolutely the hottest posting. Love barebacking you and your father, swapping loads. I know this is about family, not about poz/neg, but wonder about that. Maybe another thread?
  12. I thought it would be hard after cumming in ass to piss in him, especially with a hard on. One is I drank plenty of water to get a full bladder. But as a top, I found it wasn't that difficult to piss. I would close my eyes, relax my body, dick still in him. I pictured standing at a urinal, and just letting it start to flow. After about a minute I was urinating him him, a steady stream of piss. What I didn't expect is it felt like I was cumming again! And lasted longer. It was fucking hot, and that climax feeling lasting a couple minutes. Oh fuck yeah!
  13. Hi Bipozloader - so glad meeting another unmedicated man

    1. BiPozLoader


      Thanks. I love it. Love being poz and toxic. How long have you been off?

  14. Would love to slam you and fill you full of my dirty toxic load. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. swimslut


      fuck yes!!! We are both so geeked to get fucked up and knocked up on any dirty cum we can take! I'm stroking my cock so hard right now thinking about it...wanting it! Fuck us up!!

    3. TwinkChaserSlut


      Make sure you make a vid. 😛

    4. BiPozLoader


      We need to find a good time and place. I can host in NE Iowa. Cam would be up to you guys. 

  15. Today is 7/16/22 and its been well over 2 years since slamming. Would love to do it again, love the rush. Here I am in a small NE Iowa town, there is nothing going on here. Damn. I need to get some good barebacking and parTying going on here. Love your profile, man. Not on meds here either. Wish you could visit.

    1. partying.hard


      Damn, I was in Lincoln 2 weeks ago

    2. BiPozLoader


      Kinda how it goes, bro. I'm in the middle of conservative country, nothing happens here. Keep me in mind. I'd would love to get with you. HVL and may need to go back on meds if I start showing more problems.

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