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    I used to be a faggot whore but now I am a Cumdump girl with a cock.i was born to suck cocks, get fucked and take mens loads.i will get down on my knees or my hands and knees, or on my back with my legs spread wide begging for men to blow their loads in me. I am a pozzed up tranny whore with no standards, no pride, no shame, and no self respect.i was born to take poz loads, drink piss, get fisted and whored out. Spit in my face, wrap your belt around my throat and use me while you tell me I'm trash.
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  1. my favourite part is when the guy fucking me unloads his balls into my fuckhole and pulls out ant the next man slides his bare cock into my sloppy gaped out fuckhole and Strats fucking me using the previous guys loads for lube. once a few guys unload in Mei can get fucked by stranger after stranger without anyone bothering to lube up. I just love the switches cause that's really the moment when I am purely a fuckhole for men to use. the don't care about me, they don't know me, I don't know any of them. I'm just some slutty faggot that lets strangers bareback it no questions asked. in that mome
  2. didnt get caught by my uncle but a couple of his buddies fucked me then told him about it. thats when he started training me
  3. theres no such thing as too much incest. theres no better way to become a proficient cocksucker.
  4. I just got down on my knees in front of my biological father wearing a sexy schoolgirl outfit and sucked his cock for about 20 minutes until he blew his load right down my throat.
  5. that's me for sure. I really had no choice. I have always been a cockhungry, cumthirsty, cocksucking bareback bottom with a lust for multiple cocks all the time. Even blowing groups of guys, gang bangs and public sex came to me naturally. being passed around and whored out to other men, and being a bathhouse cumdumpster, porntheatre slut and a tranny fucktoy are what I was born to do.
  6. I just got down on my knees in a real catholic school girls uniform (altered to be sluttier) and Deep-throated my biological fathers cock while he smoked a joint and watched tranny porn. I sucked his big meaty cock for about 20 minutes until he shot his load in my mouth. then I swallowed my brothers and sisters like a warm glass of creamy milk.
  7. to be fair, there are a LOT of postings that violate a number of the rules. like a LOT. so I think sometimes people get surprised when they get suspended for posting a story in the last load section or some other seemingly innocuous offence .
  8. thats so true. you can't just be a normal horny bottom. you have to be a seriously cockhungry, cumthirsty faggot to get whored out online. the kind of faggot that is willing to take cock after cock of all sizes and shapes and have men trying to shove big dildos and their hands up your ass AND just thank them and beg them to fuck you and blow their loads in you. plus like you said when you are a whored out faggot cumdump thats exactly how men treat you. like worthless disposable trash. I can often tell the men fucking me are actually trying to hurt me. when I'm taking a lot of loads I really co
  9. can you maybe tell people why you have suspended them when you do? that way we can avoid making the same grave mistake. I and a few people I have spoken to find they usually have absolutely no idea why they have been suspended as the little warning they get is far too vague and cryptic. also because we often don't feel as though we have done anything so bad it deserves a suspension, it can be difficult to even guess what the infraction was.
  10. about 5 minutes. its not that hard with the proper equipment
  11. never! that's what cumdumps like me exist for. sure I'm a cocksucker who loves being on her knees deepthroating cocks and many men love to use me like that but more and more I find guys just use me cause they wanna fuck some slut and I am super easy. I don't even get to suck most of the men that fuck me. they just slide right into my ass and use my hole to jerk themselves off. faggots and tranny whores aren't for foreplay. our purpose is getting fucked
  12. not the last guy tonight but the best guy fucked me earlier today bent over the hood of his car on a busy street in the middle of the afternoon. I was prancing around in my sluttiest outfit and shortest skirt (no panties, cock hanging out)again and getting fingered by men out in the open. A big european man and his buddy were both fingering me and putting my hands down their pants and told me "you suck it couple seconds" pushing my head down and when I bent over to suck him his buddy stuck his cock in my ass then they pushed me over their car and I got fucked right there with people walking by
  13. just got fucked by a guy with an actual 12 inch cock. thick and meaty. how do I know it was really 12 inches? he has a ruler tattooed on his cock. told me he had to take some viagra and an injection of something to keep it rock hard during the inkwork. pretty meaty too but it slid in fairly easily so he said "damn you really are a slut. it usually takes me awhile to get into a fuckhole. it helped that he got my ass after a fairly busy night. took him so long to cum but damn when he did his cock got rock hard and I could feel it pulsing inside me
  14. just had a small group of guys fuck me in a private room for just over an hour. 4 avg white guys, avg cocks, a couple loads each but nice and dirty. they spoke German so I couldn't understand them but they threw in words I understood like faggot and slut, and spit in my face a lot. they also did a lot of DP and some triple penetration. but the interesting thing was between first n second loads they got me on my hands and knees and stuck full beer bottles up my ass base first like a buttplug with just the last inch hanging out, then screwed up the cap and drank beers from my pussy. when one bee
  15. I just had one of those guys who you can really feel blast your insides with cum when he blows in you. I love that. feels like a water pick filled with jizz lol. skinny wasted looking white guy (German?) with a big meaty cock. he also shoved his hand up my ass then told me "I can feel your heartbeat around my arm" he also said "I don't fuck fags.i only fuck ladyboys like you"
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