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    I used to be a faggot whore but now I am a Cumdump girl with a cock.i was born to suck cocks, get fucked and take mens loads.i will get down on my knees or my hands and knees, or on my back with my legs spread wide begging for men to blow their loads in me. I am a pozzed up tranny whore with no standards, no pride, no shame, and no self respect.i was born to take poz loads, drink piss, get fisted and whored out. Spit in my face, wrap your belt around my throat and use me while you tell me I'm trash.
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  1. a loose ass sends a message. the message that I am very well used. one of the reasons I like being a fistfucked cumdump is to loosen my fuckhole more and more and make my fuckhole feel more and more like a used, gaped out fucksleeve thats been used by more men than I can count and had so many fists and huge items shoved into it that it stays open all the time, usually dripping lube, cum and piss. thats also why I wanna get gangfisted regularly and double fisted to the point where I can EASILY take even the biggest fist and forearm up my ass. I wanna be so loose that men can fistful me without any lube at all and where I cant even feel small cocks when they fuck me. I love getting used by men who really wanna destroy my fuckhole. I actually feel proud when guys tell me I have a loose hole.
  2. luckily for me most of the men who fuck me have no respect for me whatsoever and tend to be the kinda guys that enjoy degrading whores so they tend to treat me like a cheap, dirty, worthless whore, and I often get bruises on my face and my throat from how hard they strangle me. plus they use me as an ashtray and a urinal and do stuff to me they couldn’t do to anyone they think of as a person rather that a used object. I have actually gotten black eyes from fucks 4 times lol.
  3. you would love me then. my hole gets so much heavy traffic, hard use and huge cocks and objects shoved up it that I have a nice loose sloppy fuckhole that feels like a woman’s, which straight men love. plus as slutty cumdumpster who prides myself on being super easy to fuck, it make my hole really easy for them t ram their cocks in me, specially when they are in a hurry to fuck, cum and go, or if they cant get fully hard or are really big or dont have any lube. my pussy basically sucks guys raw cocks into me to jerk them off with my guts. plus my loose hole tells guys what a fucking whore I am.
  4. here’s a few 1. a guy had me laying on the floor naked in a downtown porntheatre, on my back, legs spread, barebacking my sloppy cumfilled hole after watching several men cum inside me while bent over the back row seats facing the door. he and 3 other men had just pissed all over me and was strangling and spitting in my face while he fucked me and he told me “I always knew you would grow up to be a fucking faggot and probably a cumdumpster, but I had no idea how much of a disgusting whore you would be. I’ve fucked a lot of trashy whores but you are easily the dirtiest, trashiest, most disgusting whore I’ve ever seen. I bet half the men in this city have already fucked you. I’ve fucked you a couple dozen times and you probably wouldn’t even recognize me on the street. what kinda piece of shit gets stripped naked in a pornthetre and lets a bunch of homeless junkies breed it and use it for a toilet. you dont have an ounce of self respect and you shouldn’t. youre a worthless piece of shit and a human fuckhole and thats all you will ever be. just another hot fuckslut." 2. a bathhouse guy once told me “I have never seen anyone take as many loads from as many different men as you do and you take the biggest cocks and roughest fucks and just keep asking for more. its like you were born to get barebacked all day every day. thats what you should be doing, on a public fuckbench in a booth taking loads for like 50 cents a pop, all day every day." 3. “I wanna gangrape you along with all my biggest, most violent, faggot hating prison homies, while your mother and father watch while we destroy your fuckhole with our cocks, fists, bats, and whatever we can find to ram up your ass" 4. a pump n dump guy told me “I have a few buddies coming over to blow their loads in your ass. I told them you would take them raw. by the way, you gotta wear a blindfold” after he invited me for 1 on 1 for the first time. he just knew I would definitely let anyone breed me sight unseen. 5. my boy many times saying “I’m taking you to the bathhouse to watch guys fuck you and blow loads in you all night” or leaving me blindfolded in the sling and saying “just lay here till the 8 hours is up and keep taking as many loads as you can get slut" 6. the guy who’s daughter looked exactly like me that would tell me my daddy was going to make me pregnant when he dressed me in her clothes and fucked me in her bed. thats just some of the pg stuff
  5. I tricked my father into letting me suck his cock through a porntheatre gloryhole. 32 times.
  6. great ass, sweet pussy! looks like it has gotten a lot of use. good for you fellow cumdump. xo.

    1. d999


      Hi I love poz people. I am still neg and open minded to poz people.

  7. that was the best thing about being such an obvious femboy faggot and bottom boy. everyone knew I was a cocksucker and it was common knowledge that I could deepthroat and always swallowed. and everyone knew I was into getting fucked up the ass and always took it raw. so guys would come to me on the download all the time, mostly for blowjobs but some for fucking or I would blow them a couple times then they would want to fuck me. I even got busted blowing guys and getting my pussy smashed at several highschool parties and several times I sucked guys off right out in the open at them. a couple times I even got fucked with everyone watching, including one particularly crazy party where I got drunk and let 5 boys blow their loads in me while everyone in the party watched and I even saw a few camera phones pointed at me lol. two of my nicknames in high school were "bareback porn star” and “free mouth date" lol
  8. thats just what us cumdumps do! my boyfriend got me into licking cum off the floors, walls and seats the first time he took me into one to watch guys use me. we are doing them a solid by cleaning cum up and picking up used condoms to empty into our sloppy fuckholes.
  9. technically, yes. many many many times stat raped. but the thing is I have always been so damn willing to let men use me however they want, whenever they want, wherever they want and pass me around to as many guys as they want because I have always been so girl and submissive and slutty. so nobody has ever had to force me or push to do anything cause I always wanted it. I haven’t even been worried about who was going to see these guys using me, from the time I started blowing boys at parties right out in the open. when people say you cant rape the willing I always think thats talking about me lol. but according to the law I was literally raped by hundreds and hundreds of guys. what I do enjoy is rape play where I pretend to put up opposition but just let the guys trash me. also love it when men are so rough with me that it almost feels like I’m getting gangraped. I have always watched prison shows and thought I would just be one of the owned trannies that just lets anyone use them whenever, wherever, no rape needed.
  10. I dare not respond here or I will be disciplined by my “stalker” lol
  11. I should say though, taking loads like this really shows us cumdumps what we are to guys cause even if we are blindfolded in a bathhouse sling or a fuckbench or a bed or on some strangers apt couch or floor, taking one or two or 10, 20, or 30 or more anonymous strangers bare cocks deep in our fuckholes while they pump load after load of anonymous cum into our guts, they can still see us, and often fuck us cause we are hot, or sexy or maybe cause they know who we are. When we take loads in a gloryhole booth, some whores (like me) often leave the door unlocked or completely unclosed so men can take a peek and A.see what a slut I am, naked in a booth, sucking and being fucked by every single cock that get shoved through the holes (they may even get to see me licking cum off the wall around the hole, or off the video screen, or the seat or even the floor). plus some tops peek through the hole to see if the faggot on the other side is worth fucking or letting suck their cock. but when I just keep my mouth or my used fuckhole pressed up against the hole between loads, waiting for the next anonymous strangers hard, bare cock to slide into my body and unload his cum into my guts, I really become nothing but a fuckhole to guys. they dont like me, they aren’t attracted to me, they dont care what my name is, what I look like, my age, my race, my weight, or my pleasure at all. to guys like this I am a subhuman fuckhole they are using to get themselves off. if anything they likely find people like me disgusting and probably too ashamed about fucking trash like me to ever admit it to anyone. so they are happy I will never have any idea what they look like or who they are. that is what makes this so hot for us true cumdumpsters. knowing that we are so depraved that even depraved men think we’re nasty. I always check the cock with my fingers, just like I do when I’m taking loads blindfolded, or in a darkroom, to make sure they are NOT wearing a condom. if they are I pull it off. (guys love it cause they’re used to sluts making sure they ARE using a condom) thats another one of those things I have done that are so dirty and twisted, that I want my father to watch me doing it. maybe watching on video or from behind a two way glass, watching his naked tranny whore faggot son with my mouth and ass pressed up against two gloryholes on either side of a booth (I have always looked for the booths with 2 holes) with guy after guy, of all ages, shapes and sizes, and races, and looks, sliding their bare cocks through the gloryhole into my slutty body and pumping me full of cum.
  12. I love doing this. I started taking loads through pornnbooth gloryholes in high school and quickly graduated to holding my fuckholes up to the hole between loads and waiting for the next cock to use my hole to jerk themselves off. its a good place for us community cumdumpsters to learn what we really are.
  13. so a little over a week ago, the day before I came back to thailand for another 2 months of being a full time t-girl cumdumpster, I was on the subway in Toronto at night and a guy recognized me. he said “I know you pretty girl. you’re that cumhole from the bathhouse. I put like 5 loads in your ass last week. suck my cock baby” then pulled his cock out right there. we were in one of the older style trains with not many people on it but we were definitely in full view of a few people but I just started sucking his cock right there. a couple close by people got off at the next stop but a guy and a girl were clearly watching. he said “stand up slut. I’m gonna fuck you” so I stood up and he pulled my panties down and fucked me right there bent over the back seat, beside the booth and blew his load in me. then he said “I love that fuckhole, thanks bitch” then got off the next stop. the couple said “that looked like so much fun. thanks for the free show! got anything else to show” lol I actually pulled out my cock and jerked myself off and they applauded when I came then they got off at the next stop.
  14. hard to say but a few candidates are in class, on the floor, beside a bed his older sister was sleeping in, ballsdeep in another guys sister while he fucked me, in a hospice by several of the patients, and a couple guys who literally fucked me IN a trash dumpster, filled with dirty stinky trash in an alley downtown.
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