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  1. Do you get people frequenting the darkroom in the day time or only at night?
  2. I'm looking to give and receive loads this coming Saturday 2nd April 1-5pm at E15 sauna
  3. Looking forward to a poz breeding tomorrow at E15 suana

  4. E15 sauna, Maryland is due to open 4 days a week 12-6pm from Thu 20th May (closed Mon-Wed)
  5. In c. 3months we should be free again without the social distancing rules. How are you going to celebrate? I'm planning to go to a sauna and fuck as many holes as I can and take as many loads as I can. What about you?
  6. Missing my sauna visits, where I could fuck many holes and let others squirt right inside me!

    1. RawUK


      Same here. Last load taken 31st October 2020 in a sauna, although having said that it was a good day and I got 4 loads.

      Looking forward to the day when I can start taking anon loads again.

  7. Feeling really horny! Looking for poz dick to splatter inside me!

  8. Is Greenhouse Luton anything like Greenhouse Darlaston?
  9. Posted in geberal bareback stories an account of how I took my first load.

    1. DaddyBare


      Glad you loved it. Maybe add your loved it against the story if you can. It's encouraging to get good feedback!

  10. This is a true story of how I took my first bareback load; I’ve embellished it for this section… I’d been barebacking for a couple of years now, mostly topping for many a demanding bottom, but occasionally I’d enjoy someone entering me bareback. I’d let them fuck me a bit, enjoying the sensation of a cock sliding inside me. But, I was always strict that they would pull out long before they were ready to shoot their spunk inside me. On my way home one afternoon, I was feeling slightly randy and stopped by a gents toilet block next to a park that I knew guys would hang out for sex. Indeed, as I entered I could see a couple of gents occupying two of the toilet cubicles and whilst I was urinating, another guy was wanking his cock at the urinal. I could see it growing before me. I responded by going over to the remaining cubicle, leaving the door open, getting my cock out and wanking it, letting the guy see my own growing manhood. He came over to my cubicle and closed the door behind me, continuing to wank his cock. I sat down on the toilet seat and started to suck on his almost fully tumescent dick. It wasn’t huge, but it was a normal sized penis, now grown to full erection under my mouth’s administration. I stood up and dropped my trousers, not quite knowing what would happen next. The other guy did. He dropped his pants and turned me round to face the toilet and then with only some spit as lube, shoved his now erect cock up my arse and started to pound it hard. At first, I was happy for him to pound away, enjoying the feel of cock sliding in and out of me bare. Conditions were cramped, but I was enjoying the ride! He kept sliding in and out for a good 5 minutes, at which point I felt that although I’d been enjoying the fucking, I didn’t want him to continue anymore as I didn’t want him to seed me. So I tried to pull away and manoeuvre myself back around to face him. His cock slipped out of me, but otherwise I remained trapped with my body still facing the toilet. With another spit on his cock, he re-entered me. I can’t say I wasn’t enjoying the forceful thrusting of this guy’s cock, but I was a little worried about where this would end up. It felt at times a little painful owing to the lack of lube, but otherwise he was going at quite a good rhythm and my arse could easily accommodate his erection. Although it felt good having his bare cock sliding within me, I got more and more concerned that he was going to come in me. So I struggled to get free of his thrusts and once again his dick popped out of my arse. But he wasn’t finished with me and I felt the tip of his cock pushing within me again as he plunged his stiff cock up me for a third time. This time he played with me, changing his rhythm, making me feel his cock rubbing inside me. Sometimes, he almost pulled right out, only to shove his cock firmly inside me again. Much as I was enjoying this, I was having growing concerns that he would ejaculate if he continued like this, so I again resisted him and tried to stop this barebacking going too far. This time, however, despite my protestations, he continued his onslaught. Pushing me against the wall and banging me harder and faster. I was unable to get away from him and feared he was going to explode within me. He fucked me forcefully and relentlessly, I could feel his cock slide in and out. I was resigned to taking my first unprotected load. Then, to my surprise, he just pulled out. There were no grunts, no feeling of spunk flooding me. I felt relieved he’d stopped and not seeded me. That was until I turned round and saw his dick head coated with spunk. He shot his load inside me and I hadn’t even felt it. He wiped his cock clean and left the cubicle, leaving me to come to terms with my first loading.
  11. The member name DaddyBare gives it away, doesn't it? I'm not as chubby as I was, but I'm not lithe shall we say. Love to be part of such a group.
  12. Want a raw toxic cock spewing deep inside me!

  13. With the news that Covent garden and now Kennington saunas are re-opening in London, I can add the news that E15 will re-open on Monday 7th September. perhaps you know others that are aiming to do the same?
  14. Well done for a great different perspective on my story!
  15. Finally admitted to myself I.m a chaser.

    1. Sarif98


      Welcome to the club!

  16. Broke my covid-chastity Tuesday afternoon. Hooked up with a guy on BBrt, who was keen to try out the local common where crusing used to happen and still did at night time. I was jealous he'd seeded a guy just the night before and he promised to relieve my frustration during his lunch break. He actually turned up the next day and we tried to find somewhere fairly secluded: harder than I imagined. He was very tactile and we were both soon reacting to the situation. I sucked him to full mast and then lubed my hole ready for the onslaught. It felt great feeling bare cock inside me again after almost four months. After a bit of hard pounding, he pulled out and started playing with his cock over my buttocks. This seemed to be in order for him to get to the point where he was ready to come. Indeed when he was just about to come, he thrust his cock back inside me and shot his load deep inside. I was dripping with his cum on my journey home!
  17. Cum dripping iout of my arse into my pants!

    1. Sarif98


      No better way to be!


  18. My new story "My covid fantasy" based on the current frustrations of lockdown.

  19. From the writer of "My Hampstead Fantasy" comes "My Covid fantasy". Hope you enjoy!

    1. ssoranaid


      I look forward to read it

  20. Drew hadn't been sexually active in months because of the covid lock-down. He'd been to his usual sauna back at the end of February and given and taken some good loads, but since then he'd been covid chaste. The sexual tension was growing week on week and he was dying for a screw. He was online corresponding with a BZ friend, who expressed similar exasperations in being unable to meet up. At the end of the conversation, because the restrictions had been opened up to allow meeting up with one other person, whilst maintaining a safe distance, they agreed to meet up at a common not that far from either of them. Drew arrived in a dishevelled shaggy state, not having been to a barbers for a long time. His friend Mark was neat and fully shaved, his bald head seemed to give him a very masculine and alluring manner. They wandered together into the brush, passing by some old gravestones marking an old abandoned cemetary. When they got to a more secluded spot surrounded by bushes, Mark's sexual frustration overcame him and he dropped his trousers to expose his already fully erect penis. Drew had been gagging for it for ages and so decided to gag on his cock and slurped veraciously. They both wanted this so much. They both missed this so much. Drew was so turned on by this that he started to strip completely naked, Mark joined in. They were both bollock naked. Mark took over now sucking on Drew's tumescent dick bringing it to a raging hard-on. Drew was now ready for real action and turned Mark round as he leant against a tree and with no more than a spit on his cock plunged his manhood into his eager companion. Drew had missed this so much and was so turned on by the situation that he realised it wouldn't take much for him to shoot his load deep inside Mark's arse. He was going for it hammer and tongs. Mark was crying out with appreciative grunts as his bottom was being violated for the first time in ages. Unbeknownst to them their commotion drew the attention to another man who was strolling through this part of the common. He came upon the pair of stark naked fuckers and expressed his seeming disapproval of their behaviour, citing the lock-down restrictions and the possibility of being seen by others whilst fucking. Nevertheless, the guy, who on the one hand was remonstrating, on the other was obviously beginning to sport an amazing hard-on inside his trousers. Drew continued to fuck Mark mercilessly and strangely the by-passers remonstrations merely encouraged him to continue on his mission to seed Mark's arse. He could feel the pent-up feeling of his spunk and released it in greats spasms deep inside. As he pulled out another squirt of jizz squirted from his cock. The sight of which so turned-on the passer-by that he got out his own cock and started to wank himself off. Drew then took the initiative: he bent over and took the guy's cock into his mouth. As he bent over, Mark now had full access to Drew's arsehole. Drew felt Mark rubbing his cock up and down his crack as Drew ravenously slurped on this new guy's dick. Drew had to be careful though not to bite his cock to hard when suddenly he felt Mark push his cock inside him violently. Drew was now enjoying a spit roast. As he sucked the guy off, Drew started to finger the man's anus. He responded with groaning. He could hear the guy's breathing as he was sucking, getting heavier and heavier and then the taste of warm salty liquid as he shot his load inside Drew's mouth. At the same time Mark's timing was impeccable as he shot his pent-up load deep inside Drew and felt his cum dribbling down his balls. The passer-by proceeded to pull up his trousers. “Hang on a minute” Drew stated, “We've not finished with you”. My friend's cock needs cleaning off, his cum's still dribbling out!” The guy complied and started sucking Mark's dick. As before this bending over to suck the dick gave access to this man's hole. Drew started wanking himself back to full manhood. When he was ready he started fingering his hole as he noshed on Mark's penis. Drew worked several fingers in, in order to accommodate the large dick that was about to penetrate his hole. Then when fully prepared Drew pushed hard and past his sphincter, his erect cock inside the man's bare hole. “I don't do bareback” the guy mumbled between slurps. “You do now” Drew emphatically replied as he thrust in and out of his primed hole getting in to a good rhythm. As Drew fucked harder and harder, so the guy sucked harder and harder. Mark gave out a great cry as he shot his load first into the mouth and then, as the man spat it out, over the guy's face. This so turned Drew on that he pumped his second load of the day into the now barebacked and bred visitor. But as he released his sperm inside, he was also releasing loads of hiv inside too. For unbeknownst to Drew, the symptoms that he thought were of covid a couple of months before were in fact fuck flu'. His viral load was now quite high and he'd unwittingly seeded two guys with his poz cum.
  21. Wow! Sounds my kind of place! Where did it use to be and why did it shut down?
  22. Dying to shoot my load inside a willing arse and feel cum dribbling out of my hole!

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