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  1. Yeah he stopped writing once he started getting into pnp sadly
  2. Unfortunately this is all fiction because I have never been able to find anything like this here despite always looking. Maybe some day
  3. Been meaning to write this story a long time ago. Hope y'all enjoy it, I might continue it ~~~~~~ With the recent rains the night air was cool and refreshing as I walked along the wet sand path in the middle of the night in the dark desert. With only the nearly full moon above with the occasional obscuring cloud and the little blacklight flashlight for spotting scorpions to give me light it might be unnerving to other people but I loved the desert at night. Especially now with the rains the night seemed truly alive with animal and insect noises abundant. Thankfully the wildlife kept
  4. my chubby ass needs fat cocks to fuck it, it's been too long since I've taken any
  5. curious about this too now that craigslist got shut down
  6. the story that started my interest in poz erotica and bugchasing in general Still one of my favorites for sure
  7. Any other Bottoms out there? doesn't have to be just in Phoenix, post here to let people know if youre an available and horny bottom looking for loads
  8. Giving his needy asshole a few long strokes of my cock that made the chubby man moan out like the whore he was. Pushing myself up onto my knees and straightening by back I pulled his large rump higher into the air so my condom wrapped cock remained in his hairless hole. He just moaned into the pillow and gripped at the sheets as I slowly rotated my hips, stirring his bowels. Looking down at where his asshole stretched around my cock my enjoyment was lessened by the condom keeping me from going bareback in this chubby fag. Hand still gripping him by the hip I started to slowly draw out to
  9. looking forward to more
  10. The door was unlocked when I pushed it open, just as he had said it would be. I stepped inside, locked the door behind myself, and took a quick glance around: the apartment was small and cheap but clean, and the lighting was dim. "In here," a voice called from a doorway and I followed it to the man's bedroom. There was barely enough light leaking in from the curtained window to see the guy I'd come to fuck. Even in the dim light I could see he was chubby, his ass on display as he lay ass up and face down on the edge of his bed naked except for a blindfold around his eyes. We'd met on
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