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    Next door man type of normal guy, in public I am a real social guy, in private I am a perverted pig! Into mutual breeding and seeding, fistfucking, piss, rimming, felching and more! The sleazier the better!
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    Hot versa or top guys, love breeding Neg asses with my DNA. Also looking for hot rough poz/aids men to impregnate me with more potent virus strains. Into other STD's as well

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  1. ericnl


    This story is already very promising!
  2. Virus and stds.  Hot

  3. ericnl

    A New Strain is Born

    Nothing sexier than seeing some poor cunt convert in front of your eyes. From my personal experience I got super horny when I realized I was having the fuck-flu. I wanted nothing more than more toxic cocks destroying my ass and my future.
  4. ericnl

    A New Strain is Born

    Hottest story in a long time! Keep it cumming, reminds me of some great times!
  5. ericnl

    Game Quest

    I can totally vision this.... God, how i want to fuck up a teen boy again!
  6. Hiya .. thanks for the follow :cool::*

  7. Fuckin' Oink~! Please keep sharing. Pervs like you make visiting BZ fun. Wood love to swap bugz. My VL= 100G. Thanks for following me.

  8. ericnl

    Conversion House

    Very hot story! One of the better I've been reading here lately. Keep up the good work!!
  9. Breed me to your aids slaves

    1. skinbastard


      Hey you stole my picture !

  10. ericnl

    Pozzed: A Love Story

    Awesome new chapter! My cum flew everywhere!
  11. ericnl

    Pozzed: A Love Story

    Wow NYBBGUY58, this story is soooo fucking hot! It made me cum multiple times!
  12. ericnl

    Piggy Independence

    I love where this is going!
  13. ericnl

    Cape Town Southern Subs

    Fucking hot ass! The next time i'm in Cape Town I'd love to load you up good!

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