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  1. great story, hope there is a part 2
  2. hope there is more to come, this is brilliant
  3. Brilliant story, and ideal dream wish it could be for real
  4. one of the best stories out, is great that momentum has been kept up with each chapter, just wish I was one of his athletes
  5. very hot, and perfect way to create poz cumdump
  6. I'm sure you've heard this a million times but you have the hottest poz cock ever

  7. Woof! great story, love it when the boy finally succumbs to his future
  8. Totally erotic fucking wish I had been converted that way, more please
  9. your cock looks like the one plowing me in my avatar, yummy

  10. oh man. id love to take your raw dick up my hairy hole.

  11. morning HOT fucker.... wished you were here to breed my fuckhole

  12. Great story Bearbandit, hope there is more to come
  13. great story, it is always hot when a guy discovers the pleasure of bareback sex, and the thrill of that first poz load
  14. Great Story, keep those chapters coming

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