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  1. ass to mouth

    Love sucking a load out of a freshly fucked hole and cleaning the juices off a cock after it's cum out of a hole
  2. I'm also a raw Dad for sons

  3. Birthday Gifts

    irthday Gifts Cast of Characters Paul: 18 (birthday Boy) b. 1999 Sean: 21 (middle brother) b. 1996 Kyle: 24 (oldest Brother) b. 1993 William: 26 (uncle) b. 1991 Charles: 41 (Dad) b.1976 Josie: 41 (Mom, Lesbian), b. 1976 Sally: 43 (mom’s live in girlfriend) b. 1974 Cody: 18 (Diver, BFF, cuddle buddy) b. 1999 Jose: 18 (Soccer player, Boyfriend) b. 1999 Frank: 59 (Grandfather) b. 1957 Assorted other twinks, daddies, persons 18-71 I can’t say I have a really normal family, as many of my friends can confirm we are unique. Let me introduce myself and my family so you can see just how not normal we are. I’m Paul, born when everyone was parting like it’s 1999, throwing caution to the wind in preparation for the millennium. I’m 6’1” and weigh in somewhere around 145, I have deep blue eyes sandy blond hair and a athletic build. I swim and dive competitively and play soccer in the fall. I have two brothers, Sean who just turned 21, a junior in college studying medicine. He is 6’ and carries a 160 pound frame. He also is athletic and played football in high school. Then there's Kyle. He is 24, 6’2 and 160 pounds, has a hot athletic body. In high school he both played basketball and wrestled. Kyle is a grad student at the local university which both he and Sean attend. Then there is William, my uncle, who is more like a big brother than an uncle. My Dad Charles has always encouraged me to bond with his little bro as our ages were so much closer, so Uncle Will, my brothers and I are a close knit family. Even my Grandpa Frank would come around and wrestle with us boys. Now one thing I haven’t mentioned is the Gay Gene - it runs rampant in my family. Grandpa Frank has had a string of lovers, spare “uncles” for us through the years. William was a late baby that he had conceived with Grandma during a night of rambunctious partying in the 90’s. Dad and mom dated in high school to silence the rumors and both really wanted kids, so during their senior year Dad jerked into a cup and Mom inseminated herself with a kitchen implement. I don’t think they ever actually had sex in all the years they had been married. Each went through life with with one or another partner, weaving themselves into the fabric of our lives. Well today is my birthday. I'm sure what my family has planned - if anything at all, but you only turn 18 once, so I think they have something up their sleeves. Today started out as any other Friday: my middle brother awoke me when his alarm went off at 6:00 AM. I was met in the kitchen by my mom and older brother who happened to be home for a change. I think he was dropping off his laundry for mom to handle. I ate a quick protein rich breakfast then headed out to school to see if I could catch Cody at the pool and swim some laps with him before school officially started. Cody was already in the pool when I arrived and smiling his usual big shit eating grin when he generally saw me. We each did 12 laps then rinsed off and dressed for class. Classes seemed boring, and dragged on, it seemed like the clock was going two clicks forward and three back. School only had a month to go till graduation and I was beginning to look forward to being valedictorian this year. My grades were off the charts, even in my AP classes. Sixth period finally arrived and I headed back to the gym and aquatic complex to do my training in the pool. After an hour or so I noticed my middle brother standing on the side of the pool. He told me he had stopped by to pick me up. Now I knew something was in the works. As I finished my last laps my hunky brother came down to the pool and offered me my towel as I exited the pool. He went so far as to actually wrap it around my shoulders and patting my back dry. I began to harden up in my Speedo trunks, as he walked me back to the locker room. As we opened the locker room door and I walked towards my locker he directed my away from my locker and into the team room. Now, the team room was were the various sports teams would come together before a meet or event and get a pep talk from one or all the coaches. As we entered the room, I was greeted by a lot of my jock friends, a couple of the coaching assistants. All were weating athletic gear denoting their sport. I am a huge sports gear nut, so seeing them all wearing the gear and only a jock straps boned me up. Soon I was tenting my swim trunks as the Lycra was not able to confine my monster snake. They all sang happy birthday to me and then Cody and Jose began rubbing on me, paying close attention to my raging cock. My towel soon disappeared, soon followed by Cody slipping my trunks off my legs, having me lay down on the bench. Jose and I had been going out together for a year but we only kissed and cuddled. We never did anything particularly sexual, beyond groping each other, but today, on my 18th birthday, Jose slipped his cock to my lips, moistening them with his precum. Opening my mouth in invitation, Jose slipped the knob into my moist throat, his eight inches sliding down effortlessly. Some would label me a natural cock sucker. As I deep throated Jose, I felt a warm mouth envelope my rock hard cock, which made it even harder - if that was possible. I guessed Cody was sucking my dick, but as I was busy being skull fucked by Jose, I couldn't take the time to confirm as much. In any event, Jose and (I assume) Cody both worked me over for a while. I sensed the other dozen guys had closed ranks. Several of the guys were stroking themselves, a few were massaging a buddy's cock, and still a couple had progressed to rendering head to a teammate. We were having an orgy in the team room. This was wild. Sean had moved up in the crowd and was standing beside Cody who had stopped sucking my raging boner. I lay there, my cock dripping with precum. Without saying a word, Cody lowered himself on my shaft, impaling himself on my nine and a half inch tool. Holy shit. I was fucking my BFF, as, at the same time, I deep throated my boyfriend. Sean dropped down and was working the area between where my cock was penetrating Cody and my virgin hole. The sensation was incredible. As his saliva dripped onto my ass pucker he began fingering it into my hole, sliding his finger in and out, touching a spot that drove me into orbit. Then he withdrew his fingers from my ass, and slid two fingers into Cody's ass, alongside my cock. Naturally Cody groaned in pleasure. Jose pulled his cock from my throat and made me worship the head and top of the shaft while Sean pushed Cody into position so he was laying on my torso. Cody and I began to make out and as we aso tried to service Jose’s rigid shaft. Sean, however, decided then to align his cock with mine, pushing against Cody's puckered rosebud, sliding back and forth until the head stretched out Cody’s hole and popped in. Suddenly Cody was tight again: not only was I was sloshing around in Cody's boy cunt, my brother’s cock was riding next to mine as both of us pumped his tool in and out of the Cody's ass, pistoning in sync and alternate strokes. At that moment Sean leaned down and whispered in Cody’s ear just loud enough for me to hear “Ready for a second dose of my toxic seed boy? It felt great lubing you up earlier with my poisoned cum so you could ride my little brother's hard cock. Now, take my poz cum, you little diver whore.” Sean began pumping seed into Cody’s stretched and sloppy ass. I could feel his cock pulse against mine with each spurt. This pushed me over the edge and I also blew my load into Cody, so he took both of our loads, which filled his ass, each of us blowing until neither could spurt any more cum. Jose, sensing our climax, began shoot his load between our mouths, covering our faces with his spunk. Several other guys also stepped forward, each spraying his load across our bodies. Sean leaned down and licked the cum from Cody’s back and ass. As we pulled out a couple of the guys leaned in and licked the cum from Cody’s gaping hole. One or two even mounted him as he lay against my chest, each pumping his seed into Cody's hot cummy orifice.
  4. Wish dad could poz my boy hole

  5. Preview Breeding of College

    Dan: Whew, I was finally 18, technically an adult, finally able to put into place my plan to get away from my abusive mom. Well actually I turned 18 about 3 weeks ago, but with school and track and planning for college today was my first opportunity to really put my plan into effect. Of course my plans included my best friend, Jon who I’ve known since like third grade, he was my salvation during my pre puberty years up until middle school we hung out together usually to escape the chaos at my house, my parents fighting, my abusive dad abusing my mom, and me and then my mom taking it out on me like it was my fault Dad beat us up, maybe it was, maybe if I was more of a man, Dad would be nicer, but in reality Dad was jealous of my mother’s attention to me, no matter how much she gave him he wanted more and I diverted that away from him. Enough psychology, but this played on me as well, I was wallowing in very low self-esteem, overcompensating by over achieving in everything I did, school, sports, etc. Mom would compare me to her smart assed little brother who had died of AIDS before I was even born, an over achieving smart engineer who was way smarter than her, as I was as well, she hated I was more intelligent, and did better at everything. Jon and I as I said, have known each other since like third grade, were good friends till the beginning of seventh grade then drifted apart, then found each other sophomore year of high school. We had so much in common including abusive parents, lucky for me, my Dad had been arrested for battery and a few other things and was spending time in prison, keeping him away from my mom and me, but mom still treated me like shit, being resentful of my intelligence and ability to find my way out of awkward situations, I was a straight ‘A’ student and excelled in sports, seemed to have lots of friends and looked to be a well-rounded guy, hiding my real persona a scared little boy dreaming of dark nasty things of evil intensions. Jon was similarly blessed by his abusive father abandoning him and his abusive mother when he was in middle school, his mother then hooking up with a guy younger than her, Manuel and eventually marrying him when Jon was in High school, but his mother was still a raving bitch and we steered clear of her as much as possible. Manuel on the other hand was a real sweetheart and treated us both like the sons he never fathered. This brings us to the events of the last month, a week before my birthday, I was born on April fool’s day in 1999 whereas Jon was a late February baby of the same year, and Jon pulled me aside to tell me he loved me. Now I knew we had a bond together and all with all the shit we shared as we grew up together but now he tells me he has had a thing for me since freshmen year. Fuck, my biggest crush since I can’t remember just told me I had indeed something to live for, you see I was making plans on how to end my life just before my 18th birthday, just to spite my mom. Now all the plans we had made for the last year going into our senior term to go to college and all, the plans I was going to royally fuck up by committing suicide, were now completely back on. I was in heaven, although my dark thoughts had just kicked back in, I still wanted to die just not so fast, I wanted to take Jon with me to heaven or purgatory, I wanted us to get knocked up together and infect as many of our peers as possible. I hadn’t really talked to Jon about this and we never even had real sex yet, but I wanted us to lose our virgin cherries to some hot HIV infected daddy bear, who would knock us up and make us his Poz bitches. I had become a tortured soul over the years, reading stories of dark twisted events, of bug chasing, stealthing and of dying slow torturous deaths. My mind had become warped by all my abuse hiding behind my cheerful exterior, turning inward and reading in secret, articles of taboo sex on sites like nifty. Jon knew of some of my dark taboo desires and shared some of them, so when I suggested we start bug chasing together his twisted mind, being in love with me was hot on the idea., We were planning a college tour of about 10 colleges we had already been accepted at, we just needed to decide which invitation we would accept Jon was also a Straight ‘A’ student and we would be sharing the stage at graduation as valedictorians, but we ran into a snag, in order to book a motel/hotel room we needed to be 18 with a valid credit card with available credit, neither of us possessed a credit card yet, that’s when Jon suggested we speak with Manuel to see if he could be our escort/parent at the tours, he agreed as things with Jon’s mom weren’t exactly amicable, and he could stand a break from the constant bitching and nagging she was inclined to dish out. That brings us to the present, We had both gotten out of Friday classes and after he got off work and we packed the car, Manuel drove us the two hours to the first stop of our spring break tour where there were two of the universities in adjoining cities, one a state college the other a major university. Jon and I were curious as to Manuel’s proclivities as after Jon’s announcement a month ago, we began to notice him paying us attention and at times having to hide his arousal, we were both sure he was at least bi and hot for his hot stepson. We put our plans to work as soon as Manuel checked us into the sleazy motel room we were able to book at short notice and was really cheap, I think it also rented by the hour, for those in need of a place for a hook up. After the motel door closed we both set upon Manuel and began kissing and caressing him, with little protest “Yeah dad I’ve noticed the way you have been looking at us these last few weeks” Kiss, kiss, tongues intertwining, nipples being pinched, we attacked him giving him a huge boner the kicked back onto the bed and cuddled while he was mad to go to the other double and suffer with his erection, we had teased him good. I then pulled out my phone, it was already late on a Thursday evening, and brought up CL then entered an ad YNG Newbie in need of mature guidance Just turned 18 virgin cub ISO Daddy bear, show me the ropes, never been with anyone outside of boyfriend and we just kiss and fondle, Will be in town today and tomorrow touring collage universities, HMU if you’re Mature, kinky, Down for fun with a virgin and can meet me at my motel room early or late before and after our tours. + is a +, interested in exploring my wild side Got a few responses but they turned out to be flakes then around 4 got a response from a daddy bear that seemed legit, I messaged him back that I was here for a campus tour that started at 10:30 so our time was limited, he indicated he could be here around 8-8:30 and we could go from there, I gave him the motel name and the room number he messaged back he knew of the place with a snicker and told me to be ready for a wild ride. I showed the messages to Jon, Manuel was still sleeping, and after all it was barely 5 in the morning. Jon and I decided if this was going to happen we should be showered, cleaned out and looking sexy when Samuel was to arrive. We woke Manuel up around 7 and told him of our kinky plans to hook up with this daddy bear and asked if he could answer the door when he arrived, and either send him on his way or drag him in for the fun to begin. Manuel was still wrestling with his feelings after we had attacked him the night before teasing him into a raging hard on then abandoning him to sleep by himself. He made up the bed to make it look like it wasn’t used then headed off to the shower, we suspected he was cleaning himself out as well as he took a long time. He emerged from the bathroom just before 8:30 and slipped on a pair of shorts and a wife beater, it was then we heard the light knock on the door, Manuel opened it to reveal a 50ish bear who was quite attractive sporting a nice bulge, grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and dragged him in. I jumped up to greet him after the door was closed and the curtains drawn, introduced myself, Jon and Manuel, then pleaded for him not to be mad that I had lured him into this group scene. He had little time to protest as Manuel began nibbling on his neck and I planted a deep wet kiss on him, we had him hooked, we undressed him and got him and Manuel on the bed, both of their cocks dangling between them, as Jon and I began fondling, sucking and licking their massive tools, Manuel was bigger, but Sam was thicker. We sucked until they broke their kiss to pull us up before they blew their loads down our gullets. Sam and Manuel pulled down and off our baggy basketball shorts exposing our naked bottom, Sam pulled me up onto him as he laid back on the bed and we began making out, he tasted so good, like a man should, he hadn’t showered and still had the funk of sleep about him and though he was a bite ripe, his pits smelled like cum and man sweat like you’d have after a light workout. Jon and Manuel had been kissing and snuggling but had stopped then I felt Jon behind me rimming my hole, getting it wet, inserting his fingers in my ass working to loosen me up, I was impatient and rose up and placed Sam’s cock on my opening and in one plunge impaled myself on his ridged tool. Oh the pain of not being properly prepared, I had been playing with my ass for the last couple of weeks trying to stretch my opening, inserting various object, even working myself up to the handle on my aluminum baseball bat, and the first 8 inches or so but even with Jon’s fingering I had not foreseen how Sam’s thick cock would stretch me I tried to pull off but Sam kept me impaled until I relaxed some then he let me rise about 2 inches before forcing my hips down impaling me once more, rise and repeat, until he was allowing me to almost pull off his 8 inches of thick man cock then plunge back down the length, I could feel my sphincter loosening as the pain slowly subsided, Sam’s precum making my hole wet and sloppy, I was soon riding that monster, pounding it back in myself over and over. Then Sam pulled me off and flipped me over, Manuel had noticed the bag of toys that Sam had brought and had set the item on the bed and night stand, Sam picked up the medium dildo and lube and began working it into my hole as Manuel was working a smaller one into Jon. I was dripping precum all over my abs and chest, every time Sam punched the dildo in hard I’d spurt some on my chest. Sam was punch fucking me regularly and then he pulled it out completely, sometime during the attack on my hole he had slipped some mesh over the length of the tool and when he pulled it out left it buried inside me then Sam did what I’d been waiting for since we left home he slid his cock into my waiting metal mesh lined boi cunt scraping his tender glands on the inside of the mesh and began fucking me in earnest, pounding into me, slamming his cock at all different angles, hitting spots I never knew existed, scraping my prostate on every plunge, then he started asking where I wanted his tainted toxic load “in me, Give me your AIDS” I screamed and he plunged once more hard, pushing his cock and sheath as far into my gut as he could and exploded. He held himself inside me for at least two minutes the slowly extracted his cock and mesh condom, pulling the condom off he slid it on to the dildo again and slid it into Jon’s loosened rear door. Jon screamed in agony as the mesh scraped his tender opening, even though it was well lubed with Sam’s cum and our blood, it began the wrecking process. I swung around the best I could and began licking the spunk and ass juice off of Sam’s battered cock, which had not gone down due to a little blue pill that Manuel had given him before we started fucking in earnest. Jon was slurping up the juices which were running out my ass as he tenderly rimmed my wrecked opening, Sam got behind Jon and once again removed the dildo and slid his cock into the sheath and began fucking Jon, he didn’t last long with all the stimulation that the mesh was giving his already expended cock, Manuel got behind me and began fucking my puffy and bloodied hole feeling all the liquid which was flowing around his cockhead he soon blew his load into me to join Sam’s. Sam and Manuel both finishing almost at the same time they roll dove on the bed and began making out pulling us boys on top of them, I shimmied down and rimmed Jon as Jon joined into a three way kiss with the two daddies. I climbed back up after cleaning the spooge from Jon’s battered hole and joined in as well. It felt great having just had sex with such a hot bear, subduing my best friend/boyfriend’s step dad not to mention taking two loads in my boi cunt. It was now almost 10, we had been fucking for an hour and a half and we needed to get going to the campus tour, Jon and I hopped up and ran for the shower, but not after Sam slid a plug into each of our bums, it hurt as it went in but once it was in place it was just uncomfortable. We showered rinsing the spunk from our bodies and the blood from our now tender bums. Manuel and Sam cleaned up in the motel room and Sam left before we emerged from the bath. Jon and I were both smiling as Manuel pulled into the school’s parking lot, we grimaced a bit walking the tour as the butt plugs shifted as we walked hitting tender spots in our damaged intestines, the guide was very cute and we both guessed very gay, although he tried to play himself off as straight, we kept flirting with him and by the end of the tour he was flirting back. As we climbed back into the car Jon grinned and palmed to me a piece of paper with the guides name and number on it, with the note ‘if you decide to come here let me know I’ll show you around other sites to have a good time’, we both chuckled knowing by the time we got back we’d have a gift to share with our guide. Manuel drove us back to what we thought was going to be the motel only he took a few turns and soon we were at a house. He parked the car and we approached the front door, just before he knocked the door swung open and Sam emerged, ushering us into his house. He gave us a tour and then led us to his garage through the back door in the kitchen. Inside he had on one side was space for the car on the other a small area was walled off and contained a sling and a padded bench, with a St. Andrews cross standing in wait. Manuel began stripping as did we, Sam then led Manuel to the Sling, Jon to the Cross and me to the padded bench, I climbed on as Sam secured Jon on the cross and Manuel in the sling. He then proceeded to place a blindfold on each of us.
  6. Preview Breeding of College

    Planning on at least 4 Parts, delving into the back story on each character and progressing the story line from each view point
  7. Samuel: I’m a 50+ year old bear, been positive for more than 25 years, with not quite the perceived look, but with the alternate look of someone who has been on the various drug regimens throughout the AIDS epidemic, not really wasted but skinny in my extremities, but with the uneven fat redistribution caused by drugs like AZT and crixivan, so slightly bloated belly look with little fat in face and ass. Was diagnosed less than a year after I met my current husband, most likely from my fucking around in restroom stalls and frequenting backrooms and bathhouses, and never getting tested until the early 90’s after one of my husband’s previous fuckbuddies was diagnosed with KS and AIDS. Well for the best part of time since my diagnosis I have been undetectable, and had no problem sticking to the three times a day, two times a day, 8-15 pills a day regimen, but when my doc got me on a single pill a day cocktail, damn if I can remember to take that horse pill, so much so that after glancing at the calendar it’s been a month since I last took one, bad bear. I have not suffered any major illnesses in the last 25+ years although there has been a couple close calls with opportunistic infections, mostly dermatological or gastronomical, but no major illnesses. But last time I tested I was no longer undetectable, 150 to 500 copies, and that was from just missing a couple doses, and know I been drug free for over a month, my viral load must be sky high. I had been having a rough night with my blood glucose being high I was having a hard time finding rem sleep, I tossed and turned throughout the night, my thoughts going to sex more often than not, it had been a little over two weeks since my last real ejaculation, I was downright horny. I finally got up early around 3am and started flipping through the apps on my phone, BBRT, A4A, CL to name a few, when I came upon a ad on CL: YNG Newbie in need of mature guidance Just turned 18 virgin cub ISO Daddy bear, show me the ropes, never been with anyone outside of boyfriend and we just kiss and fondle, Will be in town today and tomorrow touring collage universities, HMU if you’re Mature, kinky, Down for fun with a virgin and can meet me at my motel room early or late before and after our tours. + is a +, interested in exploring my wild side I started to bone up as my mind saw an opportunity for release, I emailed the poster and really didn’t expect much of a response, but about ten minutes later my phone pinged and I had a reply. Very nervous, never hooked up before, can we do this this morning around 8, staying at the RR inn off of **** room 210 Timing was perfect, dropped off my hubby at his work at 7 and made it back home in time to pick up my bag full of goodies, Dildos, restraints (If he was into that), lube, poppers, and at the last minute I threw in my cruel condom (not sure how kinky he wanted to get) the +is+ had me thinking this virgin was a chaser for some odd reason. I arrived at the motel and went up to the room and quietly knock, not wanting to raise any suspicion from the other guest (although this motel was popular amongst the working boys and girls if you know what I mean). I waited a few moments then the door opened and I was greeted by a mid-thirties Latino guy, who quickly ushered me into the room, my first inclination was to bolt back out the door to my car, but then I saw two boys laying on the bed in tank tops and basketball shorts, the one with strawberry blonde hair bounced off the bed and up to me, hugging me then planting a quick kiss on me “Hi I’m Dan the guy you have been messaging with, this is my best friend Jon and his step dad Manuel, you must be Sam” I sort of just stood there for a couple then replied “Um, I thought it was just us, you failed to mention these other guys when we messaged back and forth” “I’m sorry I just didn’t want to scare you away, I didn’t know if you’d be into a group scene or not, but I took the chance” Dan leaned in again and this time kissed me deeply our tongues intertwined, his hands caressing my body. Dan stood a little shorter than my 6’0” at around 5’10”, Jon was a bit taller at 6’2” and Manuel was maybe 5’8”, they all had lean bodies, Dan with Blonde hair and Jon with brown, and Manuel with the start of white peppering his jet black locks. They all were quite good looking, Dan and Jon were 18, Dan just turning a couple weeks before and Jon a few months older, Manuel was 32. Dan led me to the bed and slowly undressed me as Jon crawled over to me and began caressing my groin, as Manuel, began kissing me with Dan moving south as he sat me down on the bed, Manuel following me, his mouth never leaving mine as we began a deep make out session. The boys then got in front of us and began licking and tonguing our respective cocks Dan on mine and Jon on his Step dad’s impressive piece, neither boy seemed like they had ever done this before so their technique was not the best. Dan was not the best cocksucker but he was good enough to get me hard as Jon worked over Manuel, his step dad began talking dirty to the boy “Oh son, you have no idea how long I waited these last couple years to finally get you to service me, oh yeah lick those balls, take that cock deep oh yeah work for that daddy juice” Dan, having gotten me rock hard moved up and began kissing my belly then my chest and neck and finally his lips met mine again and he kissed me deep “Daddy make me yours forever, breed my virgin boi pussy with your toxic sperm” He whispered in my ear as he lowered his dry hole to the tip of my cockhead, which was drooling precum onto his sweet hole, he rubbed back and forth a bit then with a hard push dropped his ass over my ridged pole impaling himself in one swift motion, his eyes bugged out from the pain and as he began to lift himself off my cock I held him firm letting my precum seep into his colon, his now clenching sphincter trying to expel the invading rod of fire which he had impaled himself down into the depths of his own hell. I twitched my tool inside him and gradually let him slide up an inch or two before pushing him back down on my toxic staff, each time I lifted him up and allowed him to impale himself again he began to feel less pain and was soon riding my stick on his own. Now I don’t generally get to fuck 18 year olds and it felt great having my hard cock sliding in and out of that sweet boy hole, but I wasn’t ready to dump my load just yet so as I began to feel the urge, I lifted the boy off of my ridged cock and laid him beside me once again caressing his body and kissing his full lips. Seeing Dan with his pert just plowed hole laying there half on top of me, Jon abandoned his make out session with hi step dad to dive between his best friend ass cheeks and for the first time rim Dan’s puffy ass lips, Manuel took the time to head over to the bathroom, but instead of using the facilities he reached into a bag and pulled out a pill blister pack, poured a glass of water then offered me a little blue pill “Here with these two we’ll both probably need these” I gulped down a pill and then went back to being caressed by the two boys, while Manuel dove down and took my cock in his mouth to clean it off. It was a sight, seeing Dan and Jon playing with each other for what they say was their first time doing sexual things to each other, sucking each other and fingering holes, Manuel began kissing me again as the boys played at the foot of the bed, 69ing each other, he periodically broke the kiss to tell me of their situation, how he married Jon’s mother 4 years ago and he thought of himself as Bisexual but was leaning more towards gay as Jon’s presence was leading him more to darker thoughts of Man on Man sex. “So what’s in the bag my amigo?” “Just some toys, and supplies” He was curious so he opened the bag and placed the items on the bed next to the guys, he took the lube and greased his finger then began inserting his finger into his stepson, slowly working his index finger into the second knuckle, I moved around and used some lube and slowly inserted the dildo into Dan, rotating it slightly on the inward stroke then reversing on the outward pull, Dan began moaning as I increased the pressure and speed on which I was working his hole. His boi pussy was opening nicely, so I upped the stakes and grabbed the cruel condom and slid it over the toy, lubed it up then began working his hole again, by the time I had worked it in about ten times it was beginning to come out with a pinkish tinge, I rammed it in once more and pulled the dildo out, leaving the condom in Dan, who was already holding his legs up to his chest leaving his hole exposed for me, I stepped behind him and slid my still rock hard cock into the sheath and began fucking Dan in earnest, Manuel took the bloodied dildo and began working it into Jon’s hole while I fucked His Boyfriend/BFF, as I had not cum in like two weeks the added friction of the cruel condom brought me to verge quite quickly after I got over the initial pain of the metal mesh scratching and tearing the tender glans allowing me to bleed into the wrecked hole “Where you want my cum slut?” “In my ass Daddy” “You want me to shoot my Toxic load inside your wrecked pussy boy” “Yes Daddy cum in me give me your toxic load, Poz me up” With that I began shooting my 2 week old load into Dan as Jon and Manuel looked on, Jon with a dildo being worked into his hole. As I came down from my orgasmic high, my cock was still rock hard and dripping boy spunk from Dan’s sloppy ass, I looked at Manuel and Jon “Who’s next?” Manuel indicated Jon’s puffy lips as I slid over to Jon and slid in without the use of any more lube, just the CC sliding into my new boy, tearing up his ass as I pushed in. Manuel began licking and slurping Dan’s rose bud then slid his large Hispanic cock in and began pumping into the boy, pushing my toxic load deeper within the once virgin slut, relishing in the cum sloshing around his pulsating tool, all that cum was going to make him cum fast adding his negative seed to mine. Hearing Manuel rut in Dan’s gut, triggered my second load of the morning as I blasted Jon’s intestine with my toxic spunk. I pulled out of Jon and laid back on the bed, still rock hard but exhausted I pulled my two boys up to me and cuddled and kissed them both, while Manuel set to cleaning my slimy cock licking every drop of spunk and ass juice and blood off my ridged pillar. He then laid beside Jon and we cuddled and made out for a while. The sounds of men making out and caressing were the only sounds in the room, then Manuel got up and slid the CC onto my cock, lubed up his hole then sat down on my cock, you could see the pain in his eyes as he worked his ass raw up and down on the mesh sheath, he soon had the third load of the morning making its way out my piss slit and deep within his guts, all the while talking dirty on how he wanted my Poz load to infect him and the boys and that no matter which university the boys choose in this area I was going to be their Poz Daddy and he would rent a place for them and me to fuck our brains out whenever the need presented itself.
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  13. I am very well known, but not always very popular, many times I find myself fighting for my life. I however am cleaver and I find places to hide, so I can’t be harmed. My main purpose is to make copies of myself and give those copies the strength and determination to carry on, passing on to my brothers the desire to continue to make more copies. By the way my name is Rep, I am small yet resilient and I love those who host me, even the ones who try to destroy me, because usually by the time they find out I’ve been freeloading or being a squatter it’s too late to really get rid of me. I especially love when my host become aroused, all hot and sweaty, because I’ve made copies of myself in their fluids to share with the object of their arousal. And I can start anew coping myself in the new host, just need that hook to attach too and I’m off to the races, making multiple duplicates who make multiple duplicates till I have overtaken the new host. Yeah there is a period of time where I make the host totally miserable for a spell, but they usually get over it and I can find hiding places to continue my replication, and convert my host, sometimes I communicate my desires to remain alive and goad the host on to find other host for me to sublet within. Early in my infancy back in the late 70’s early 80’s, copied myself unchecked and made my host quite mad with the desire to share me with others, they thought they were just really horny in the decades of free love, and liberation, but it was me who encouraged them to spread me around by controlling their minds, after all I realized that, they were just host and host tended to wither and stop functioning, many times with dark spots covering their once beautiful bodies, I had to keep living so I made sure their parts that passed me on most effectively, maintained a virility that would let me transfer myself to other more healthy host. Then the scientist figured out how to slow my duplicating process, and began feeding mu host drugs that made me sick, made the host sick too and I really had to hide where the drugs couldn’t go so I could keep multiplying, it became even more necessary to make the host want to share me with their friends and fuck mates. As the doctors became more efficient at finding me and causing my destruction I started finding ways to integrate myself and make myself look like the host, I found ways to make myself immune to the drugs and became resistant to their treatments, doctors called me HIV and when I had destroyed enough of my Host they nicknamed me AIDS, I was having a good old time being passed around, now having many brothers and cousins to mix with when my host refused to use what the doctors call protection, it was just a small barrier, but it broke a lot and my host many times where in the moment, and just fucked and shared me with knowing and receptive partners and unknowing pawns in my twisted mind game. I will not be defeated without a fight and like my cousins Syphilis and gonorrhea I will keep going, to fight the battle to live in my host and to replicate myself, no matter how mutated I must be
  14. Fuck, Fuck, damn, shit. Four hours ago I had been on the top of the world. Now as I was sitting in the emergency room of the local hospital, my shoulder and elbow aching, waiting on the doctor to give me the results of the x-ray. ther than some pain I was okay, even if my baby, my cherished silver Camaro, most likely was totaled. Ever see a 19 year old cry? Well, that was me: all 6’3” of jock boy, sniffling, some out of pain, mostly not knowing what the future would bring. In high school I played football my freshmen and sophomore years, wide receiver. I was quick and I had good hands, but all that tackling was taking a toll on my Nordic frame. In my junior year I started playing baseball and was a darn good pitcher, good enough to be a starter most of the year, although we were a rural school most of the away games were close enough to be a bus trip to and from, even if sometimes they got us home very late in the evening. My senior year we were good enough to make it to conference and state tournaments which required us to be housed in cheap motels on the weekends when we were on the road. It was on one of these trips I discovered my love of traveling with the team and spending quality bullshit time with my teammates. Now, I've long known I was attracted to other guys early on but abstained from acting on my feelings, even when I knew three other teammates were either bi or gay, and a few others who were questioning their straightness. However, when I was in a hotel room with several other teenage guys, all of whom were playing macho games such as boasting which cheerleaders would put out, and each guy displaying his cock as wantonly as he could, well, it was obvious to me which players could be coaxed into some man-on-man fun. At the end of my senior year I was offered a scholarship to play ball at the state college. My life was looking good: not only was I a good athlete but I also excelled in academia and would be able to get my degree in engineering while on a full ride. I red-shirted my freshmen season and although I was still classified by the school as a freshman, I began my second season as a relief pitcher. Although I wasn’t a starting pitcher I at least got into a few games. Then a drunken asshole ran a red light, sending my Camaro careening into a spin. Luckily for me, the fucker only clipped the front to the car and didn’t T-bone my car in the middle, which meant I walked away with relatively minor injuries from which I would recover in a few months: there were no broken bones but lots of torn cartilage and tendons in the shoulder and elbow. I would not be pitching the rest of the season. I left the hospital with my friends from the dorms. I was in tears, knowing I’d have to face the coach on Monday. My parents were already set to arrive the next day to survey the damage. I meet my parents at the front door of my dorm the next morning after just a few hours of sleep, most of it induced by the pain meds the doctor had prescribed to control the pain. My mom gently hugged me and my dad clasped me by my good shoulder although it was bruised as well. Lead me to their car and we hit the local pancake place for breakfast, sure beat dorm food any day, we discussed the car and they assured me they were not angry with me, they knew how much I loved my car, I had it since my 16th birthday and took real good care of it. They dropped me off back at my dorm after we went to look over the damage and make sure it was being taken care of by the body shop, also collecting my school work and personal belongings so I wouldn’t lose anything. I kicked back most of the afternoon and evening when coach called and asked to come over to see me. I’ll be honest I was scared, I could lose my scholarship, I could lose my position with the team. I waited anxiously for him to arrive. Now if you could classify my 19 year old, 6’3” less than 10% body fat 165# muscular body as a Nordic god like, with my blue eyes and dirty blonde hair which naturally lightens during summer. You would classify coach who is 35 years old 5’11 and maybe 150 soaking wet all muscles and sinew as a Aztec god as his Spanish and Mexican heritage made him one hot number, one that always made me quiver when he stepped to close in the dugout or on the field, but here he was coming to my dorm room to discuss my future. Coach arrived shortly after 6 and I sat across from him on my roommates bed while he sat at my desk, coach Juan as we all called him, started out all business like discussing my position on the team, physical therapy I’d most likely have to go through and things about my rehabilitation. He expressed his sorrow at things happening this way and would do everything that he could so I wouldn’t lose my scholarship. Juan then got up and crossed the distance between us, using the guise of wanting to see my shoulder he had me remove the baseball shirt I had donned earlier since it was easier to get on and off. He caressed the sore tissues, which were already turning black and blue, then proceeded to work his way down my chest tweaking my nipples a bit, my cock betrayed me as it not only was at full mast but spirting precum making a large wet spot in my basketball shorts, coach took notice and leaned down and began kissing me, he soon was on top of me being careful of my shoulder making me quiver in his arms as he caressed my body and somehow removed my shorts exposing my 9 inch cock tenting my jock the precum totally soaked through the material and making it translucent, I soon had my 9 inches buried down his throat as he hummed onto my tool. He rolled me over and was sucking my cock between my legs pulling it back so it almost touched my virgin hole, he then did what I thought was impossible and was able to place the head near my hole and use the precum flowing from my tube to lubricate my hole. Between him fingering my own precum into my hole and fingering it he soon had me sloppy and almost loosened up his tongue doing marvels on my rosy pucker. Suddenly he stopped and I thought this was over but, he then placed his thick mushroom head on my quivering hole and pushed in with dominance, the head popped in and I felt a sharp pain that quickly went away and left me with a full feeling at my entrance he then started to work his cock in slowly giving me more and more, complimenting me on being a born bottom. I asked about condoms and he told me it was too later now his raw cock was already dripping his precum in my hole, but if I really wanted to be fucked with a condom he would pull out and put one on. He slid his cock out and I handed him a rubber and he rolled it down his shaft the pushed back into my hole, it burned and irritated the opening and made me wince in agony, I told him to pull out and fuck me raw, he quickly obliged and slid his bare cock into my now irritated hole, his precum re-lubricating the walls and making the sting go away, I was soon riding his large schlong like a pro and he asked where I wanted his cum, I replied breed me coach. He sped up his assault on my hole then pushed in and held and I could feel his cock pulsing as he unloaded his seed into my intestine. I felt so fulfilled yet naughty for letting coach cum in me. Coach cuddled me and kept his cock buried in my hole until we fell asleep together. Lucky for me my roommate Chris had gone home for the weekend, as I awoke in the middle of the night to coach breeding me again, and although Chris and I Had had make out sessions we never went all the way beyond a blow or hand job. I now had two maybe three of Juan’s loads in my gut and I was feeling excited. Coach was turning me into just another cum craving cock hungry boy. I awoke the next morning to coach sucking on my slong, I was rock hard and oozing precum again then Juan did what I least expected he slid down my pole and started fucking himself on my fuck tube, I didn’t last long as his ass milked my cock I blasted a load into his rectum. He then positioned his hole over my face and pushed out my cream forcing me to eat my own spooge from his ass, I felt disgusted and excited at the same time. Coach was turning me into his own sex pig. Soon after we showered and coach presented me with an application for team manager, I would be responsible for the teams equipment and uniforms, including their jocks and cups, it was a dirty job but it would keep me on the team while I rehabilitated and I got to sniff al the jocks and cups before cleaning them as well as the sweaty uniforms, I was in pig heaven and I would have to travel with the team. To make sure everything was taken care of.
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