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  1. ☣ Fuckin' Oink~! Pervs like you make visiting BZ Hot. Please keep sharing your pix & adventures with us. Wood love to swap cumholez with you. Wish we are closer. xox

  2. Rawdad4sons

    Willing Pups

    It was six or seven months ago, I had been working on a very complex program for a phone app and hadn’t had sexual release in about three weeks, I was horny, so I posted a CL ad: Horny Poz daddy bear in need of playmates, 45 SWM Horny bear seeking neg and Poz friendly cubs and sons for play in my playroom, can get kinky if you so desire, 18-40 need apply for the adventure of your lifetime It was short and sweet, and I hoped it would get me some cub or otter who was as horny as I was. I received the usual replies of the look loo’s and a couple other that appeared to be genuine, but one caught my attention Quietboy4Dad @ sexmail . org Hi not quite 18 yet but interested in a hot sexy daddy bear to show me the ropes, I’m sure you’re looking for now but please be patient and let me know if I can be your boy in the long run. Fatherless young man in need of additional male figures, especially queer ones to mold me into the sub I know I can be I wasn’t sure if it was a joke or not so I replied back telling him I didn’t deal with minors, but was willing to wait for him if he was serious. I was nervous it was a police sting operation but also intrigued if it was not. I then turned to another reply to my add and answered asking for pics and availability, it didn’t look like I was going to get any hits, that would be panning out that night so I decided to take a ride on my motorbike to clear my head and maybe I’d get lucky at one of my normal cruising spots. Now I may have moved to the suburbs but I was still within a hour and half, two hours away from the city and my favorite Bathhouse, but I wasn’t in the mood to go that distance, my town had a couple gay bars that were cruisy and a truck stop out on the highway were I had occasionally hooked up with a trucker or traveler while partaking of the acceptable grub, but I wasn’t in the mood for the club scene or taking my chances of actually finding a horny traveler or trucker who might want to take my seed or give me theirs. I rode around for about thirty minutes before deciding to head home, the vibrations frime my bike just making my hard on throb more, I headed home, looking down I noticed I was getting low on fuel so I decide to make a pit stop at that station about three quarters of a mile from my house, I knew they had good prices, but closed early, so I had a short time to get there, but I knew the night clerk/manager was cute and he always seemed to flirt with me. I checked my phone and one of the contacts had replied back that he had to work till 10, but would available for me after that, the current time was 9:20, just enough time to make it to the station before it closed, maybe chat up the clerk a little before heading home and preparing the playroom for a guest. I pulled into the station as the clerk was locking up the pumps, he smiled at me and I topped off the tank, he greeted me as he padlocked my pump, told me to roll my bike over around the corner away from the view of the street and invited me inside to chat while he closed up the station. I put my bike behind the restrooms and joined him inside where he offered me a polish dog, stating they’d just get tossed anyway, but he had just made them up about 20 minutes ago so it was still fresh. He locked the door behind me and hit the switch for the outside lights, I dolled up my sausage and came over as he was finishing up the till, he had a polish sitting next to him as well, but as I began to eat mine he picked his up and pulling it from the bun proceeded to deep throat the sausage several times “Give you any ideas ‘Daddy bear” I looked at him and he grinned my engorge cock was still tenting my jeans, as he continued to make lewd gestures at me “I recognized you from your tattoos Daddy, that scorpion and bio tattoo aren’t that common out here in the stick” I had included a torso pic in my add which clearly showed off my tattoo’s, and I know knew he had seen me shirtless somewhere, I had a puzzled look on my face “We go to the same gym, daddy and I have lusted after you ever since I saw you in the showers a few months ago” I began piecing it together, I had seen him at my gym hanging with the gym bunnies and a few of the girls, I had no idea he swung my way “I’m off in a few like I told you in my email and then I’m all yours daddy” I couldn’t believe my dumb luck, as he finished turning off the lights, he locked the door and we walked out to my cycle, he climbed on the back and strapped on a helmet, I climbed on the front and brought the beast to life, he wrapped his arms around me and buried his head in my back as we sped off towards my playroom. I pulled up alongside the house and rolled the bike into the garage, then escorted my guest down the back stairs into the basement. We were barely in the door when the boy’s mouth was on mine, as we broke our first kiss he spoke again “By the way my names Kyle and I’m 23 years old in case you were wondering if I was of age” he did look much younger, but it was evident working at the station and going to the gym had his body in peak shape, maybe him looking younger made me discount hooking up with him prior but he was in my den now and he was going to get what he craved, maybe more, he began undressing me and I unbuttoned his shirt then lifted his sweaty tee shirt over his head momentarily trapping his arms and hands above his head, I leaned into him and licked my way into his pits tasting the sweat of a man’s labor, his testosterone permeating his skin he smelled of clean sweat and grim, he tasted salty as I held his trapped hands above his head and dove into a nipple, nibbling the left while pinching the right with my free hand, the boy was oozing sex and he was ready, I tossed his shirts over to the side as I undid his jeans freeing his manhood and realizing the kid had gone commando “Hot boy you always forget your undies when you go to work?” “Naw took them off about an hour ago knowing I was coming over here” He wasn’t hung but he had ample equipment to please a man if it came to topping him, I spun him around after removing his pants and bent him over the couch in the man cave area of my basement spit on my cock and shoved it in all in one swift motion, this boy was getting bred with my toxic three week load, and with all the edging that the vibration from the bike and the teasing he had done earlier I was not going to last long. I pumped into his ass for about five minutes and let out an animalistic growl as I flooded his rectum with my unmedicated death seed, I had been off meds for close to a year, Kyle had been screaming in pain but as my seed flowed into his anal chamber and lubed up his walls he began to moan in the throes of pleasure, I just kept on pummeling his ass as my tool was not softening anytime soon, after the third orgasm an hour later I finally pulled out, streaks of blood dotting the pinkish foam that seeped out of his hole. I spun him around being careful not to get cum on the furniture and kissed him hard and passionately “Now that is how a man fucks his boy” Kyle exclaimed I just grinned, he was drenched in sweat and his cock was drooling precum, I smiled at him and lead him up the stairs to the second floor where I turned on the shower and lead us both into the spray of water, rinsing the evidence of our deed away, I continued to make love with him as he slowly came down off his orgasmic high, I turned and guided his cock into my hole, he instinctively began gyrating his hips to fuck my ass, much gentler than I fucked him, he soon moaned and tensed up as he shot his negative load in my hole. I took him to bed and cuddled him, sliding my cock into his battered hole twice more during the night and giving him all my loads till my balls ran dry, I dropped him off at the station on my way out the next morning to do some shopping
  3. Rawdad4sons

    Willing Pups

    I’ve been called a smart cookie, entrepreneur, successful, and a few choice words along the way to my 45 years of age. I just chalk it up to good genes and some good luck, along with making the most of my opportunities, yes I am extremely bright and did well in school, obtaining a scholarship to a prestigious west coast university, having a good athletic body didn’t hurt either, although many of my high school classmates considered me a nerd or dork, I did fairly well in the personal relationship department. I entered college into my 18th year and studied computer engineering and programing along with my basic curriculum as well as took business classes, I figured if I was to write programs for business, I should know how it worked. While my scholarship paid for my tuition, books, room and board, it didn’t cover my other needs hence I was allowed to have a part time job to supplement my living expenses. I freelance wrote programs for friends and acquaintances, I soon developed a reputation for creating good and useful applications, I was riding on the crest of the technical revolution of the 90’s. I also discovered the bath house a short distance from campus which I began frequenting in my spare time, I was becoming a regular amongst the mixture of the college crowd and the older more established patrons. I was 18 and good looking with an acceptable athletic build, very much what is considered an otter, oh and I had a appetite for sex. After a couple months of attending I noticed a sign looking for workers to work the front desk and do the cleaning of the facilities, I figured that would be a nice way to make an extra buck or two so I applied and was almost immediately hired, my handsome looks and my good attitude got me the job. They started me three afternoons a week cleaning rooms and picking up litter and trash throughput the club. I really didn’t mind doing the cleaning as even then I was a bit kinky and was well on the road to being a cum junkie. It being the earlier 90’s we were forced to be the condom Nazis making sure everything was wrapped up in the public areas, we refilled the condom holders several times a day, and given the number of used ones I was picking up I’m guessing they were being used, although I always snickered a bit when I’d come across a broken one knowing someone most likely took a load. On my days off, mostly weekends I would become a patron and I knew what my preferences were. One evening I had been cruising when a muscle daddy with a good sized cock began hitting on me, I enjoyed the attention especially when he suggested we enter the dark platform area, this was a area of the club which had a raised platform in the center with several cubicles with curtains around the perimeter, the platform had a chain or cable railing around three sides with sturdy post holding it up. Most guys would stand on the platform and allow others standing below to suck them off. This daddy backed me up to the rail as we made out and some twink guy spread my cheeks and dived in eating my hole, pushing his tongue in loosening me up, after about 5 to 10 minutes of this he spun me around and the twink began blowing my 9.5 inch cut cock while he worked his fingers then his wrapped cock into my hole. I was holding onto the railing not sure what was to happen next, I was in no way a virgin but this one of the larger cock I had ever had in my hole. To get more leverage he lifted my left leg to the middle chain, opening up his access to my boycunt, he soon lifter my right leg to the chain as well, I was holding onto the top rail and bounced on his cock, the twink giving up any hope of sucking my load out began jerking my cock instead. I rode the daddy for about 10 minutes and noticed several of the curtains had parted and the occupants were jerking their cocks to the sight of my hole being pounded on the ropes, daddy leaned in and whispered just load enough for everyone watching to hear “oops the condom just broke” I began to bounce harder knowing his raw cock had invaded my bowel “just keep fucking me” I moaned back at him, several of the voyeurs began orgasming realizing I was going to take daddies load. Daddy pushed in harder pushing me up into the rail as his cock began to spasm, my as clenched down as my own orgasm sprayed over my fellow twinks face, he buried my cock in his throat as Daddy made a show of it and spewed the last spurts on my back and ass. The twink came up on the platform and daddy licked the cream from his face and began making out with the boy, before guiding his cock to my hole, giving me my second ride of the night. I knew it was risky to take this boy raw, but I was dammed if I was going to wait for him to suit up. He didn’t last long which was good as shortly after he blasted his load into my hole, an attendant came in to clean the room, I friend of mine but still he was at work and our orders were to keep it safe. I worked the baths for three years while I obtained my undergraduate degree, I was beginning to make a good living freelancing software development and application programs, but was offered a internship at a company that was making inroads in the technology world so I took them up, following my own business plan of making sure my freelance work didn’t impede on what I was developing for the corporation. I was offered a position with the company when my internship was over, pulling in a good salary, complete with bonuses. I continued going to the bath house throughout my obtaining a graduate degree, my friends who worked there knowing my fondness of cum would save up the full condoms and give them to me, a throwback to when I used to work there and collect the used specimens myself. I liked empting them into a jar then using the cream for lube or making cum ice cubes with the mysterious liquid, I was a cum junkie, occasionally inserting the cubes in my rectum then working the defrosting cum into my hole with a dildo. I worked for the corporation for several years until they got greedy and decided they owned everything I developed, claiming intellectual license on my software creations, they sued me for breach of contract for developing software for other individuals, I counter sued and won, I worked for them, they didn’t own me or my intellectual creations. I was beginning to tire of the fast life and corporate stresses anyway. That and shortly after my 19th birthday while I was still at college the health center called me in to let me know I had tested positive for HIV, it really hadn’t come as a shock given how big of a cumdump I had become and how I would get fucked bare behind closed door at the bath house on a regular basis, I never let it slow my sexual desire down I just kept taking and giving loads. I went through the early meds and the later cocktails bringing my viral load down and my t cell count up, in the early 2000’s I moved to the suburbs and began leading what some would describe as a quieter life, then 2 years ago after my settlement with the corporation I found my current home, a quaint estate farm house surrounded on three sides by farmland, several 100 acres that I now own. On the forth side is a quiet development, part of the original acreage of the estate which had been sold off to a developer around 2002. My new neighbor was a single mom with two teenage sons 15 and 16. Cheryl the mom told me the boys were just 11 months apart, as I got settled in and renovated the farmhouse to my liking Cheryl, Tyler and Jackson were of great help. Over the past two years I’ve become good friends with Cheryl, and have become a male role model for Tyler and Jackson her sons, Tyler turned 18 earlier in the middle of the week and Cheryl and Jackson were over at the farmhouse, getting assistance on putting the final touches on his birthday party for tomorrow evening, when Cheryl realize she had forgotten some of her notes. I offered to run over and get them for her, she handed me her keys and I rushed across the backyards and onto her back patio, unlocked the back door letting myself in then hurried up the stairs to her study, passing Tyler’s room as I went, hearing noise coming from the room I peeked in to notice in the dressing mirror the reflection of Tyler, shirtless and his shorts around one ankle, lying on the bed one hand wrapped around his cock the other fingering his hole, his tablet propped up playing what looked and sounded like bareback porn. I passed by quietly and went back down stairs, opened and closed the back door loudly and hurried back into the living room, shuffling Cheryl’s notes on the coffee table as if that was where I found them, Tyler joined me thinking I had just walked in, and not had caught him masturbating upstairs. “Hey Tyler your Mom and Jackson are over my place, putting the finishing touches on your party tomorrow, we just finished dinner but there’s still some left over, come join us” Tyler now dressed in a clean white tee shirt and loose fitting basketball shorts, although it did little to hide his deflating hard on, acted like nothing had been going on, and followed me across the backyards and back to my farmhouse. He greeted his mom and brother and began chowing down on the leftover meatloaf and potatoes, indicating he had just got home and was changing out of his work uniform when he heard me come in to get the notes for his mom. We finished up the preparation and I sent the three back home, knowing I’d be seeing Tyler again soon
  4. Rawdad4sons

    A Toxic future

    Andrew was in tears, as I held him in my arms the car making its way to my house, by the time we arrived Andrew was softly sobbing, my caresses gently soothing his troubled mind. He told me his story of how his parents had thrown him out because he told them he was a queer and although he still had a couple months left of school he had no place to really stay. He also indicated he had a little brother just over a year younger who he was sure was gay as well and asked if I could look him up and help him out, at least provide a safe haven when our parents realized they had raised two faggots. The boy was extremely self-loathing and it in a way was cute and endearing. As the vehicle pulled into the garage I ushered Andrew into the house via the mud room, stripping him of his clothes and having him put on a tunic type piece of clothing. He told me when his parents would be out but his brother would be home so I arraigned to have him taken home to get his belongings and reunite with his brother. Upon his return, I once again striped him naked and began caressing his smooth skin making little bites on his neck and making out with him, our tongues delving deeply into the others mouth, I let my hands roam over his supple body paying close attention to his cock and balls and just teasing is hole. After about 15 minutes of torturing the boy I looked into his eyes and asked you ready to take more toxic seed, we both knew it would make no difference the damage was done, he would become ill within a few weeks, where upon his immune system would totally fail and he will be susceptible to just about any bacteria or virus which may be present, his own body might be the cause of his demise. Andrew melted under me like butter on toast, giving himself to me allowing me to enter his body with my deathstick and impose sentence on his being. I pounded his ass, making sure he realized that he would soon be carrying my deadly babies. I made him beg for my load as I ravished his backside tearing into his rectum with abandoned fury “You want this seed boy?” “Yes sir please give me your seed” “So you want daddy to knock you up, make you pregnant with his deadly babies?” “Yes daddy, Knock me up, kill me with your deadly, toxic babies” The banter went on for a good fifteen minutes, until I blasted a huge load into Andrew’s battered rectum. We had sex and made love three more times that day and night, The next morning I put Andrew in the car and sent him to school, while I made arrangements for him to live with me and to have his brother visit during the little time he had left. Andrew was a good student in his senior year of high school, a bright boy who because of when his birthday fell in the calendar year would be late into his 18th year when he would have graduated, arrangements were also made to inter him when the time came and he was ready to kiss the angels. As I have mentioned before my childhood and teen years were far from perfect so when I got this second chance at life I went balls to the walls and in just 8 short years have made something for myself and of myself, I have become a respectable citizen and a wealthy man, in spite for my dark secret of knocking up young men and having them join my stable o stallions, I still had to work out the one little glitch of them becoming deathly ill in the process
  5. Rawdad4sons

    All in the Family

    The five of us walked back towards the cabin with grandad, we were greeted on the porch by Mathew one of my cousins, who instructed us that we would be bound and hoodwinked for the ceremony. He then preceded with Grandads assistance to blindfold each of us then bind our hands behind our backs. Matthew then instructed us that we would be led inside by our guides, I could sense the presence of more men surrounding us as hands were place on our shoulders guiding us inside. Although blindfolded I could tell when we entered the cabin by the dimming of the light that filtered through the blindfolds edges, and the slight change in temperature as we entered the room we were guided to what I guessed was the center of the room and once again heard Mathews voice “Welcome my young Plebs, Today marks your acceptance into manhood and into the Clan, today you will be asked to talk a solemn vow to maintain the secrets of the Clan, to join in the brotherhood of Madison’s, are you willing to make that commitment?” “I am” the five of us chanted back “It is Important that you are doing this of you own free will and accord, that no one has coerced you into accepting this membership and that you do this freely and without reservation or purpose of evasion, do you swear that this is of your own free will?” “I do” “Do you Promise to keep and maintain to the Code of conduct as prescribed by the Clan” “I Do” “Do you Promise to keep secret any and all Ritual and only perform such rituals upon those of the clan or of proper age outside the clan, maintaining the purity of such rituals” “I do” “Do you promise that should you perform said rituals outside the clan that the uninitiated will not know that is art of the clan’s ritual?” “I do” “Thus as you have all indicated your allegiance to the Clan you will now be presented for Initiation to consummate your dedication and willingness to be a member of the Brotherhood” We were then taken of one by one and led away from the center, I was placed next to what felt like a leather strap and caused to lay backward till I was now suspended in the air on what I could only describe as a leather mat suspender by leather straps, the squeaking of springs also was heard as each of us was placed in the devises. My legs were raised up and placed in stirrups my wrist bound behind me were freed then my tee shirt was removed and my wrist brought forward and secured to the straps above my head, I could hear rustling beside my head and could smell my sweaty tee hung on the strap above my right wrist, I also smelled a sweaty jock on either side of my head, no doubt stuffed with someone’s hot cock, the one to my right smelled like Bud’s Something cool and moist was applied to my asshole and someone began rubbing and fingering into my boi cunt “Are the Candidates Prepared?” “Yes Plebe Master” “Begin the consummation” I felt a cock head placed at my lubed up opening, then press inwards, whomever it was, was patient as he allowed for my sphincter to adjust and stretch, but soon enough I had the head and portion if the shaft buried in my hole, one of the jocks at my head mover forward and leaned in to place something under my nostril then held the opposite one closed as he whispered “breathe deeply”. I took in a deep breath of whatever chemical had been placed under my nose and my head got fuzzy and then a warm rush came over me my body relaxed and the cock in my hole thrust forward impaling me on one of my elders thick man meat, it felt good to be stuffed and then he began to work his tool in and out, the two jocks moved in closer and freed their weapons which now dangled in my face dripping precum on my mouth and nose I reached out with my tongue and lapped at the drooling penises before me. I turned my head to the right and the jock slid his cock between my lips, I sucked him in till he was into my throat, working my throat muscles on his tool. I don’t know who is fucking me but I can hear the moans around the room from my fellow initiates, indicating that their fuckers are doing the same to their innards and pleasuring them as well, my fucker soon slammed home and began unleashing his cum into my bowel, he pumped a couple more times then pulled out to be replaced by another, he walked around to my left and the jock I was sucking pulled back and I was soon fed the remnants of my initial fucking, the ass juices and cum still fresh on the cock, to be replace by one of the jocks once more Cock after cock entered my boycunt pounded me then shoot its dick snot into my bowels, to be followed by my cleaning it off, the jocks on either side of me keeping my mouth full in-between cleaning, those I suspected that they rotated out the jocks as it seemed like a new cock was presented every other fucking of my ass. Finally a plug was shoved into my gaping opening and the cocks removed from my mouth “The consummation is at a close, may the bond be everlasting, and may the clan live on” It was the voice of my Great Grand dad, I was made to sit then stand, the plug preventing the cum from leaking from my bum, my tee shirt was placed over my head and I was once again in a tee and jock, my pouch soaked with precum, our blindfolds were removed and as our eyes adjusted to the light, we saw our male relatives gathered around us in just cocks, many with their spent cocks hanging out the side. My dad and brothers hugged me as we made it towards the center of the room for me to once again join my fellow initiates, we hugged and kissed as we joined together our immediate families surrounding us and our male brethren slowly tightening up the circle so t was soon a mass of flesh grinding on one another
  6. Rawdad4sons

    Establishing a Breeding Group

    New club in Sacramento might be a place to schedule a party, Sacbuddies @4909 Franklin
  7. Rawdad4sons

    All in the Family

    As dad entered the cab he saw Grandad and me kissing and as Grandad pulled away from the gate dad reached a hand around my neck and pulled me into a kiss as well, his hand dropping to my pec to rub on my nipple his other hand moved to my shorts and soon had them un buttoned and unzipped, his hand reached in and groped my stalk as Grandad moved his hand onto my cock squeezing it and making it harder. Dad helped me raise my hips and slid my shorts down to my ankles freeing up my cock and balls, dad kept making out with me as Grandad continued to stroke my drooling tool occasionally taking his hand off long enough to bring the nectar to his lips The road was a combination of old pavement and gravel which made for a bumpy ride, which I could tell grandad was casually looking in his rear view mirror watching the action in it, I swear he was purposely hitting a few bump to make Cole ride Bud’s cock harder. The road was also bumpy enough that I did not notice as I was making out with Dad that grandad had undid his pants and had slid them down exposing his cock. Dad pulled away from me and took me by the scruff and guided my head towards the elders phallus, it was an awkward position sitting in the middle of the two, being 6’1” my head nuzzled my grandfather’s chest and would have hit the window, even as limber as I was, but dad pulled my hips towards him, so I was partially in his lap, my bare ass sticking up a bit, as he began to fondle my cheeks. I took grandads cock head into my mouth, swirling my tongue around the sensitive glans, his semi hard cock swelling in my mouth, I had completely forgotten about the butt plug when dad began moving it in and out rubbing it on my prostate, my cock was running like a fountain as he massaged my happy spot with the cock shaped device. I had worked about half of grandad’s cock into my mouth wen his hand was placed on the back of my head, occasionally pushing me further down the shaft, he shifted his hips and would thrust up, the jostling of the truck on the road made his cock jump in my mouth, then as I neared the base he hit a bump and my nose was buried in his pubes, his cock in my throat, grandad wasn’t as big as Bud or I but he still had considerable length, and at least two inches had been shoved down my throat, I stated to gag but he pressed harder on my neck and I gasped around his cock then took in a large breath through my nose “Natural born cocksucker you’ve raised the son” He must have been talking to my dad, who was fondling my cock and balls with one hand while working the small plug in and out of my hole with the other, slowly adding fingers alongside the plug stretching my sphincter. I bobbed on grandads cock for a bit more relishing that I could work it in and out of my throat giving both of pleasure then he held my head still his cock planted down my throat and groaned his spunk shot up his piss tube and shot down my throat, or at least the forest two ropes did, he let up pressure on my head as I raised up just enough to have his cock head spurting across my tongue, not as sweet as me but just as tasty, my dad had maneuvered me into a kneeling position on the seat whilst I was blowing grandad and had replaced the plug with his fingers, he moved my ass around and was tonguing my hole while sliding in and out with two fingers, in all the action he had managed to get his pants down around his ankles as well and his tool was dripping large amounts of precum as well. As I pulled off of grandad and leaned up on my elbows I could see Cole had blown a load all over Bud, and my other cousins were trying to lick up the spooge from Bud’s six pack. Dad pulled me into his lap and lowered my spit soaked hole down to his rock hard member the head finding my entrance, and pressing for admission, I sank balls deep in one bump of the road and leaned back into dads chest, the pain was unlike any I could have imagined but the pleasure of being stuffed balanced out the agony, I placed one hand on the seat and the other on the arm rest, beginning to raise and lower myself up and down on my father’s cock, I turned my head and dad kissed me his tongue snaking into my mouth still tasting of my hole. We were getting close, not just to the cabin, but in our breeding, I was leaking like a faucet and dad was moaning loudly his breath coming in short spurts, Grandad reached over and slid a covering onto my engorged member and began jerking me off as dad began thrusting up into my guts, impaling me on the tool that made me. I felt that burning in my loins and burst forth with a huge load into the covering that grandad had placed over my cock, my orgasm causing my ass to milk Dads bone as he began spewing seed deep in my guts. Grandad pulled up to the cabin and parked just as we were coming down from the adrenalin rush of our orgasms. Dad pulled up his pants and shoved the plug back in my hole, although it wasn’t a tight fit anymore and I could feel cum leaking around it. I squeezed my ass muscles together the best I could as I pulled my shorts up, trying not to lose the plug. Grandad exited the truck first holding the container he caught my load in, walked around to the back of the truck and opened the shell and tailgate to allow my brother and cousins to exit, as dad and I walked around to the back Grandad was offering the boys a taste of my nectar, each took the container and took a sip then he offered it to dad, before consuming the rest. My brother, cousins and now my own dad and grandfather had tasted my semen, was this part of the ritual, taking in the seed of the yet uninitiated, I was boning up again as the butt plug was rubbing my happy spot as I walked, but for once I didn’t care who saw the tent forming in my pants, I was actually proud of my large bulge. Our group walked from the parking area up to the cabin, about 100 feet away, Cameron was on the porch behind a table handing out small manila envelopes, to each of the participants. My envelope indicated I’d be in the downstairs bedroom with Sam, Chester Paul and Mike, the five amigos, our initiation class was small as only a few births in our year of the clan but some years there were up to 20 initiates into the clan bond. Bud had gotten an upstairs bedroom with 14 of his classmates as we soon learned and dad and Grandad would be sharing a room upstairs as well with their brothers, the elder room as we liked to call it. I had no problem finding my bedroom as I had been here many of times before, just not for the bonding ceremony. Chester and Paul were already there, Sam and Mike were yet to arrive, Chester looked me over “Something happened on the way in didn’t it Cuz?” I couldn’t tell if it was my appearance or they might have had a similar experience on their way here “Did you guys come together?” “Naw, I came with my dad and great Uncle Albert, Paul over there came with Uncles Tony and great uncle Sinclair” Chester piped in I knew that great uncles Albert and Sinclair both had trucks and I noticed them in the parking lot “Anyone else come up with you guys?” “Yeah our older brothers rode in the back with some of our Cousins” “You notice anything happening, anything exciting?” I think they got my drift as we began comparing what had transpired on the way up, especially after we entered the gates to the property, we each had a hot tale to unfold as our experience were similar. Chester had a raging hard on, and Paul was close behind. I reached out and grabbed their crotches both were bulging and hard, I undid my button and slipped my shorts down, freeing my monster from its confinement, Chester dropped to his knees and took my cock into his mouth, as Paul began kissing me his shorts hitting the ground as he stepped out of them, Chester now alternated between the two tube steaks dangling in front of him, then Chester reached around and discovered the butt plug in my hole, expecting to finger my freshly fucked hole instead he found resistance from the plug. Both boys had gotten fucked on the way in but both had lost most of the loads into their shorts as it oozed out their gaping holes. I being a cum pig picked up Paul’s shorts and sniffed, indeed there was a residue of cum and ass juices in the ass area of the shorts, I began lapping up the treasure as Paul and Chester examined my ass working their fingers beside the plug like my dad had just an hour before, Paul leaned in and licked my hole sliding a finger besides the plug then pulling out some of the ass mixture, before pulling the plug out and diving into my ass with his tongue. Chester had maneuvered himself under me so that my cock glazed his firm hole the pressed himself back on me as he impaled himself rocking back and forth to fuck himself on my cock, Paul had rimmed me until he felt Chester’s thrust beneath me then he lined his cock with my sloppy hole an pressed in, is spit and dads cum making perfect lube, all I felt was pleasure as his thick long cock slid all the way to his balls in one movement, Paul was actually bigger than dad and he hit places Dad couldn’t reach even with the bouncing truck. I was in pure heaven when the door opened and Sam and Mike entered the room. Sam quickly closed the door “Holy fuck, you guys are hot” I motioned for Sam to join in, as Mike was already sucking Chester’s’ fat rod, Sam came over and we began kissing, Chester not skipping a beat unbuckled Sam’s pants and already had them around his ankles and his cock buried in his throat, As Sam and I made out Paul fucked me harder, and Chester was spit roasted between Sam and I. “oh fuck I’m cumming” Paul moaned as I could feel the ropes of cum make my hole sloppy I blasted off inside of Chester, and Sam filled his throat with his seed. Paul pushed in as deep as he could working his cum into my rectal walls, leaned over and picked up the plug, plunged it into his mouth licking off the residue from my ass and making it all slippery again “A Madison exclusive” He exclaimed as he slid out of my hole and shoved the plug back in my ass, Chester had blown a load down Mike’s throat as Mike withdrew from under his cousin, and Paul shoved his slimy cock into Mike’s mouth. Chester rolled over onto the bed as Sam collapsed on top of him and I beside him, we all watched as Mike cleaned off Paul’s tool as Paul leaned down and took the blast of Mike’s pulsating member across his face. We had worked up a sweat and sticky with cum, as we cuddled and fondled our new found playmates, I began licking the sweat from Chester’s arm pits as Mike went to work on licking my ass and sweaty balls, Sam and Paul were exploring each other as a quick knock on the door and Cole stepped into the room “”lunch in 20 guys, you might want to clean up first, see you there” He winked at us as he left the room, and we all began to giggle, at being found in what could be describe a compromising position, and the fact that Cole didn’t in the least bit seem phased “Fuck, we reek of Sweat and Sex, Smells like the locker room after we ran cross country, sweat and boy spunk” He was right it was kind of a jock tradition to jerk off after a successful athletic endeavor for our town’s high school teams, circle jerks were fun, though we never really thought of them as sex, it was more of a physical release. The five of us headed to the bathroom to clean up, like the bathroom at home the one at the cabin had a large shower stall that in this case would accommodate about 6-10 people, more like a locker room shower than one you’d find in a house, I had never given it much thought in all the years given the number of family members who always seem to be using the cabin at any given time and it made sense that the bathroom be able to accommodate multiple guys given the variety of activities we participated in. Sam reached in and started a shower head flowing as we continued to caress each other and make out, we finally all made it under the stream of one of the five Shower heads while we fondled our way soapy and clean. Sam and Chester had cum streaming out their boy cunts as Mike soaped up Chester’s hole then shoved his cock inside pumping a bit while Chester braced himself against the wall, suddenly it dawned on me the scene I had witness in my bathroom between Cameron and Bud, they weren’t grinding into each other, Bud was getting fucked hard by his big brother. We each exited the shower and grabbed a towel to dry off. We each wrapped a towel around our waist and headed back to the bedroom, upon entering we noticed our clothes in which we traveled here had disappeared and on the two double beds and the one single was placed a white tee with Plebe embossed across the front and on the left shoulder was written in Permanent marker our names, placed upon the tees was a jockstrap with once again written in permanent ink our name. I quickly stepped into my jock and slipped on the tee shirt with my five cohorts doing the same, the clock on the nightstand indicated it was five past noon and we all hurried out the door and down the hall to the great room, we were greeted by our elder brothers, fathers, uncles, and cousins and ushered to a singular table with 5 place setting in the center of the makeshift dining hall. Each were presented with a hotdog and a small portion of baked beans and a vanilla milk shake, which I would later find out to be a protein shake, and our host all sat down around us to partake in the lunch and what would be the opening presentations of the Men’s retreat. We were admonished that what occurred during this week would never be spoken about to any of the uninitiated and what happened would stay between the participants. We were also told that this was to be a bonding experience for all, and if anytime we felt uncomfortable we need only speak-up and say so. After lunch we were escorted out to the docks and told to wait, it was a warm spring day and we all just dangled our feet in the lake, it was still too cold to actually go swimming. We chatted and Chester and Sam kissed then the rest of us started making out as well lying back on the dock and forming various configurations of teen male flesh on flesh. I got bold and decided it was time to show off my talents to my cousins who I had just created a sexual bond “Watch this guys” They watched in excited wonder as I pulled my legs up and locked my knees behind my shoulders, then leaned over and took my cock in my mouth “Holy shit he’s sucking himself” I was in no position to see who exclaimed but the voice sounded like Sam or Mike, they stared in wonder and amusement and Chester tried bringing his legs up only to find he wasn’t limber enough, Mike had enough flexibility to bring his legs behind his shoulders but couldn’t quite get his back to bend enough to put his cock in his mouth, but he got within a half inch or so, Sam leaned over and pushed him down a bit and the head popped in his mouth, Paul got brave and began licking the plug in my ass and soon had me shooting my load down my throat. As I uncoiled Paul leaned in and kissed me licking some of my spunk from my inner cheek. Um, Humph was what we heard as Grandad cleared his throat we all blushed a bit being caught pleasuring ourselves and each other. “I see you young bucks have wasted no time um, bonding” We each giggled “They’re ready for you up at the house, shall we ….. Go”
  8. Rawdad4sons

    All in the Family

    and the story is just into 1973, the fun stuff is still ahead
  9. Rawdad4sons

    All in the Family

    I awoke early Saturday morning, even though it was past midnight when I fell asleep nestled in Bud’s arms, playing little spoon to my brothers big spoon. I rolled over just enough to see the clock “5:45”. Granted I had just had one of my more erotic of dreams where Hamilton and I were naked together making out and caressing each other’s bodies as Bud and Cameron cheered us on. I awoke as the Nocturnal Ejaculation subsided, having shot a huge load into my briefs, Bud’s hard cock rubbing on my covered ass cheeks, evidently he too had a nocturnal ejaculation as the seat of my briefs was wet and sticky as well. It somehow felt good to have Bud’s cock rubbing on my ass, I wasn’t sure why but it just did. I slowly disengaged myself from Bud’s embrace and stripped off my cummy underwear I held them to my face and inhaled their masculine scent, making my cock rise again, I stuffed them under my pillow, wrapped a towel around my waist and crossed the hall to the bathroom. After taking a piss I returned to our room, I slid naked next to my brother and wiggled my ass against his semi hard cock, it just seemed right. I fell back to sleep, waking up almost three hours later to find Bud had found his way back to his bed and was snoozing under a light blanket. I threw back the covers revealing my hard cock as I swung my legs over the edge of the bed, Bud watching my every move, I could see him lick his lips as I stood up, reaching into my chest of drawers I pulled on a pair of Bud’s boxers, my cock tenting out the front then turning my back on Bud I reached down and grabbed my shorts, seductively bending over to reveal my ass encased in Buds boxers as I pulled the shorts on, teasing my big bro. I pulled on a tee shirt and tossed Bud his shorts and a clean white tee “Mom will have breakfast on the table soon, I can smell the bacon” He chuckled and flung the blanket off himself revealing his hard on “see what you do to me little bro, you sexy little fucker” His cock was bouncing as he attempted to put his shorts on, now I never thought of Bud as one who might be interested in guys but Fuck I was and why not Bud as well. I left the bedroom door open and headed down stairs, to the kitchen where dad and Cameron were already digging into the pancakes stacked before them, I grabbed a plate and stacked a couple on my plate along with a scoop of eggs and a couple of sausages, bacon really wasn’t my thing. Bud walked in about 2 minutes later, grabbed himself some grub and sat down next to me at the table, nobody the wiser what we shared last night and this morning. After breakfast I went up to take a shower only to have Cameron and Bud Join me in the stall their bodies rubbing against mine as we all three attempted to soap and rinse off, I noticed Cameron was chubbed up just like Bud and me, I began wondering if my eldest brother got off on guys as well. I got dressed and headed over to the office, I had some sorting out to do in the mailroom, Hamilton was already there as well as Rick his little brother and Hector as well. I went through my sorting routine and then cornered hector in the back corner “So you like making out with your cousin eh, would you like me too?” “Oh Thom, I’ve had a crush on you since I started” I planted a kiss on his lips and then slipped a tongue between them, it was fun teasing my little cousin, I slapped him on his ass and told him to get back to work, and after all I had to keep some semblance of decorum didn’t I? The rest of the day I teased Hamilton and Hector with sideways glances and innuendo then sent them home frustrated and horny. Sunday was a family day and we all enjoyed a picnic lunch out in the park , a game of touch football, and a friendly softball game pitting the various groups of Blue Madison’s against the Gold Madison’s, a formulation devised by my Great-great grandfather to make up sports teams without the usual picking system of team captains picking from a line up, instead the blues would be comprised of the Senior member of the clan and the 2nd and 4th born or even birth in each family group be it male or female who wanted to play, The Golds would consist of the Junior most member of the clan and the 1st and 3rd born or any uneven birth. I being a 3rd child got to play on the Golds along with Cameron, whereas Bud played for the Blues. Now the captain of the blues hardly changed unless they retired or handed down their title the Captain of the Golds changed each year after the camping trip, since the youngest member of the Clan would become the junior clan leader thus giving a fluidity to the clan’s hierarchy. I having been born just a few weeks prior to the Camping trip and the Clans annual meeting of the families would most likely be named Junior Clansmen. Another thing to excite me, Bud and Cameron stuck close by me during the picnic and we had a great time, eating so much that upon dinner time we were only just snacking, at around 7 Cameron asked if I would like to go running with Bud and him, I readily agreed and ran up to put on my running shorts, I stripped out of the shorts I had been wearing all day and removed my underwear as well expecting to don my jock to keep my junk from flopping I suddenly realized I had put my jock in the wash on the last day of classes and didn’t want to put on clothes just to run down to the laundry, I reached in Bud’s drawer and pulled out his jock, raising it to my nose I inhaled my brothers scent, it was a mixture of ball sweat, urine, and I detected cum. It made me hard I reached under my pillow and retrieved the briefs with my and Buds cum dried on them and inhaled in that scent as well making me even harder, I was becoming a pervert as I stuffed the briefs back under my pillow, and put on Bud’s Jock strap then my running shorts, the jock was so stretched out and my cock was so hard it did little to contain my semi hard snake but fuck, I was just going running with my brothers. I made it down stairs without running across my mom or dad and joined Bud and Cameron out on the porch, lucky for me some of my excitement had subsided and my cock was beginning to be contained by the jock. We started out slow and steady running down the street and into the park along the paths set up for running and jogging as well as biking. We were about a mile ingot the jog when Cameron pulled onto a less used Jogging trail and headed up a small hill, Bud and I just followed. Upon cresting the hill and just beyond so the park was obstructed from view Cameron pulled off into a clearing and sat on the picnic tables which conveniently had been placed here, I guess for secluded romantic picnics. He sat on the bench glistening with sweat and pulled out a doobie and lit it Bud, took it from him and took a drag, then passed it to me to Tooke on, I took a hit and passed it back to my eldest brother who took a hit then reached over and grabbed my head, put his lips to mine and exhaled the smoke into my lungs, shotgunning the hit into me. But as I exhaled back through my nose he continued to kiss me placing his one hand behind my head and the other caressed my chest. I was all hot and sweaty as well and although the kiss was hot and sweet, the fondling of my torso was a bit abrasive and I soon pulled away. I looked at my older brother and smiled “Sorry I liked the kiss, but my tank top sticks to my torso when it gets damp and sweaty and not that all comfortable when pressed into my skin” Cameron smiled back “well then take it off let’s see how well little Thom has developed” I pulled my top over my head and tucked it into my shorts, actually into the waist band of the jock as my shorts had sunk down revealing the elastic band and the top crevasse of my ass, Bud standing behind me noticed and quietly catcalled as Cameron again took me into his embrace and kissed me again “Fuck, weed gets me so horny” Cameron was excited and conflicted as anyone could come running by at any moments and we were out in the open, he ran his hands over my sweaty chest, almost leaning in to lick the droplets from my skin, then pulling back “Just two more days little bro, just two more days and we can start having fun together” Cameron got up from the picnic table and began to jog in place taunting Bud and I, before turning and running down the trail even further into the woods, Bud and I ran after him catching up almost a football field’s length away. We continued or jog as the path circled back around into the park, I reached home first with Cameron and Bud close behind, I raced up the stairs and into my room, Bud followed suit and I could hear him and Cameron on the stairs bouncing off of each other just like they did as kids, what seemed like so long ago but in actuality was just a few short years before. After all Bud was just 21 and Cameron was just 22 each in a different college. They had not really seen each other since Christmas and the men’s gathering would give them a chance to reconnect as well. I grabbed the top from the waist band of the jock and threw it in the hamper, I was removing the running shorts when Bud came into the room, walked up to me and snapped the band on the jock “So you’re not just borrowing my boxers you’re pilfering my used jocks as well, you little pervert” He had caught me but he was smiling this shit eating grin, which told me he was fine with me being a bit kinky and borrowing his clothes even the more intimate ones. I let him remove the jock from my body as my cock popped out and struck him in the arm, he wrapped a hand around my hardening cock and said “two days little brother and we can have some fun, but for now you have to wait” he dropped my cock and wrapped a towel around my waist pushing me towards the bathroom. Our house was modest but it also said we were pillars of the community, it was large enough at four bedrooms to afford Cameron, being the oldest his own single (Smaller) room with Bud and I sharing a good size room which accommodated two single size beds two dressers a chest of drawers and two desk with ample room in the middle to wrestle if we wanted, which we did as kids a lot, I missed those days a bit. My parents had a large master suite at the other side of the house and our bedroom shared a large bathroom that had a tub separate from the large shower. Dad had the bathroom remodeled when we were kids taking space from the fourth bedroom, which mom made into the craft room, during the remodel he realized that all his boys were jocks and not really ashamed of their bodies, as we always bathed together so he installed a shower which would accommodate multiple persons. It had two shower heads and room for four guys to stand at a time if needed. I entered the bath to hear the shower already running and saw Cameron standing under a spray of water his eyes closed his body glistening with the rivulets of water running down his back and sides. I dropped my towel and entered in behind him. I reached around him and hugged him as he turned and planted a kiss on my lips never opening his eyes, he reached down and groped my hardening cock. He open his eyes and mumbled “oh Shit Thom” I looked at him confused, Bud entered behind me sandwiching me between my brothers “he thought it was me little bro” “Just over a day and we can have fun, Thom, Dad would have our asses if we broke the code” “The code?” “You’ll find out on Tuesday little brother” He began washing the sweat from my body as Cameron washed down my front soaping up my chest and engorged tool letting the soap flow down between my legs, then stepping back to allow the water to rinse away the soap, Bud backed off as well turning me around so all the soap would rinse away “Ok, Thom time for you to hit the hay its already getting late, you have a big day ahead of you tomorrow” I had no clue what he meant about big day, but I toweled myself off and wrapped it around my waist and went to my room, threw on a pair of Bud’s boxers, then returned to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Upon my entrance I found my brothers embraced in the shower, Cameron grinding against Bud, who was leaning up against the wall moaning, suddenly Cameron stepped back and Bud dropped to his knees and took Cameron into his mouth, Cameron then deposited his seed on Buds tongue, Bud gulped down his spooge, I was excited and shocked as I backed out of the bathroom and back to my bedroom. I left on Buds light but extinguished my own, pulling the covers up and rolling towards the wall. It was about 15 before Bud reentered the room, I could hear him rustling around on his side, and then the room went dark, I closed my eyes an tried to sleep but I couldn’t get the image of Cameron shooting his load into my middle brother’s mouth. I was rock hard fantasizing it was me getting that load, questions ran through my head, did his cum taste like mine, as I routinely licked my spunk from my fingers when I jerked off, I pulled the briefs from my pillow and breathed in their aroma, I was dripping precum into Bud’s boxers, but I didn’t care as I kept fantasizing it was me in that shower, I fell asleep with visions of me and Cameron, and Bud, my dreams were filled with all the boys I had lusted after over the years both family and those from school and athletics. The boxers were drenched in cum when I woke the next morning, my sheets were wet and sticky, for a second I thought I had wet the bed but being kinky and perverted I sniffed the offending wetness to discover it was cum, I must have shot multiple loads throughout the night for them to be so wet, I looked over at Buds bed and it appeared to not have been slept in, I couldn’t decide whether Bud had become a neat freak in college however I doubted that or had slept elsewhere last night. With the coast clear and no one to witness my actions I went back to taking in whiffs from my sheets and the boxers which I had removed, leaving me sitting there naked with the shorts pressed to my face, my tongue lashed out at the material lapping up the remnant of my nocturnal emission, it was salty sweet, I began sucking the material to get as much cum out as possible, then started lapping at the sheets sucking out the cum, I was quickly getting addicted to the taste of my cum. I was once again rock hard as I lay back on Bud’s bed heels over head tilting back so as to get my cock near my lips, a thought struck me and I righted myself somewhat and being limber I once again raised my legs locking my knees behind my armpits, leaned my head forward and took the head into my mouth, as I relaxed a bit in this position and I pulled my hips further back I could suck almost half of my cock in. I ran my tongue around the head and soon as I worked my tool felt that tingling start in my loins I sucked faster, and was soon rewarded with a sweet load of creamy jism flowing into my mouth. I kept sucking until I became too sensitive to continue, thank you mom for suggesting those stretching and ballet classes to limber up my body and give me more grace out on the field as a wide reliever and third baseman, guess it also made me more limber to pleasure my sexual needs. When I got downstairs, Bud was just getting in “Spent the night at Coles last night” leaning into Dads ear whispered “Didn’t want to break the code, Thom is just so sexy and tempting” dad just grinned, turning towards me he pulled out a typewritten page of things I need to do in the mail room today, even though it’s a holiday, some preparations need to be done to accommodate the weeklong shut down of the business, although the most Junior members of the family would see to daily operations of the mail sorting. I walked to the office and went down the list with Hamilton who would be the next in line to be senior mail clerk. After going through and confirming things Hamilton asked me to join him in the break room, it was already well into the afternoon and I had little left to do, although I accomplished a lot already, more than I had expected. “Cuz, I know you’re off to the retreat tomorrow, and it won’t be the same when you return” There were tears in his eyes, and I could tell he was upset “I don’t know how to say this but I think I’m in love with you, you are my hero, and I’m afraid as you move up and go off to school, you’ll forget about me and what we mean to each other” By now he was full on crying and sobbing uncontrollably, like it was a real breakup or something “I’ll never forget you Ham, you’re one of my favorite cousins, kissing or no, you’re my best bud, my partner in crime, and next year is your turn for the retreat” His weeping subsided “Really, is that how you feel about me?” I pulled him to me and kissed him full on, driving deep with my tongue, massaging his shoulders and pecs, it took a lot of energy but I reframed from going lower to grope his package. He pulled apart from me and confessed “Thom, I don’t know if I can go through with it, I I’ve had fun teasing you and our other cousins and brothers, but it’s just a game to you all, I think I’m really queer, how will all the others react when that comes out?” I tried not to laugh but a chuckle did emerge, which made him angry, I pulled him in and gave him a tight hug “We’ll cross that bridge when the time comes stud” With all the queer things that had happened to me over the years, especially since I turned 18 I didn’t think Hamilton had much to worry about. I looked up and it was almost supper time so I told Hamilton and the boys to go home, they had their work cut out for them over the next week. Bud was already at the table when I got home and Grandad was there too, I tipped my ball cap to them as I rushed up to clean up for dinner, mom had made pot roast and mashed potatoes Cameron was missing and when I asked about it Dad said he had gone up early with my uncles to prep the cabin and stock the fridge for the week, had spent last night at Grandads loading the truck and supplies. I ate a hearty meal, then turned in early, Bud said he’d see me in the morning before heading over to Coles for the night. I retreated to my room and stripped down, I curled over and lifted my legs and soon was giving myself another blowjob, as I relaxed and perfected my technique I soon discovered I could almost take my whole shaft into my mouth, the head hitting the back and partially sliding down my throat, I gagged a couple time then began fingering my hole abit and my cock slid deeper into my throat as it seemed to lengthen and expand, I was just about to reach the point of no return when I heard my parent climbing the stairs, I quickly uncoiled, though my hard member continued to throb, they passed by my door and told grandad he could sleep in Cameron room for the night, Shit now I really had to be quiet. As my cock continued to throb and demand attention, my curiosity got the better of me and I reached into Bud’s desk drawer and retrieved the tape measure, holding an inch at my base I measured 10.75 inches, I was no slouch in the cock department nine and three quarters was pretty respectable, as big as what I’ve seen on my brothers, I guess we were all gifted, then I wrapped it around, damn I was a little over 6 inches around as well, no wonder I gagged a little when I sucked it down my throat. Then the pervert in me took over, it felt good with my fingers shoved up my hole, I wondered if my cock was long enough to shove it up there. I stood over by the dressing mirror and bent over, I spit on my fingers and shoved them in my hole, it was hot watching myself finger fuck me, then I pulled my cock down and around the head hit just above my hole, it would be tricky but I soon lined it up and began pressing myself into my hole, I was tight but with more spit and some Vaseline I found under Bud’s bed, the head slipped in, it hurt like fuck, but as I relaxed once more I found I could slid about three inches into my hole, then suddenly as I was sliding it back and forth in my hole I hit something inside that felt wonderful, I had almost half of my cock buried up my virgin ass, I kept bumping that spot and I moaned as my orgasm hit me, rope after rope of my own semen was filling me, as I kept pressing my cock into my hole, I kept shooting, not getting sensitive like I had when I jerk off or when I sucked myself off, no I wanted to keep fucking myself and cumming in my hole. I kept pounding my hole with my cock till I started to soften and shrink, it was then that my cock began to get sensitive and I laid back on Bud’s bed, for a year or so I hadn’t touched much on Buds side of the room but my curiosity was starting to get the best of me, and I was still really horny, even cumming loads up my own ass, I had seen the Vaseline when I bent over to fuck my hole. With my own cum dripping down my leg I leaned over with a flashlight and looked deeper under his bed, lots of dust bunnies and a shoebox was shoved into a corner I got down and reached for it, it had not been there a week before when I dust mopped the room, pulling it out, I realized Bud must have brought it back from college, It was boot sized and a little heavy. I opened the box and my cock sprang back to life, it was filled with novelties, sex toys to be exact or at least I believed them to be sex toys. One caught my eye though it was shaped like a little cock but it was tapered with a phalange at the base I grabbed it and using the cum dripping from my ass I lubed it up then shoved it into my hole I was smart enough to recognize the kinky little butt stopper and I was beginning to guess the uses for some of the other objects I quickly closed the box and placed it back under Bud’s bed slipped on a pair of his boxers then climbed into bed, if this box was any indication the next week would be loads of fun. Bud woke me up early the next morning at 5:45, I had once again had a nocturnal emission and my sheets were soaked with cum. With Bud spending last night at Coles and Cameron already up at the cabin I knew I’d have the shower to myself. As Bud went down to Breakfast, I tore my bed apart, placing the sheets in my laundry bin, I knew mom would appreciate my consideration to let the bed air out while I was gone, I grabbed some shorts, socks and a tee and headed into the bathroom, butt plug still firmly in place, I removed the plug and sat to expel my bowel only to have a cummy fart emerge, then some fecal matter then some more cum I pushed harder as more cum spurted out. I grabbed the plug and headed to the showers, coach had once shown us how to clean our bowels in health class and I wanted to be squeaky clean, I used the douche bag from under the sink and filled it with warm water from the shower head then proceeded to rinse out my bowel took my shower and reinserted the butt plug, it felt good rubbing up against my happy spot. I got dressed cursing I had forgot to grab a clean pair of boxers from Bud’s drawers, I did so like wearing his underwear, when I didn’t need to be contained. Oh well I thought I’ll just go commando like Bud does. I combed my blonde hair, brushed my teeth and headed down to breakfast, Dad and Grandad were grinning at me and Bud had a shit eating grin on his face as he and Cole and two of my other cousins jostled each other. I quickly downed the oatmeal mom had prepared, I was ready for adventure. By 6:30 we were loading into Grandads 1968 ford truck, Bud and Cole and my other two Cousins jumping into the back inside the camper shell their sleeping bags spread out on top of an old thin mattress, I between my Dad and Grandad. It was close to a four hour drive to the cabin, given its seclusion and distance from populated areas and although I had gotten a semi-restful night’s sleep I dozed off about an hour into the drive, as I slept on dads shoulder I would occasionally wake when we slowed down or hit a bump, once I dreamed I had looked back into the bed of the truck and saw Bud naked on his hands and knees sucking on one of my cousins while Cole was eating his ass and the other cousin was under him sucking his dick as we drove down the road. Or maybe I wasn’t dreaming, as grandad pulled off the main road, still almost an hour away and Bud was barely in his shorts as Cole and my cousins were feeling his chest and nibbling on his pecs. I had a hard on which was protruding from my shorts and drooling precum on my leg Grandad had his hand on my thigh and was occasionally scooping up the fluid and licking it off his fingers, dad was rubbing my nipples through my tee. Gee I thought I must still be asleep and dreaming as Grandad pulled up to the gate on the private road and dad got out to open it, grandad drove through and waited for dad to return, scooping up a large amount of precum dripping out my cock he licked it from his fingers then pulled me into kiss him my seminal fluid still on his lips, damn I tasted good and so did grandad. Dad got back in the truck and I turned around to the back to see Cole riding Bud’s engorged cock, the jostling of the truck helping Bud thrust deeper into the 21 year old
  10. Rawdad4sons

    All in the Family

    It was hard to concentrate on my geometry homework, I kept looking at the invite, and finally I went over to my bulletin board and circled the date Tuesday June 5th 1973. My brother Bud would be coming home from college during the Memorial Day weekend just in time for my graduation ceremony, I was looking forward to seeing him again. Bud and I were close but shortly after his camping fishing trip he started hanging out more with my cousin Cole who lived about a half mile away, sure they would include me in movie nights and such but I felt like I was drifting away from my middle brother. Then Bud got accepted to Miami state University and was soon whisked away with college life, just like Cameron when he got accepted to NYU a year earlier, even though Cameron and Bud were just over a year apart in age Bud gravitated towards me as we held similar interest. I was excited on many fronts that evening and when I went down for dinner was gleaming and giddy, Mom put out dinner and we all dug in, Dad kept glancing my way with that all knowing smile on his face. It was just the three of us that night but between that evening and Memorial day Gramps came over frequently to help dad prepare for the camping trip, what little I could discern of their conversations it was what tackle to bring, what the weather was forecast for the area around the cabin and other non-useful to me subjects of conversation, no hint of what might be really planned for the trip. My family had been going up to the Madison Family Cabin for years, my first recollections of summer vacations were at the cabin. It was a monstrosity of a building five bedrooms, three baths (now) and a large great room in the middle of it all, adjacent to the enormous kitchen. It had been built by my Great-Great Grandfather Madison three quarters of a century before, so that the family would have a retreat from the daily trivialities of the times. It had a large closet stocked with games and was set on a large plot of land adjacent to a lake, very private and secluded, what a wealthy family would prefer. My Great-Great Grandfather started the business and had become well off in spite of the economic turmoil of the day. He was also responsible of starting these annual pilgrimages of Father-Son camping trips. The weeks leading up to Memorial day were agonizing, with finals and preparing for graduation, and then realizing I would soon lose some of my privacy for the summer with Bud coming home I began beating off franticly attempting to relieve the anxiety and sexual tensions I had been feeling especially around the mail room, with my cousins beginning to really turn me on scampering around, and Hamilton only got sexier as he developed into a hot jock boy. I finished up my finals on a Wednesday and cruised through an easy Thursday rehearsal for graduation before heading home to kick back and jerk off before having to go put in some hours in the mailroom, where I now oversaw 6 of my cousins sorting incoming mail orders and scheduling postal pick-ups for outgoing packages, we only handled the smallest of them so it wasn’t that big of a deal. That Thursday as I sat contemplating the week to come I noticed that Hamilton and one of the younger cousins had disappeared, I got up and wandered back into the rows of shelving to find him in a close embrace with Hector my 16 year old cousin making out and oblivious to their being caught, I cleared my throat and they broke apart, Hector acting very nervous and Hamilton grinning “Found another one that likes to be kissing cousins Thom” I just shook my head, Hamilton was such a tease, in just over a year I’d be seeing him at the camp out, and maybe we could sneak off together and make out I thought. He was after all a really good kisser. The next morning I had planned to sleep in as graduation wasn’t till 2pm and I had the day off from work because of the celebration the family was throwing for me and 4 of my cousins who were also graduating. I was deep in a wonderful dream where I was kissing and fondling one of my older cousins when “whoop” a body landed on my bed, actually it was a good thing as I was rock hard and dripping precum into my pajamas and had been left alone most likely shot a huge load in a great wet dream. “hey little bro I’m home” it was Bud pouncing on me and waking me up, he pulled back the covers and smirked in an effort to get me up he found me “up”, a large wet spot not only on my pajamas but on the sheets below, he smirked that ever knowing smirk and pulled me up my rock hard cock leading the way to the bath room as he stripped my pajama bottoms off me and tossed me into the already running shower, it wasn’t extremely cold but it was brisker than I generally enjoyed, my hard on subsided as my brother just smirked, he had knowledge and lust in his eyes as he stripped down, jumped in and soaped up my body then flipped me around to rinse the suds, I was a bit shocked although we routinely had bathed together just a year or so earlier, to save water and hell we were brothers after all. I got out and toweled off he continued cleaning as if this was common place for him, then exited and shut off the water before beginning to towel himself dry. I couldn’t help to notice he had filled out in his first year of University, he was more athletic if that was even possible, after all he was the star Wide receiver for our High School football team just 2 years ago, but he was manlier now, I couldn’t put my finger on it but he had somehow changed while away at school. We both were dry and he threw some underwear and shorts at me, before reaching into his dresser and pulling out a tee shirt and shorts for himself, I noticed he didn’t bother with his usual boxers, he was going commando today, I just chuckled to myself and slipped on my boxer briefs then donned my shorts and white tee shirt. I looked in the mirror and thought how sexy I looked today, and to be able to hang with my middle brother made me stand even taller. Bud was my cheerleader at Graduation, he led the family in whoops and hollers when I took my diploma and he was the loudest in the crowd when my honors and accomplishments were read for all to hear. He also worked hard to get me buzzed at the family celebration that evening even though he paid almost as much attention to Cole and his little brother, Sam who graduated with me, and to my other three newly graduated members of the Madison clan, Paul, Mike, and Chester, who would also be joining us at the campout in just 4 days. I liked Sam, Paul, Mike and Chester, the first three played on my Football squad and Sam and Mike played Baseball with me, Chester was in band and Paul had joined the pep squad in the spring to cheer our team on. We were a happy clan, and most likely to get happier in the times ahead. As the evening wore down Cameron came over to hang with the graduates, joking about how much fun we would be having on the trip to the cabin, then the 8 of us moseyed towards the back of the park and Cameron and Bud each produced a joint lit them up and passed them around, by the time the last of the weed was smoked all of us 18 year olds were pretty buzzed, Cameron, Bud and Cole exchanged glances as they could tell the weed had also the effect of making us very horny “Hey guys we better make it back to the main party before someone misses us” Cameron exclaimed, then we made our way back to the main area of the park. Each of us grads cut a cake and everyone ate some in honor of our achievements, Cole and Bud plied us with a little more beer, to keep our buzz going and as midnight was getting closer the crowd thinned out and we all made our way back to our respective abodes. I had slept with Bud’s bed empty for almost a year, having the room all to myself, but tonight Bud accompanied me to the bed room that we had shared throughout our youth. Bud closed the door and we could hear Cameron next door prepping for bed as well. I was still a little buzzed when Bud put his arms around me “I love you little bro, you can always count on me to be there for you” He lifted my tee shirt over my head and held my arms there trapped in the fabric as he turned me around to face him and planted a hot wet kiss on my lips. He started making out with me and soon had me down to my briefs and socks. I figured he was buzzed as well and just went with it, it feeling so good to have him hold my nearly naked body next to his as he removed his tee shirt and shorts, kicking off his sneakers and somehow removing his socks without breaking our embrace. I was melting in my middle brothers arms and I felt a love that would endure. Bud was strong as he lifted me onto my bed and laid me down, lying beside me we continued to cuddle and kiss, I could not feel any closer to my brother than I was at that moment. We lay there embraced when I realized Bud had gone commando all day and now was pressed up against me with just my briefs separating his naked body from my brief clad one. He was getting aroused as I felt his hard cock pressing into my thigh, but I soon heard his breathing get shallow and he was soon snoring lightly down my neck, I was in heaven as I drifted off to sleep beside him, nestled in his arms.
  11. You might say queer ran in my family. I know they say there is a gene and all and that it is recessive in most people, that is why the Kinsey report only states 10% are gay and 10 percent are straight and the rest fall somewhere in the middle. Well my family fell in the middle at the gay end. Isn’t life bliss when social norms are hidden away? Now, we didn’t go around advertising we were queer. To the outside observer we would look like a wholesome middle class family, but enter our inner circle and our deep dark secret would be evident. Growing up, I admired the bond that my dad and grandfather and uncles seemed to share. My mother seemed to have the same kind of bond with my grandmother - both were feisty, in natgure almost butch. We shared a lot of good times. I was the youngest of three sons and had several cousins, most of whom were boys, similar to me as we were rough and tumble - jocks and farm boys. Growing up in a rural town in the Midwest with most of my family nearby, I got to see a lot of my family and the influence it had on our town. As I grew older the admiration for my families bonds grew stronger, and as my brothers and cousins reached maturity I noticed that they too began to share in the bonds between the adult family members, as they went off to college and would return with girlfriends and wives, the sexes would divide several times of year to form bonding circles. I didn’t really know what was going on until I was about 15 and my middle brother was all excited to go on the adult father son fishing trip which I would be invited to the summer after my 18th birthday. With Bud having turned 18 just weeks before school got out, he was all a flutter and told me that grandpa and dad and Cameron, my eldest brother were ready to make him a real family man, along with my uncles and any male cousins that had turned 18 that spring. This was the camping/fishing trip that would declare my brother and our newly adult cousins, part of the male bonding brotherhood of Madison clan. Evidently my brother was not disappointed as he returned with a smile on his face, a lift to his step, as he returned back to the family business in the mailroom, the same mailroom we both had worked when we each turned 14. Bud having worked there two and a half years longer was theoretically my supervisor, but he was my big brother and best friend first so we got along and hardly ever fought. Bud though would be moving up soon and I would become mailroom chief as one of my younger cousins was introduced to the mailroom when he turned 14 in a month or so. When Bud moved up onto the sales floor, Hamilton came into the mailroom. It was my responsibility to train him in the ins and outs of the lowest rung on our family corporate ladder. I really liked Hamilton even though he was a year younger than me. He was really cute and athletic, which made working around him hard at times because he distracted me. But we endured and before we knew it my 18th birthday was approaching. I knew the make out sessions with Hamilton would soon be at an end. I really enjoyed sneaking off to a corner and kissing my cousin, but another two cousins, Jack and Kris, had already joined us in the mail sorting endeavor. Jack and Kris were just as cute and farm boy cute, and I knew they were just as sexy as Hamilton since we all showered together at school after practice, football in the fall and baseball in the spring. I was doing my homework, when a knock on my door occurred, my back to the door I did not see who had tapped on my door but an envelope had been slid under my door. I picked it up and it read “Happy 18th birthday, Thom. You are now able to attend the Madison Men’s Camping / Fishing Experience. Be ready on June 5th, 6:30 AM. The boat waits for no one." I was excited and thrilled it was finally my time to bond with my male family members and find out what all the hoopla was about.
  12. Rawdad4sons

    A Toxic future

    I awoke still cuddling with the boy, my semi hard cock still wedged in his love canal, I started to pull out, but the boy was not having it and his hole clamped down then began massaging my tool back to life, I had not recourse but to slide my growing prick back to his inner depths and push my previous load further into his rectal walls, it didn’t take long and I was rock hard again and drooling precum along his tender colon lining he was moaning and asking me to fuck him harder. I’m not one to disappoint , so I took up a feverish pace and pounded into his ass until I felt my juices bubbling up from my balls, my seed was about to take flight once again “I’m going to cum, I’m going to shoot my load dep in your gut” “Give it to me daddy, kill me with your seed, and fill me with your love” I punched into him harder and held my cock deep as my sperm coated his rectal walls with my DNA again. I held myself there as volley after volley of cum spit out my piss slit, then as I was coming down from my orgasmic euphoria I began to piss lightly in the boys hole giving him even more of a full feeling “Squeeze your hole tight as I pull out son” He nodded, as my shrinking cock began its withdrawal from his boy cunt, a small amount of piss leaked out of his hole, much to his embarrassment, I lay beside him for a moment then swung my legs off the bed. As I got up and headed towards the bathroom he looked dejected and hurt, I reached in and turned on the shower, poking my head out the open door “So you going to lay there all night or you going to join me in the shower” He moved gingerly, realizing he had a ass full of cum and piss and crossed the room to the bath room where he paused before stepping into the tub under the spray of water, a stream of cum and piss escaping and running down his leg as he entered. I motioned for him to kneel as I stepped into the tub, aiming my cock directly at his mouth, he took my flaccid cock into his mouth, thinking I was going to let him suck me hard and blow my seed down his throat, he began manipulating the head to breath some life back into it. His reward was the slow steady stream of piss and precum which began to trickle out of the piss slit then as he began swallowing my offering, I let loose with the full force of my stream, he soon had my urine dripping from his lips, he was trying his best but my piss was streaming out of his mouth and down his chin onto his boyish chest and abdomen. He looked up into my eyes with those blue saucers and I began to melt a little as I removed my cock from his mouth and hosed him down head to foot in my remaining piss stream. He was turning into a great pig, as I pulled him to his feet and planted my lips on his, I could still taste my piss on him as he returned the sloppy kiss then dove into my sweaty pits to lick out the tolls of the day. He soon had me rock hard again as I pressed him up against the faux tile wall and jammed my cock back into his shit chute, his previous enema of cum and piss lubricating my way, I pumped him hard and soon gave him his fourth helping of my toxic seed. I pulled out when I was finished leaving him gaping and dripping the combined contents of his brutal initiation into my brotherhood of CID, Certain Immuno-suppressed Death. XXY14 was a miracle cure, not only was it 85% effective in curing HIV and halting the advancement of AIDS, as researcher continued to study the target group and follow those who were vaccinated with the drug, a curious pattern began to emerge. Those prone to cancers were now free of cancerous cells, the rates of influenza and common colds reported dropped drastically. Patients who had diabetes and allergies were able to stop taking medications to control the symptoms. Those inoculated became healthier and their aging process became slower. Hospitals became limited to those who had not taken the drug, accidents, those exposed to the 15% who were not cured. Drug stores started limiting their stocks, and their pharmacy hours due to the lack of customers. By 2021 almost 65% of the population had been vaccinated with XXY14 and biotech companies were shifting all production to the drug to keep up with the demand, on the flip side of the picture though were the right wing religious zealots who picketed outside clinics and buildings which offered the vaccinations sighting that it would encourage people to have promiscuous sex, and lead to our damnation. By 2025 the only medical industry that still existed was those who manufactured and distributed XXY14 and its derivatives and those catering to accident victims, as most all ailments had been alleviate from society. I held my fingers in the boy’s hole allowing the contents to drain out before washing him up and cleaning him off, his creamy skin had taken on a blush as we toweled dry and returned to the main room of our accommodations, I began to dress and tossed the boy his clothes, what little he had worn at him. He looked like he was about to cry. “What you don’t want to go to Daddies and be his boy” His face lit up as I spoke those word and he couldn’t dress fast enough. I led him out the door tossing the keys on the night stand, my buddy would collect them in the morning and check me out, ready for my next visit. The boy climbed into my suburban and belted himself in. I got in and gave the computer the code for home, we were soon on the road away from this sleazy district. “Sir, I have a confession to make, not only was I a virgin to night, but I’m not vaccinated” His confession didn’t really surprise me, they all seem to seek me out, and my virus would soon enough take its toll on his young body, but I would enjoy it till I have to make arraignments for it’s internment
  13. Just bred a hot young negative goth boy , over the weekend, hope enjoys my gifts,got to love safe only guys who will take raw cock on the DL because they're horny

  14. Horny as fuck, need a hot young negative hole to pump my toxic seed into😀

    1. TwinkBoi4Daddy
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      Hi Daddy! Would love to help you out with my hairless negative boyhole. Would be so hot if you fucked me with your unmedicated toxic AIDScock and turned me into your cumdump!

      Getting converted by not only you, but also by my grandpas and uncles and granduncles in one big poz family reunion would be my dirtiest dreaam cum true...


      P.S.. Love all your stories. Wish my real family was like that...

  15. Rawdad4sons

    A Toxic future

    Clinical trials for XXY14 began in spring of 2018 on lab animals exposed to the HIV virus, all had significantly high viral loads of one strain or another. Researchers were optimistic, but soon became pleasantly surprised as within weeks all the test subjects began to show significant signs of improvement and within months were free of the virus entirely. This encouraged researchers so much that the petitioned the beleaguered FDA, an agency which the leader of the free world called unimportant and quipped “people should have enough common sense not to ingest toxic substances ’, as he funneled moneys from the agencies budget to fund the now ever needed civil defenses and quell riots, they asked that human trials begin as soon as possible. By summer of 2019 the first 500 participants were selected, 250 to receive the XXY14 and 250 to receive a placebo, all were taken off ARV drugs and simply administered the XXY14 or the placebo. The 250 lucky souls that were given the actual drug after a couple weeks began to show improvement in their viral loads and a small increase in their T cells. The other 250 began to have their viral loads increase even though they believed they were receiving the drug. As months passed the control group continued to decline while the XXY14 group continued to improve, by winter of 2020 the individuals on the actual drug were deemed free of HIV, or at least all but 12 or 13 who still harbored a small reservoir of virus cells but they were replacing rather than expanding their viral base. The research group then gave the actual drug to the remaining 250 as they brought in an additional 500 participants for the second trial. By 2022 the drug was in mass production and deemed safe, finally a vaccine that would also cure 95 % of those stricken with the HIV virus and give hope to the remaining 5% who it would simply leave a reservoir of virus to be watched closely by medical personal. The AIDs/HIV epidemic would soon be over. Researched were exuberant but had no clue what the long term side effects would be, as they did not observe any during the 2 year trails of XXY14. The drug was perfect, almost too perfect, it had both medical and economic side effect not to mention a long term social economic destabilization that would eventually occur. As I sat waiting for my appointment I had a brief time to recollect how I was forced to be inoculated with the drug and how my psychological demeanor fought the intrusion of my person by the government and the medical community, oh how naïve I was back then just 6 years ago. I was just turned 28 and had the world at my fingertips, oh I still had my rebellious side, that was why I was here in the off the beaten path fleabag motel, hosting this appointment. Finally a knock on the door, as I answer and let him in he looks fabulous, a light sheen of sweat coats his shoulders and neck, perspiration is beaded on his forehead. He is about 5’11 and maybe 165 pounds, his sandy blonde curls are matted to his head and he looks at me with pools of blue sky as I check him out. I offer him some water, he declines at first then as I turn him around and begin kissing him he presses into me, then takes the water as I allow him to make his way to the bed, picking up the bottle of water that is sitting on the night stand, he takes a big swig, looks at the bottle then takes another, he seems to enjoy my piss, as he downs another sip “That water was sure sweet, what kind is it” “Recycled, that was my piss from earlier” “Damn sir, if you can I’d love to drink that straight from the tap” Not only was the boy cute and toned but looks like we have a pig in the making. He leans towards me and plants a hot kiss on my neck and begins nibbling down across my chest, stopping at each nipple, getting them erect and hard he has his hands holding up my tank top as he tries to rise so he can remove it easier. I push him back as I remove it for him, then proceed to take off his sweaty tank top then slip him out of his sport shorts, his jock strap barely containing his erect member. I lay down on top of him and continue our make out session, I want to make sure he knows I’m in charge. My cock is straining in my own sport shorts but he needs to know this is my show, I set the pace as I grind my torso into his our tools rubbing together with just thin layers of material keeping them from actually touching. He is perspiring under me but grinding back up to meet my thrust, I don’t know I got so lucky this time but if it is meant to be this boy is a keeper, if chemistry is correct. I slide down some and take his nipple between my lips and teeth, biting ever so lightly to make him flinch, then work my way down to his belly button which has pooled with the combination of our sweat, a sweet lick into the depression and work my mouth over his overstuffed pouch, breathing in the musky scent, but only pausing momentarily before lifting his legs and nibbling on his taint and teasing his hole. I lick his winking ass, it taste fresh and clean, good the boy followed orders and cleaned out before coming, licking deeper I began to force the tip of my tongue in his hole which began to loosen with my expert tonguing, slipping a finger in his hole it felt really tight “You ever been fucked before boy” “No sir, you’re the first guy I’ve ever tried anything with” Sweet a fucking virgin, I was going to have fun breaking in his hole, I continues to lick suck and finger his hole, it slowly loosening up, my cock is drooling toxic precum, as I rise up and line my cock up with his virginal boy hole, smearing my fluid all around his hole “Last chance, you sure you want this?” “Yes sir, I have fantasied about this for months” “There’s no turning back now, son” I pushed my leaking head into his hole, my precum and spit the only lube he got, he flinched a little but I soon felt his hole start gripping and pulsing around my tool, pulling me in deeper so I pushed deeper till my ball sack was resting on his cheeks. He wiggled his ass around and began trying to get me deeper still. I started pumping in and out slowly at first, but was soon pounding and punch fucking him across the bed “Oh daddy fuck me, take my cherry, destroy my ass, and make me your boy” The boy started chanting, encouraging me to breed his hole, impregnate him with my toxic seed, claim him for my own. I pounded him on his back for a while then flipped him over onto his front so I could drill my 9 inch cock deep into his bowels; I was getting close, he was pushing back onto my cock as I exploded into his deep regions, and kept on pumping him full of my hard cock. After fifteen minutes of pounding him into the mattress I climbed on the bed rolled the boy onto his side and spooned him pumping my cock in and out of his now sloppy hole. I pummeled him from this position until I felt my seed rising again and made a show of cumming in his hole as I dropped his raised leg down and cuddled him, my cock still buried in his ass, making a perfect butt plug for the two toxic loads which were now swimming within the boy, we soon dozed off spooned together.

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