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    biz prof 5ft8 br br smoth nonsmoker 150lbs. Frequent international travel for hot raunchy play ;p
    you can reach me directly at eagerbeaverto@gmail.com
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    slutty piggy btm hunting for inshape white/latin/euro tops under 55 y.o. to pound my ass and plant a load deep. into getting gangbanged, sucking cock, eating ass deep (bonus if u have a rim seat), feet, getting piss enemas...very openminded.

    Also, love to have a hot pair of asslips sit on my cock and milk out my load deep up an ass ;p

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  1. Pig btm cumdump in Austin for the night - looking to take on a few tops to breed my ass. Downtown hotel, no drugs, poppers ok. Any suggestions on easy access hotels downtown (e.g. No key needed for elevators), and where to get poppers? Email at eagerbeaverto@gmail.com if into breeding my ass or have suggestions to the above thx!
  2. Anyone know if the Westin or Hyatt at Grand Central Station need a key to access the elevator?
  3. Cumdump pig btm visiting Pittsburgh for first time. Fri Aug 23 - Sun Aug 25 2019 Looking to get my ass bred by random guys. Any hotel recommendations? One downtown that does not require a key for elevators? also where to get poppers? Breed my ass guys! Eagerbeaverto@gmail.com
  4. Any hotels that are central, easy access without needing key for elevators? Where to get poppers? Pig ass cumdump btm visiting for the first time - looking to for some hot breedings. Eagerbeaverto@gmail.com if interested! Feb 22-24. Also on BBRT - eagerbeaverto
  5. No key needed for elevators, no hassle in entering hotel, good/central location? any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Looking to host random guys in my room. Eagerbeaverto@gmail.com
  6. I'm looking for a rimseat - let me know if you know how to build one or any one who does. Pref in downtown Toronto. Eagerbeaverto@gmail.com
  7. I'm looking for a rimseat. Let me know if you know how to build one or anyone who does. Pref downtown Toronto. Eagerbeaverto@gmail.com
  8. Pig btm cumdump looking. Any one know where to buy poppers in Toronto? eagerbeaverto@gmail.com
  9. Thx @SIReast - would you know if a key is needed to access elevators at the other hotels?
  10. Heading to MAL for the first time. Host hotel is booked - any suggestions on a good alternative nearby? IE - no key needed to enter hotel nor to access elevators? Also, any where to get poppers? Btm pig here - would love to be a cumdump for random guys over the weekend - pump/dump ok. Anon ok. Hit me up at eagerbeaverto@gmail.com and on bbrt (eagerbeaverto is my profile).
  11. Anyone know where to buy poppers? Let me know eagerbeaverto@gmail.com
  12. Planning a trip to LA. Any recommendations for hotels/motels that would be easy for guys to come and go? Elevators that do not require a room key? Looking to host a gangbang, so will need a place that would be easy for guys to get to my room without any hassles. Hit me up - eagerbeaverto@gmail.com Also hit me up if you want to dump your load in my ass!
  13. Visiting bottom to Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach. Looking to take random anon loads. Poppers get me really piggy. Any tops looking for a cumdump? Any suggestions where to get some poppers? Hit me up!
  14. Any advice on what/where the hot sex parties are? Which events are good? I'm looking to be a pig cumdump btm. One on one or ganged. Is there some place to get poppers? Would be great if anyone can offer up any advice for this newbie. Eagerbeaverto@gmail.com

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