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  1. I am a freaky uncut top daddy looking for a cum dump whore to use and abuse.
  2. I'd love to fuck and breed you hole boy. Make you daddy's fuck toy.
  3. I'd love ro cum beat and breed you. Nothing better then hurting the one I'm breeding.
  4. I'd love to rape your fucking ass while choking you till your turning blue. And slapping you back to your senses when you black out.
  5. That actually kinda sounds like fun. If you're for real that is, and it doesn't cost me anything, and I'm in charge. Yea that could be fun.
  6. If you're still looking. I'd love to cum breed you. I'm a no limits top daddy, on prep and looking for a no limits sissy to do what she's told.
  7. Over the knee? Really? We can discuss that, maybe. No. I'd have you bend over and count everytime my belt smacks your ass. And when I think you've had enough. Then I stretch your hole, give you a piss enema to clean it and then fuck your slave cunt till I empty my load in you. And if you're a good slave I'll tie you up and find other ways to amuse myself.
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