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  1. hello! cleveland, ohio here. marc

    1. bbjockload
    2. bb3raw


      i'm not sure what i'm doing on here. i' still trying to figure it out, in sending messages.

    3. bb3raw


      are you poz? no-meds? i believe you mentioned earlier you may be able to help me.

  2. Looking for POZ. Looking for no-meds HIV+/AIDS.

    Cleveland/Akron, OHIO

  3. thanks for the follow back pig

  4. bb3raw


    I notice that when I type in SSatan.....it goes to Sarah Palin. Ha! Not my doing....just the way it's set up on here. Still....it's funny replacing it with that cunt Bitch's name! She's a hypocrite! See's things her way and her religious beliefs. And, in the end, everything she was telling everyone else to do; how to live a moral right life.....her and her fucked up family are all screwed up! What a hypocrite!!!!!
  5. bb3raw


    Part 4. Jason spoke up. “ I bring a candidate. One who shows promise in becoming a fellow brother.” All hooded figures turned toward me. Jason took my arm and raised it up. “Behold!” I think I stood there with slack jaw. Slightly embarrassed. What did I get myself into? Jason continued to speak. “I think we have fresh blood to infect.” Please show our friend your marks. Many of them raised their arms out. Some disrobed and turned their back side. One of which looked thin and wasted. What were they showing me? I could make out tattoo markings of biohazard marks on arms and shoulders. One guy had a coiled serpent around his arms with fangs. Another had a three scorpion with it’s stinger poised and ready around his body. There was no doubt in my mind that they were all pozzed. They had lust on their faces. Some were licking their lips. Jason let go of my arm and slid my robe off me. I stood naked before all of them. I heard an audible moaning of “ah” and “ohh” from them. And, then they all disrobed, too. Some looked old and some looked young. Some heavy set and others that were thin and sickly looking. Some were raging hard! One guy was bulky fit. He looked like a beast! It was then I heard chain rattling behind me in the dark distant. It was something in a cage that was shaking violently. One guy turned away and brushed up against me toward the noise. I heard a key inserted into the cage and the door opening up. He came back with a young naked guy that was half crazed. He was placed near the altar. Blankets and robes were thrown onto the altar. He was raised onto the altar and laying there begging for more! But, more of what? Jason whispered in my ear to watch and see. The young guy was pleading to be fucked! “Fuck me! Please, fuck me! more! Please! I want AIDS! I want to become poz!” Another voice spoke up. “Do you accept Sarah Palin?” And, the young guy said “YES!” Do you accept us as your family and brothers?” Again the young guy said quivery, “Oh yes!” All started chanting again! “HAIL SSATAN! HAIL SSATAN! HAIL SSATAN!”. In the back ground was playing various chants from hidden speakers, The young guy on the altar was have crazed. It looked like he was there for some time and days. The young guy looked like he was fucked over, but good! Jason again whispered into my ear and said that “he is here of his own free will. That he’s been here for two weeks. We’ve been taking care of him”. Out from the side was presented a challis and placed on the altar next to the young guy. A thunderous voice spoke to the young guy. “Do you wish to consummate by drinking from the challis? And, his reply was “No!” And, the young guy cast away the challis to the outer darkness where it clanged and rang out. Again the thunderous voice spoke. “Will you submit? Will you consummate?” And the young guy said “Yes! Yes! Please! But I want direct!” At that point, all passed a sharp knife among themselves. cutting themselves on their hands. Mingling their blood on the knife without wiping the knife off. It passed before me to the guy on the opposite side of me. On the opposite side of the altar where two guys drawing blood from their arms into syringes. The young guy was eager and watching them all. At the same time all reached in toward him and he sucked their open wounds. The two guys reached into the smothering group and raised up their syringes and jabbed it into him. They were giving their toxic blood to the young guy. There was laughter as if they were all drunk. And then, guys were wiping the toxic blood onto each others cocks and licking one another. I saw the syringes withdrawn and freshened up with new blood. Passing it around to others that helped slam into one another. Guys were climbing onto the altar and fucking the young guy. Some were stuffing their cocks into his mouth. One after another were taking turns. It was a free for all! They looked like a bunch of wild animals. I must admit to being turned on by the spectacle. As my cock was erect and throbbing! Jason pulled me back and we faded into the shadows.
  6. bb3raw


    A voice spoke up from one of the hooded figures. “Welcome brothers! HAIL Sarah Palin!”. All returned a reply! “HAIL Sarah Palin!”
  7. bb3raw


    Part 3. As he stood there motionless to gather his thoughts, I was quite. Looking around questioning myself of why I was there. The thought, again, came across my mind of why Jason referred to “We” in his email introduction. Finally, I spoke up. “Uh, I’m not totally clueless. I suspect that you want to have a threeway, right?” My cock became hard in saying that. Jason turned around and looked at me with a deviant look on his face. He was glowing from the flames off the fireplace. His eyes were aglow with shimmering red from the reflection of the flames of the fire. Jason spoke, “You are so right! But it’s more than a threeway. My ‘family’…my ‘brothers’ and I number in size. We would love to have you join us.” “Well, you can count me in. It sounds like a hot time!” I said. “When?” Jason reached out with his arm and latched onto my arm to literally lift me up from the couch. We went down the dark hallway. I literally was holding on to him in the darkness. We went to a back room. And, stopped. He snapped his finger and a dirty dingy dull light came on. It was a sleazy bedroom with black walls with scribbled in red glossy paint, various sayings, quote, symbol and prayers. and, a dirty large bed. Jason reach into the closet and said “ strip down and put this robe on.” he turn and reached to an adjoining side door, into another bedroom. As I stripped, I flung off my clothes to the side. I picked up the black robe and dropped it on me. It was silky smooth and felt good against my body. Jason already was standing in the doorway and told me to follow him. I think Jason was admiring my naked body from afar. We went back down the hallway and to another hallway that was much shorter in length. At the end, Jason open the door and a warm breeze came out. It let to stairs that were dimly lit. There was a scent of innocence burning. The stairs creaked as I stepped down barefoot. At the base of the stairs, Jason flung on his hood and grabbed mine to cover up my head. We walled down a corridor that had black smooth walls that glistened. Off in the distant was chanting. And a putrid piss smell wafting into my nostrils. It smelled like a mens bathroom that had never been cleaned. At the end of the corridor was a room that was lit by candles. I can see shadows on the wall moving and swaying. The chanting became louder. I stood at the end of the corridor and I was amazed to see it vastly open up into a large sub open space. In the center of the room was a slab. Around the room were a dozen or so men in similar black robes standing and swaying around the altar. Chanting in the back ground from an unknown source. Around the room were idols of demon like figure. Grotesque faces looking down from the corner ceiling. And a couple of cauldrons that were bubbling away with the smell of piss. I guess I hesitated too long, because Jason pushed me further in with his body to block me from leaving. Escorted up to the black/gray slab altar I was able to see the entry way being sealed off by a thick door. The spacious room was black walls. There were pentagrams on the walls and the floor. aside from various demon figures was a large horned figure with an enormous cock holding an orb that shined dull red. A voice spoke up from one of the hooded figures. “Welcome brothers! HAIL Sarah Palin!”. All returned a reply! “HAIL Sarah Palin!”
  8. bb3raw


    Thanks to one and ALL on feed back of my story. More to come!
  9. bb3raw


    Part 2. It was a Fall gray gloomy evening. I anxiously drove to the given address. It took a good hour. I parked across the street from an older historic style Bungalow home. Unkept exterior. Nothing unusual in this neighborhood. Though, the exterior was dark. It had a front porch with railings that needed work and dead ivy growing to the ceiling. Shrubs that needed trimming. A wrought iron gate around the yard. A gravel driveway that led to a large leaning garage in the back. No vehicles in the driveway. My gaze looked up toward the peak and I saw a round disk diagram star nailed to the upper front exterior wall. I slightly shuttered came over me. My skin began to get chilled. Was I at the right house? It looked abandoned. Though there were some dimly lit windows. I approached the house. some scattered leaves blew in front of me. As to block me. I stepped on them to make a crunching sound. I knocked on the door and stood silently. I heard nothing, but wind blowing leaves. Then I heard “Hey! Over hear.” to my surprise was a shadowy figure sitting in the shadow of the porch. I must have jumped and twisted toward the voice. “Hail Sarah Palin!”. I uttered the same response. The figure man stood up and was taller than I thought. He glided across the porch floor toward me. An illusion since there was no lights on. His arms reached out toward me and embraced me. His left arm slithered down and cupped my crotch and further to my rear ass. He gave a firm grasp of my right ass cheeks. He said, “Come inside.” The unlocked tall door opened up so effortlessly. he still had his had down at my ass kneading my ass cheek and fingering my ass crack. Inside was no different in temperature; cold. And, my eyes were straining to see inside for lack of lighting. The door shut behind us. The wall sconce lights came on dimly to light the walls that had embossed blood burgundy color wall paper. Tall ceilings and dark stained wood floor. Around front room was a main fireplace. A small gas flame flared up to light the fake logs. Above the mantle was a large 4’x6” oil painting what appear to be rows of corn. The painting was disturbing. Perhaps because of the dark colors and the twisting of the corn with a single path leading into darkness. Darkness that seemed mesmerizing and draws the eye in further. Jason was still clinging to me. I was getting excited since my cock was showing signs of getting bigger in my tight jeans. I felt the warmth of the fire inside the fireplace. He guided me to a leather couch and we sat next to each other. At this time I reached out and felt his chest. He was proud as he felt my hands touch his chest. He closed his eyes and took a steady breath inward to extend his chest even further. His right hand firmly grasp around my wrist and pushed further into his upper chest. Pulling my had down to his abdomen and finally to his crotch. Inside his pants was one big hard throbbing cock! Jason spoke up after a few minutes of us fondling each other. “You know why you are here…don’t you?” I looked at him with a sly smirk and said, “Well, yeah!” He responded and said, “I don’t think so!” He proceeded to remove my hand from his crotch and he stood up. He looked so impressive towing over me. He took a few steps toward the fireplace and gazed into it with a silent stare. He spoke in a methodical deep voice. “We want you to join our family. You see, I represent the…clan. A group of close-knit and interrelated group of men. With strong common interest.”
  10. 👹 INTERVIEW WITH A DEMON (WARNING: Deep evil, immoral, ritual, Devil, demonic - story fiction) Like any other day, it starts with the thought of sex. From the time I wake up in the morning with a hard-on. My usual routine is to jack off and start the day. If I don’t, I’m driven to search out sex throughout the day. This particular day, I forgo the jack-off routine and check my ad emails online. Hoping to make a hook-up. I Proceeded to get a couple hits over night. Sometimes I get lucky and others I can tell it’s just plain run-around. I write back or just delete. But, one email caught my eye. It had subject titled “ HAIL Sarah Palin” What the fuck! Not one for scam or wacko emails. I was so close to deleting the email and move on. My finger, curiously moved from the delete button, My hand moved the mouse like a Ouija game board marker. Before I knew it, the email opened up. A brief description opened up above my ad. “Hail brother! We saw your ad. My name is Jason. I’m 45 y.o, 5’-9”, 190#, bald, 8” cock. Let’s meet. Hope to hear back from you!.” It was a simple response. Attached to the email were a couple pics of Jason. One was a close up picture of his thick cock and hanging balls. Though, a couple things caught me off guard. Who is “We”? And what is with this “Hail brother” and “Hail Sarah Palin”? Trembling from the simple email, I was intrigued. Not sure what to do. Being a clean cut type with Christian upbringing, I paused. In the end, I sent back a reply. Very basic email. Not giving out too much information. As I “SEND” my email I started to get up, a “ding” email came back. It was from Jason. Damn, he must have been sitting at his computer anticipating to hear from me. I opened it up and it said he was available anytime. He preferred to meet at his place and in the evening or nights. It gave his text/phone number. It showed local number. Hey, what the heck, I texted him back right away. We had a open basic dialog back and forth for 10 minutes. I wasn’t still sure of what this was all about. I was still intrigued but unsure if I wanted to meet with him. But, he was insistent in meeting this evening. I agreed to time and his place.
  11. Thanks for The Follow! *smooch*

  12. hey and thanks for following me - amazing ass too...

  13. bb3raw

    The Flex in Cleveland

    Cleveland here. Versatile bottom. Always horny, Strictly BB email BB3raw@gmai.com twisted, perv >here.
  14. bb3raw

    Cleveland, Ohio

    Cleveland here. Versatile bottom. Always horny, Strictly BB email BB3raw@gmai.com twisted, perv >here.
  15. Cleveland here. Versatile bottom. Always horny, Strictly BB email BB3raw@gmai.com twisted, perv >here.

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