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    80% Bottom/20% Top. Love taking cock, kinky play, multiple partners.
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    BIMM here, likes the occasional m on m fun time. Group fun, bath houses, glory holes. Becoming such a cum slut.

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  1. I suck at least 5 cocks a week and get fucked and bred 3-4 times a month mostly thru the glory holes at the bookstore....wife has zero clue!!!!!
  2. I have actually noticed a couple guys filming me getting fucked thru the glory hole in the booth next to me...I didn't stop them but after my popper buzz subsides I worry about them posting it somewhere with my face exposed.....Would be hard to explain to the wife!
  3. Have been fucked 5 times in a sleeper! Loved it....one time at a rest area was walking from the sleeper I just got fucked in when another trucker asked me to join him in his....He loved having my cum loaded hole....no lube just the previous guys cum!
  4. I love BBC, was in my early forties when I first go it. Now, I crave it all the time. Can never turn down a black cock!
  5. Took 3 loads at the Anmoore Adult bookstore yesterday afternoon...2 of the 3 fucked me in the hallways between the booths...on guy wore a mask on his face while he dumped the seed from his uncut cock into my sloppy hole! Was so good to get some cock and cum! Great Day!
  6. I love feeling a cock sending ropes of cum into my hole.....
  7. If not getting bred at the bookstores, I am getting bred over my desk. Keep vaseline and poppers in my desk drawer!
  8. Yes, it sucks...have never been so fuckin horned up for cock!
  9. Negative as of last test...due for another test...not on prep!
  10. 7 loads over the last 5 days taking my count to 29 for the year!
  11. no affects here....have been bred 5 times this week
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