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    == Results from bdsmtest.org ==
    100% Non-monogamist
    99% Voyeur
    98% Exhibitionist
    80% Experimentalist
    73% Submissive
    65% Degradee
    59% Brat
    56% Rope bunny
    53% Primal (Prey)
    52% Masochist
    46% Slave
    43% Vanilla
    30% Switch
    25% Dominant
    21% Rigger
    18% Primal (Hunter)
    12% Degrader
    11% Ageplayer
    11% Daddy/Mommy
    10% Boy/Girl
    7% Master/Mistress
    6% Pet
    5% Sadist
    3% Brat tamer
    1% Owner
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    Wickr: barebeardfw
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    None yet
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    Not really looking for love. Mainly looking for friends that enjoy hanging out naked and seeing what happens. If I find love that’s an added bonus but still want to be able to fuck around. Also looking for HVL poz pigs to knock me up!

    I enjoy 1-on-1, but will never say no to being cum dump for a group of pigs.

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  1. Woke up horny and craving toxic loads. Wish I had a poz pig or two to help knock me up. ☣️🐷☣️

  2. Tony Bishop Sean Hunter Sebastian Rio Joel Someone Logan Stevens John Thomas Otto Samson Silver Steele Ryan Powers just to name a few…
  3. Amazing how a one time thing will turn into a never satisfied hunger. 😀
  4. I’m ready for the pandemic to end so I can go back to being a cum dump. 

  5. Ant tops in the DFW area enjoy breeding chub bottoms?
  6. I need to be used HARD by a group of poz pigs.

  7. Any poz pigs looking for a cum dump to knock up?

  8. Any pig tops in the DFW area looking for a cum dump bear bottom to whore out to friends? Hit me up if you are. No load refused!
  9. Would love to feel your PA ripping my neg hole up getting it ready for your poison.

  10. Would love to knock you up and give you gusts of my poz cum deep inside your fucking neg ass.

  11. Damn you're hot. My neg ass would love to have your toxic seed deep inside it.

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