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  1. Totally agree, a bit of a hairy gut a total Alpha turn on.
  2. Thank you for the follow!

    1. evilqueerpig


      Glad to have you!

  3. Thank you for following me.

    1. Read1


      A very inviting hole you have there! YUM!

    2. Konrad


      Well thank you! It's very welcuming and one of my good assets.

  4. Like only French men can do! Magnifique!!!!
  5. The bearded guy, imagining that he is a hairy beast of a top.
  6. As a bottom it's always up to the top despite my desire for condom off sperm inside.
  7. I wish I could say my nipples are wired but sadly they aren't but that's not to say I don't like them played with or sucked. They do get hard and enjoy the attention of the partner I'm with.
  8. I was having a sexual affair with a very sexy married guy. About once a week I would meet him at his office which always begin with an embrace and passionate kissing until we moved into his private office. He always prepared for our time together with a comforter on the floor, lube and condoms. Once in his office we undressed and the passionate sex began. He loved to fuck me on his desk, with me sitting in his one of his many chairs, standing up as well on the floor. In the beginning he always insisted on condoms as he was married until a few months into our affair. I respected his wishes
  9. Love that furry profile shot man.... just lyin' there and relaxing your sexy self.   The hairy ass shot is delicious as well.  Cheers

    1. Konrad


      Glad you like it my friend.  Yours is pretty hot too.  Love a creamy hole. 

  10. Thanks for the follow, man! Super sexy pics!!! WOOF

  11. Thanks for the follow Mate, smoking HOT torso shot!

  12. Thank you for the follow!

    1. finndude


      @Konrad you are welcome!

    2. DarkroomTaker


      Very sexy avator, awesome body...

    3. Konrad


      Thank you!

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