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    58, caucasian, 186 cm.; 98kg.; serious pipe-smoking fetish; reallly SERIOUSLY likes fucking creamy sweet man holes; capable of administering orgasm-inducing floggings and am told I'm a gifted fist fucking top. larger than average cock; attrated by hirsute masculine moustached/otherwise facially hairy guys. am on this forum more to learn than to teach.
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    affectionate bottoms without drama & trauma fetish; pipe/stogie smokers a + but most of it boils down to being honest, sober and attitude-free.

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  1. pipesmokin'manfucker

    Christmas Gift Ideas For the Gay Guy

    If he's into porn, get him a DVD he hasn't yet viewed, depicting the genre of porrn he likes. Non-sexually oriented gifts are good too. For example, a new shirt or other article of clothing. Once at Christmas a man I was involved with gave me one of those radios which only broadcast weather news. It would also set off an alarm if a tornado watch or warning had been issued...a recurring threat here in North Texas...
  2. I used to cruise in bars & that generally worked for me; i.e., I'd get some hole to fuck. Especially when some guy would ask me, "what brings you out tonight?" and I'd reply, in my usual direct manner, "I'm lookin' for some ass to fuck"...since I don't drink anymore and also since a lot of the men in the bars are on their iPhones, etc.,; thus physically present but mentally absent, that approach no longer works well for me. I have been labeled a "vibe-boy" and it's true: I emit some mighty strong ones and lotsa guys pick up on them...
  3. Feeling the throbs of a man's cock in my mouth and tasting/savoring/swallowing his cream is GREAT! I can't say it's as pleasurable as getting fucked in the ass because, altho I've tried it, I didn't much care for getting fucked in the ass. But I sure do love sucking cock... Now, when it cums to ME fucking a hot man in the ass: yeah, that's great, too. To put it mildly.
  4. pipesmokin'manfucker

    Can a hole be too loose?

    From my own experiences, the short answer to this question is "yes". But then I'm told I have a moderately thick cock; and so far holes that are too loose have never been much of an issue for me.
  5. pipesmokin'manfucker

    How was your first breeding experience?

    the 1st time I ever fucked without a condom was in 1995. I had been attending a 3-day convention/training session in Montreal for professional translators; on the final day a banquet (?) was to take place but I betook myself to the Gay Village instead 'cause I felt like eating something else. (!!) So I was at the Aigle noir (leather bar) - met this very attractive guy abt. 5 yrs. my junior and we got to conversing and before long we went off to his nearby hotel - while I was in the middle of fucking him, the condom came off and I continued to fuck him without one. Felt so good I thought I'd pass out. Tant pis: never saw him again- he was a cook on a laker - but the experience with him left an indelible mark on my memory.
  6. pipesmokin'manfucker

    I'm fucked in the head

    Maybe you're not fucked in the head at all but just temporarily stuck at the sexual corner of WALK and DON'T WALK.
  7. pipesmokin'manfucker

    [BikeGuy13] Mediocre

    You can't judge a book by its cover.
  8. pipesmokin'manfucker

    BOTTOM RANT: Am I the only one who hates this?

    Well as my nickname suggests I ain't no bottom but I have been on here since 1 yr. ago exactly today...in my profile I say I'm here to learn; and believe me, I have learned a lot. I learned some things I'd just as soon not have known. However awareness of the multi-faceted ways in which lotsa gay men rhapsodise over their sexual behaviours has given me plenty of food for thought. I, too, wonder about the mental well-being of people who are apparently devoted to what are in effect slow suicides. It alarms me that some guys derive some kinda malicious delight in aiming acts of violence against other gay men and exploiting their vulnerabilities. I call that selfishness and irresponsibility. And please don't attack or dismiss what I express by asking me "who the hell do I think I am, to judge others?" We all judge situations and behaviours all the time. Another word for that is "evaluation". Once i said on this forum my grandmother taught me strictly never to judge anyone's inner moral stature. But objective behaviours? They're fair game. Some stuff on here is downright alarming. I freely admit I have a hypocritical side to me about a mile wide. I'm working on that. I plan to stay on here and continue observing and reflecting on what other members have to say. It can't hurt me. Every individual on this site is unique and irrepeatable. If that observation were shown more consideration and recognition then I think we all of us might be moving in healthier, safer and untimately more fulfilling directions. Ramybe mums. (Lithuanian for "tranquility be with us")
  9. pipesmokin'manfucker

    Mainstream Porn stars who transition to Bareback

    Colby Keller gets quite a hand-job from Morgan Black (I'd do them BOTH in a heartbeat) in the recent T.I.M. release entitled "Milk It" - does his appearance there presage other things to cum?
  10. pipesmokin'manfucker

    Do you believe you're the "only one"

    Nobody ever tells me such a thing & if anyone did, I wouldn't believe it but I would wonder why I'm being told that...I'm told I throw a fierce fuck but I don't harbour the irrational fantasy that I'm the fuck-master of the world - LOL!
  11. Thanks for the nice compliment ;)

  12. Bottom men's butts drive me nuts.

  13. From yr pix I'd label you "eye candy"!

  14. "I'm pretty much a total bottom for fucking". One of the most beautiful and consoling and reassuring sentences in the English language. Utter music to my ears.

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