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  1. boothslut

    Seeking Off-Season Play In Provincetown!

    I was thinking about heading out there this year for a Friday to Sunday trip on Thanksgiving weekend. So I did a search here and found your post from a year ago. Just wondering how it went and if you have any suggestions.
  2. boothslut

    Best sex club?

    What's the parking situation in the area for someone coming from out of town? I would be in a pickup with a cap so a parking garage would have to offer some clearance above that needed for a car. Safe?
  3. boothslut

    New Hope area host Nov. 3rd to 5th

    Usually in the area for same event early spring and late fall. Would love to find others to play with in the eves when I'm there.
  4. boothslut

    "I Need a New Home"

    I hope this is a set up for a sequel.
  5. Squirt.org has a good listing by state. I've had fun at the one in Waterbury. Any place I've been has been hit or miss. I've been meaning to try the Providence venues. I tend to hit the cruising areas, Mtn Park nearby, or Rock River in the summer. Sometimes head up to Joe's Hideaway.
  6. boothslut

    older guy

    Hot! I haven't taken any known poz loads yet. Would love to be made to beg for it!
  7. boothslut

    Joining the Poz Party

    End? Oh there's so much more to tell.
  8. boothslut

    Drunk at the Lake

    Joe's Hideaway in NH is a fun spot.
  9. boothslut

    A Visit to Key West

    Wow, never thought about that angle, are you on the pill ?, aka PREP. I'm not on the pill so that makes me fertile for poz breeders. Love the impregnation ANALogy.
  10. boothslut

    Park Cruise

    Please drop the Purple font. Difficult to read. And if anyone needs someone to edit their stories for grammar and spelling I can make suggestions. I'm not a pro but sometimes a little proofreading helps.
  11. There's a wooded cruising area near me. So one day when I was feeling frisky and despite my masculine features since I'm a bit of a sissy slut I put on some tan crotchless pantyhose, crotchless pink panties, and slipped some tight short shorts on over them and a t-shirt. Unless you look close at my legs I appear as any other guy out for a jog. Most anyone in these woods is a guy looking for sex of some sort but once in awhile some straights do wander through. I started down the main trail to head to the back of the woods where it is typical to find some raunchy action. Along the way I looked off to my right and on a side path was a guy I recognized as one I had been with before. He was part Asian, not particularly attractive and since I couldn't recall the particulars of our meeting I figured it must have been a ho-hum time. So I kept walking but at least he was there if I didn't find anyone else. As I walked to the far end of the woods I looked back and sure enough he was following me. This always gives me a boner making me feel like some sort of sexual prey. I checked out some spots that guys meet at but there was no one. So I ended up at the end of the trail. It is a packed down spot behind a few fallen trees. There is always a few signs of sexual activity, some tissues or a condom wrapper which adds some arousal to the scene. I decided to wait for him and see what happens. He came along in a few minutes and we very shortly got down to business sucking on each other. After I saw his cock I remembered him. He had a small one and didn't cum much. But we continued to play and he showed interest in mounting me. I pulled down my shorts showing my slutty attire and he started probing my hole. All of a sudden he pulls away and starts zipping up his pants. I look up and there is a guy and a dog walking our way. I also pull up my shorts. But then almost right away the Asian guys says that it's ok, he knows the guy. The new guy walks up and obviously knows what's going on and starts some small talk. He's an older guy, not fat but not in shape, a bit sloppily dressed, unshaven, and also not particularly attractive. But it isn't long before the three of us start fondling and sucking. Then the Asian guy started where he left off with my ass. So I was soon being spit roasted, a cock in both ends. I was in sissy slut heaven. Then the Asian guy asks the older guy if he wants some, so they switch spots. The older guy walks up to me bent over and sees my tight firm ass in the crotchless pink panties and tan pantyhose and says "Oh, yes!" He aimed his raw cock at my hole and slid on in. He was a bit bigger than the Asian guy so it felt real good getting fucked while I sucked on the cock that had been in my ass. They swapped back and forth a few times and then with the older guy back in my ass and the Asian in my mouth I thought I felt the raw cock in my ass pulse and a bit of warmth. But the guy said nothing and just kept pumping away so I didn't give it any more thought. I continued to suck the Asian and wiggle my slutty ass, pushing back to meet the thrusts of the older guy. The Asian guy finally came and pumped a few small hardly noticeable squirts of cum into my mouth. He moved around behind me to watch the older guy fuck me. I heard them talking a bit but couldn't understand what they were saying since I was bent over. But the Asian guy was definitely voicing his approval of the scene. The older guy fucked me for awhile and then eventually pulled out and apologized for not being able to cum. I said, "That's ok , as long as everyone had a good time." They both left and I wandered around a bit and found a few cocks to suck. I eventually found someone to suck me off and shoot my load but I didn't find anyone else to take any more loads from. So I went home satisfied and changed my clothes. About an hour after I got home I felt the urge to fart but I knew better and headed for the toilet. I pulled down my pants and then my underwear. There in my underwear was a big pile of cum. I then sat down and proceeded to fart. Massive quantities of cum flooded into the toilet. How that guy pumped so much cum into me without me hardly noticing is beyond me. As well he must have shot it in deep since it hadn't leaked into the panties I was wearing earlier and didn't work it's way out until much later. He was a real pro at stealthing making me think he might be poz since he made sure to deny that he had cum in me. I was disappointed he didn't tell me he was cumming in me all that time. I'm hoping to run into at least that older guy again whom I will remember for long time.
  12. boothslut

    Need to Make Sure...Don't We?

    Love the terms "bitch" and "pussy." So demeaning. fuck me like a bitch Lots of hot dirty song videos on youtube like that one or soundcloud.
  13. I would like to attend a daytime event in the New Hope area on that weekend. Looking for a place to stay within a reasonable distance for me and my dog. Would be nice to meet another or others with similar interests.
  14. boothslut

    Biker gives me 3 loads

    I was setting up my tent at a nude gay campground in NH when a biker drove up the road. He had to stop for someone backing a trailer into another site. I wasn't quite nude yet, but was just in some skimpy bikini briefs. He was in full biker gear and had quite the ride, an Indian. We eyed each other as he waited for the driveway to clear. I knew I had scored and wondered how we would end up meeting. I figured it would happen later in the evening. I finished setting up, undressed and grabbed a towel and rushed up to the pool to enjoy some sun and a dip in the saltwater pool. I promptly laid down on one of the many loungers and closed my eyes to relax and enjoy the warmth of a rare hot late summer day while listening to the music over the outdoor speakers. I wasn't there long when I heard a voice asking if I minded that he use the lounger next to me. I opened my eyes and replied, that he was welcome to it. It was the biker of course and we began to make some small talk and ended up getting along quite well. He was older and fit as I am and had quite a nice cock. He had rented a trailer there for a few nights and after we took a dip in the pool he invited me over to it. I went to my site to grab a few things and walked on over to his place. He gave me a tour of the trailer and of course we wound up at the bedroom. It was a fifth wheel trailer so the bedroom was up a few steps. He was on the upper step and I found myself at mouth to nipple level with him. I wasn't going to waste anytime with this hunk, I immediately began licking and sucking his nipples. Needless to say we wound up in the bed exploring one another. With a hunk like him I tend to be a bottom so my legs were soon pointing to the ceiling and along with some spit for lube his raw cock was plunging my firm ass. His cock fit my hole perfectly and he was a good lover. He soon became quite excited and I thought he was going to cum right then and there but he stopped. He asked me where I wanted it and assured me he was "clean." I'm thinking I know that line but didn't care either way and told him to cum in me. He hammered away not too hard but just right and eventually flooded my ass with his biker juice. I spent the night with him and most of the next day. I ended up taking two more of his loads. During one session I urged him on, "Give it to me," and "Breed me." He wasn't as verbally abusive as I would have liked but I'm sure he didn't want to risk scaring me away either. Not that I would have been. Just before he shot his load he got a determined look in his eye while thrusting harder and harder and said, "Your getting it," "Take it." So I'm not sure if I got stealthed or not. We exchanged numbers but he lives several hours away so not sure if we'll meet again.
  15. boothslut

    Maine Coast

    Wondering where to find action along the Maine coast. Looking for a place to stay on Airbnb now. Just thought it might be nice to get a place near where we might find some action.

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