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  1. dupontbbman

    New here... A little intro!

    I would like to go back too...
  2. dupontbbman

    Sling Party Uptown

    Fucking hot story.
  3. hey, cool profile indeed - and thanks for following me, surely hope you find this site helpful



  4. dupontbbman


    Really hot story. I'd love the fuck to watch and participate too
  5. dupontbbman

    My Annual Exam

    Fucking HOT!!!
  6. dupontbbman

    First Time

    I want to be like you Rublthlad. How was it that first one knowing he was poz and no meds? What he say to you before? And after the fuck?
  7. dupontbbman

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I am mostly a Btm but to my surprise I fucked and bred a hot poz guy this past weekend and he swallowed 2 of my loads.
  8. dupontbbman

    My Boyfriend's Poz Support Group Buddy

    Fucking amazing story...WOOF
  9. dupontbbman

    Gloryhole Cum Pig

    WOOOF...very hot
  10. dupontbbman

    Anyone tried K9 ?

    Any k9 guys in MD or VA?
  11. You are one hot fucker...want to be your poz brother...

  12. dupontbbman

    Who's Your Favorite Porn Star Top?

    Winfried Knight is fucking hot

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