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  1. Freddy was visiting his first bathhouse. He was just a few days past nineteen. Freddy was out and open about being gay for years now but never really did anything. Never had a boyfriend. Never even had done anything sexual before today. He was handson and in good shape. Standing at 5'9 black hair brown eyes with a slightly tanned skinny body. He was spending time studying and playing sports. Too busy. Today he change all that. He had let a couple of guys suck him off and returned the favor. This was all done with condoms. He did not know the difference. This bathhouse had a section he was told to avoid by one of the guys he was with. Freddy was told that going there ment submiting to certain things he may not want to do. Well, after a few hours Freddy decided to take one last walk around the place and if he saw nothing new he would leave. He had his fun. He saw the area he was warned about before and did not plan to enter. However, a man came out of one of the rooms. Freddy knew this was one of the bigger rooms that could hold multiple amount of men. The man was fully clothed. "Kid, I need to talk to you." Freddy was a little nervous about this. "Don't worry kid. We are supposed to be shooting a porn film in here and a camera operator is out. We need someone to just hold a camera and record. That's all. I can pay you 250 bucks for this. What do you say?" Freddy was intreguied by this. "Just the camera and nothing else?" "I promise you will do nothing you do not want to do." Freddy agreed. The room was plenty big. There was room for him, the other camera guy and the director. Freddy was given a robe to wear as introductions were made. The director said to call him Pete and the other cameraguy was called Mack. Freddy was given a camera on a tripod and was told he just had to keep the lens focused and record where Pete pointed. Mack knew what was needed from his camera. A georgous young guy walked in completly naked. He was only carring in what looked like a drivers licence. Which was strange bec Freddy had to turn his in for the room he had. HE looked very young and seemed very excited. Pete had this new guy sit on the bed. Pete stayed off camera but talked to him. "So, tell us your name." "Call me Seth." "'Seth you got that second ID so you could be here?" "I did. Here it is for all to see." His last name was blocked but it showed his name was Seth and that today was his 18th birthday. "Now Seth, I want to make sure you understand everything you are agreeing to and that you concent to all of it." Seth replied, "Oh yes, I know everything involved. I am absolotely POSITIVE, I want all this." Pete had the guy pose for a couple of minutes when the doors opened a second time and another man walked in. This man was huge in more ways than one. About 6 feet 4 inches tall. He must have weighed over 200 pounds and it was all muscle. He also had a dick that looked like it was 10 inches soft. He was covered with tattoos. He had a couple of different biohazard and scorpion ones. Freddy knew what was happening now. Seth was going to get Pozzed. "This little faggot looks cute. I get to give him my gift on his birthday. This will be fun." Freddy felt his dick get hard. He tried to controll it but could not. This was turning him on like nothing he had seen before. Seth tried to suck the new guy's dick but was unable to. He did not have the experience to take it all into his nouth. "Lie on your back" Seth was told. The big man, no one said his name so we will just call him Pozzer, removed a couple of items from under the bed. They were a bottle of lube and a toothbrush. Freddy was confused about the toothbrush until Pozzer put a little lube on the bristles and inserted it into Seth's ass. Pozzer pushed it around for a few seconds and pulled it out. It was covered with blood. Pozzer then put some lube on his massive and hard dick. Seth was told to lift up his legs and grab his ankles. He did as instructed. Pozzer then shoved his cock right into Seth's ass. It was tight and Seth yelled out in pain and pleasure. Pozzer pushed harder and harder until Seth had taken all of his dick. Pozzer was violent with his grinding and fucking. Seth was in extacy. He was yelling out "Fuck me, Poz me. Give me all of it." Pozzer was more than happy to do it. Pozzer came multiple times into Seth's ass. Freddy could see some cum drip out even with the huge dick blocking the way. Seth also shot a couple of loads of his chest. When Pozzer said this was his last load Freddy felt something happen. No one was touching him. He was not rubbing his dick against anyone or thing. He could feel that he was about to cum. As Pozzer shot his last load Freddy started to cum as well. The director say what was happening and moved quickly to swallow Freddy's load. Pozzer slowly pulled out his dick and had Seth lay there while also licking the cum and blood off of Pozzer's cock. Peter suggested that Freddy lick the cum off of Seth. He did so. He tasted cum for the first time and loved it. "Well Seth, it looks like you took your first Poz loads. Any regrets?" "None. I am headed to the doctor's office tomorrow to get tested. I cannot wait for the results." Pozzer then said, "I am super toxic and you got multiple rounds of my death cum. You are infected for sure." Seth jumped up and hugged Pozzer like he had recieved the best gift ever. Seth even had tears of joy over this. Freddy had to admit that he had never been this turned on before. "Now Freddy," Peter said, "Are you ready for your turn to be Pozzed?" Part 2 coming soon.
  2. I mean, what is the point of getting fucked if you don't experience that wonderful feeling of getting that hot cum inside of you.
  3. Ben arrived at his new massage therapy office. He needed at least two to three a week to deal with his pain and stress. He was injured in a car accident a while ago and it gave him a bad back. It really only hurt when he was stressed and his job was very stressful. After filling out the required paperwork he met his new therapist. His name was Jason. Jason was a nice looking man with tattoos on his arm and neck. He was also tall and muscular. Of course he was also very good looking. That did not mean anything to Ben. He was, at the time, straight. To Ben Jason was the man giving him a massage. "Take your shirts off and lie on the bed face down." Jason instructed. Ben did as he was told. Jason rubbed Ben's back. It was going great. Ben never had a better and more healing then he had ever experienced. Ben was very satisfied. He gave Jason a big tip when done and he wanted to make sure he got Jason next time. He saw the receptionist to set up his next appointment. The receptionist ask if Jason acted un professionally. "No, why?" asked a confused Ben. "He has a side business that he is not allowed to advertise here." Well, Ben did not care about that. He only cared about getting healthy. After a few days he came back. Ben had another great session. He started to notice the artwork on his arm. There was one that was very curious it was the phrase "POZ PRIDE" in the gay rainbow colors. Ben had no idea what that meant and decided it was none of his business. Ben, once again, left very happy. He grabbed a flyer with the full names of all the therapists on it. The receptionist always asked about any talk of his side business. He said no but he decided to see if he could find out anything. He liked Jason and if he could throw some business his way he would. Ben got onto his computer and did an internet search on Jason. He found the side business. Well, he now knew what the receptionist was talking about. His side business was an escort service for men. His web site said he had a no condom rule. He was a an escort that was for men who wanted to catch HIV. Now Ben understood what the POZ PRIDE tattoo meant. The site was full of pictures, testimonials and there were also videos for a fee. "WOW!" Ben thought. He shut down the webpage. He tries to do other things but was distracted. He went back to Jason's page ant started exploring it for a while. He looked at some pictures and found them kind of hot. Ben went to bed later and jacked off to his thought of what he just saw. The next session he felt different when he was touched by Jason. He felt a little turned on. Ben was glad he was wearing pants or his hard-on might show. Jason asked if he was okay. "Yeah, just fine. You always do a great job." Jason seemed okay with that answer. Ben started spending more time on Jason's page. He saw every picture and read every testimonial. Ben decided to pay for access to the videos. He watched as all kinds of men were fucked by Jason and celebrating receiving his gift. Ben was enjoying these more and more with each viewing. He clicked on the make an appointment part of the site but hesitated. He knew what it means. Was he really going to do this. Yes he was. HE made the appointment. He set up for a meeting for the next day. He followed all the cleaning instructions He showed up at the address and was greeted by Jason. "I knew this was going to happen. I could tell after you first visited my page." Jason said. Ben handed Jason his tribute and Jason responded by giving Ben a strong embrace and a passionate kiss. Jason was only wearing a robe and took it off when he finished with his kiss. Ben could see all of Jason's body now. He had seen it in the videos and pictures, of course, but seeing in in front of him was something else all together. His body are was easier to make out now. There were all kinds of tattoos. He had gay, poz and pentagrams on his body. "Now we begin. We are going to do something special, not seen on the videos you watched." Jason told, no ordered Ben to strip naked. Ben obeyed. He was in pretty good shape himself but nothing like this man in front of him. Ben felt weak kneed. "Kneel down" Jason commanded. Ben did as told. "Worship my cock." Ben did not know what to do so he prayed to this 10 inch icon in front of him. "Good, now take it in your mouth my new bitch." Ben started to give his first blow job. He could not take much as he was so inexperienced. Jason laughed, "we will work on that." Pulling his dick out he said to follow him to the ritual room and strip. The ritual room was lit with candles and he could barley see the what was on the walls. Jason had Ben lie on a bed on his back. Jason then started a weird incantation. Jason seemed to have red eyes. He was not sure if it was the candles or something else. "It is time to begin." Jason started to rub his finger on Ben's ass and pushed a finger in. Jason rubbed his finger inside Ben and made some cuts inside of him. "It is time. From now on call me Master, understand my Bitch and that is your name from now on, understand my Bitch?" "Yes my Master." The Master soon started to push his dick into his Bitch's ass. This was really happening Ben, no now he was Bitch, thought. Taking his first dick was magical. It was painful as it was going in. Since there was almost no lube and his hole was cherry made it more painful. Bitch found he enjoyed the pain. Each inch slowly opened up his bitch cunt. Bitch was loving it. "Please Master fuck me as hard as you can." Master got an evil look on his face. It seemed to change completely. He looked demonic now his tongue seemed longer, his face seemed to be scalier. He was not sure what was going on. Then again he did not care. He just wanted to feel his Master's hard cock fuck him. Master said, "Are you ready to feel it all?" His voice sounded like two people were talking. "Yes" "Good." He thought he was going crazy but it felt like Master's dick was getting even bigger inside of him. He was fucked for what felt like hours, as it turns out it was. Bitch never wanted to stop but it was going to be soon. "I am ready to cum. Soon my death sperm will fill you up and make you a poz like so many others. Are you ready for this?" "Yes my Master." "Good." Then he could feel his hot toxic deadly cum. I felt like a fire inside of him a good one. As his Master finished giving his seed he took a small knife and made a little cut on his hand. he put the blood into a saucer like dish next to the bed. Bitch almost passed out from all of this. As he rested the Master then collected what came out oh Bitch's ass on the same dish. The Master said another incantation over it and then fed the contents to his Bitch. "Sleep now my new servant. You need it. We are just beginning." Thank you for reading this. I hope you enjoyed it. Now I am going to do something unusual. I want you to continue this story. I want to see where the readers here take these two. To me we are a community so I want this story to be community driven.
  4. Speaking for myself, I have never sent one. I love receiving them though.
  5. This is my first attempt at a dark story. I was in a strange city in a strange bar meeting a stranger. He was going to change my life. I never thought I would do something like this but, here I am. Maybe I should go back and explain how I got here. Yeah, that way I can show you what happened from my prospective. My name is Keith.I am a bisexual man. I did stuff with other guys when I was younger. Always safe and always brief. After college I met and married the woman who would become my wife. Her name is Nikki I decided to give up doing gay stuff. I really did love her and being gay was not as accepted. I also took a job in computers and finance which made me rich. I also came from family money. I settles into, what I thought, was a happy life. I was wrong. Just out of the blue my wife just stopped wanting sex with me. She just stopped. When I tried to find out what was wrong she just blew me off. She was going out more. I wound up using my tablet to watch porn. Mt desire for guys was slowly coming back. I watched more and more gay porn. I delved deeper and deeper into it. I found all sort of different types. I got into bareback which led my to pozzing porn. When I first learned about pozzing, bug catching and gift giving I thought it was not real. However, the more I read the more I learned how real it is and how hot it can be. Soon it was all I could watch. I still hoped it would work out with my wife but was starting to desire the feel of raw skin on skin in my ass. The moment I knew it was over was when I found out that she was not only having an affair she was having that affair with the man I thought was my best friend. To be honest they were fucking before Nikki and I started dating. She wanted to marry me for money. I was crushed at first. I knew what was coming and I needed to protect my assets and get as much proof as I could. Then it hit me. Why just do all this legal crap when I could get revenge and turn them against each other. I started doing research on the deep web to find what I was, or rather whom, I was looking for. I found the perfect guy. He was a drop dead gorgeous, he was very well endowed and he was a poz. I was going to meet him soon. I made an excuse to travel to another town where he lived. That is where I am now. Sitting in a bar waiting for him to show. I had a suite in a five star hotel for us and I was going to get him for the whole weekend. He walked up to me and asked, "You the guy?" "Yes" was my response. He ordered a drink on my tab. He asked if I had it with me. {The money.} I told him half now and half back the room. He was actually okay with that. So we finished our drinks and left. I could not wait for what was about to happen. The conclusion will be posted soon.
  6. I promise there is going to be more. I, however, have another story subject stuck in my head and I need to get it done first.
  7. What a great story so far.
  8. More will come. Next I am going to tell what happened from Kim's perspective.
  9. Chapter three: This was the longest two and a half hours of my life. After giving Kim his first ever blow job and leaving right after to go to class, I could not think about anything but him. At first I thought that I was going to enjoy the weekend with him. Introducing him to how perfect fucking is. Then I started to worry, what if he does not want to do it? What if I scared him off? What if he does something regretful? I could not get the thoughts about what was going to happen next, both good and bad. The minutes seemed to drag on. It felt like a whole day had dragged on. When my second class ended and I was done until Monday I walked as quickly as I could back to the dorm. If he was still there or not I had to know. I came into the room and did not see him. I was disappointed for a second when I realized that he was coming out of the bathroom, freshly showered and wrapped in a towel. "Hey Kim. You feeling better?" I asked. "Yes, I am. Thank you." He walked over and gave me a big hug. Man he smelt great. He was wearing a scent that I had told him that when guys wear drives me crazy. He pulled me in as close as he could. I felt his dick get hard against me. HE then took my hands as his towel dropped on the floor. He then leaned in and kissed me like I had done earlier. Now I pulled him in and made it a kiss of passion. His first real kiss. I guided him to his bed and made him sit down. I took off my jacket and shirt. He undid my belt as I kicked off my shoes. I stopped for a second to remove my socks. I felt silly in just socks. He then took off my boxers. We were both completely naked. I wasted this and him more than anything but needed to make sure he wanted this as well. I put his hand on my semi-hard dick and had Kim gently stroke it. "Kim, you know what I do. You know I make no exceptions. If we do this you know what we are getting into. Are you sure you want this." "Yes." he softly spoke. "Tell me what you want Kim." "I want you to introduce me to gay sex." "NO, tell me what you really want." I was getting turned on even more by what was happening now, the way he was looking at me with submissive eyes. "I want you to fuck my cherry hole bareback." He cooed. "NO! Tell me what you really want me to do to you. Be completely honest." I demanded. He smiled, looked me dead in the eyes and said, "I want you to fuck my ass and fill me with your HIV AIDS Poz cum. I want to be converted." That was all I needed t hear. I kissed him again while pushing him down on the bed. "Stay there." I said after getting him to lie down with his hole in the air, thanks to an extra pillow. I went to get two items from my area. First was some lube the second was, well, something I created to put on the tip of my finger. I started to eat his ass. I loved how a man's butt tastes. I got it good and wet with my tonged. With that only I inserted one finger into his ass. Kim let out a sound of surprise. He did not know that on my finger was a small metal device that had a small sharp point. It was just enough to make a few small cuts inside him. These would give easier access to his blood stream. "Well, this ass needs to be taken." I said while rubbing just barley enough lube to get my cock in his ass. "Are you ready?" I never gave him a chance to answer. I shoved my dick, which I swear has never felt harder, right into him. His man pussy resisted at first but I pressed harder. Kim screamed in pain. {I hoped no one heard it.) He then panted " Fuck my ass. Breed me. Make me a poz. He had been reading the stories I left out. I pushed all the way in. He yelled in pain and pleasure as I fucked him no longer cherry ass. I felt like his ass was the perfect fit for my dick. I was enjoying every thrust. This was the best fucking I have ever given. Kin then screamed "I am going to cum." He never touched his own dick but came anyway. I wiped up some and fed it to him. "Nice. You are a natural bottom. I am going to enjoy fucking you many more times." "Yes, please make me your little gay bottom lover." "Tell me what you are now Kim." He screamed "I am a bottom fagot. I want dicks in my boy pussy. In my man cunt. Please cum in me give me your gift." I could not say no to that. I shot a hot load into his ass. I did not stop I started thrusting faster. I was not going to let myself get soft. My dick stayed hard as I kept going. "Time for round two." He could not believe what was happening to him. Feeling my cum in his ass rubbing against my dick as I was also forcing my virus cum into the cuts I gave him. Kim was getting pozzed tonight no matter what. Kim came two more times before I gave him a second helping of my own. I decided to give him a break. I slowly withdrew my dick from him and gave him some comforting kisses. Some of what I gave him started leaking out. I caught as much as I could with my fingers and fed it to him. I held him not saying a word. Kim soon fell into a deep sleep. I saw his beautiful face at peace and found it so hot that I got hard again. I decided to take one more turn at his ass. I was gentle this time and did not wake him. He did get another dose of my hot poz cum in him though. Oh yes. This was only the beginning.
  10. If I meet one first I will let you know.
  11. Chapter two: Kim and grew closer as the weeks went by. He was, really, my only friend. We work out together, study together and talk freely. I am still lusting after him. I sometimes swipe his boxers that he wore while working out to jerk off to. He is just getting hotter to me. I guess the fact that I am not well liked on campus is a factor. I am very open about being gay (that's okay) I am also open about being poz (also fine) the problem is that I am not ashamed of getting pozzed on purpose. That has drawn a lot of hate. That's is fine. I still go out and meet hot guys for fucking. I am also working on ,y seduction plan for Kim. When we talk I tell him about my experiences with sex. Kim is a virgin and is interested in what I have done. I have a book of pictures of me and my partners. I also leave copies of people getting pozzed for him to read. I know he is looking through them. I know he had been keeping them a little longer each time. The only time I do not like being around him is when Judith shows up. She hates me. Judith looks down on me for my common back ground and for being gay. She also treats Kim badly. Always talking down to him. I have been trying to get him to break up with her but he is to concerned with his parents. They like her because she has money and status. He hates the relationship I can see it in his eyes. I do know that I have been an influence on him in at least one way. He is now masturbating. He thinks that I cannot hear him. I can. I am turned on by this. I can sometimes get a good look at nice dick. I think he even moaned my name once. It is working. I know that I am soon going to get him. However, something happened to speed up my plans. I came back to the dorm after my first class. It was extra early today so I had to skip my morning routine in the gym. I had a long break between classes. Kim was there. He was still in his gym shorts. I could tell he never left that morning. He had been crying. "What happened?" I asked. Kim got up and hugged me, started crying again and sat back down. "Judith dumped me. She was fucking other guys and was just using me. She called me and my parents to end things. Now my parents say it is all my fault. I have been just sitting here ever since." "I am sorry." I sat down next to him and put my arm around him. Kim decided to not go to class today and I decided to stay with him until I had to leave. "Can I do something to help you feel better and forget." "What is that?" I decided it was now or never. I gave him a kiss right on his lips. Just a small closed mouth. I kissed him a second time. Also a quick peck. "Please, let me make you feel better." He nodded his head. I kissed his him down his chest until I reached his shorts. I yanked them down and took his beautiful dick into my mouth. I gave my friend his first blow job. I sucked him slowly. I savored how good it tasted and how good it felt in my mouth. I tried to keep it going but he started to cum into my mouth. I eagerly took all him sperm into my mouth except for the very last of it. I swallowed the wonderful cum in my mouth. The small amount that was still on his dick I used my finger to scoop up as much as I could. I then rubbed it on my lips. I then gave Kim a kiss and then left for class. I knew that he would soon be mine.
  12. When I first heard about pozzing, gift giving and bug chasing I thought it was horrible. Then I decided to open my mind and research it. I this started to see the appeal. I am now into it big time.

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