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  1. Such a sexy arsenal. Can I come and cum?
  2. Since getting pozzed its only raw for me now
  3. I know in real life there are more bottoms than tops but I love to see a bottom servicing a line of tops. One cums, pulls out and gets replaced by the next top in line. And. So. On. In real life I have only been in that slight scenario once when I was at Greenhouse sauna in Luton and had 3 tops all to myself.
  4. Has ANYONE heard from this guy? No. Thought not. #tosspot
  5. Does Herts count as North London?
  6. Should have taken raw cock more frequently back in the day. Yes, I'm poz now but undetectable thanks to meds and enjoy bareback sex all the more.
  7. 1st night on Hampstead Heath for ages. After wandering around whilst it got dark I ended up in the dark room with my trousers round my ankles and my arse on display. I took about 7 or 8 different cocks but one was thick and the top knew what he was doing. He fucked a couple of other guys but came back to my hole. He then said I should follow him. We left the dark room and found a fallen tree that he made me bend over. He fucked me again and I asked for his load. After about another 5 minutes of fucking he unloaded in my hole. He pulled his cock out and walked off into the darkness. I retur
  8. I'm up for this but slightly concerned that I won't hear anything back. I know not everyone is to everyone's taste and that's part of life but a "thanks but no thanks " would always be appreciated. Ok, there. I've said my piece. Come fuck my hole 🕳 and prove my worries wrong.
  9. Its a club not a sauna. Go on Monday or Thursday evenings when its naked. You'll get all the cock you can take
  10. I agree with you. I've been bent over barrells and kneeling on benches in main room taking all cocks. Bloody great. Can't wait for them to reopen
  11. The curved handle of an upright Hoover vacuum cleaner
  12. Just to north of Barnet in Hertfordshire
  13. I take all cocks and loads. Therefore, I'm not at all fussy!
  14. You looking for another bottom your group? Asking for a friend..
  15. Hi. I read that the pub had kicked the various clubs out. There may well be lots of empty or underused premises post lockdown. Hope so.
  16. North London but my Visa is good for going south of the river
  17. On bbrt 1hornyjohn Location North London
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