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    Fucking Raw Bareback! I want HIV and AIDS in my veins and in my blood! I want to look wasted as hell when I seroconvert!
    Looking for wasted AIDS men to fuck me raw and POZ me!
    Depraved slut! 666
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    I'm GAY! Bareback sex only! No condoms allowed! No pulling out!
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    Hot raw bareback poz fucking! 603-410-7622
    kevy1109 on BBRT Skype NKP Breeding Zone Twitter and Grandslammerz.net

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  1. I want to give you my highly toxic load...you will poz from it

    1. kevy1109


      I'm getting fucked raw and POZZED on Friday April 19th!!! I would love to have you fuck me raw and give me your strain of HIV!!!  The more strains the better!!!   Kevin


  2. I'm getting POZZED next weekend by 3 AIDS guys!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. kevy1109


      One has a 9 inch POZ cock, another a 10 inch POZ cock, and the third POZ guy has a 12 inch POZ cock!  All 3 POZ guys have AIDS!

    3. Assfuckpure
    4. BearOKC69_Poz


      Hail Sarah Palin. Take every toxic Poz load you can Brother. Then have Negs breed you while your cunt is loaded. 

  3. NO MEDS for me when I become POZ!!!
  4. BBSEROMAN; Please POZ ME! Kevin  603-410-7622 kevy1109 on BBRT Skype NKP  Twitter and Barebackbastards!

  5. Thanks for the follow Kevy

  6. Thank you Kevy1109 for following me

  7. I might be getting POZZED on Friday!  If it happens I'll let everyone know! Kevin


  8. Please POZ ME!! Kevin 603-410-7622

  9. BBSEROMAN; Please POZ ME!! Kevin 603-410-7622

  10. 9 years old with a 10 year old boy! We got naked and tried fucking each other! An experience I enjoyed very much at that age!
  11. I Love all the pictures of the twinks!  Ahh...Twink paradise!

    1. Saturn1


      Thank you! I am glad that you like them and that they make you HAPPY! They want to make you HAPPY!!! ;) 

  12. Where do you live?  Wish you could POZ me! 603-410-7622


    1. Saturn1


      Hey, you! It's been awhile! OMG, you are STILL Neg?!?!?

    2. kevy1109


      Yes! Damn it! Can you help?

  13. Wish those cars belonGed to chemmed up AIDS tops who you have arranGed to converT me.

  14. Brad;

    Are you going to Tim Tyler's new party in Providence, RI on second Sunday of February?  Kevin


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