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    Fucking, kissing, sucking cock, getting fucked raw bareback! Ready to get stung by toxic scorpion and go over to the dark side!
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Gay Male; always have been! I love man 2 man bareback sex; it's the best!
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    hot raw fucking bareback and poz conversion! I want to be infected with HIV/AIDS, and have hiv flowing thru my veins! I am still looking for a wasted Aids Daddy to fuck me and poz me!

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  1. kevy1109

    Gallery and user pics problem

    I can't upload any pics!
  2. A I D S     F O R E V E R

  3. I need to be fucked raw and pozzed!  Will share all body fluids!

  4. Woof!  Would love a blood slam conversion!

  5. Thanks for following!

  6. Do you know full blown AIDS guys where you are who could fuck me raw and poz me?

  7. Do you have any more pics of full blown aids guys we can see?


  8. I'm planning a trip to Palm Springs, San Francisco, or Miami!    Hopefully I will get pozzed there!

    I guess your too busy?   or are you laying low?   Kevin

  9. Hey Rawtop,

    I still can't upload any pictures!


  10. Wish I could make it out to LA so you could fuck me raw and make me poz!   Kevin

  11. I am still looking to get fucked raw and pozzed!  Kevin

  12. I am looking to get fucked raw and pozzed!   Kevin

    1. PozCubBtm


      Hey i went back on meds...my dr advised it.

    2. kevy1109


      Oh, ok!  That's cool!

  13. Do you ever visit Boston?  I want to get fucked raw and pozzed!

  14. I want the Cuban strain of Hiv!   Can you give it to me?   Kevin

  15. I want to get fucked raw and pozzed!

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