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    Fucking, kissing, sucking cock, getting fucked raw bareback!
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    Gay Male; always have been! I love man 2 man bareback sex; it's the best!
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    hot raw fucking bareback!

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  1. Hey Brad, I'm getting infected with HIV and getting pozzed in Boston in 10 days on October 10th!   Could you please call me on my cell phone at

    603-410-7622.  Thanks   Kevin

    1. beanna


      that's the same date as I am being bred and pozzed

  2. Hey, I see your coming to New York City for a Ball Buster Party on December 15th!   Woo!   Woo!                          

    I hope you have a great time!  Kevin

  3. 603-410-7622. Cellphone

  4. Bbseroman,

    Your mailbox here on Breeding Zone is full, so I left you a message on your Skype page!


  5. oh thank you to follow me 

  6. I am going to Tim Tyler's Ball Buster Party in Boston on November 17th to get Pozzed!   Then again on January 5th

    in New York City for more pozzing/recharging!   I'd love to get together with you after I'm pozzed and share

    fluids and get your DNA!   I could fly out to meet you!   I think you are very handsome and sexy!   Kevin

    603-410-7622  cell/texts

  7. Thanks for the follow

  8. 9 weeks to Ball Buster Party in Boston!

    November 17th!

  9. Thanks for the follow!

  10. Thanks for following me bud!


  11. Do you know anyone with aids 

    I’d love to be on cam for you all watching me have aids slams into arm 


    Help me guys 

  12. Hey POZaddict!   WOOF!   You're HOT!

  13. Who is the emaciated twink with Aids?  I'd LOVE to have him fuck me raw!

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