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    I need HIV growing inside my body! I love Toxic wasted AIDS guys!!!
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    Gay since age 9
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    HIV growing inside my body; making my body skinny Toxic emaciated from AIDS!!!

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  1. 603-410-7622 Kevin

    kevy1109 on Skype

  2. 603-410-7622

    MSN telegram 603-410-7622

    kevy1109 on Skype

  3. @PozPrideFest


    1. ronnie4u


        "  FANTASTIC  !  "   anymore information ?   Please !  Let's us know !  

    2. Gingerloadchaser
  4. Thanks for the follow

  5. Please let me know too! I'd love to attend a party like that! Kevin. MSN telegram 603-410-7622 Thanks!
  6. Damn, I wish I'd known you when I lived in Dracut, Mass!

  7. I HATE CONDOMS!!! I will never wear one and anyone who fucks me will not wear one!!! I want a guys cum in my ass not in a condom!!!
  8. Very nice post GermFactory!!! I enjoy all your posts here on Breeding Zone! All your posts are very well thought out and a fresh perspective I haven't seen on BZ in a long time!!!
  9. You naughty boy! Say 10 Hail Marys and strip naked! Then bend over so Father Frances can fuck you raw for your sins!!!
  10. 603-410-7622 kevy1109 on Skype!

  11. Does it vibrate? Have multiple speeds? I'll take it! Send it to me! Thanks! Kevin 603-410-7622 Hell; I'll take some dildos too!
  12. I'M A FAGGOT and I LOVE sucking cock! After which I expect the guy to fuck me raw!
  13. I was told by an AIDS gifter that one is highly toxic when you seroconvert (fuck flu) which takes a few weeks after infection! If you choose not to take meds after Seroconversion, you should still be infectious! The reason to start meds right away after infection is mostly to keep from spreading it!
  14. I LOVE Black Cock; especially black POZ cock! Blacks have the largest cocks too! I Love huge black POZ cocks!
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