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    Kansas City Metro
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    Cum dump, stealthing, bondage, wrestling, rip/strip, victim of wet/muddy/messy pranks/initiations, rape/gangrape
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    I've become an insatiable cumdump slut. Looking to see how many loads I can take.
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    I wish...Though I'm on Prep, I wouldn't have an issue of some evil thinking guy swapping out my Prep for fakes and then setting up a gangrape conversion party and filming it
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    Dom/tops to use and abuse me and to see how many loads I can take. Slut me out. Booty bump me. Rape/gangrape scenes. Especially if my other kinks can come into the scene as well. Love to be the "victim". Anyone have a fuckbench?

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  1. Fuck a guy who passed out?

    I feel the exact same way, faceload.
  2. The Reckoning

    I wouldn't mind being raped like that
  3. Thanks for following me

    1. kckinkybtm


      You're very welcome. 

  4. Great story. I wish I could be used like that.
  5. There's a party where 25÷ pigs get together over a long weekend in a very private remote area...invitations only. Everyone is breeding like barnyard animals. No taboos here. ..the reward for the nastiest slutty 🐷 pig is a breeding GANG RAPE. You just imagine racking up lots of cocks for that 🏆 prize. My buddy from Brazil was so honored. Now he wants to return to bet his record. That's ME. watching ALL that hungry action. 59a1de59ce6f8_large.59a18d0bdca86_2015-05-20(2)Dildo...action...forSEXADDICTS(1).png.7ff7b84650f2fea3c61ab04f43b05c60.png




  6. My BF and the Escort

    I'd love to have a bf that would do this to me
  7. The Freak Show

    Is Dr. Clown going to a deliver a cream pie?

    I too want to be raped and gangraped...and my conversion should also be from a gangrape.
  9. Thanks for the pos rep on my blog post.  I'm still adding to it, so check back for more installments.  (Work gets in the way...)  Glad someone is enjoying them!

  10. I would have stuck around to see if I could have gotten more loads
  11. Just Another Wasted Youth

    Oh, to be the wasted youth...
  12. It wouldn't be a problem for me. I'd be on Prep. And if he wanted to poz me, then I wouldn't have a problem with that either.
  13. Whored Out By My Partner

    Only way I could ever be in a relationship...a partner who would slut/whore me out at his pleasure. It would happen regularly, of course.
  14. Thanks for the rep, man! Haven't hear from you in awhile. How are things?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. kckinkybtm


      Not bad...too much family stuff going on for much fun. But I still try occaisionally. Thinking about a trip to Chicago or someplace for a CumUnion party and seeing how slutty I can be. You?

    3. kckinkybtm


      You still chasing?

    4. Toon


      Good to hear from you. Have fun in Chicago. I guess you could say I'm still chasing, but haven't put any real effort into it. Tried Craigslist and that was a bust. Oh well -- I've got so much going on around here, that it's probably best to just write about breeding. Be well.

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