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    Kansas City Metro
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    Cum dump, stealthing, bondage, wrestling, rip/strip, victim of wet/muddy/messy pranks/initiations, rape/gangrape
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    I've become an insatiable cumdump slut. Looking to see how many loads I can take.
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    I wish...Though I'm on Prep, I wouldn't have an issue of some evil thinking guy swapping out my Prep for fakes and then setting up a gangrape conversion party and filming it
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    Dom/tops to use and abuse me and to see how many loads I can take. Slut me out. Booty bump me. Rape/gangrape scenes. Especially if my other kinks can come into the scene as well. Love to be the "victim". Anyone have a fuckbench?

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  1. kckinkybtm

    Messages - newest first - how?

    I think he's asking if there is a way to have the most recent post in a thread show first without having to scroll down the page or flip to the last page of the thread. Reverse the order of the thread displays.
  2. My mood continues. I've been off Prep for 5 days. Not sure when brain will kick in and make me start taking again. But I want to get chemed up, fucked up and pozzed up.

    1. Saturn1


      Must be some mood you are in! I like it! SO cool you are off the Prep! Once you stop the Prep, I think it takes around 10 days before you are fertile for POZ seed, tho...Keep it up, babe!!! *smooch*

    2. kckinkybtm


      I know it takes awhile for it to get out of the system, but maybe if I get loads before the brain kicks in and tells me to start taking Prep again, I may be less likely to start it back up. I've been in the mood that I didn't care if I got pozzed or not, but was still taking my Prep. Had a death in the family that never should have happened (FUCK CANCER... especially when you take the life of a child). But it hit me yesterday I hadn't taken Prep all week. I don't know if my brain will kick back in and I'll start taking Prep again or not. I know this partly a reaction to the grief I'm going thru, but right now, but who knows when my brain will start working again and convince me to start the Prep back up. So, I figure if there's anyone around who wants to take advantage of me in this state, they might as well. I just don't want to know before they breed me that they are toxic. I may not convert, but I may not start Prep back up either.

    3. Saturn1


      I am SO sorry about your loss!!! I hope that you can feel better, VERY soon!!! *huggs* In the meantime, YOU do whatever you feel that you need to do in order to cope with this senseless loss of a dear Family  member!!! *huggs, again*

  3. kckinkybtm


    I used to get migraines from them. But then I tried Amsterdam and Jungle Juice and no problem for me.
  4. kckinkybtm

    Bar Breeding

    Wish I could find a guy who enjoyed seeing me take poz loads...but after 3 loads, I'd want him to say that he wanted me to take as many loads as I could get.
  5. kckinkybtm

    Tornado Relief

    Sorry to hear that. When did that happen? (The tornado). And you still managed to post an update to a story. Thank you for that.
  6. I guess I'm ready to be pozzed. Just not sure I'm brave enough to stop Prep and knowingly take toxic loads. My fantasy has always been for someone to swap my Prep out for fakes and then arrange a gangrape conversion parTy for me. I know that wouldn't be easy to do, especially where I live.

  7. kckinkybtm

    Listening to My BF Taking Loads

    Wish I had a bf that would setup something like that for me. VERY HOT!
  8. kckinkybtm

    Breeding the new member.

    Hot..the only thing I would want changed is that after being restrained on the fuckbench and bred by you, all the other members of the club should breed me before I'm released
  9. kckinkybtm

    Den of Sexual Horrors

    I'll volunteer to be the "fresh meat" for this.
  10. I have a feeling that LA will be a life changer for both of them
  11. kckinkybtm


    If I ever said that to a top, then they better just go ahead and force that load in me whether I want it or not. But, that's me.
  12. kckinkybtm

    BB Bottoms who don't take loads

    That's when you should cum in them and tell them their hole is so hot, you came before you could pull out.
  13. kckinkybtm

    Bred in Bondage

    I love to be tied up and bred. Spreadeagle on the bed or in a sling. I want to try a fuckbench sometime.
  14. kckinkybtm

    New Owner

    I wouldn't need to sleep to decide. If I had that many toxic loads in my ass I'd accept it for what it is and continue to get more loads in me.

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