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    Cum dump, stealthing, bondage, wrestling, rip/strip, victim of wet/muddy/messy pranks/initiations, rape/gangrape
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    I've become an insatiable cumdump slut. Looking to see how many loads I can take.
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    I wish...Though I'm on Prep, I wouldn't have an issue of some evil thinking guy swapping out my Prep for fakes and then setting up a gangrape conversion party and filming it
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    Dom/tops to use and abuse me and to see how many loads I can take. Slut me out. Booty bump me. Rape/gangrape scenes. Especially if my other kinks can come into the scene as well. Love to be the "victim". Anyone have a fuckbench?

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  1. Hey, tried to message you and it doesn't go thru. Reach out to me, I have a question about Missouri Barebackers

  2. Hmmm...is it wrong that this is one of my fantasies?
  3. Truvada Resistant Strain - PrEP failure?

    Have him stealth me and let's find out. I'm on Prep.
  4. Okay, Explain... Tops Trying to Fuck With Limp Cocks

    I've been running into a lot of tops that have done too much parTying before they try to fuck me. Have had to tell a couple of semi-regulars that they have to fuck before they start to parTy. As horny as they get, if they can't get hard enough to fuck, then I won't get any enjoyment out of being with them.
  5. Every caught in act by partner?

    Not in the "act"...but guy I played with told his partner about chatting with me and I started chatting with partner. We all started chatting about a 3 way. But the one I had played with did not mention to me that he had not told partner about our getting together and did not tell me not to mention it. So, when I did, things got a bit heated between the 2. Got smoothed out later, he just wished the partner had told him in advance of our getting together. But since then, I've been much more careful about finding out in advance if partner knows and if not, I'm more reluctant to play until I know more about the situation.
  6. As someone who did not vote for either major party candidates, I'm still waiting for the rounding up and killing of gays that we've been warned about since Trump/Pence were sworn in. Still waiting for the sky to fall over Net Neutrality roll back (the rolling back to pre-2015 regulations...BZ was here before 2015 and still here). Am I happy about everything happening, of course not. But I'm also not in a panic about every little thing that this administration does either. This highlights the problem with how many things get done. It's done with the stroke of the pen by a President or an appointed individual. Want to make things more permanent? Get congress to change the laws. Which is the issue with the current marijuana issue. Federal law still says it's illegal. Just because one President decided not to pursue those who break the law doesn't mean the law has been changed. Now the next President, and his people, are following the law again. With the stroke of the pen, much of what was changed by the previous President can now be undone. All because it was done with the stroke of a pen and not changed by Congress. Guess what, in another year there's an opportunity to give the Democrats control of the House and Senate and that would stop Trump/Pence/Republicans in their tracks if people are so unhappy with what they've done. Every two years there's a chance to change things...and every four years a new President. Kinda nice how that got set up, isn't it. Just be sure to vote and, if you're so inclined, go run for office and promote the changes you want. Thus endeth the political lecture. Please resume your preferred sexual perversity.
  7. Fuck a guy who passed out?

    I feel the exact same way, faceload.
  8. The Reckoning

    I wouldn't mind being raped like that
  9. Thanks for following me

    1. kckinkybtm


      You're very welcome. 

  10. Great story. I wish I could be used like that.
  11. There's a party where 25÷ pigs get together over a long weekend in a very private remote area...invitations only. Everyone is breeding like barnyard animals. No taboos here. ..the reward for the nastiest slutty 🐷 pig is a breeding GANG RAPE. You just imagine racking up lots of cocks for that 🏆 prize. My buddy from Brazil was so honored. Now he wants to return to bet his record. That's ME. watching ALL that hungry action. 59a1de59ce6f8_large.59a18d0bdca86_2015-05-20(2)Dildo...action...forSEXADDICTS(1).png.7ff7b84650f2fea3c61ab04f43b05c60.png




  12. My BF and the Escort

    I'd love to have a bf that would do this to me
  13. The Freak Show

    Is Dr. Clown going to a deliver a cream pie?

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