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    Cum dump, stealthing, bondage, wrestling, rip/strip, victim of wet/muddy/messy pranks/initiations, rape/gangrape, hopefully a future victim of a forced pozzing
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    I've become an insatiable cumdump slut. Looking to see how many loads I can take.
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    If I ever get my wish of having my fantasy fulfilled of a gangrape conversion parTy, it better be recorded.
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    Dom/tops to use and abuse me and to see how many loads I can take. Slut me out. Booty bump me. Rape/gangrape scenes. Especially if my other kinks can come into the scene as well. Love to be the "victim". Anyone have a fuckbench?

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  1. I've done this and the guy has used my straps under the mattress to strap me spreadeagle and ass up...unfortunately, he couldn't find anyone else to come fuck me. Live in a town with too many bottoms.
  2. more more more more more!!!!!!!! I need a Rob and a Martin in my life
  3. I do too...my problem is that they rarely follow thru after they've dosed me. I get fucked, but that's all they do. Wish they'd at least try to find other guys to fuck me or suck me or just play with my cock and nips while out.
  4. I have the Lovense Plush (larger size) and I love it. Great powerful vibrations. I love how on the app you can create your own patterns for use on the toy. I love giving control of it to someone else. Now, will you react the way you see in some of the ads/pornos...probably not. That said, there is one slight issue, and I don't know if it's an issue with all of their toys, but as the toy is pushed in all the way the flesh of your body begins to interfere with the connectivity between the phone and the device. The bluetooth connection becomes flakey and drops off completely frequently. You
  5. A bf that would arrange for others to breed me regularly and poz me would be fantastik
  6. I have wondered about this as well. Not that I'm looking for it that way, but I have friends who slam and are undetectable. They don't share needles, but knowing that many are infected by the sharing of needles, if someone who was undetectable shared a needle with a neg person, is the neg person now at risk? If so, is that why so many who share needles get infected?
  7. More....more....more....now....now....now
  8. Agreed. Alway enjoy your stories, MackyJay...almost always wish I was the bottom/victim in your stories.
  9. If I'm ever lucky enough to get a good bf, I hope he's like you, Imageu41
  10. I'm fairly certain that the only way it could happen and not remember is with the assistance of drugs (pills? G?....?) It's rare that I sleep so deep that I won't wake up from any sort of play. Fucking or bj...always wake up (I may fake being asleep though.)
  11. I love being fucked in my sleep, but I always wake up. Other than being drugged (that's a different fantasy), I would love to wake up one morning with an ass full of cum and not remember getting fucked.
  12. I have a toy that is similar, but looks a bit more bent towards the tip to reach in to the prostate better. If...big IF...I can get it to hit the prostate just right...out comes the cum. But I have better luck with someone with long fingers playing with my ass and prostate getting me to cum involuntarily.
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