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    Kansas City Metro
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    Cum dump, stealthing, bondage, wrestling, rip/strip, victim of wet/muddy/messy pranks/initiations, rape/gangrape
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    I've become an insatiable cumdump slut. Looking to see how many loads I can take.
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    I wish...Though I'm on Prep, I wouldn't have an issue of some evil thinking guy swapping out my Prep for fakes and then setting up a gangrape conversion party and filming it
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    Dom/tops to use and abuse me and to see how many loads I can take. Slut me out. Booty bump me. Rape/gangrape scenes. Especially if my other kinks can come into the scene as well. Love to be the "victim". Anyone have a fuckbench?

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  1. Breeding the new member.

    Hot..the only thing I would want changed is that after being restrained on the fuckbench and bred by you, all the other members of the club should breed me before I'm released
  2. Den of Sexual Horrors

    I'll volunteer to be the "fresh meat" for this.
  3. I love not knowing in advance. The surprise of finding out after his load is in me gives me that little extra thrill.
  4. I have a feeling that LA will be a life changer for both of them

    If I ever said that to a top, then they better just go ahead and force that load in me whether I want it or not. But, that's me.
  6. BB Bottoms who don't take loads

    That's when you should cum in them and tell them their hole is so hot, you came before you could pull out.
  7. Bred in Bondage

    I love to be tied up and bred. Spreadeagle on the bed or in a sling. I want to try a fuckbench sometime.
  8. New Owner

    I wouldn't need to sleep to decide. If I had that many toxic loads in my ass I'd accept it for what it is and continue to get more loads in me.
  9. New Owner

    I can totally relate. I still like women, but I was in my early 40's before I took my first cock in the ass. I've slowly but surely have grown to be obsessed with getting cock and cum in my ass.
  10. New Owner

    Every new addition to this story has me wanting to be Jim more and more

    I'd love for that to happen to me. But all the guys watching should then join in as well.
  12. New Owner

    Oh, to be that innocent and get converted from straight to gay to poz
  13. New Owner

    Why, give in, of course. But then, I'm like the other guys, he should just ram the cock in anyway.
  14. New Owner

    I'm loving this story, but the wait for additional chapters (that are too short...lol) is killing me. More! More! Faster! Faster!
  15. Adventures of a Sauna Worker

    I think there are quite a few of us that wouldn't mind working in a sauna/bathhouse...

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