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  1. I don't really pay attention to Randy Blue because I got tired of searching through their videos which never had a bareback designation and seemed much rarer than condom (unless they have changed that), so I have no idea what they are doing. However, I have followed Broke Straight Boys as they have a large amount of bareback videos, maybe even most are so, and I have never seen any sort of information for their videos saying anything about HIV testing. So I'm wondering where you got that information? Also, do they actually document all such testing? Because again, if they're just talking about their stance or whatever, it might not be something thoroughly executed and recorded. It might just be an attempt to give the impression of doing their due diligence when actually they're not. I don't know the details and when I just checked their site I also saw nothing so again just wanted to ask where you are getting this information.
  2. Update: I was told that the downloads are DRM free and your personal library keeps a record of your purchases which you can download repeatedly to unlimited devices. So now I'm excited again for the download option and just need to figure out what videos I want. Yay!
  3. How many studios have you found explicit documentation stating such? The reason I ask, is yes, I know somes studios provide explicit statements regarding how they establish negative HIV status...but that's the only statements I've seen in an official context. So yes, Sean Cody, Chaos Men, and other such "safe" but bareback studios make a point of making such explicit offical statements...and almost always in the video preface. Howver, I have never seen any "unsafe" bareback studio make a explicit official statement of that nature, as is done by studios like Sean Cody and Chaos Men. Certainly, I know that Treasure Island has made various statements that are sometimes offcial reactions/positions regarding HIV status of their models. However, the only one I've seen was when Jackson Taylor was making a stink about supposedly never being informed that Ethan Wolfe was poz...but even then their official statement was, as usual, ambiguous and pretty shifty. They said that they sent Jackson Taylor a picture of Ethan Wolfe's biohazard tatoo and said "Just want to you to know what you're getting into here." and then they claimed that Taylor responded with "YES" Anyone with even just basic legal experience/knowledge knows that sort of statement might sound like it's defensble, but it really isn't because there's too much uncertainty as to what Taylor meant when he said "Yes," particularly in terms of whether he was affirming bottoming for a poz top or maybe he didn't even get the biohazard bit and was just reacting "Yes" to bottoming for Wolefe. Beyond that nonsense, Treasure Island has never had any sort of consistent official position across their release history. Sure, maybe here or there they made some sort of half-ass statement about how they handle HIV status of their modles, but come on, do you really think they're being sincere? On one hand they're merrily celebrating their explicit forray into poz fetish and pnp culture (which I'm all for, in fact, I think even videos like Viral Loads Slammed are still way to tame for my tastes) and ...then they do some song and dance that sort of minimalizes the extreme behavior they're promoting (which again, I certainly support), however there's no clear connection to what they are saying here and there and then the videos that they are making. That is, with "responsible" studios like Sean Cody and Chaos Men stamp every video with a clear statement that unambiguously establishes their policy for handling HIV status of their models, and again, it's only in the context of establishing HIV negative status. Also, historically studios like Treasure Island, Hot Desert Knights, Cobra, and pretty much all of the Eastern European porn that sparked the bareback pushback, either never issued any statements regarding HIV status, like Hot Desert Knights, Cobra, and the Eastern Euro studios. Or like Treasure Island they have played delibrately confusing game that might seem to take some sort of stance but is really meaningless because as far as I know, the truly critical information like offical public statements for each video do not exist. Treasure Island in particular is a total joke because when they were first issuing videos, unlike Hot Desert Knights or Cobra, they kept the opposite of a low profile. Not only did Paul Morris issue statments defiently asserting the legitimacy of bareback sex, he was brazen enough to pull stunts like posting an essay arguing that bareback sex actually helped prevent HIV infection. My partner at the time was a medical student and I tactfully didn't laugh in his face when he admiringly told gushed about how Paul Morris was so smart and wrote a very convincing essay about how bareback sex prevents HIV infection. After a few years I had learned that medical students and yes, even doctors are kind of stupid as they learn and rely on established data which allows them to diagnose, but they're pretty shitty scientists, which is why scientists don't group doctors with their profession. Sure, I might be arrogant, but as a psychology researcher trained in social, cultural, and neuro-psychopharmacological psychology, I knew immediately that Paul Morris' eassay was a classic case of intellctual obfuscation that technically might be valid from a formal argumment stance, but in practical reality is total bullshit. This was the exact same time that all the bareback studios, which at that time, the only prominent American ones were Treasurer Island, Cobra, SX Video (but I feel like initially SX wasn't well known outside of California as were the others because I don't really remember encountering their videos until I moved from the East Coast to Cali in 2007), and Hot Desert Knights and there were strong undercurrents against bareback porn that was coming from within the LGBT-Q community, whereas Paul Morris was literally the only person championing bareback. In fact, at that time I was at Brown University and fundamentally, as LGBT-Q everything was in a very precarious position, pretty much all public communications whatever decried bareback porn as irresponsible and reckless...not just in terms of producing it but in terms of consuming it. I clearly remember that there was a lot of condemntion by men themselves of bareback porn. It was considered even amongst those who liked porn as often degenerate and in bad taste. Personally, I loved that specific dynamic because while I quickly learned around that time that many men were very hesitant to say whether or not they would bareback, if a guy was a fan of bareback porn, he was always down for bareback. But again, I remember slowly realizing..."Aw fuck if a guy plays condom porn he's gonna be a prude." Of course this isn't such perfect indicator anymore these days as public sentiment is much more layered and complex. I'm saying all this because historically Treasure Island is probably the worst offender in terms of their "official" stance for model's HIV status, and the other few have never had any stated position. The only other studio for which I've heard mostly just hearsay is Dark Alley, as once I saw Bradon Hawk post this outraged comment to Facebook about how their porn would "never be so irresbonsible as to pair HIV negative models with HIV positive models" and when he did that, I lost respect form him and that he and his set to be total pussies because they had at that time, the only major studio releases where the tops would actually say things like "dirty load" and "charged seed" (and it was only two scenes within one video, I think). I lost respect because, I thought "What the fuck is the point of dialog like that bottom is already poz? That's no fun!" So they're kind of lame. Other than that, I feel that the greater majority of bareback studios give no such information in any way shape or form. Bareback Studios releasing in the last few years to present for which I've seen nothing about model HIV status: Still all Eastern European porn...except maybe Bel Ami, not sure because I tend to avoid their stuff. Broke Straight Boys Knight Breeders Hot Desert Knights (though now they seem to only be releasing Eastern Euro stuff). Amatuer Straight Guys SX Video San Diego Boy Bareback RT Media Factory Video Threshold Media Breed Me Media Raw Joxx Flava Works Dick Wadd Also there are many South American bareback releases that get bundled and distributed by Dark Alley, but I don't think Dark Alley has any actual oversight over those productions. Finally, even if any of these studios have at any time released some sort of statement regarding their stance or whatever, the fact that none of these studios present that information for every release like the "responsible" bareback studios, indicates that whatever they are saying is pretty much meaningless, as a "stance" or "position" or whatever sounds nice and might be assuaging for public opinion battles, but in reality such vague things have no real impact. For, something something whatever, could be a porn studio's public statement but what does that mean? Unless they have a clear, consistent policies and procedures that are followed, recorded, and given for every scene/video, it's all just corporate bullshit to placate the masses.
  4. Hey NLBear, since I'm definitely one of the world's most exacting people, I did the calculation and within the last 3 pages, 4 posts were PIN restricted...which is to me excessive. That said, now that you've explained that PIN locks can be retroactive, I think that might be what is happening because incidentaly, all 4 of those locked vids...were yours lol. So, correct me if I'm wrong, but it would seem the PINs were imposed after the posts, and if that's true then I guess there is nothing we can do. I'm a little rueful as where most fear to rock the boat, I'll happily sink the ship to not even make my point, but just express some objectional detail. All in all, I would like to know how others deal with the PIN issue, for example does anyone contact the owner? And if so what do people say? Overall it would seem that maybe all we can do is just move on to the next post lol...
  5. Oh, and YES! I usually really like his stuff, in fact, I often find myself suddenly about to lose control...or just blasting.So yeah...I was especially bummed out plus, now that you mention it, spreadDNAaround is somewhat of a minor celebrity on Xtube and I've noticed that some of the guys who popular, even if just within as small subset, won't even interact with a user unless that user has some videos that intrique them...as I'm both a lazy video whatever (I can't even be bothered to hold a camera when I'm having sex as the few times I've tried, it's distracting and actualy starts to kill my mood because instead of enjoying the guy I'm fucking, I'm worrying about whether or not the camera is catching my cock going in and out of his ass...except I don't fucking care. Also I will futz around with trying to shift the camera this way or that way to get a good angler or fuck around with the lights to actual get a visible image), and if I'm going to post a video, I want something that looks good not something that's shitty which tends to be the case with a lot of amature porn that doesn't have an actual person holding the camera. I've played with a lot of guys in a lot of scenarios and have never been in a threesome or more where at least one guy has been like "Oh yeah, you just fuck away and I'll handle making a good video." So basically, I will probably never post an amature video of me...so guess what, lots of the posters on Xtube will probably never talk to me because that's a common thing guys ask for...which is fine, I don't fucking care about hooking up with anyone on Xtube. But I do get pissed of when things go from publically available into a black hole that suddenly seems very cliqueish even though guys say "Oh just message me" or whatever.
  6. I tried to be very diplomatic in my initial post because I have no idea what the rest of the community thinks, maybe most people don't care or maybe everyone else has no problem getting the PINs. But to be frank it really pissed me off because this has been going on for a while throughout this entire thread, albeit for a long time it was pretty infrequent so I didn't really react. But, I'd need to go back and count exactly, but I think in the last 3-4 pages there were at least 3 PIN locked Xtube posts, maybe more...not sure right now and don't really want to check. I feel it's really rude and thoughtless because the poster obviously got to see the video and liked but what about everyone else? It seems like the PIN restricted vids are always the ones that not only catch my interest, obviously as I've clicked on them, but they sound really hot or whatever...and then BAM- PIN blocked. I don't know what to make of it because I suddenly get this brain freeze...part of me is thinking, "Maybe the poster just didn't think of offering the PIN to others" but also "If the owner has locked it, why would he give the PIN to me? What should I say?" etc etc. I think the first few times I made the request...but if I did I never was given the PIN for any...now I feel like why bother? I wasted time clicking on stupid link that just gives me the fucking PIN lock...why bother composing a message to the owner? I'll just go look at the next post. However, since there were several PIN restricted ones recently, I decided to raise the issue because I genuinely would like to know what others think as well as maybe how other people handle it, especially, what do you say to the owner? Some guys might be like whatever, where as others might only want access given to their friends...I hate thinking about. Personally, I'd appreciate it if people just stopped posting PIN restricted videos as not only a huge cock block but sometimes, if not often, those videos seem to have a habit of suddenly disappearing altogether...as if the owner had a change of heart...
  7. This just caught my attention because when I last subscribed to Dark Alley, they didn't have any download options...it was all streaming only by monthly subscribtion and I went through their library in a month or so. So I gave this a closer look because when it was first announced, for some reason I just thought it was some customized version of AEBN.net. Then when I registered I realized it's a totally different entity. However, after a quick moment of thinking, I now have second thoughts because although the download for 14.95 option sounds awesome, if it's a one time only to only one device, I'm not interested at all because I have too many computers/devices/whatever and I no longer do downloads of anysort unless it's some sort of necessary application. For everythign else, I will only do streaming. That said, the streaming tiers don't really make sense to me, at least not as clear as AEBN.net which uses a straight forward linear progression with parallel increase in savings proportional to the block of time purchased. First, the ala carte option is only one rate, but it's also the only option if you wanted to go above 500 minutes...I think, this isn't really clear to me... Second, I get that from Plan 100 to Plan 250, there is a 200% price increase with 250% increase in time, and from Plan 250 to Pla 500, there is a 150% price increase with a 200% increase in time...which I might just be tired but right now, I'm not really sure how I would definitively decide which is the better value. Usually, as you pay more, you get the greater value...but not always and this is one of those rare cases where I can't just do quantity/unit cost comparison, so I'm puzzled...going from Plan 100 to Plan 250 is a bigger jump in cost than going from Plan 250 to Plan 500, however you get the bigger increase in time going from Plan 100 to Plan 250,not from Plan 250 to Plan 500... ...so overall, I'm kind of like, "Well, I don't think I want to deal with subscribtion as I'd probably chew through the entire library in a couple of months depending on the rate/time/plan I do. Also, unless download is a smart download that allows multiple downloads limited by restricted number of playback devices, that's any even worse option for me because I'll buy shit, put on one computer and then be on another one, forget which one has what, throw away or erase and forget to backup, and overall just be pissed off." I looked through the documentation available on the site, but it was very limited and nothing addressed the matter of how the downloads are regulated. I sent a Help query, and wait to here more. But right now, this is kind of too confusing plus a little of a pain in the ass because I have to figure out do I want to go ala carte or Plan 100/250/500 which none of them make sense in terms of added value to price increase, and finally, I need more information regarding the downloads.
  8. coyotesmiles

    Sites With Poz Porn Stars

    Bareback Bastards seems to have the most true videos fitting such descriptions although sometimes you have to sift through a lot of vanilla bareback, though I rarely mind because even those are usually pretty good. It's user curated so it's far superior to MachoMoe which has tons of categories and labels for such things as "Toxic" and "Fetish" and label videos with all sorts of tantilizing titles "Load Chaser" or "Seed My Son." However, almost always these are total false advertising and the videos often have little to do with the suggested title/content. I suspect that the titles are generated by staff members who choose them on the basis of things that might catch people's attention and drive click rate. I don't think they really pay attention to the actual video content so I stopped using their shit because it was like 1 in 40 hit rate of actually appealing videos. For a long time, Bareback Bastards imposed a 5 video a day limit for non-paying members. However in the last year or so, they rescinded that, and you can browse unlimited as you like. One note, Bareback Bastards can be confusing because there are many European users who post in their native language so sometimes you have no idea what the video is about and it's a guessing game because many of them will have tags for "poz" or "pozzing" but then because they're not speaking in English, it can be pretty difficult to appreciate what's happening. That said, sometimes I click on those anyway because often they are German underground or limited distribution videos that can be very hot, like that one PNP video where the guys are literally hitting the pipe or taking shots on camera...although on second thought maybe that was from Amesterdam. It's pretty confusing because there is large international mix which honestly is more a plus than a minus, you just have to be patient and play an educated guessing game. Also, until just recently, XTube could be searched fairly easily, and quite accurately, using keyword searches tied to either "Most recent" or "Top Length". "Most recent" is great for sifting through fairly rare videos like "poz" or "pnp" because there's a pretty small number generated, but definitely some a worth watching and super hot. However, after you've seen them, you don't want to weed through them again, so "Most recent" works well because a pretty small number is generated each month, so it's easy to just check out the newest ones and then move on to something else. "Top Length" is good for those that generate a large number of results because then you can quickly ignore the misleading videos that seems to be a full length video but are actually just an annoying ad, as those are almost always 1-5 min and I'd say just ignore anything of that duration. That way you can usually see which might be promising as even for very popular lables like "staight" or "str8" there are not that many above the 7 min mark (I choose that limit because the irritating ad videos never go above 7 min in my experience. The reason I mention this is for very rarified interests there actually is some good sources however it's a huge signal noise ratio and it's easy to get discoraged because you can enter in "poz" or whatever and get back a huge number of hits via certain portals, however excluding XTube and BareBack Bastards the search results are 99% useless because many unscrupilous commercial entities are aware of many of the "edgy" or "underground" or "alternative" labels that are the main code words like "poz" or "pnp" however virtually all, except again XTube and Barebackbastards (as these are the most accurate in terms of a user base that is authentically labelling videos), portals will return results that look promosing but are pretty much falsely labelled. I've gone through literally all lf them because I'm just a super methodical and through person trained in statistics and the scientific method etc so RedTube, PornMd, Tube8, GayTube, YouPorn, XHamster will all return results that are pretty much mislabelled garbage or nonsense...like for a long time RedTube's search was a joke that would return things completely unrealated to even basic shit like "bareback." PornHub and GayForItEU are sort of in the middle. For certain keywords, PornHub actually will return somewhat decent results...however, from my experience of the "alt" interests it's pretty much just "pnp" and that's becuase it will return a large selection of amatuer videos...however, most of them are cam videos that are perversely very long (something very rare for "alt" videos which seem to average 3-1 mins only...maybe because the guys are having too much fun to actually bother recording, something that can be very frustrating because many are great...for a mintue or two so you get turned on but it's over before you even get going) BUT many of the videos will have 30 min of the two guys looking aimlessly at each other or the camera and then maybe just a few minutes of actual fucking or whatever and even that is often half-off screen or sometimes mostly off screen. Pretty much anythign else like "poz" will return results on PornHub but again 99% are falsely labelled or seem to be labelled on the basis of tatoos which frankly, at least for me, isn't that stimulating as biohazard tatoos are actually pretty common in bareback porn so whatever. GayForItEu has a lot of hot videos but they're mostly mainstream bareback...fun but not exactly "poz" or "pnp." Those key words do return results but again they are almost never genuine. Also I've found that there are a lot of morons on both PornHub and GayForItEu (in my opinion the only porn portals worth dealing wih outside of XTube and BareBack Bastards) because so often some idiot labels a video as "bareback" and it is ful of fucking condoms. Since much of the posts are user generated, either many of the users are blind or don't understand what "bareback" is...obviously they definitely don't get "poz" or anything so subversive (GayForItEu much more so than PornHub which is plagued with annoying commercial posts that have no substance, a problem that you can side step in PornHub by filtering according to length as commerical filler is pretty much always less than 6 min so just ignore that shit). For along time, XTube was pretty much my go to for finding "sub" or "alt" interests, however I just noticed today that the search results are now returning in a weird format that I'm not sure is actually returning things that are actually relevant. I tried a search for "poz" which I did maybe two months ago (videos of that nature are posted so rarely that I usually only check once every few months), and the results were confusing because within the first 10 hits or so, they were already tagged as "ten months ago" when they should have been something like "X days ago" or "X weeks ago" or such. Not sure what is going on, but possibly XTube has been ruined as well. Which means then that BareBack Bastards might be the only major "alt" porn portal for quality videos for labels like "poz" or "pozzing"... ...The problem is that although it's great that you can now view unlimited videos (and the quality is usually pretty good), it's a huge mess in the sense that pretty much all users use tags like "poz" or "pozzing" BUT unlike XTube which is predominately English orriented, Bareback Bastards is anything but, if anything it's probably more European orriented. The problem is many of the videos aren't very interesting if you can't understand what's being said as most are carried more on the audio because often the actual vidoe is very amatuer and pretty crappy. There is one other relatively recent portal that can sometimes actually produce super hot results and that is tumblr. The issue with tumblr is that the search never really seems to produce much of anything even remotely useful as I'm not exactly sure what it is within the individual tumblr accounts that their search query indexes, but from what I've seen, it seems to oddly be limited to the main headers of user accounts or worse ANY TEXT WITHIN ALL POST FOR ALL USERS, so it's never really even remotely representative or reflective of what's actually available, Probably the main problem with tumblr is that tumblr is a hybrid site/portal unlike anyother, so not only can individua posts within any given user account contain any possible data posts also contain COMMENTS and the huge problem there is that a single post of any given content could have 7,000 or 15,000 or who the fuck knows reposts and comments. Reposts aren't really problematic because they don't impact search results, however comments do. AND COMMENTS OFTEN WAY EXCEED THE ACTUAL POST. For example, someone might post a picture of some guy getting barebacked and everybody goes bonkers often making pretty irrelevant comments that are mostly just a reflection of what they see in the main post. So inexplicably some will say something like "yeah, give daddy your boy pussy" BUT IT'S TWO TWINKS...or some might go off on "fuck yeah poz that boy" but there's nothing that even slightly suggests antything poz-related. People on tumblr, particulalry the guys that are posting pictures and videos of guys getting fucked etc, tend to really embelish their comments with shit that's mostly wishful thinking. That's why search results on tumblr are in my experience pretty much worthless and do not indicate at all the actual content, as again, the comments skew everything in la la land as guys seem to make all sorts of pretty fantastical comments that will push to the top of results some random picture of some people talking in a work setting...for key word "poz." In fact, right now "poz" returns some pretty head scratching results, again, probably because the comments distort things. That all said, tumblr can actually contain a lot of super hot shit because guys in guy/guy action go ballistic on tumblr like nowhere else. There is so much intriquing and hot stuff, that I've pretty much pared my tumblr account in following only guys posting guy/guy stuff. tumblr actually, of all the sites/portals that I've ever seen, has the strongest alt content. There's stuff from hardcore poz to Satanism to PNP to things that even start to seem extreme to me, like scat. That's actually kind of funny because scat could possibly be hot in the right context or whatever...however the scat posts are super perplexing because many of them are so radical that I just kind of find myself thinking, "But...practically that's really more a huge fucking mess to clean up..." Seriously, I've never seen so many scat photos anywhere and so many of them are kind of bizarre because they're just some guy or guys or whatever COVERED IN SHIT...not a little shit butas if they were rolling around in shit...since I'm a pretty practical person, much of me wonders "Where did all that shit come from...Is that diareah...wait...is this guy really sick or something...how does someone get that much shit on them...who is going to clean up the bed now?" The reason that I mention this is that tumblr really does contain, often, the most genuine extreme/subversive user generated content...with one huge problem. tumblr really works best when you treat it like a viral networking version of Twitter on steroids. That means that tumblr can give you fantastic content that meets the most rarefied interests BUT ONLY IF YOU HAVE NETWORKED INTO THOSE SETS OF USERS. Oneway that it works well for me, is that when I see a post from pozblahblahblah, I'll also track back into the most recent levels of that users sources from which they reposted, as almost always a post of interest is being reposted from many others, and if you're very persistent you can actually move. backwards through the repost source hiearchy...however I find that given tumblrs essentially random feed, it's not really worth tracking back to more than one or two of the repost sources, as you can't really control what comes through your feed other than choosing who to follow or not. So some guy might have super hot posts but unless you manually access his content, you might see his stuff and you might not. It's even more pointless when you start to realize that some guys will borderline spam their favorite content...this happens a lot with pics because one random user will suddenly fill your entire feed with dozens of pics of athletes playing with their cocks. This then creates feed content that might be really appealling or totally not depending onwhether or not pics get you off...which for me is not the case, I'm definitely a vid guy. However, again tumblr is truly anything goes, and there are a lot of guys who really love posting various pics and then writing short little blurbs that are often somewhat nonesensical fantasies. The one that drives me nuts the most, is all the guys who posts pics of two or more guys fucking and then write all this crap about "Daddy loves fucking his little boy in his pussy" or other such drivel...which it is seriously because often the "little boy" resembles nothing remotely like a "little boy" or maybe some guys consider any guy getting fucked a "little boy" even if he is obviously a thirtysomething adult male. The "daddy" bit is even more perplexing because almost never does the top resemble the bottom's dad...and often it's quite clearly not the case. The reason I mention this is that sometimes I'll go to tumblr and there are this amazing poz or pnp videos...though usually pretty short (stuff on tumblr is pretty universally less than 4 min and as of yet I have not found a way to filter video content by length). Other times it'll be more of the 'daddy-son" fantasy bullshit that seems to occupy so many accounts...not that such isn't hot but that most of that content is just idiots writing their wishful thinking about pictures that are often seen through very rose colored glasses. So again, tumblr can deliver some amazing shit and then other times it's delusional spam by guys with silly fantasies. As of yet, the only control that I've found, is deliberate pruning of your follows. However, it's something that quickly gets annoying after a few minutes because tumblr seems to have a pretty shitty feed update system. Often, what I'll do is pick up a couple of new follows that are the sources for a current follow that posted something I liked...which these days is usually just they guys tagging poz. I generally will drop guys who flood a lot of boring pictures. I always drop guys positng stuff with condoms, and I definitely drop the guys posting the nonsensical fantasies that are their wishful thinking... ...and still it's like the lottery...no actually it's a lot better than the lottery. In fact, if I just want to rub one out real quick, tumblr is actually my mainstay because there's a lot of hot but pretty brief videos. If I'm gonna party and peruse porn for hours then I'll usually just jump over to the good porn portals. Anyway, I wrote all this because you'd think that Google would deliver in this arena as it does for pretty much else...but I find that Google is actually worse than the really shitty porn portals because Google tends to return a lot of malicious sites that will seem to offer exactly what you want...oh but wait you click on that or something and suddenly you're lost in all these web pages that seem to be porn video results but each icon just bounces you over to another set of tantalizing but actually endless pop ups etc. ...and that's the okay shit. The really bad shit is the stuff that appears to be a torrent service or such but actually is a trick that attempts to install crap like spyware and maleware, and then if you're not good with computer security, a single click might result in your computer being hijacked. The thing is, some are quite obviously phishing attempts etc...but others can look like a legitimate freeware or torrent service because face it, those kinds of services come and go like flies and a lot of the time it's really hard to tell unless you do serious research into the site. As a major computer user, I have come to the conclusion that I will not longer, under any circumstances, download anything from anysite that is not a major commercial entity like Adobe or Microsoft or Apple, and even then, I will avoid downloading things from those sources if I know the download has vulnerbilities (for example Microsoft Silverlight has been problematic within the MacOS because it opens exploits that Apple doesn't address or some Adobe files are similar). This is all important, because if you're a huge and very serious porn enthusiast, you might think, why not just do torrents, gaytorrents has a huge almost exhaustive collection of great bareback porn including a number of very hot alt vids. The thing is that after 2 or 3 major corruptions of my Windows based computers as a direct result of torrent trojans, I finally decided that having to purge and reconstruct multiple work and play computers was no longer worth the plethora of free porn that torrents offered...mostly because my work productivity would drop to zero sometimes because I'd be trying to work in Photoshop and stupid ass maleware would keep fucking up my drivers, for example. For a short period of time, I thought I could just shift most of my work and play into the MacOS but then I discovered that Google Chrome could be corrupted on one of my Windows machines and then the corruption would impact Chrome within the MacOS mirrors, and soon weird shit was happening there too. So I decided streaming only, unless downloading from the orginal maker...but there aren't many that are reasonable, Corbin Fisher and Sean Cody are a couple that you can access for a month and download everything...but they're kinda too vanilla. I find Treasure Island to be hot but way to exorbitant as usually I like one or two of the scenes but I don't want to pay 50$ or whatever for a full video of which just a bit is up my alley. So again, do yourself a favor and unless you have a lot of money to drop downloading vidoes from Treasure Island or Sean Cody, stick to streaming. In fact, if you have the money just do something like NakedSword or Dark Alley (I don't think Dark Alley sells downloads but they've got pretty hot stuff). The thing though is, if you're a smart porn searcher, NakedSword is pretty overrated because their bareback library is mix of half good and half shit and then a lot of their very hot looking videos are all stupid condom shit. So really like I explained earlier it all boils down to PornHub, XTube, GayForItEu, and Bareback Bastards, but honestly as alt/edgy stuff goes, XTube seems to no longer return accurate/relevant search results, and other than Bareback Bastards, those that I listed do have good bareback vids (unless they're full of condoms which can happen alot sometimes), but those bareback vids are usually pretty tame. So I guess the take home message is right now you're best option for getting "poz" or "pnp" etc vids is probably Bareback Bastards if you want to be able to search and browse in efficient and responsive way. If you're patient and don't mind building a network of follows that correspond to whatever interests you have, tumblr will probably give you the most extreme content. One other warning regarding tumblr, I've been using it maybe since the beginning...not sure but it's been a very long time so I've built my network gradually and casually. If you were to attempt to dive into tumblr from a blank slate, I'm not sure how easy it is to grow your network of follows because it's basically word of mouth proccess that works best by piggy backing of from users who post content you like and using them to connect to yet others. Building a serious network of like a 1000 follows might be kind of tedious and time consuming...not really sure. Anyho, I saw the gist of this thread and thought I'd give The Definitive and Complete Compendium of Porn as I know porn is popular but I'm imagining a lot of guys don't have the patience or time or whatever to figure out how to sort the good from the bad, let alone know whether or not they're even tapping into all that's truly available. I've gotten a lot out of this site, mostly in terms of orgasms but I haven't contributed much of substance so I always feel bad because I hate just being a consumer. But now I've made a great contribution! ...I think...I might post this elsewhere or something as I have seen in other threads many different questions that are all essentally, "How do I find X fetish" and no one really ever has a complete answer because as you can see, you can pretty much find content for almost any fetish...no probably now with tumblr really ANY FETISH. But unless you know where to go (like I rarely see anyone mention Bareback Bastard, in fact, I'm not sure how I came across it) AND you know how to use that site/portal, you might overlook or never find what you want. I have a mad case of ADHD so I can take even massive sites like PornHub or GayForItEu and I'll just systematically go through every video in X category, usually bareback, in literally a matter of months. In fact, it actually became this huge problem for me because about two or three years ago, I exhausted all the bareback etc categories of ALL the porn streaming sites/portals PLUS everything within gaytorrents bareback category PLUS all the categories I liked on nifty.org (which sadly has like zero poz stories, although I've seen posts where guys claim that nifty staff supress such, which is weird because their "incest" and "adult youth" categories to name a few can get pretty warped, and other categories like "authoritarian" and "urination" are just mind boggling). And I also exhausted the entire NakedSword Bareback Library, all of Corbin Fishers library, all of Sean Codys libarary, all of Dick Wadds library, all of Knight Breeders library, all of Treasure Island's library, all of Dark Alley's library, all of Hot Desert Knight's library, all of the Bug Chasing and Chem Sex Fiction on this site, all of the entries in the threads like "Hot Xtube breeding videos" not to mention a large number of smaller sites that I'd stumble upon and then quickly consume in a few weeks. I should probably mention that I sorta got into the habit for a number of years of having my daily porn time (which was usually for a 2-3 hours in the morning...and maybe sometimes before bed too) and yes, I did enjoy hitting my pipe which because I really do have ADHD would of course turn me into a monster Internet user as I'd burn through libraries in like nobodies business. I think I found porn sites etc to explode around 2010 and by 2012 I literally ran out of porn to watch. It was a sad state of affairs because I really like my daily porn time, but more often than not, I'd kind of go through favorites and then those favorites would stop being appealing...of course new content would come out now and then but usually I'd burn through that new content in a few hours or less. Now, daily porn time is no more so the dismall sorrow of no new porn that saddened me for several years is sort of not a problem...although in actuality even though I now spent most of my time working and very rarely burning through all the porn on the web, on the rare binge moments, I still find that months of new content only provides a day or two of enjoyment and then I'm back to wondering how it is that I can manage to have watched all the porn that is available...excluding condom crap...and maybe Bel Ami and Czech shit which often I hate because though the bottoms are often very hot, the constant canned moaning that never really varies drives me nuts. So should anyone have a question, I can probably answer it no matter how obscure, I welcome the challenge, as if anything, maybe there is some undiscovered font of hot porn I've yet to find...most likely not as I even exhausted the major universal catalog AEBN.net which is carried on a lot of major sex related sites, including this one as well, I think. Oh, one last thing I should mention as I am thorough, if anything, I'm pretty ambivalent regarding rawTop's Raunchy Fuckers because of the major divisions, the Latest Featured Videos seem to be on average about 5 min and over the years I've decided that I will not watch such a short lenth unless is user generated on Xtube and pretty much only Xtube (I've often found myself unexpectedly blowing a wad on some short amature Xtube video just because for some reason it's mad hot). Otherwise, the rest seem to always be a teaser advert that's really just teases. The beginning or the end might be hot, but then it ends and I'm frustrated. The next major category "Latest Amatuer Videos" definitely contains some very hot gems but it's really eclectic mix and a lot of the videos that sound really hot often have really bad camera angles and or there very long cam recordings that are mostly nothing and then here or there a few minutes of action. Worth checking out, but, at least for me, I burned through it in less than an hour or sol The last major category "rawTop's Latest videos" hasn't been updated in years it seems. I don't mean to complain, it's free service so whatever right? I'm just stating my observations. Back during the porn drought I had a schedule of when I'd check a site or service, like big ones such as PornHub or GayForItEu, I'd check everyday throughout the day because the volume of posts were very high. Paid sites, maybe a couple of times a week, as those are more a medium volume. The more fringe sites like Xtube (especially tags like "poz") or nifty or even breedingzone, maybe a couple times a month. So mostly just saying, there is some stuff that is probably worth checking out, but you probably will find just a few things you like and the new post rate is so low, I'd only check maybe once a month. Anyway, I hope this helps someone. As is obvious, I love porn, and speaking as a highly educated, very skilled, blah blah blah, you get the picture, I don't just think that porn should be a prized and respected commodity and art form, I can deliver the proof. However, that is for another day, and considering my apparent rate of activity and productivity, said proof, while marvelous, may likely be like Fermat's Last Theroem and be something that I know but just can't be bothered to right down. But go forth and porn, it's nothing to be ashamed of and actually should be celebrated.
  9. Moderator's Note: I split this off from the video posting thread since it seemed to be a side topic. Why do people keep posting videos that require PIN? It's really annoying because I'd like to watch the video now not at some indefinite time period that may or may not occur depending on whether or not the video's owner decides to respond and also provide the PIN. It's also kind of confusing because I feel that people impose PINs because they essentially want privacy, therefore it's perplexing because I feel that the owner probably doesn't want to provide access to every Tom Dick and Harry, yet the fact that people nonchalantly post PIN only videos suggests that they think the owner will give access to anyone. Or they just don't think. I've been a member for a pretty long time and this has bothered me off and on, although recently it feels like there has been a spate of PIN only videos. I think this is the third one within the most recent 3-4 pages. So this isn't just an off the cuff rant. I feel the PIN only videos are just an annoyance rather than a legitiamate part of this thread. Afterall, if you saw the video, that must mean you had the PIN, so why not share it with others? I feel that would be more appropriate given that this is a relatively close-knit community. However, I don't really know what other members think, as I haven't seen anyone else comment on this. I genuinely don't know how to react to the PIN request proccess, as in the past I don't think I've ever received a PIN when I've requested it. So I've gotten tired of asking as I'm not really sure what's the attitude of the owners...do they just ignore requests from people they don't know? It's happened so many times that I finally felt I had to make a comment.
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