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    Men who are into man fucking. Hard cocks that fuck any willing hole. Perved sex addicts. I love being an easy slut, take any raw cock in my holes, love being a hungry cunt. Cum gets me crazed for more cock. Also love being watched while I get fucked, if it looks good and you want to fuck too, just rub your cock on me, I never resist.

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  1. Anyone in nyc need a cumwhore for their bed tonight? Will take seed all night and head to work in the AM. Multiple cocks encouraged. 

  2. Nyc hungry cunt ready for raw perv cock. Cumslut for groups too. Taking any cock. The sleazier the better.

  3. Looking for like minded fuck addicts in Bronx ny. Dark apt, walk in strip down get right to sleaze fucking. Just be horned and ready  to fuck

  4. Same here, a bit chubby but all sleazy cumhole
  5. Sunday night Bronx nyc. Just partied, just flushed out. Ready for any traveling raw breeding tops who need to shoot their loads. Sex addicts and pervs step to the front my cunt wants your sleaze first. Ready, lubed naked and waiting. No questions need raw cock now.

  6. sleazy cunt in bx ny taking anon cock. loaded lubed and hungry. 


    1. cardoc49


      hey ricanrawhole: Im sure you are a very popular cunt - wish I were closer

  7. hey ricanrawhole, how are you? very sexy profile and pic indeed



    ps: you like to skype?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ricanrawhole


      woof and yes, love daddy cum and i'm insatiable for raw cock and cum when i prty. 

    3. cardoc49


      mmm and thanks for reply - hopefully insatiable for toxic cum too?

    4. ricanrawhole
  8. Nyc pussypig looking for some perv cum daddies 


  9. looking for loads all day in nyc, have 3 in me need more, sleazy sex addicts step to the front but all cock taken.

  10. need sex all day today from anyone. i want to be a sleazy cumdump to get used all day by you and your friends

  11. need anon breeding. rican.xxx on skype to flood me in nyc

  12. nyc sleazy cum slut needs aa daddy to whore my hole out to any raw dick around. lets start playing, I needs sleazy sex addicted perverts flooding my hole

  13. nyc sleazy cum whore giving out my pussy tonight to all takers thatcanhost

  14. my hole gets insatiable when it feels seed in it. nyc now looking for seed. looking to get sleazy and insatiable with a few cocks. would love a pervy daddy gang breeding right now.


  15. agreed, I love the regular average guys, older overweight daddies, trolls, all those guys whose cocks are hard and leaking to fuck my cunt are the ones I want. it makes it piggier and sleazier for me, would love to be gangbanged by a group like that in a sleazy motel.

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