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  1. Hey, I've noticed several profile names that start with TAZ like TAZMAN etc. I assume it relates to leather culture, but am not sure. Anyone know the history and what TAZ means? Thanks!
  2. Hey, I am curious about the differences between guys preferences who associate themselves as vers bottoms, instead of vers or vers tops. Any differences if it's callsed bottom vers, and top vers instead?
  3. I've done it once. Chatted with the trucker online and went to a truck stop , climbed in his cab and sucked him off. It was pretty fun.
  4. Up until around age 30, I had only fucked, never got fucked at all. I did (and still do) love to suck dick. I met a guy off some site and went to his place to suck him off. We hit it off and it became a regular thing where at least once a week I would suck him dry. This continued for a few months and he talked me into letting him fuck me. He was very gentle and took his time. That's how discovered what I had been missing.
  5. I usually j/o once a week. Sometimes more often but rarely go longer than a week without unloading. This has changed over time. Used to j/o at least once a day when I was young.
  6. There's an ABS/Sex Club in ATL called Tokyo Valentino. There's one room that is pretty much totally dark. I didn't even realize it was there the first couple times I went. Last year, (maybe the 3rd time I went) I finally stumbled on this room. It happened to be Black Pride weekend in Atlanta and there were a lot of hot black guys walking around. I was standing against the wall in the darkest room and this guy with a very fat 8" dick stopped in front of me. I quickly went down on my knees and sucked him. Ended up that he was there with 2 others (they were from out of town, TX). He bent m
  7. Hey. Just curious what these places are like now? Guys wearing masks? Or is it business as usual?
  8. Size isn’t that important to me. But if I get to choose, I fatter/thicker is better than longer for me. There’s such a thing as too long for me for sure.
  9. I had never thought or fantasized about being blindfolded until I stumbled across some TIM videos “What I can’t see”. I think there were a few in the series. After getting the idea I had to try it. I ended up having this one guy I met off bbrt come breed me about once a week for a few months. I was blindfolded every time. Never saw what he looked like once. HVent done this in years But would again for sure.
  10. When I was younger a friend who is older passed a tip to me he said use a safety razor and no water or cream or anything. Just shave dry. It works great for me.
  11. Getting fucked through a gh had always been a fantasy. I only did it once At the baths in New Orleans over a Southern Decadence weekend. It was hot and I would do it again.
  12. COVID has killed my sex life. Even though sex spots are open in Atlanta, I have resisted. I only found this site recently and am glad I did... the hot stories have given me many a good j/o session.
  13. Really not exactly sure. Best guess would be 6 or 7 (Flex Atlanta).
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