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    St. Paul MN area
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    Sex, nasty sex, poz sex...
    aka pdxButtMunch on other web sites!
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Super nice guy on the outside, SEX Pig, Pervert on the inside. Bare only, no load refused, no pull outs, no regrets. Currently off meds.
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    none :(
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    Anything a guy gives me should be given in the ass.. Anything that comes out of a guy should be consumed. Any and all loads accepted. Always chasing and looking for toxic poz fuckers who will pump their strain in my ass..AIDS fuckers .

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  1. mn_gary

    Number of days without cuming

    Even at my age (mid 50's) I need to pop a load daily otherwise I just get hornier (if that's possible) ...
  2. mn_gary

    Bottoms getting hard

    I also usually get hard when getting my ass pounded, especially if the top is POZ. End up with a leaking cock that usually fires a load without touching it.
  3. As a top, i have NEVER used condoms.. In the past, occasionally a top who fucks me would use a condom but as a good bottom, I always "disposed" of the tops used condom and load by pushing it up my ass.. A load is a load regardless of how it's delivered 😉
  4. mn_gary

    Ass Rimming

    OMG, I LOVE eating/rimming ass.
  5. mn_gary

    Bottoms, Can you cum just by getting fucked?

    Simple answer from me.. Yes.. I remember one time I shot so hard, the first squirt flew over my head with the rest on my face and stomach. A memorable bare fuck indeed!
  6. Quote

    Thanks for the follow!


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. xtc303den


      Hot. If you're ever in Denver I'll gladly offer up my cunt for a good wrecking.


    3. mn_gary


      Beautiful !!

    4. ronnie4u


      Simply HOT !  HOT and Delicious - working it - stretching it !  HOT !

  7. Thanks for the rep (my 100th), so now I'm Very Good apparently! 

    Much prefer to be Very Bad! ;) 

  8. Absolutely !! My ass so craves loads that it doesn't matter if I've shot my wad or not.
  9. mn_gary

    What Was Your First Std ?

    first one is my favorite... HIV !
  10. Count me in.. bags are packed and ass is brushed and lubed !
  11. Ass brushed up and ready for all loads... 

    1. boybottom4use


      mmm! take them deep!!

  12. mn_gary

    condoms or no condoms?

    Absolutely NONE!...ever

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