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    St. Paul MN area
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    Sex, nasty sex, poz sex...
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Super nice guy on the outside, SEX Pig, Pervert on the inside. Bare only, no load refused, no pull outs, no regrets. Currently off meds.
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    none :(
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    Anything a guy gives me should be given in the ass.. Anything that comes out of a guy should be consumed. Any and all loads accepted. Always chasing and looking for toxic poz fuckers who will pump their strain in my ass..AIDS fuckers .

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  1. mn_gary

    Ass Rimming

    OMG, I LOVE eating/rimming ass.
  2. hot profile! Off meds too, fucking hot. I get really hard reading that you are off meds again too, depraved mind! Me too off meds to be toxic again to breed and spread the bug too again...

  3. mn_gary

    Bottoms, Can you cum just by getting fucked?

    Simple answer from me.. Yes.. I remember one time I shot so hard, the first squirt flew over my head with the rest on my face and stomach. A memorable bare fuck indeed!
  4. Quote

    Thanks for the follow!


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. xtc303den


      Hot. If you're ever in Denver I'll gladly offer up my cunt for a good wrecking.


    3. mn_gary


      Beautiful !!

    4. ronnie4u


      Simply HOT !  HOT and Delicious - working it - stretching it !  HOT !

  5. Thanks for the rep (my 100th), so now I'm Very Good apparently! 

    Much prefer to be Very Bad! ;) 

  6. Absolutely !! My ass so craves loads that it doesn't matter if I've shot my wad or not.
  7. mn_gary

    What Was Your First Std ?

    first one is my favorite... HIV !
  8. Count me in.. bags are packed and ass is brushed and lubed !
  9. Ass brushed up and ready for all loads... 

    1. boybottom4use


      mmm! take them deep!!

  10. mn_gary

    condoms or no condoms?

    Absolutely NONE!...ever
  11. Woof -- luv the toothbrush / bottle brush pics in your Album

    1. mn_gary


      Thanks man.. wish your load followed those brushings... 

    2. MTWTFSS


      Fuck yeah man -- looks like you were prepping it good  --  I would enjoy that

    3. DirtyPig4all


      I was just feeling a bit guilty cause last night I had pervy nasty top pig fuck the hell out of my hole with his ex bf and ripped up my hole and tried fisting me and putting trash in my hole it was burning and I took  of his dirty hep c infected blood slams to try to infect myself and they gave me his anal warts too ... which could be cancerous and I drank his piss , a bunch of it .... my cock gets sooooo  hard doing this bugchasing infecting myself with diseases and I flushed my meds today and I am willing to have a high vl aids cum and aids blood slams and I was always undetectable but this fucking turns me on and rock hard..... I don't get it, but I'm just trying to embrace it and have other twisted diseased bug chasing pigs influence me to continue and get me hard loving doing this stuff, and theres no turning back..... fuck yea right, I want all feed back, I'm going in bathroom on floor in front of mirror injecting my dark chemmed  up urine in my hole and hope to get high off it!!!! I'm so devilish and twisted now... omg  

  12. mn_gary

    Two bathhouse loads

    Wish I was lucky hole 21 !

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