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    Portland, Or
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    Luv to bottom, I am totally turned on by bugchasing. Looking for Poz tops to give it to me.
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    Home Made Only Unfortunately lol
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    Poz tops, would prefer a group tie me up and film pozzing me.

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  1. Recently stopped taking meds. I want to knock you up

    1. tprbttm4u


      Okay Awesome ?. Can you Host?


    2. PDXpissdrinker


      No - sorry- happy to meet somewhere pervy. Message me get my #. I’m buying boner pills so I can breed holes

  2. I'd love to have your Viral Poz DNA Inside My Hole!bug-chaser-bandana_design.png.7ddd71b5205811cdb1ad017e829136a2.png78397e1c-1a7e-463b-8ba2-d1c9c5c1a005.thumb.jpg.c6d19f4fad853233640ddc0a45b05776.jpg

    1. Guest




  3. Hi, new here, seen you in other forums,...I visit pdx regularly, and enjoy bareback breeding, have some regs and hit the bookstores too, for some gloryhole fun. Recognized your pic, just thought to say hello :)

  4. Come to Portland?  Luv to fell you Breeding Me!

    1. Pozfaggot80


      Thought we where going to flip flop?

  5. Get Checked for Bacterial Infections! Had a rare one. Took a different test to find it. The Med was only used for 4 things. One was the Plague! After 2 Weeks of the Ant-biotic. I was getting Hard again! Also Foreskin Restoration if you are Circumsizec. It really improves sensabilith. Smoking Cigarettes, Caffeine. Both make it harder to get hard lol! Hopefully this Helps someone!
  6. I Like to Brush My Hole with a Toilet Brush after I Enema! lol
  7. That profile photo is hot. I wish you were on the East Coast. I would be more than Happy to strap you to the Fuck Bench for a Hot gang Bang session. See how many loads your hot hole can hold.

  8. I had all the same problems. Found out I had a very rare Bladder Infection. Apparently this kind can stay lo and undetectable on and off kinda Bacterial Virus. After a few weeks of Meds, it started to come back to life out of nowhere again lmao. No biggest thing I notice is it is a Male Heat thing. For First week of the Month roughly. I get Really Fucking Horny! Then nothing for a few Days. Then I read on Playing with it too much, De-Sensitizes it! So once before Bed, if it doesn't work, Then relax sleep. Wake up Hard and GO FOR IT LMAO! What i do lol.
  9. tumblr OR JUST PLAIN Google Search it lol I did as Shocked! Lot's of great links and Many on this Group too!
  10. Message me I will send you my number! BBRT is tprbttm4u
  11. Portland, Oregon! I WANT AIDS BAD! PLEASE POZ ME!
  12. I WANT AIDS!  GIVE ME EVERY SINGLE AIDS BABY YOU CAN PUMP INSIDE ME!  Duct tape My Buttplug in!  I want every Baby to get a chance to live inside me!


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