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    Passionate and primal raw sex with bb bottoms (very cool). Love connected bb sex. I’m a big fan of pervy , taboo verbal play. Uninhibited verbal poz guys are usually fuckin hit and fun. Daddy /son Scene is cool and I’m learning that since I am open to all ages, I can be either father or son.
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    5'9", 200lbs, hairy, total top bear. I love to breed & seed. Multiple cummer here.
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    hot pig bottom men to breed and seed

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  1. When I was younger and less experienced, I would sometimes find sex boring because the guy was either too inhibited/vanilla or he was into what I call scripted sex where things have to go a certain way for that person to get off. What I came to realize was that boring sex for me really meant disconnected sex. Nowadays I always chat with a guy to make sure our sexual interests are compatible before agreeing to meet up. If we seem to have a connection, then I find that when we meet in person we are both mentally present. And when both of us are paying attention to what's turning each other on, good sex unfolds organically and passionately. I always tell guys upfront that if they're welcome to check their phones as long as I get to see who they are chatting with and they can show me guys they find attractive or have played with... and vice versa. I also love asking a guy to show me what kind of porn turns him on (and i'll do the same). The best sex for me is always that kind of connected sex that is both passionate and piggy/pervy. Never boring.
  2. Fucking hot man!

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      Thanks! Back at ya, sexy pig!

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  4. Thanks for the follow.  Hot fucking profile.   Would love to feel that cock probe me deep.

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      Thanks, man. I'd love to flood that hole with a few of my loads

  5. Love a hairy top who can shoot multiple loads.

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  7. Thank you for the follow SIR!

  8. There's a lot of great BB porn guys. If I had to choose: James Roscoe - vers bottom Drew Sebastian - top Adam Russo - vers Damien Silver - for his piggy verbal
  9. We are all looking for multiple cummers.  Hot, hairy man is just what I need.

  10. Nice tent pitching.


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