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  1. i agree. My problem with the scene is that everything is emotionally unhealthy. You can have a healthy sex life and still love and respect yourself.
  2. This is great to know thanks for the info.
  3. A cockring, bow tie, nipple clamps, and a baseball cap...works great not when running from cops...
  4. I wouldn't mind him, seems like he is projecting his own self hate on others.
  5. I have no problem with this thread. People like what they like. I haven't had any problems getting hot white men which is my preference, but I like every race. Like I said I haven't had issues, and if I see that a guy is not attracted to black guys in his profile description I don't engage and just move on. No reason to get mad when there are many men out there who are. Just the way it works.
  6. I'm vers here. I have no problems being fucked, but I agree with the stereotype out there that black guys just top. I get that a lot and i let them know I'm not a total top and if you're looking for a total top like those in Dick Wadds's "Niggas's Revenge." Then I'm not the guy for you.
  7. Chub lover here too!
  8. Ok I'm still trying to put something together once I get enough guys.
  9. There's the Crew Club http://www.thecrewclub.co/crewclub.php?page=home
  10. Woof man. Thanks! Hit me up anytime.
  11. Love a verbal top esp racial verbal
  12. The sex and experience is just better. Usually no mind games, drama, or any of that stuff. I've always been attracted to men older than myself.

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