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    looking to get loaded up by any and all nasty fucking pigs. into swapping loads, fucking, sucking, tit play, piss, eating ass and anything else pervy. looking to see how low i can go.

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  1. Hey pigs, what are the sleaziest bookstores in NYC? I want to get down on my knees and suck anon cock after anon cock.
  2. I agree. Be upfront about it. No use in wasting your time or their time. Personally, I love a cum sloppy cunt. But, I wouldn't say "no" to a dry one.
  3. hot fucking story. i fucking love giving up my cunt for aids loads.
  4. I love fucking bottoms that have cum loads in their holes. There's no reason to be dishonest about it. Own up to having an ass full of cum and you'll likely make your top even happier.
  5. I'm black and versatile. I get off on being called "nigger" in either position as long as the fucking is hot. To me, race play adds a nasty edge to sex and the power dynamics are fun to play with. Outside of fucking, I have no patience for the use of words like "nigger" and "white trash."
  6. I love sloppy holes especially when they are dripping with cum and piss. Perfect for eating and fucking.
  7. hey will be happy to meet you next in usa in march

  8. Do you make your limits clear from the beginning? Or, do you make him stop once he reaches a limit even though it hasn't been discussed?
  9. I've seen a lot of comments from guys saying things like "He's the top. He can do whatever he wants to me." Do any of you truly feel that way or is that just fantasy talk?
  10. thanks for the invite hot fucker! poz pig here too

  11. There something special about sharing a top with another bottom. Both knowing the hunger of needing your cunt filled with cock and cum and being willing to share that experience with someone who feels the same.
  12. If a bottom tells me that he has cum loads in his hole, I get even hotter to fuck him. The feeling of sinking your dick into a cum sloppy cunt is the best feeling in the world.
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