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    Artist, graphic designer, display designer and insatiable bottom born to be bred by men who need to fuck. Very southern, nice smile, great ass, good sense of humor and very boyish. Adventurous. A little scrappy.
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    Intensity. A man's attitude. Sometimes like a man's company, sometimes I just want to fuck and go on to the next one. Love a big dick. Love a hard dick. Love dick. My ideal partner would be part husband, part pimp and would have to get off on seeing me used by other tops.

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  1. I lived in Orlando for 20 years and have been to Pulse many times. My heart goes out the victims.
  2. I list my location as South FLorida. To get more specific than that I need to know you or at least want to meet you. This is not a hookup site so I don't care to divulge more than that. Get on Grindr if you want a guy close by.
  3. I can make mine tight if I feel like it needs to be or if requested to do so but I find it a turn on when a top tells me to make it loose and don't tighten up. Focusing on staying open and loose is hot and really keeps me into the fuck.
  4. If it hurts it means you are not opening up for this guy. Since you can take a fist, you obviously are skilled in that area. Maybe you just don't like this guy? Maybe that is why you are not opening up for him. Could be a subconscious dislike.
  5. I've been hooking up with this new guy who is very dominant and likes to tell me very specifically what positions to move into and when. I mean very specifically. He wants my hole at his perfect height for maximum penetration and he knows how to get there. It is hot as fuck. One thing I've noticed is that when I'm on all fours, ass up face down, he always instructs me in his deep sexy voice to put my feet together, then to put my knees together, since I instinctively spread my knees for better stability. I've never liked the position with my feet together and my knees touching and my chest on the bed. Besides being less stable, I've always felt it sort of feminizes me. I mean in that position your hips are wider than your knees and your waist, which is feminine. Maybe that is why some men like to breed in that position. You do have to give in a bit in that position because when he takes your hips in his hands and starts pounding you he is in total control of your ass. This guy and his big black cock have made me a new fan of something I never liked before. It made me wonder? Do you do doggy style with your knees open or together? Or do you let him decide. Open lets him stand directly behind you with his legs together. Knees together lets him stand directly behind you with your feet between his slightly spread legs. Feedback? Am I the only one who thinks about crazy shit like this? Tops your feedback as well, please.
  6. My daily use lube is Wet Platinum. I also enjoy vaseline for fucking and have recently been turned on to Coconut Oil. It was great.
  7. Yeah you might be selfish, but I think it's hot. Like others have said you might not be husband material but when I'm looking to get fucked, I can always go for a man like you. Keep it up. Keep it hot. Keep coming back for more. When you find a bottom you particularly enjoy, find a way to be good to him. It's not beneath you and it will keep him coming back. Try me.
  8. Ok, so who besides me bought a gift for a fuck buddy?
  9. After you are there 30 minutes you will know every bottom in the place. And all three tops.
  10. Yes Mike, I bet you could. Try me.

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