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    Fucking in groups.
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    Short, eager for sperm swaps. Loves sex parties and bareback porn. Like Experienced fuckers who have been slimmed down through fucking. Can do day time hookups.
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    Local tops who are patient with a tight arse like mine and are determined to make a meaningful deposit. Love sex parties & seeing others root. Dance parties fun, too. Like hearing tops reming their fucks what they re pumping up them.

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  1. Magnificant arse - so tasty looking.  Would love to felch and eat.

  2. Thinking of going to Hustlaball in Berlin this October.   Any good?  



  3. melbare

    Gold Edition Piss Party at Club80

    The November 2017 Gold Edition party was excellent. So many versatile guys. Some hot threesomes with participants changing positions. Not as much piss as usual. Just loads of lust.
  4. Beautiful shape.  You deserve to be pleasured. your followers are hot, too.

  5. Hi

    I'm in 3054.  We are virtual neighbours.  Hope your interest in literature is translated into real live fucking.

  6. melbare

    Mac Men

    I have just re-read this story on another site. It is really anchored in our experience and dreams. Thanks for getting into our heads and hardening up our cocks. Thanks.
  7. Loved your response to a story featuring 3 ways to convert  a man. 

    Hope you get 'raped' by spunks and then allow your active side to share the lust.  Hot man.     

  8. melbare

    Sleazy Night At The Pit

    There are places like the Pit in many cities around the world. Thinking of Berlin.
  9. melbare

    Gold Edition Piss Party at Club80

    The date for December 2017 is the tenth.
  10. The Conversion Club is an excellent story.     Lots of stimulating fantasies and perv stuff.

    1. BarebackFan


      Thanks! More to come. 

  11. I have seen Dawson fuck a couple of guys in DVDs. Lucky buggers!
  12. melbare

    NÜD Party at Club 80

    Golden Edition, also at Club 80 - but on a Sunday's afternoon- is an excellent playground. So many versatile guys.
  13. melbare

    A Visit with Grandpa

    The Black text on a dark background makes it impossible to read.
  14. Poz, not on Meds, is so sexy and supercharged.

  15. Enjoyed the massage story....thanks

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