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    Short, eager for sperm swaps. Loves sex parties and bareback porn. Like Experienced fuckers who have been slimmed down through fucking. Can do day time hookups.
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    Local tops who are patient with a tight arse like mine and are determined to make a meaningful deposit. Love sex parties & seeing others root. Dance parties fun, too. Like hearing tops reming their fucks what they re pumping up them.

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  1. I have seen Dawson fuck a couple of guys in DVDs. Lucky buggers!
  2. NÜD Party at Club 80

    Golden Edition, also at Club 80 - but on a Sunday's afternoon- is an excellent playground. So many versatile guys.
  3. A Visit with Grandpa

    The Black text on a dark background makes it impossible to read.
  4. Poz, not on Meds, is so sexy and supercharged.

  5. Enjoyed the massage story....thanks

  6. I think poz, not on meds guys are sooo hot.   

  7. A wonderful list. Many thanks.
  8. California's Prop 60

    So happy with the result. California has produced loads of great bareback porn and it is our right to see guys fuck the way we want to. Congrats to Paul Morris among others. Stefan is a spunk.
  9. I think poz, not on meds guys are sooo hot.   Will be going to the next Gold Edition @ club 80.

  10. Agree that Paul Stag is an iconic raw breeder. Yum.
  11. Folsom Berlin Cock Tally

    CONGRATULATIONS, RAWLEATHER. Hope you keep up the good work of sharing pleasure with others and don't get distracted by sermonisers. Live now and die later, I say.
  12. Neg Bottom To Be Pozzed

    What about Gold Edition or NUD at Club 80. Go to saunas at busy times.
  13. I think Shawn should bring over some of his un-medicated patients / friends to share their seed and as some positive re-inforcement. So hot to have an older active guy being recognised for his sexiness.
  14. Folsom Europe

    you'll enjoy the parties. Remember to pace yourself & be alert to pick pockets and rent boys on the street. You don't have to pay - maybe the cab fare to your hotel.
  15. Apollo Splash Vs Boiler Sauna

    RedNile What the guys in Berlin have going for them is the willingness to bareback at any time of the day. Think of the saying: Don't worry about the mantlepiece when you are poking the fire. There is always a place open to go and meet someone. Berlin's bars are often dimly lit so guys look doable and once one is doing them everything is fine. I prefer bars and parties to saunas, but many don't.

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