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    Raw tops to fuck me (preferably at a venue), piss in/on me and do all manner of kinky things to me.
    Like rough tops who know what they want and don't take 'no' for an answer!

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  1. Anyone heading to gold on Sunday at 80?
  2. 22 Vers/Btm Looking for kinky or vanilla fun. Up for most things. Will be able to host in hotel room. No load or hole refused. One on one or group.
  3. Are you coming to Gold edition on August 13th?

  4. Anyone else going to Gold at Club80 on August 13th? It's like Nud, only with heaps of piss play as well as the bareback breeding (seriously, I've never seen a condom used there :D). We could have our own breeding party, if everyone's interested, or we could just slut around. Entry is $38 for anyone interested. Make sure to mention that you're going to Gold (or 'downstairs') or they may think you are just going into the normal area, not the dungeon. August 13th @ 2PM @ Club80 (8-10 Peel St, Collingwood)
  5. My question is this: Do sissies deserve any measure of protection (such as prep), or not?
  6. Is nud throughout the entire venue, or just the dungeon (like gold/red)?
  7. This is on again tomorrow night from 9pm I'll be there for any loads...
  8. I like your name -- evil smile 

  9. This js any open invitation to any and all men of Melbourne (or anyone traveling to Melbourne). I am a 19 year old neg bugchaser. I will be at Subway sauna from 10am till 4pm on Wednesday September 14 and will be taking any and all loads (absolutely none will be refused). I will post here on the day exactly which room I will be in (I don't know which rooms will be available). Also, if any guys come who have biohazard or scoorpion tattoos, I'll do anything you want! Just knock me up! For anyone who doesn't know, the entry price is $25 (I think), and there is a concession price of $22.
  10. Hi men of Melbourne. I know its really late notice, but I'll be at subway sauna from about 8pm till later tonight, and I am totally negative. PM me if you wanna change that, or if you're also neg, but wanna load me anyway. I'm young (19).

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