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    Looking to chat with hot bareback partiers.
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    Really into bareback and taking loads
    Also wanna be slammed up ALOT and used/whored out

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  1. you have wick //? message me on it if you want - my user name is: dotmatrixsd

  2. Had a fuck buddy who was an attending physician at a hospital near me and said his partner wasn’t giving it up enough so he snuck me into one of the on call rooms after I had just been bred by another bud and he slid in bareback without hesitation and gave me a second load once I told him he was getting sloppy seconds.
  3. Hot fucker, would love to be bred by you ;)

  4. San Diego here, would love to hear more of your younger experiences leading to adulthood. Would love it if you decided to verbally dominate me while dumping your hot load in my southern boy ass! Have pics I can share no problem. Love dirty talk ;)

  5. Wanna breed this twink? Love taking jock cum in my willing and open DNA receptacle! I have pics to share Hmu sexy!

  6. Love your profile! Would definitely love to chat about our fantasies! Hot body! Especially for a father of 2!

    1. jonasblue


      Sounds good to me man. Thanks ;)

  7. If you were in Cali I'd definitely let your try your luck at pozzing me up!

  8. I'd love to man! I've never been fully fisted, only just past the knuckles, been wanting to take a whole fist! Have some experience at fisting a bottom so could definitely help you out! Where in SD are you?
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