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  1. Brent Corrigan circa Poolboy's Dream
  2. My dad is a medicine prof at a major Chicago med school, so I doubt he'd ever do anything with me. He's also not my type. That said, get me in the middle of a father/son duo and I'd literally figuratively melt.
  3. Probably 10 or 11. Carrots and olive oil got me into it. I cooked roast carrots (in olive oil) for thanksgiving yesterday too...
  4. Pozzing my younger brothers
  5. I want strangers to love me enough to give me their DNA, I'm damaged lol
  6. Yeah, for real. I'm not really into blood (it reminds me of periods), but those guys wanted to bleed.
  7. I didn't go on meds for a few years after converting, but when it started to risk my health I started, To me, sexual thrill wasn't worth dying for.
  8. The brush. They both wanted a round nylon brush, like a bottle brush, so I obliged. It was messy af.
  9. Like, not in a weird fetish way, but like lots of Asian guys are ruthless tops ?
  10. I brushed two guys before I was on meds, they both hated it. I'd take a serious pain killer before trying it.
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