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  1. @likaleather where can we find even a clip of the video?
  2. Looks like we can add Dean Phoniex to the list! Hoping it will be on AEBN soon.
  3. @Patrick, Do they require a perscription. It looks like you are from the UK so the same may not even work here. Been taking Zinc and Folic Acid. Noticed some increase but not much. Do you need to take mucinex everyday? /
  4. Anyone have tips on increasing the amount of load you deposit and drop (other than not jacking off and cumming for a couple of days). I didn't know if there are any vitamins or foods that do this automatically.
  5. I always wondered why there has never been a leaked gay celebrity sex tape. Then I came across this blind item today... Actor On Top AUGUST 26, 2016 76 COMMENTS man handsome 7EXCLUSIVE! [blind Gossip] There are sites where people can submit home videos of themselves having sex. Of course, if there are two people in the video, they are both supposed to give permission when they submit the video. We just saw a video of two men having sex. The video seems to be shot from a phone. Both men are clearly aware that they are filming themselves, as the “bottom” guy picks up the phone or camera several times to hold the phone at a different angle. As soon as we saw the “top” guy, we gasped! It was an actor who currently stars on a powerful cable TV series! The actor’s attorney sent a demand letter to the site telling them to remove the video. While demanding the removal, they concurrently claimed that the man in the video is not the actor. FULL LINK HERE --- David Fumero seems to be the top guess but I would like to see for myself. Anyone know where this video might be and have a link before it is removed from the net totally?
  6. I would love to see one with him and Tom, but I think he learned his lesson after the first one. I'm looking to see if the first one was ever released or posted somewhere.
  7. Anyone know where the full version of Dustin's sex tape is? I hear he BB in it and, to my knowledge, its the only gay celebrity sex tape out there. Anyone know of any others and where?
  8. I believe the video riding billy wild had a scene in where a guy did that. If not that video I know it was a TIM video.
  9. I agree it was staged, but still a nice fantasy to watch. NL Bear, put Quick Raw Fuck in Bathroom in the search field at Pornhub and you may still find it.
  10. Anyone know more about the video below? Couldn't figure out a way to share the link so I clipped a pic below. It is hot but too short. I know the guy in the red had a tumblr up with a bunch of other hot videos but I guess tumblr shut it down. Just trying to figure out if he set up shop somewhere else.
  11. Would love to get some new jack off material. Any information on any closeted Hollywood actors? Who barebacks? What are their types? How do they get guys? Do any of them slip into Bathhouses? What are their kinks? Anyone out there in the know?
  12. I've always wanted to create or be a part of a discreet group of guys who can get together and have some fun. I know there are some professionals by day but freaks by night, hoping to be able to create a safe place where we can play and let our freak flag fly. Looking to create a group free from judgment and for everyone. We may not all be into each other, but we are all discreet guys who like to get freaky on occasion. If you are interested or would like to help me create it, drop me a line. Let's discuss particulars and see how we can do this. I know between Lockheed, Florida Hospital, Universal, Disney and Sea World there are some freaks here.
  13. Visiting LA in Sept. Staying near the airport. What is the closest Bathhouse near this location? Besides that, what is the BEST bathhouse to go to?
  14. Wow. I always thought he was one of the Gay4pay ones.

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