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  1. Tumblr acounts

    Mine is holeseeker1.tumblr.com Like homemade stuff as well as Blkdom & white sub
  2. Looking To Develop A Discreet Bb Group

    I'm still here. Just haven't been able to get anything set up and interest from other tops has been light. A bunch of btms in a room with one top may be a dream but a tad unrealistic. :-) Do you guys know other tops who might be interested? Central place?
  3. He's taken a lot of dicks in a year. Winder if something inside him is changing. 😈😜
  4. Anyone have info on Shawn Reeves? He was at Maverick Men for a while then went to Bromo and looks like he is now at Michael Lucas' company. Most of his scenes on these sites are bareback with a few condom ones sprinkled in there. When he was at Maverick Men the impression given was that he was straight. However, he seems to really enjoy it or he fakes it well. Is he gay or gay for pay?
  5. Been Nailed or Nailed a Porn Star

    Looks like he does in videos and can take a dick/
  6. Anyone know if Brian from active duty ever did a bb video for them? I know he worked from all world video but I know they don't do bb. Also curious if he maintained that body! 😜😜
  7. Sucks that it didn't go down like you wanted! I do like the tips listed here though. Been trying to do something like that for one of my friends for a while and it always ends in a bust! Will try a few of these and see what happens.
  8. The bottom requested that I put it on lock for now. Hope to open it up in a few weeks.
  9. A while back I was big into race play (Black Dom/white sub) and found myself using the "nigga" version of the word. I was younger, fairly new to the Dom/sub scene and the idea of dominating a white guy was hot. Even today it is still a turn on...to a point. I'm at a point now where I won't use any version of the word when having sex. Hard enough trying to find guys into you for you and not the dick between your legs, worse when you get into it and they bring you back to earth by using the N word (no matter which version). I have grown and like where I am on this in my life. That said, to each his own. While I was a Black Dom who preferred white subs. I saw the reverse of that out there. I know what it was like for me when I was younger and I know that I was trying to feel power if that makes sense. I can't stand on a soap box and say to black bottoms they shouldn't do it. To each their own, I would just caution that they don't loose their self in the process. I believe whether you realize it or not, your self esteem takes a hit when that happens. I could be wrong and there may be exceptions to the rule, but it is up to the indiviual and consenting partners. BTW, enjoyed the dialouge with this topic!
  10. Unlikely, but I will ask anyway... Anyone know places in Orlando area (including Kissimmee) where you can safely host a group party but still safe, discreet and clean? PHouse is the go to but checking if there are other hotels with discreet entrances that are inexpenseive and clean or know of people who might rent out their homes without nosey neighboors (I know, rare) :-)
  11. Hard to hear at times but love the moaning from the btm. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph594753fc20c7b
  12. Yep! I work for one of those "family friendly" companies so all of us are one way at work and it is hot to see another side of some of them. I have seen more co-workers than I have actually done anything with. Sad really, because I get off on Dom/sub and control and it would be nice to be with someone and know that they are caged or have a plug in and your load up there. There is a guy on BBRT that opened his pics, I opened mine and then sent a message. We texted briefly, but he was going out of town and I couldn't get over to him. I put a question up in another post asking what I should do. Don't think I'll reach out again. I don't want to be a pest or seem like I'm stalking. He posted a party ad for his trip that said, "Flood This Hole" and if you knew this guy, he is easy to talk to, knows his stuff, but also on top of his operation and you would never think that he would be as piggy as to want as many guys to flood his hole. I think I went back to the ad several times wanting to see who got approved to go so I could imagine him taking cocks. As I said, I have seen more than I've done anything with people but they are usually outside of my department and that is for the best. I did mess around with a guy who was in the same department as me but it was after I left my department for another. I did get to live out some of my Dom/sub control while at work with him though so that's something, but the bad thing about that is once you do it and you like it, you want more. :-) By the way, I only know of BBRT what are some of the other bareback sites (not including craig's list)?
  13. What would you do?

  14. What would you do?

    Was feeling really worked up and horny a few nights ago and made a new screen name on BBRT that alluded to my Dom side. I did it partly because I wanted to see which profile got the most responses and see why. Needless to say they came pretty rapidly with that one then the other one. I know it's BBRT but I am being a bit more selective on who I talk to under this one and who I might meet. One of the guys who hit me up within a few hours just had an ass shot and was just an message saying user unlocked photos. Clicked on the photos and low and behold I knew the guy. We worked at the same place. Never together or as boss and employee. In fact, he was a bit higher than me at the time. Now I work for the same company but in a totally different area than he does so there is no risk of seeing each other every day. I unlocked mine and said, hi. Unless he's really clueless (which I doubt) I'm sure he knows who I am, but he didn't allude to it in the message or when we texted briefly. He wanted to hook up that night but it was late and he lives on the other side of town and was going out to Las Vegas the next day. \ What would you do if a similar situation happened to you?
  15. Been Nailed or Nailed a Porn Star

    I figured carrot top for a btm

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