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    Berlin, Germany
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    solid bareback breeding, e.g. innocent first timer's holes, helping out married guys fullcummingly with their needs, TBC ;)
    body hair - otters are my pref, but smooth asses won't be safe though
    sweaty 1-0-1 or group breedings
    tx for any offer on this, but: no cam sex, no phone sex -> real things matter
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Versatile Top
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    Experienced in breeding manholes and taking loads for decades - see age above.
    Prefer lots of jizz inside ass, no big dick necessary, the big creamy load is important ;) .
    Chems free sex only, some poppers ok - probably we wouldn't match if you can't enjoy it old fashioned natural way without 'enhancements'.

    Same stuff about me available on (languages, 1st one = main language on site):
    www.bbackzone.com/direkt1spritzer (french/english)
    www.barebackfucker.com [nick: immerhinein] (several languages)
    www.gayromeo.com/immerhinein (several languages)
    new => www.barebackcity.org [nick: immerhinein] (several languages)
  • Looking For
    Slim / tall guys who are into solid breeding action, some good conversation appreciated to get in touch. Very attracted to men with body hair, leaking precummers and multiple shooters, prefs not set in stone, am open for discussion ;).
    Age range: legal - 55 ys would be a good match.

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  1. After following the the progress of development and test phase I decided to join there again. Of course, the new application process sounds a bit strange but atm the offered verification possibilities are all free of cost - others we can use in Germany will require fees (e.g. 'PostIdent) or even technical decives that must be bought (ID card readers etc). Right now it seems the best solution he can offer for us, by the time there could be developed other means, we'll see. Process itself was really a matter of seconds - and after getting stuck in the Skype process, it only took one email and with my highest respect I was offered an exclusive WhatsApp phone appointment during his private spare time. At all requirements and procedure will hold off those boring tons of empty one day profiles (IMHO the hop on - hop off is never the sense of a contact and forum portal) and fake profiles. On the other hand, I totally agree with Cum-ass that a webcam, Skype or WhatsApp are necessary devices or software (as we can see by the results of the mobile phone mania which causes endless trouble when used without taking notice of anything surrouding) but they are used by a respectable number of people of whom most don't care about security issues anytime. Being a member of the minority who don't use either of them by which reasons ever, it's sort of being forced to use one of them only for being verified. The decision of not to use such portals due to the foremetioned requires respect. If there should be a new / better solution, I'll stay tuned to give a shout here.
  2. Usually, I do. Must be an effect of keeping my ass trained to stay tight enough. Feeling a man's cock pulse and making each shot a bullseye inside me is only topped by those who give a deep and loud roar at the time unloading 😎 .
  3. Darkrooms are built for anon breeding, so I enjoy bare cocks wanting to fill my ass with their spunk and never mind several breeders. Also agree to Kennethk with sandwiching, best if my fucker forces me to shoot my load into my cumdump.
  4. If a guy is presenting his ass for me, he'll see and feel my cock bare so he knows he'll get bred. During the fuck there's no way to discuss about pulling out before i had cum inside him. If bottoming, I want his juice as deep as possible - never understood why someone would ask about not to cum inside ...
  5. up for breeding a nice hairy hole  💦 , also open for getting some load up my own  💢

  6. Successful 2019, everybody!  💦

  7. Happy holidays and a merry Christmas, fellows  🎄  🎁 

  8. Same question as cut/uncut or skin color, IMHO. I really understand any doubts but would recommend to stay oneself, my experience is not to change things only to please others. I've never changed my success rate significantly. Though attracted to hairy guys that can cause me getting an instant boner, all of my exBFs were smooth. So most asses have got and will get a good breeding when I need to unload.
  9. Thanks for following me.

  10. Happy new year to you from Norway:)

    I`ll be more than happy to bend over and give you free entrance to my "pussy" and make it dripping wet after unloading inside:P

    I hope we will be able to meet irl one day !!

    1. immerhinein


      Thank you for the kind wishes, hopefully you'll get an awesome good year, too.

      Have given back the favor of following, let's see which encounters RL will prepare  ;)

  11. New Year's eve celebrations prepared, rocket loaded, so only the last few hours to wait ;)

    Happy New Year, everybody!


    1. jaybird


      HNY to you too!


    2. immerhinein


      Thank you so much for the kind wishes and another year of surprising pictures for our entertainment!

  12. Happy holidays to everybody, may all your wish lists cum true  :cool:

    1. BarefotzeHH


      Thank you. Vielleicht erfüllt sich mein Wunsch am 28. in Berlin. ;-)

      Frohe Weihnachten!

  13. On PC: main page, right side below newest member, 'recent status updates' insert your status in the field 'what's up your mind' - or on your profile page use the field 'write a public message on your own feed'. Mobile devices should have similar function, hope that helped
  14. Thanks for the follow, hot man!

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