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    Berlin, Germany
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    solid bareback breeding, e.g. innocent first timer's holes, helping out married guys fullcummingly with their needs, TBC ;)
    body hair - otters are my pref, but smooth asses won't be safe though
    sweaty 1-0-1 or group breedings
    tx for any offer on this, but: no cam sex, no phone sex -> real things matter
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Versatile Top
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    Experienced in breeding manholes and taking loads as well for decades - see age above.
    Prefer lots of jizz inside ass, no big dick necessary, the big creamy load is important ;) .
    Chems free sex only, some poppers ok - probably we wouldn't match if you can't enjoy it old fashioned natural way without 'enhancements'.

    Same stuff about me available on (languages, 1st one = main language on site):
    www.bbackzone.com/direkt1spritzer (french/english)
    www.barebackfucker.com [nick: immerhinein] (several languages)
    www.gayromeo.com/immerhinein (several languages)
  • Looking For
    Slim / tall guys who are into solid breeding action, some good conversation appreciated to get in touch. Attracted to body hair, leaking precummers and multiple shooters, legal - 55 ys would be a good match - not set in stone, am open for discussion ;)

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  1. immerhinein

    My ass.. hairy or smooth?

    Same question as cut/uncut or skin color, IMHO. I really understand any doubts but would recommend to stay oneself, my experience is not to change things only to please others. I've never changed my success rate significantly. Though attracted to hairy guys that can cause me getting an instant boner, all of my exBFs were smooth. So most asses have got and will get a good breeding when I need to unload.
  2. Thanks for following me.

  3. New Year's eve celebrations prepared, rocket loaded, so only the last few hours to wait ;)

    Happy New Year, everybody!


    1. jaybird


      HNY to you too!


    2. immerhinein


      Thank you so much for the kind wishes and another year of surprising pictures for our entertainment!

  4. Happy holidays to everybody, may all your wish lists cum true  :cool:

    1. BarefotzeHH


      Thank you. Vielleicht erfüllt sich mein Wunsch am 28. in Berlin. ;-)

      Frohe Weihnachten!

  5. immerhinein

    am I blind

    On PC: main page, right side below newest member, 'recent status updates' insert your status in the field 'what's up your mind' - or on your profile page use the field 'write a public message on your own feed'. Mobile devices should have similar function, hope that helped
  6. Thanks for the follow, hot man!

  7. off for ThanksGIVING duties - have a ncie weekend everybody!

  8. Did it on some turkish guys I wanted to breed me in the park a time ago, so I think nobody had to worry about. Nowadays most of them don't even ask to use a rubber but breed and let themselves breed.
  9. immerhinein

    Bred in Berlin

    Quite close, Pigmut ... the german expression is 'Fickstutenmarkt' (Horse Fair - Foire aux Lopes - Mercado de juegas). @ Bottomhole: You might find helpful information on their homepage http://www.fickstutenmarkt.com/ Anyway you should find willing BB guys at mostly each location as well, if there aren't any events or party events. Have a nice stay and enjoy!
  10. Preparing tonights park excursion: posting the signs 'Enter AYOR'  ;) 


    0 - LoadingZone.jpg

    1. pointedkiwi


      would definitely want to be iin your Loading zone OINK

    2. immerhinein



      Good the Park Authorities has provided enough waiting facilities, though there won't be canopes against tonight's rain (think it's only a minor issue for us hardcore BBers)

  11. Thx for following  ;)

  12. Ready to give a nice cum donation into a willing ass and vv

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dickmagnet


      Wish i was closer

    3. immerhinein


      bet there'll be a time you jump across the 'parking slot' between Belgium and Berlin  :D

    4. Dickmagnet


      Sounds like an invitation - hahaha or you could visit here too - Mmmmm

  13. nice profile

    1. immerhinein


      Glad you enjoyed looking at it and following me


  14. Thanks for the follow!  Love your cock pic. 

    1. immerhinein


      Thanks for the kind compliment, it's only showing one of my special features   :cool:

    2. shybottomhole


      Would love to explore the rest of your features ?

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