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    Berlin, Germany
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    Solid bareback breeding, e.g. innocent first timer's holes, willing cock and/or open hole for married guys (not their GFs!).
    Body hair - otters are my pref (see album), but also smooth asses will get a load.
    Sweaty 1-0-1 or group breedings.
    tx for any offer on this, but: no cam sex, no phone sex -> real things matter
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Versatile Top
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    Experienced in breeding manholes and taking loads for decades - see age above.
    Prefer lots of jizz inside ass, no big dick necessary, the amount of deposit is important ;) .
    Chems free sex only, some poppers ok - probably we wouldn't match if you can't enjoy it old fashioned natural way without 'enhancements'.
    Please keep in mind that it might take a small travel time, so HMU a bit in advance to let me be prepared, tx.

    Same stuff about me available on (languages, 1st one = main language on site):
    www.bbackzone.com/direkt1spritzer (french/english)
    www.gayromeo.com/immerhinein (several languages)
    www.barebackcity.org [nick: immerhinein] (several languages)
    site atm offline: www.barebackfucker.com [nick: immerhinein] (several languages)
  • Looking For
    Slim / tall guys who like solid breeding action, some good conversation appreciated to get in touch.
    Very attracted to men with body hair, leaking precummers and multiple shooters, age range: legal - 55 ys would be a good match.
    Prefs not set in stone, am open for discussion ;).

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  1. I prefer the otter type. Love to empty my nuts in a greedy hairy hole and get my ass filled by hairy guys. Seems to be the contrast, because I'm mostly smooth (see avatar pic).
  2. Following the news in their planetromeo group, BOILER sauna club plans to reopen on September 1st, 2021 at noon. For restrictions due to COVID pandemic rules please inform you on their website www.boiler-berlin.de . Website available in german language only, if unsure using automatic translation tools, feel free to contact me for help. Hope to see all visitors again, have a nice stay 😉
  3. Hey Daddi! Add me on skipe: Chris Konnin 


    19yo milky white slim smooth boi here

  4. Correction: The date should read September 1st, 2021.
  5. Hopefully most of all other venues will be back then. Boiler Sauna announced to open August 2021 again, if Corona rules will permit.
  6. None of the clubs, bars and the one left sauna will advertise as 'barebacking location' to avoid drawing unwished attention of law enforcements. Nevertheless, using condoms seems to be mostly outdated, so you might find a bunch of guys who don't use condoms. During the last years I only encountered approx 5 of some hundreds that wanted to play safe.
  7. Information update as of 11th July, 2021 from planetromeo group Ajpnia (was busy, so sorry for any delay when posting) Baustellenbegegnung - Kaffee Liebe Freunde und Gäste des Ajpnia, am Sonntag, den 18.07.2021 von 14:00 Uhr bis ca. 18:00 Uhr starten wir wieder mit unserem Baustellen Café. Wenn auch immer noch keine reguläre Öffnung in Sicht ist, gibt es doch dadurch die Möglichkeit ein wenig zu verweilen und bei Kaffee und Kuchen gemeinsam ein wenig Zeit zu verbringen. Wir freuen uns auf einen Besuch. Euer Ajpnia e.V. Construction Site Café Dear friends and guests of Ajpnia, on Sunday, July 18th 2021 from 2 p.m to 6 p.m. we will again start with our 'Construction Site Café'. Though no regular opening schedule is seen right now, this will give an opportunity to meet again and shre some time together with coffee and cake. We appreciate your visit. Your Ajpnia e.V. team Stay tuned for further information 😉
  8. hey wie gehts

  9. Lovely dick...Thanks for following

  10. You are fucking hot mate, thanks for following me.  I'd love to have your big dick fucking my tight ass rough and raw.

    Hundreds more pics and vids of me on www.twitter.com/jonny4dad 


  11. Tonite: park cruising, looking for wet hairy holes to fill 💦 💢 💦 and some gentle refill 🍌 🍌 of my own ass.

    Join me at Tiergarten cruising area, Berlin.

  12. Nice smile and a hot hole to breed 💦 💦
  13. Got the first on 3 June, booked for the second on 25 August. Waiting for re-opening of cluba and sauna, in the meantime outside cruising.
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