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    Barebacking, poz loads, poz talk, pnp, piss, toys
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Young bottom barebacker with few limits, and even those can be negotiated.
    I couldn't go back after I took my first raw cock when I was 19.
    Now I'm a proud cumdump.
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    I'm looking for pig tops who need a hole to use.

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  1. I was 19. It was a huge black cock. I wish it had been bareback, though.
  2. Slammed and being fucked bareback right now. I love it.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. alwaysready



      where are you? stats? pics? 

    3. mdboy


      I'm so jealous, I just got cancelled on.

  3. henriex on Twitter, just like here
  4. I've seen some of your vids! Really want to join one of your parties. I am in Mexico City. I hope I can be in one soon. 

    1. henriex


      I love chem sex and bug sharing too. And you are such a hot bottom. I am a bottom too, but I could top just to share you my strain.

  5. You should come to Mexico City. Really guys, here you can find an ever-growing barebacking community. Just 6 years ago it wasn't common to find men willing to fuck bare. Nowadays they are everywhere. There are bareback orgies almost every day.
  6. BBRT is a great place to find men. Twitter now is on fire, there are thousands of barebackers willing to meet. Sex clubs are another option. And there is old-fashioned cruising still, it can't go wrong.
  7. 187. I must be doing something wrong, I need to increase my score.
  8. I was once fucked bareback at midnight in a footbrige over a big avenue, near a police station. It was so fucking hot.
  9. I'm a level 6, no doubt. Since I started my sex life, I've been always taking all loads without bothering to ask. In some of my first sex encounters I used condom, but nowadays it's a big no-no.
  10. I think our purpose as bottoms is to serve the tops. If a top wants his cum inside you, then you can't say no. They have all the right to use your ass as cum deposit. That's something agreed implicitly since the very moment you give your ass to the top. So tops, don't pull out.
  11. Love younger ass to fuck! Daddy dick here!


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