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  1. Wide open and ripe for taking on as much new strong active Toxic virus im given,love to have all yours slammed into me .

  2. Wow this scum whore Breeding slave would crawl and beg to submit to YOU Master.

    1. Looking4BttmBoi


      well if you are interested add me in skype j.top247

  3. Fuck yes i would for certain and no restrictions on whats in the shots or where the fuck they get posted up, horny as fuck oink!
  4. Definitely want your dna hammered into me hard and relentlessly. Not much i aint done and virtualy no limits now and wide open to be used anyway you say .
  5. Awsome profile a true Twisted Toxic whore!

    1. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


      ... and fucking proud of being diseased!

  6. Wanna be your Toxicbreeding slave and virus reservoir.

  7. Breed me hard no mercy NO Limits. Blood fuck my hole and punch the fucker hard and slam your Toxic Blood in my veins please.

  8. If You do not feel comfortable about doing this then there is your answer basicly. I am a sub and was/am chaser and had guys asking me regularly for yeats to poz them. My answer is i am sub and it just is not what i am about. Happy to play but not with the aim to specificaly poz them. I have sometimes engaged a few into some indepth discussion as to have they given real thought to what may happen in various ways,the sti'sand Hepatitis that may easily also be contracted too. Then the possibilities of severe illness that can last for months and not just a bit of a flu type illness. I myself was severely ill for 3 months with the conversion sickness. 9I never expected that and took me totaly by surprise and was pretty horrific so bad almost hospitalised and 3months of hell. I usualy find after talking about those issues that most are put off and had not given very much serious thought at all to any of it. THerefore maybe you could try raising those issues too and see what happens. Either way you have no need to do anything you dont enjoy or feel good about.
  9. Hi can you change my username to..Toxicbreedingscum. please? thanks !
  10. No regrets at all and am still always ready for more strains.
  11. WOW this is one fucking Seriously twisted storyline and i for one am loving it all and craving more and more !!
  12. Another very horny twisted story that we need a lot more of soon !
  13. Fucking hell thats one horny cock stiffening story cant wait to hear lots more!

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