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  1. I am a Hungry Bottom and will be in Niagara Falls area in early October. I will be looking for Any Loads I can find. Let me know if you want to play together.
  2. When I get Fucked the cum NEVER runs back out. I never got more than 1 load at a time but my Ass soaks it in. Is this normal?
  3. I am in Ulster County NY Lower Hudson Valley area and would LOVE to find a Top Master to do this to me. Sounds sooooooo Hot
  4. If I could set it up, Would you meet me and Fuck me with that PA in?
  5. And who can tell me what it feels like in a sling?
  6. I need to find someone who can meet me and Fuck me in a sling. I want to be Fucked bareback in a sling in the worst way. Please someone help.
  7. Good morning I am in the Hudson Valley area of NY. Do know of any Roulette parties anywhere in the Northeast? I would Love to attend as a Bottom. Please let me know. Thanks

  8. I Love Raw Cock sliding in my tight hole.
  9. I would Love to meet and let you do Anything you wanted to me. 

  10. Nice I am Neg Sub Bottom only 2 hours north of you. mmmmm


  11. I am staying in Saratoga NY Thursday Oct 11th and 12th. I am looking for guys to cum over to my hotel and do as they wish to me. I hope one of the nights to visit the bathhouse in Albany Riverstreet Club. Please send me a message if you want to use my holes for your pleasure.
  12. I am a Nasty Submissive Bottom that LOVES KINK and would be your Toilet boy as well as take ALL your Loads RAW. I am in Hudson Valley Area of NY so please message me.

  13. I am a Sub Bottom in NY Hudson Valley Area. I would Love to get together. Please message me.
  14. I would lay there and let that Huge Cock inside me and NO CONDOM needed.
  15. Up state NY Sub Bottom here, Loves to Submit and the more Kinky the Better.

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