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    Hairy top dad - love hot young studs getting filled deeply with my dad cum - love seeing boys gifted. If you're poz and love being watched as you gift, let me know.
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    Hot bottom boys begging to be seeded deeply - masculine, in shape and horny. Fuck if you're persuasive enough, you may get to fuck my hairy dad ass…..

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  1. Jockpussy FTM

    I'd love to fuck FTM - makes my cock drool to imagine!
  2. Jockpussy FTM

    Love to fuck any of em - damn hot!!

    It is so beautiful seeing a cock throbbing as delivering sweet sperms inside....
  4. quick & anon pump n dump amateur porn

    love to sere the cream pie in that one
  5. Demon Seed

    Fucking hate Tumblr any more - - can't get logged in at all....
  6. Love to have you both fill me up.....
  7. Barebackbastards

    That's the one! Fuck I love that video! Loved the longer versions on B-bastards - - boy has a great cock on him too
  8. Barebackbastards

    There used to be a hot hot vid on the site of a boy, who reminded me of Harry Potter, taking a dad cock and dad had a scorpion tattoo. It's gone now - anyone else remember that one? Always made me blow my load.
  9. Xtube Gloryhole collection

    Fuck - what a great cock 'n balls! love to get his load deep in my ass too!
  10. damn - he's fucking hot!
  11. Fucking love this one! Blow a huge load every time!
  12. Fucking love it!!! nice 'n torn hole to get knocked up.
  13. Hot audio videos

    love the scorpion tat
  14. Hot audio videos

    Reminds me of a married Lusthansa pilot I used to fuck and get fucked by - loved his hairy cock and cum in me.
  15. Barebackbastards

    Me too. Love BB bastards-- some vids!

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