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  1. The door opening while I’m blindfolded on the bed. Or just about any part of it.
  2. It’s kind of ironic to me. I’ll let just about anyone come over to my place with the door unlocked and blindfolded to fuck raw but I’ll be damned if I don’t wash my hands religiously. On a more serious note, I’ve definitely noticed there are not as many people out in Oak Lawn/Uptown Dallas.
  3. Definitely on my back with my head over the bed
  4. If I can just keep on taking dick I really don’t care. But, for the record, that’s a big fuck no.
  5. Been there before because, why not? I’m all about trying new experiences. Wouldn’t advise wearing nothing more than khaki shorts and a jockstrap home afterwards. Thank God it was a short drive back to my place.
  6. Even though I live a few blocks from Cedar Springs Road in Oak Lawn, I still mostly get anything I need online. Typical millennial.
  7. I guess it’s just a hot preference after hooking up with random guys. I enjoy the thrill of not knowing who’s walking in that door, hearing their pants drop and loading me up. It’s not for everyone, but I love it. No matter how many times I have randoms over, the adrenaline that starts flowing after I give someone my addy/hearing my gate and door open is the same as the first time I did an anon hookup.
  8. After graduating college in Tennessee I moved to Atlanta for my first “real” job. Actually got turned onto the idea from different BBBH twitter accounts.
  9. The last STI I got I had to do two rounds of shots in my ass muscles. Hurt like a bitch. But, fuck around with random guys it comes with the territory.
  10. I have a handful of vids of guys fucking me. Just left my iPhone unlocked while I was blindfolded and ass up on the bed. Some guys used their phones and airdropped it to me and some used mine. I don’t think any are public but I’m always happy to share them with anyone who wants to see.
  11. Definitely the thrill and the anticipation. Hearing that door open then hearing my bedroom door opening then closing. It’s hot.
  12. Anon pump and dump. Face down, ass up and blindfolded.
  13. I’ve always traveled for work every now and then - but now I travel during the week almost always. Is it just me or do many traveling young professionals seem to get more action while out of town? And last load - was at the PHL Airport Marriott the past few days before getting back to DAL today. This morning after I showered and packed I left the deadbolt ajar so I could get anon railed before walking to the airport. Totally anonymous. anyone else like the thrill of strangers walking in your hotel room?
  14. Back home after traveling for work this week. Anyone wanna meet up (fuck me)?
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