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    West Wales, UK
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    Ask away. I don't bite. Love hairy blokes, baldies, scallies, dom guys, power bottoms, piss, spit, smells, tactile/tantric stuff, trainers/boots, trackies and undies, socks, breath play - the list goes on and on haha... And of course, all things cum-related!
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Just a young, tall, chubby bloke looking for dark and perverse experiences with other blokes. I wanna explore my limits and boundaries with uninhibited guys. Vanilla is good too, but let's face it - you probably aren't using this site just looking for a quickie.
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    None professional, but there are some vids of me out there I'm sure...
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    Sleazy guys looking for raunch and filth.

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  1. South West Wales here, kinda in the middle of nowhere though...
  2. Got crabs the first time I was with a guy when I was 17. Freaked out about it at the time, but one of the easiest ailments to treat at home IMO.
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