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  1. Not really whored out but I had a Dom Sir who would lead me around a bathhouse on a leash and tell me who to service and take piss from. It was hot. To this day would really like to be truly whored out.
  2. I’m a vessel for all fluids that I am lucky enough to have Sir give me.
  3. When the top is done knocking me up, pulls out, and says “clean my cock, pig”.
  4. I don’t wear deodorant. If I’m working outdoors pretty intensely I like the way my pits smell. I shower daily so it’s not a rank unwashed smell, just sweat. It does turn me on because it makes me think of a sweaty pig session. I mostly bottom but I’ve had both tops and other bottoms spend quality time in my pits and on my wired nipples. Also love the smell of cum and ass juice that I smell on myself after one of those piggy sessions!
  5. Absolutely! Drinking his piss is great but not all tops are into that. He’s the top so it’s his decision.
  6. I always do ATM. As a bottom it is a way of showing respect to the top and appreciation for the load he gives you.
  7. Hot video but the bottom should have really shown appreciation by going ATM.
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