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    Fisting & Slamming. Watersports & CP. Rubber & Leather. Sounding & Electro. Dildos & Restraint. Breath Exchange & Breath Control. Kissing & Stroking. Pumping & Toys. Rimming & Nipple Play. Fucking & Sucking. Booty Bumps & Poppers. Good sex is controlled by hormones .... fantastic, climatic, memorable, earth shattering sex is sharpened by the brain
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Experienced, adventurous and talented fister ... but with a whole lot more interests. Chem friendly & sleazy. Looking for intelligent guys who like long playtimes with relaxed breaks.
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    Wouldn't you like to know?
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    Fistee & Fuckee - young, slim, talented, eager, good kisser. BB only. Chems & Poppers. A guy who wants to go to the next level! No hole too big; no hole too small. A guy who likes to suck and likes to rim. A good long session with breaks. BB only. No scat. No puke.

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  1. Thanks for following...

    1. Fistulike666


      You're more than welcum ... gorgeous hole in that pic that just needs exploring!  And, thanks for your follow also xx

    2. Gayasian


      Thanks for the compliments and you're welcum too

  2. Thanks man! Wish we weren’t so far!

  3. Hey ... thanks for the follow xx

  4. Have fun at IML ... just give your all and get filled up xx

  5. I love your cock ♥

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    2. PussyBoyKristy


      Ty for liking me ♥

    3. Fistulike666


      You're welcum xx

    4. PussyBoyKristy


      Ohh god yes .. work it deep in my ass cunt .. explode in my teen fuck pussy ♥

  6. omg i love your fucking cock ♥

  7. Thanks for the follow! 

    1. Fistulike666


      You're welcum

  8. Thanks for the follow Hole xx

    1. ronnie4u


      Sounds Extremely HOT !  Multi loads after using a brush - bleeding - taking POZ loads - put Butt Plug in yourself Deep - Sleep with the Poz loads !

  9. Hey ... thanks for the follow ;)

    1. Poz2play


      Hot profile! 

  10. Fistulike666

    Absorb Or Push Out Cum?

    I'd fit the plug for you
  11. Thanks for following Slut ;)

    1. subslut88


      Thanks Sir.  Beautiful cock and love the tumblr!

    2. Fistulike666


      Just here to spread joy and lust

    3. subslut88


      Well if you were in london i would happily spread by legs for you

  12. thanks for the follow your beautiful cock has my ass twitching and wet

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    2. Calamus13


      OINK - that would be fantastic - love you smoke me - then get to the poinT and see how far you can take my willing ass

    3. Fistulike666


      PoinT and Smoke ... dreamland for both of us, spaced ouT, flying and just going where our lusTful ThoughTs Take us

    4. Calamus13


      Oh yes please - our minds and bodies heighTened  - all inhibitions annihilated in our chemical feast  feeding, driving  our aching sexual need, swirling downward into a  sleazy pit of mind and body sex - exploding our limits.  

  13. ...I'll follow that member...

  14. Hey .. thanks for the follow xx:drool:xx

  15. I need your help please guys. I'm developing a really intense interest in ballet and want some private sessions so that I can work on my "Allegro", my "Allonge", my "Arabesque" and my "Adagio".  Who should I choose for an intense 1-2-1, or should I just fix up for a full-on 3-some?


    Luke & John.jpg



    Up we go.jpg

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    2. NLbear


      I talked to my ballet friend and he said he'd be more than happy to help you with your positions. But he said his expertise is more in developing ass muscle so he can spread more easily. Not sure what he meant by that?



      ballet butt.jpg

      grey sweats.jpg

    3. Fistulike666


      Well there's a good way of finding out what he meant!

    4. Chargedup


      I volunteer to sniff for funny scents.  

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