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    Fucking bare, big toys, poppers, fisting, cuffs, restraints, gags. I'm totally vers by nature but lean toward the bottom side in practice. Not afraid to try anything or do anything.
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    I have a whole career and other life outside of this, but if I'm on BZ then I'm about dark, dangerous sex and thrills.

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  1. raw773

    Biohazard tattoos

    100% agree with this. Love seeing those permanent marks on a thrusting top on a mission.
  2. raw773

    Untreatable gono is here

    Right -- oral is just as big a risk. That was kind of my point: if it's truly out there, then you can say goodbye to casual BBing and oral both. We'll be in a new era of scrutinizing hookups, or, 50% of Boystown will get it in a year. It could change everything about sex.
  3. raw773

    A question for "chasers"...

    I'm happy that you're healthy today. It had to be terrifying. I think more poz guys should share this kind of story. Our goal should be no new cases of HIV... there's no "benefits" to this burdensome disease.
  4. raw773

    Untreatable gono is here

    Aww shucks, thanks. Somehow I feel like untreatable gono is worse than The Bug. ...after all, the bug is treatable. Whereas if gono really is no longer curable, you're inflicting a lifetime of misery onto how many people? If there really is an incurable strain out there, it's going to race across the asses and throats of Halsted Street before we know it. Sex could change very very fast. Gonorrhea spreads a lot easier than HIV.
  5. raw773

    Untreatable gono is here

    Can't deny the drip itself is hot. Having your cock glued to your jockstrap by dried leakage is hot. But to have to disclose that forever, and it turning off countless bttms... Not sure I need it. Hence, now worried about every hole I stick it in.
  6. raw773

    Untreatable gono is here

    Given the way gay men travel, I doubt it matters. Past outbreaks started in Hawaii and spread to the West Coast. If it's out there, it only takes one guy having a hot night at Steamworks to carry it all over. Aren't you worried about never shutting off your dripping, burning cock? It's not like getting pozzed and "having no symptoms."
  7. How'd you turn poz so fast just six weeks off PrEP? Are you kicking yourself or was it planned?
  8. Here's something from the Guardian: "The World Health Organization has warned of the spread of totally untreatable strains of gonorrhoea after discovering at least three people with the superbug. "Giving details of studies showing a “very serious situation” with regard to highly drug-resistant forms of the sexually transmitted disease (STD), WHO experts said on Friday it was “only a matter of time” before last-resort gonorrhoea antibiotics would be of no use." https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/jul/07/untreatable-gonorrhoea-superbug-spreading-around-world-who-warns The CDC has been warning about untreatable gono for years. If it's finally here, this could put a huge damper on even the most "innocent" casual sex, let alone BB. Will guys have to disclose they're G-poz on hookup apps? Will even getting a blow job mean the possibility of permanent gono in your dick? Most of all, will this kill the Brotherhood? How do you feel about the possibility of totally untreatable gono?
  9. Thanks for the rep in boyfriend cheated

  10. raw773

    Boyfriend cheated

    Damn, this whole thing was super hot! I hope it happened again!
  11. raw773

    48 hours of fun

    Hey, this was an incredible post!!! Thanks for all the horny details!
  12. I took a load extremely recently from a guy who's asleep next to me. His cock is a nice fat fireplug, but the hottest thing is how much he swells up before he blows. It's like being knotted by a dog. So, yeah, I feel it, every squirt.
  13. This sounds super hot, taking a dirty young thing and degrading him that much more. Would love to hear more about that. And the Canada Day stuff, so exotic! 💜
  14. raw773

    New tumblr poz blog

    Thanks, keep going...
  15. Tie me up and gag me baby 😘 Dark sexy thrills? What am I getting myself into? Sounds hott 💕👄

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