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    Fucking bare, big toys, poppers, fisting, cuffs, restraints, gags. I'm totally vers by nature but lean toward the bottom side in practice. Not afraid to try anything or do anything.
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    I have a whole career and other life outside of this, but if I'm on BZ then I'm about dark, dangerous sex and thrills.

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  1. Thanks for the rep in boyfriend cheated

  2. Damn, this whole thing was super hot! I hope it happened again!
  3. Hey, this was an incredible post!!! Thanks for all the horny details!
  4. I took a load extremely recently from a guy who's asleep next to me. His cock is a nice fat fireplug, but the hottest thing is how much he swells up before he blows. It's like being knotted by a dog. So, yeah, I feel it, every squirt.
  5. This sounds super hot, taking a dirty young thing and degrading him that much more. Would love to hear more about that. And the Canada Day stuff, so exotic! 💜
  6. Thanks, keep going...
  7. Thanks for visting... feel free to send a message.


    1. justsexnowatl


      wish I were there to breed that bubble!

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